How can we make anarchism more popular?

How can we make anarchism more popular?

We don't really have to do anything, people will figure out that hierarchy is shit eventually anyways. I'm not worried.

Anarchism is a lost cause. We need people to Google Bookchin tbh

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Platformism. Great way to get rid of punk faggots.

anarchism is gay and so are modern anarchists, the only way is nazbol tbh

Defund education systems worldwide so literacy rates drop

What book don't I know about that explains how anarchism is flawed?

Make it a working class movement again. It's become so attached to identity movements that it's just punk faggotry now.


Honestly, the large scale anarchist labor movements where a thing of the past. I don't see how unions etc. (if that's what you're thinking of) can fill the same role within western society ever again. On the other hand, the town square occupation and counter-globalization movements introduced a ton of people to anarchist praxis while dealing great blows to capital at the same time. I think building structures for future confrantations like that is the way forward, if we do that both the working classes and middle classes will join our cause.


Explain how an anarchist society could actually function.

People make decisions together then implement them

Doesn't that apply to every single society?

Except we represent ourselves instead of some lawyer in the capital doing it for us

Agitate! Educate! Organize!

No. In most societies we don't make the decisions together. Even in democracies in the best cases you are only allowed to choose from proposals prepared by others, and in the majority of the cases only from representatives, who promise to act in your interest but ultimately make the decisions themselves.

Yes it does. All societies have some aspects of anarchism in them, without they wouldn't functions.

We do though. Even in the most hierarchical wokplaces we make decisions together on the gound floor and cooperate(even if the big decisions are taken by workplace managers and board members, and implemented top-down), because without this the business wouldn't be able to function.

So a truly anarchistic society couldn't possibly function, as most people are probably working while the decisions are being made.

People do make decisions in a democratic society though, as in every other form of society. Just not all of the people.

Anarchism is just expanding on the cooperation aspects of our societies and getting rid of the authoritarian parts.

Abandon lifestylism as Saint "Google me" Bookchin preached.

And tell them nazis and ☭TANKIE☭s are practically the same :^)

Anarchism is LITERALLY just "dude lets just declare society a utopia and it will be one": the ideology

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Platformism is a good method, but it still has to be used for the right purpose.

This. Modern anarchism seems to be completely destroyed by idpol and lifestylism. But since so few anarchist read theory or actually have a coherent ideology, it's probably more accurate to say that Anarchism is dead and identitarians and lifestylists wear its skin.

This post is literally just "dude I'm give a definitive opinion on something I don't actually understand".

That they have achieved this is itself a refutation of anarchist ideas. The majority of the pretending to be anarchists are in fact liberal feminists; they have little interest in overturning the system. If your movement is unable to resist subversion by other forces, much as the anarchist movement has failed to do so, then that movement will be unable to defeat capital.
So we shouldn't bother trying to popularize anarchism as we'd be wasting our time and resources.

Ideals are impractical anyway. We should instead do what we can to push out respective countries towards a down left position.

Literally all Leftists movements have be subverted by these forces and filled with these people. Where do you think you are?

Just because you haven't read theory doesn't mean that others shouldn't.

I wonder who could be behind this?

Then we may as well pack our bags and embrace capitalism because every leftist movement has fallen to subversion.

We definitely won't be wasting time and resources getting the proletariat to like tankism.

oh boy Miss Piggy bumplocked another thread for disagreeing with her dank ideology

I can pick up my telephone and call overtly Marxist-Leninst organisations that have not adopted the practices we are discussing. I have not seen any anarchist equivalents.

A patient may well detest a medicine and refuse to accept its administration. That is not an argument against the efficacy of the drug. Regrettably, the physician may be forced to wait for symptoms to become intolerable.

I too can call a 10 man party, that doesn't mean actually existing ML wasn't subverted in practice.

Good. So we agree that such organizations exist.

They exist in numbers large enough to be considered a statistical error. Meanwhile actually existing ML where ML was in power succumbed to subversion from within the party.

Thank you for agreeing they exist.

Marxist-Leninsm was never revolutionary to begin with. It's just "scientific capitalism."

I dont know why you would do that since anarchism is inherently a right wing belief

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workin on it. but yall are gonna have to fall behind me