What were the best African countries? Who were the best African leaders?

What were the best African countries? Who were the best African leaders?

These are the only questions I have to ask, but because of the two hundred character limit for new threads I am adding filler here.

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heck off

He wasn't a good leader. But south africa is no doubt the most beautiful place in africa.

Sankara thread?
Sankara thread!

Chris Hani. He was a communist partisant, fighting with goverment of South Afirca against the apertheid. Murdered by polish immigrant (t.eternal pole). His popularity was second only to Mendela, and after Chris' death there were riots in few towns. Defenietly a notable figure.

Question for the boks: why does the CPSA cuck itself to the ANC despite the ANC's blatant non-socialist nature?

Thomas "Fuck the White Stand Upright" Sankara

Thomas "Kill the Anarchist Support the National Bourgeoisie" Sankara

Was gonna Do Thomas Sankara But I'll throw Rene in.

The only time Africa has been good was when the Northern part was a part of the Roman Empire.

I want to know more about this guy. He seems pretty based.

Thomas "Fuck The anarkiddies plant some trees" Sankara


Can someone turn this into an africa pepe?

Don't make me cry. The lion of tripoli didn't deserve death.


south african communists believed that a bourgeois national liberation movement had to occur in african countries before any kind of socialism or communism could develop.

it is basically the same old crude stagist view of history that has fucked marxist movements.


Because communism in south africa means fuck whitey, theoretical ramifications to this are ad-hoc.


probably a top contender.


Found the ancap

Idi Amin was a star (and also NAZBOL)

Fucking revisionists.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Thomas Sankara the Upright Man? I thought not. It’s not a story the French would tell you. It’s a Burkinabé legend

Wasn't this guy just socdem?

Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania. They're gradually developing economically without having too much shady goings on, or a heritage of apartheid or South African influence.

Barre shouldn't have invaded Ethiopia, regardless of the Ogaden. Honestly that one mistake set back global socialism so far.

If Ethiopia and Somalia allied that would have put the global south in a much stronger position. Somalia ha noolaato but fuck that was a bad decision.

Legitimately if Somalia didn't disintegrate Africa would be decades ahead of where it is now.

I look forward to Nigeria's growth for the time being.