Whatre you doing to get strong?

Whatre you doing to get strong?

Lifting for beginners:


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I have no interest in lifting.

I just started doing mma about 6 months ago. Man it is rough. Especially since I've already got a physical job. But it is so much more fan that lifting weights

What's the appeal of getting yourself BTFO?

I don't have plans to fight in the cage, I'm just learning striking and grappling


Why not? The point isnt to "get big" and you probably wont anyway. It keeps you strong, your metabolism fast and healthy, helps with depression, etc. Not saying "lmao u dont even lift bro" of course just wondering why youd be against it

I do not larp in a gym like a metrosexual pretty boy.
I getting wasted on wine.

Physical fitness is reactionary and fascistic.

Not really bothered about being strong. I've never needed to be strong before.
I'd rather do cardio for that
Not depressed.

Fuck off fat boy. Lenin pumped iron.

I started out as left wing…Lifting and TRP made me start to feel like I could protect myself and take care of my own territory. Being around masculine men made me start to think in a more masculine way as well.
Lifting made me right wing.

right wingers confirmed homosexuals.

Sounds like you're a faggot

At least I know how to operate a firearm

I started lifting weight and doing cardio a couple of months ago


You need to lift AND read fam

Cool good for u, i think maybe weight lifting helps more with metabolism than cardio but of course theres trade off both ways and cardios very important too.

Nice thanks for the pic. Ill be learning gun basics soon from a comrade rn i have v limited experience from being a kid and hunting

Good shit whats ur routine? I just started last month honestly, doing the routine in the OP. Im a lazy faggot but it has honestly been easier to excercize than it was to not

Also fellas does anybody know of any /fit/ leftists through history, especially those with good theory too, not just red state athletes?

Lifting heavy shit and eating protein.

Been lifting weights, eating better, and started running recently. Anyone know of any good lower body, leg, and back routines you don't need a gym or machines for? I don't wanna make it look like I skipped leg day and the nearest gym is in some bumfuck part of town. Worse comes to worst I'll suck it up and go.

I've tried a few time to get into lifting, never really stuck. I'm scrawny and small and don't really wanna pay extortionist fees to go to a gym.

Metabolism is shit, body is weak, depression every now and then. Need to get fit.

any tips?

Nothing because I'm a lazy piece of shit

Start doing pushups, if you get to the point you're doing ~100 a day and sustain that for a while you'll notice your pectorals, triceps and shoulders becoming more pronounced and it will likely motivate you. Pushups are a good start as it doesn't require sticking to any plan of reps and sets, do just about as many pushups as you can, then after a few minutes do half that many again, try to do this as many times a day as it takes to reach about 100, initially I was doing 5x 15 then 8, then eventually 4x 35 and 20, then I moved into lifting. Going from having a chest like a little boy to having some pectoral muscles feels good mane.

thank you user, i will do this. might as well start now.

I'm doing some physical training with a fitness coach that includes weightlifting as well as learning Judo.
My previous attempts to get fit always failed due to motivation, just couldn't give a shit. But seeing real results in a martial art has made all the difference. I would encourage anyone who finds weightlifting or exercise boring to take one up. A legit one though, like muay thai, judo or jiu jitsu, boxing or something like that. Wing Chun or whatever the fuck is just going to build false confidence ending with your ass getting kicked. Also it's lame as fuck.

How do I get mentally stronger?

Who feels me?

just tug on your bootstraps tbqhwy famalam


Mindfulness meditation. I recommend The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle if you want to learn about that. Take his politics with a grain of salt, but his methods are sound.

Iktf. I've gained a bunch of weight recently that I need to get rid of, but it looks like Christmas and my birthday this month might make that difficult. And Thanksgiving certainly didn't help.

This is the kind of relationship I want.

Should've done SS+GOMAD

Can someone give me a definitive answer on whether or not SL5x5 and SS etc. are memes? I literally just want a gf and last time I tried these programs i just ballooned in weight and didn't a gf

Why would you lift to get a gf?

No, it's genuinely not a meme. I've been doing SS+GOMAND for 3 years and I've become significantly stronger. Also, if you want to get stronger, you're going to have to get bigger.

Also, lifting won't get you a gf. It'll make you more attractive, but you still have to find girls and ask them out.

lifting makes you more physically attractive and is an activity with a clear progression rather than something wishy washy like "talk to girls and be confident!"

but thats hard :c

also I'm quite sure I would get more tinder matches tbf

Calisthenics. Lifting is for faggots.


Judo and boxing are sport combat, not martial arts. Learn the difference.

Oh and Muay Thai can probably be classified sport too.

It doesn't matter how beastly you look, you still have to talk to girls and be confident.
That's for hookups nigga, you're not going to find a qt 3.14 gf on there.

Calisthenics is good if you want to be able to do a lot of whatever you're doing. It's a very shitty method to become increasingly stronger.

benching 140 kg/3 plate or dead lifting 5 plate is not always better than having stamina when it comes to revolushun. you pretty much gotta use the barbells and do basic compound lifts to get strong. dead lifts, squats, bench press, overhead press. add variations on these to your routine so it doesn't get stagnant–front squat, incline press, trap bar dead lift, dumbbells. I like to do 4x week push-pull. Add calisthenic type exercises like pull-ups, box jumps, lunges, dips. On dead lift, squat, and bench I may go 5x5 but on other lifts it's something like 4x8/10. I like to do something to warm up like run, cycle, box, and stretch before lifting. Any of those can of course be done to get super fucking fit.


