Daily News Thread 11/29

North Korea Says Nuke Push Complete as Entire U.S. in Range

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claimed a missile launch on Wednesday showed he can strike the entire U.S. with a nuclear weapon, signaling a new phase in his standoff with President Donald Trump.

Trump Announces New Sanctions on North Korea

President Donald Trump said Wednesday after a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping that major new sanctions will be imposed on North Korea.

Macron Blames 'African Traffickers' for Libya's Slave Trade

During a speech in Burkina Faso, Macron lost his cool when he was questioned about his country’s role in Libya’s slave trade.

African slaves 'mutilated and cooked like kebabs' by Libya gangs

A former member of the Nigerian government has claimed his countrymen are being "captured, mutilated and cooked like kebabs" by slave traders in Libya.

N. Korea: ICBM test used new launch vehicle, warhead able to re-enter Earth's atmosphere

North Korea says the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) it launched on Wednesday was fired from a newly-developed vehicle, and claims its warhead could withstand the pressure of re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

UK journalists who worked on Snowden leaks still under investigation, police confirm

British journalists who worked with leaked National Security Agency (NSA) documents from Edward Snowden are still being secretly investigated, it has been revealed. Critics say police should immediately end the probe as “journalism is not a crime.”

Israel, Saudi Arabia & Egypt wanted US to bomb Iran before nuclear deal – John Kerry

The leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt all pressurized the US to bomb Iran prior to negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal, former US secretary of state John Kerry said. He described the proposition as a “trap in lots of ways” for Washington.

Convicted Bosnian Croat ex-general dies after 'drinking poison' at Hague tribunal

A former Bosnian Croat general has died after apparently taking poison during the reading of his verdict at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, Croatia's prime minister has confirmed.

May Rebukes Trump for Retweets of Right-Wing Anti-Muslim Videos

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman joined other U.K. and U.S. political figures in rebuking President Donald Trump on Wednesday for retweeting a series of anti-Muslim videos posted by a leader of a far-right group.

‘Today’ Show Host Matt Lauer Fired Over Allegation of Misconduct

“Today” show co-host Matt Lauer was fired after an accusation of sexual misconduct, making him the latest to join a growing list of well-known film and TV personalities caught up in allegations of harassment in the news and entertainment industry.

Garrison Keillor Says He’s Been Fired Over Alleged Improper Behavior

Garrison Keillor, the former host of "A Prairie Home Companion," said Wednesday he has been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of what the network called improper behavior.

Why Roy Moore Could Still Win the Alabama Senate Race

If Roy Moore wins Alabama’s Senate race, it’ll be a testament to the Republican Party’s long-standing strength in the state, a widespread anti-abortion sentiment and the loyalty of evangelical voters to a solidly conservative candidate.

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Matt fucking Lauer now? I am loving this purge. You go girls, please continue.


Where the abusers make the rules

Both of the two main political parties in Washington, D.C., are responsible for a political system that protects harassers and silences their victims, writes Elizabeth Schulte.

White House May Share Nuclear Power Technology With Saudi Arabia

The Trump administration is holding talks on providing nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia — a move that critics say could upend decades of U.S. policy and lead to an arms race in the Middle East.

Olympia Commune Raided by Police

Starting at five this morning, the Olympia commune that has been blockading the railroad tracks leading into the port for the past twelve days was raided by a large police force comprised of officers from multiple agencies, many of which drove unmarked cars. The police force included roving detachments of bike cops who followed people as they tried to leave the area.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is probably an idea that's not good.

Let's assume they pull this off and have ICBMs that can reach the West Coast in five years and warheads that fit into them.

What would you thinik would the reaction of the US be? Do you think they would double-down on their aggression against the DPRK or would they seek for a diplomatic solution, eventually relieving them of sanctions?

They already have those.

I don't think anybody knows at the moment, the current US posture is a fucking mess. The rational thing to do would be to accept and deter, but Trump seems to think that war is like a Tom Clancy novel. Tillerson and Mattis, not to mention president Moon, Xi, and Putin, seem to want that latter approach, but who fucking knows.

Shock level = imagined.

What could possibly go wrong?

Once one nuke is launched protocol established for the last half a century will be initiated, an exchange of nuclear weapons will be fired. North Korea may launch many, decimating South Korea and Japan (and possibly its neighbors) but America will retaliate instantly in response; all ICBM silos in America are still manned, operated, and waiting for the moment when a thermonuclear explosion happens and the inevitable third nuclear attack in history has arrived.

North Korea would probably not end up the victor in such a scenario. The volley of ICBMs the US would launch would be apocalyptic.

This, in all honesty, could spark World War III, as powers in the South China Sea, desperate and reeling from nuclear attack, make sure their borders are safe. Who allies with who in such a scenario can be predicted, but I doubt there would be any neutral parties. The first two World Wars were fought in Europe and its colonies. This centuries would be fought in Asia.

It's not a pretty picture, millions of people would die.

Maximum porky

So the lesson is nobody should ever be considering launching a nuke under any possible circumstance, not North Korea, not America, not anyone. This would be a tragic loss of human life that we have probably never seen short of a plague. But it would be far more destructive, as flashes of light dot the landscape exterminating millions each flash. The footage from space would be like a nightmare, eerie yet beautiful, tiny flashes that quickly vanish as they arrive heralding the deaths of millions of people.

Such a scenario should not be an option, and yet America continues to press North Korea until the inevitable happens. And every consequence that comes with it.

Macron is such a piece of shit.

Macron is unironically more racist than LePen. Liberals are fucking idiots to be tricked into this shit. I was afraid the media is going to build a similar personality cult arround him like they do arround Trudeau, but Macron is just too awful to do that.

If we exchange ICBMs then its proof we truly are the world that God shunned

Not only he could but he will win. Pic related

As a burger, I apologize for everything, (at least I'm a first gen immigrant), but I sincerely apologize for most of the South. Alabama and Florida to be specific. Louisiana is kind of cool. South Carolina is barely cutting it.

But Alabama truly does not deserve the right to exist. There is nothing there, it is collectively harming everyone just by existing.

Every day just keeps getting worse (though to call it hellish would be an insult to hell), and the only thing that brightens my day in the morning is news that a new powerful man who did boring shit in media with a following is outed as the sexual predator that everyone always knew they were.

It seems the more banal and boring they are the more likely they're serial abusers, who probably thought that their clout as a celebrity could just go around grabbing women by the tits or grabbing their ass in the workplace or inviting them to their home before flashing; no, not that this could have reputation ruining consequences, but I'm a rich powerful asshole who has to try to force my employees to satisfy my needs.

And that's whats really telling. It's all about THEIR NEEDS, not the needs of anyone else, all these rich fucking media people are the same. They've become so selfish with wealth all they think about is their pompous and devious needs, up to an including getting to lay with as many employees as you want because you're rich and you deserve it.

I hope this never ends. Fuck the reputation of every rich man in America. I don't care if this seems idpol, but these slimy bastards need to have a light shining on them at all times to just really discover the meat of how fucking scummy they actually are.

The only thing that makes me happy these days is hearing about the next beloved millionaire being a sexually abusive sack of shit to their employees, just let it all come out. Show these people for who they really are. Rich, powerful, arrogant, abusive idiots who think honestly that women wouldn't eventually speak out about the ten different fucking employees you separately invited to your bougie fucking villa to flash on and try to get to blow you.

Fuck them, if we all have to suffer for these people's benefit then having their reputation ruined en masse is a good fucking start.

Tarnish the reputation of every single fucking scumbag in television and film media. Make it so they panic, they sweat, they actually feel in danger of their careers, because they did what they did. Selfish spoiled rats who thought they could never have been found out getting their own taste of sexual humiliation. Not just something that lasts a night, lasts a month, but something that lasts for years. Crack the entire media industry apart, shine a light into the filthy void where it's opened. Show the public who the people who tell you the news,k star in your movies, direct your favorite 90's action movie I don't give a shit, just tear them all down and ruin their reputation. And not just them, oh no.

The executives too, of media, fucking rip them down too. Rip it all down and show the public how humiliating their lives truly are.

I honestly hope this leads to a man doing a second live rendition of "Hey Man, Nice Shot"

declare victory and leave, the horseshoe is connecting nicely today
oh boy the pro wrestler lost his cool on camera shit's real now
no guise my uncle who works for nintendo said they're working on a Nintendo 65 and I got to playtest it srsly guise
no Iran, see we're good cop, Israel's having problems with his home life and he's got a really short fuse so just let me help you by taking away your only means of defense against us
the disconnected tech-illiterate tonedeaf porkies running the UK getting their knickers in a twist over something risque or distasteful the media's said, isn't news, nor has it been for a century or so at least
Nobody expects the Feminist Inquisition!
cool something to throw back in the trumpies' faces before we all perish in nuclear fire

This is why we can't have nice things.


It's not just the gross misconduct they push on their employees, it's the fact they feel entitled to their own employees bodies. And the more porkies who get shown for what they are, that's a good thing. Rip apart their reputations one by one.

To clarify: your willingness to enable an unstable, predatory guilty-on-accusation feels-over-reals system when it suits your political ends by removing one in a series of interchangeable, disposable parts from the machine is why we can't have nice things.

So we just let a bunch of rich fuckers in Hollywood and News Media do what they've done, up to dabbling in pedophilia, just because it's unstable.

Do you really doubt the authenticity if someone gets immediately fired?

These people are all the same, just fucking ravage Hollywood with everything they thought they could get away with.


I'm saying prove it.
take your meds
Yes, because people's lives being ruined over accusations alone could be weaponized really easily by the establishment, and used to silence and character-assassinate people they dislike.
Yes. I doubt the authenticity of any moral panic until I see strong evidence suggesting it has any basis in reality.
Start doing something other than appealing to emotion with boilerplate anytime. are you new here by any chance?

They had enough evidence to fire him, and evidence that this wasn't an isolated incident. What that evidence is, we don't know that, but I don't think getting fired and an internal investigation happens out of thin fucking air.

Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey laying on top of a 14 year old actor and groping him, this isn't fucking conspiracy theories. This shit happens.

As long as they're porkies who gives a shit, let their reputations be destroyed, if we have to live in deteriorating circumstances, so should they.

Internal Investigation

Getting fired

Telling the press that "There's significant evidence this happened multiple times"

I have no shame in feeling schadenfreude towards rich fucks. Be it Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly, Kevin Spacey, I really don't give a shit about the lives of these poor suffering affluent fuckers who think they have sexual power over their employees. I just don't. They're all pigs, they're all porky, and most of all, they

Fuck them. I'll admit I get good schadenfreude watching them all go nuclear one by one. Do you honestly think that media isn't filled with this shit?

*and most of all, they deserve what's coming their way.

Alabama deserves the rape they're about to receive.

You don't know what porky means, lurk moar and read theory.

Most celebrities run some sort of business venture or are connected through webs to various actual porkies. I don't feel bad for sympathizers who have been that way for years.

If they're getting fired as you say they are then that means they're working for somebody and are a prole. Why aren't you suspicious that their employer had some motive for firing them and sexual accusations are an excuse to do so?

Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, all well established """proles"""

The list goes fucking on. Even if you were right, and they are a "prole", which is fucking laughable since they're millionaires, they're still in the position to abuse their coworkers, this has been an open secret for decades. A prole can be fucking guilty of abuse.

Like I said before, you don't understand capitalism well enough to make any meaningful contributions yet. Class has nothing to do with wealth and everything to do with your relationship to the means of production. Getting fired means you're forbidden access to the means of production which can only happen when you don't own them, therefore proletarian. You're laughing at fellow workers losing access to the means of production over claims not even verified to have even a sliver of truth to them. Can you imagine if your boss fired you and told everyone who could employ you for your skillset that you're a child rapist when it isn't even true?

You know I'm pretty fucking sure inviting someone over to your bougie fucking villa with an open bathrobe begging to fuck is grounds for being fired, but I'm sure they'll manage

They're still millionaires after all.

That would be horrifying. Too bad that this analogy doesn't work because all these petulant fucks are guilty.

Do you actually have proof of it happening? So far it seems like your only evidence is that they were fired.

Oh no a conspiracy against Hollywood and the News Media that they can't keep their fucking dick in their pants

Roman Polanski admitted to having sex with someone 14 years or younger. Woody Allen abused his children, after a divorce and a new marriage things didn't go swimmingly so another divorce, but what do you know it, he marries his own step daughter. Harvey Weinstein paid private intelligence with former ties to the military, particularly Israeli, to try and hush hush everything. Kevin Spacey admitted to laying on top of a 14 year old younger actor and feeling him up.

I could keep going. Sexual abuse in Hollywood and the media comes as no surprise to anyone but you apparently.

Okay so you have evidence for those people I guess, does that mean you automatically have evidence for every celebrity? If I gave you some examples of burger flippers that did crimes should we just assume that every burger flipper accused of a crime is guilty?


They will never let that shit go will they?
Matt is right, he will win and virgil will touch poop

He probably will. The absolute state of America.

More OPENLY racist, because he doesn't to worry about being called a nazi.
But yeah, most French presidents have been pretty big chauvinists, even recently. Chirac made a lot of "unfortunate" comments and Sarkozy managed to piss off most of Africa too.

Ever since WW2 France has been trying to recapture it's firmer prestige it's honestly pathetic

Anyone else just want Kim to push the button already? Personally I really don't want to be alive anymore.

The entire nuke drama is a diversion, North Korea has an impressive WMD arsenal already.

low-key this unless my luck changes for the better in the next little bit


honestly no but i'm not sure why

stop watching anime

the missiles would probably be stopped before gets any closer to USA
if you want to die I would suggest to pray for some preventive attack made by USA, doing this NK would have China on their side and making the chances of burgers dying sky rocket.

It's actually pretty fucking endemic in other industries as well. Unfortunately most of those victims have less power to voice their issues to the media.

Meanwhile Brian Williams gets to keep his job at NBC.

The defense systems are not that good.

sounds completely legit and certainly not like one more of those retarded media panics that get thrown around every time a country is about to get bombed

The spirit of Sankara cannot be stopped.

capitalists might not take your toothbrushes like communists would, but they have no problem taking your houses, like it happens in greece

demonstrators against the auctioning of primary houses for debts owed to the government even of a few thousand euros were pushed back by riot police who ever used tear gass against them inside the court


I mean, what do Macron and France have to do with north african slave trade?


Only if there is an absolute certainty that this will trigger the arrival of the Interstellar Brigades, led by Comrade Commissar Ayy Lmao.

France indirectly caused the slave trade in Libya by destroying the Libyan state and the Gaddafi regime. Read a book anytime

Why wait? Kill yourself.

Kill all suicidal people

France was not alone :

I've said it before, they need to perfect and build up their stockpile first. No idea how long that takes, but unless they can launch (a few?) dozen of missiles at the US at the same time, they don't have a credible deterrent yet. Meanwhile, as long as they are not yet at that stage, the US will be sorely tempted to invade them before they get there. So if there is ever going to be a second Korean war, it will be in the next year or never.

They probably aren't, but knowing the US they probably have another weapon defense system they haven't told about, but the joke is it's also just as shitty.