I dont know that expression

There isn't a difference, unless you feel like being pedantic. Yes "Martial" refers specifically to war but the term "martial arts" encompasses plenty of arts that have sporting elements. If whatever you study doesn't have any live sparring or competition, which are best channeled through sport, then it's probably just bullshit. You can't learn to fight without fighting, end-of.
I've only seen this line of attack from traditionalists who are convinced that their choreographed drilling would somehow correspond to fighting a resisting opponent.

why would I buy weights? that's against my ethos

Oh good civilian defense arts definitely practice sparring and other forms of active reflex development. But understand that a sporting competition with rules and a stage also isn't "learning to fight".

Let's take boxing for example. The boxing guard is generally very tight and close to the face. This works because the boxer wears gloves which can be used as a shield, allowing less need to "parry" attacks and also means the boxer is generally concerned about hitting themselves with their own fist when hit. In a civilian defense context, a good guard is much more open, rather like the guards you might have seen before in early bare-knuckle-boxing, capable of being as flexible as possible at deflecting blows before they reach the defender. There are serious tradeoffs to sporting competitions with rules, and the habits that those rules develop should always be considered when attempting to create drills that develop effective civilian defense reflexes.

Also of course, the boxing guard is created out of never having to worry about defending against low blows.

the boxer is generally not concerned about hitting themselves with their own fist when blocking

I can agree that abstraction takes place in the deciding of rules. Gloves in boxing are a good example of how safety measures can change an art for the less practical (gloves aren't actually safer but that's off-topic). Ideally, you should train without any rules at all. But we have lives outside of the gym, and some compromise has to be made. Back in the day the only people who studied Jujutsu were samurai, mostly because it was illegal for anyone else. But I doubt many peasants or commoners would sign up anyway given the injury rate, it isn't sustainable.
The issue I have with picking at combat sporting though is that there isn't a better alternative. Besides the aforementioned laxing of the rules (which some people actually do, vale tudo in brazil). Drills are all well and good, they're a part of any training regimen, but eventually you have to actually work your shit out and develop real timing and technique. You have to learn to get punched in the face or thrown on your ass before you can do it to someone else. The sort of ludicrous drilling that takes place in krav maga or systema classes is no replacement.
I'm a proponent of competition because it takes you outside of your comfort zone. Sparring in a gym with your friends is world apart from being on a stage, with an audience, and judges, and an opponent who, at least for the duration of the fight, is decidedly not your friend. This isn't a real fight, but given the nervousness and adrenaline it generates it's the surest way to pressure test without actually going out and starting fights.

>he has to purchase equipment and a gym membership to workout.

I just get too distracted by other things at home that I can't do workout without interrupting myself to do other stuff…

Its all about the Calisthenics, my man.

Started a cutting routine last week.
Monday: Arms
Tuesday: Cardio
Wendesday: Legs
Thursday: Cardio
Friday: Back, Shoulders, and Chest
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Light cardio like a walk or something.
Do some abs on lifting days, do 3 sets of 15 plus a warmup set for each exercise, do two exercises per muscle group.

Well you can, but it's as rare as finding an interesting conversation on twitter.

I wouldn't let the awfulness of weightlifting culture and its proximity to Holla Forumsshit ruin it for you. Calisthenics are alright as a supplement but the most efficient way to burn fat and gain muscle is lifting, there's no contest. If you're worried about endurance you can build that on the side. But weights will always help you, lifting heavy shit just works.

Have you tried working out with your bf/gf?
Would you recomend it to someone with adhd?

bf/gf? no. Ofcourse id reccomend it to the adhd, calisthenics is open to all who are able bodied.


Just a regular dude

My bad

Usually the ones exercising want a partner, there are not that many normal straight dudes just exercising for sport or the sake of it

Just to keep myself healthy

well you have a point about some sports not being realistic in terms of real life situations but…

well no they didn't purposefully injure themselves for the sake of realistic training. Samurai were royalty and wouldn't risk their health like this.

Krav maga is so much BS. It's basically a market product.

This is all according to Kano, who formulated modern Judo from traditional Jujutsu. Maybe he's wrong but I doubt it. The techniques and the training methodology were historically pretty brutal, they trained on hard surfaces and had little regard for safety measures, cranking joint locks too hard and hard sparring with especially dangerous techniques, among other things. Samurai weren't exactly royalty, high ranking members in a feudal system sure, but the warrior caste nonetheless. Similar to European knights they were expected to go through some hard training and death on the battlefield was an expected risk of their position. This isn't true in every case of course, a lot of them occupied mostly non-violent roles but the basis of their caste was as warriors.

well i should have used the term "nobility"

How do you do pullups otherwise

What about getting stronger and moving better? Lifting is only better is you have useless goals.

I recommend Bronson's "Solitary Fitness" and Bruce Lee's book on Jeet kun do.

MMA fighters lift, all of them. If you care about being able to defend yourself it would help to take some pointers from them. There are other exercises you should do to improve endurance and explosiveness but weightlifting is great for staying in shape and getting strong. It's not like it's anything abstract, you lift heavy shit to build muscle. I don't know why some of you are so weight-shy.

I'm looking at my routine and would like to add another tricep exercise, no machine. Currently doing skullcrushers and close-grip press. Any /leftyfit/ got recommendations?


Here's a quick guide to get any of you newfags to lifting started.

If you are skinny, then do 5x5 and bulk for 3-4months. If you wanna go for more strength go to Texas Method. If you want aesthetics, go for Upper/Lower Split (or 5/3/1).
Do 5x5 too. Add cardio and diet hard.

Get a gym pass and learn to count calories. Get fit bruhs. All political radicals have to be in shape in case shit hits the fan.

Calisthenics works though and gives you a more natural aesthetic, it just takes longer and requires more dedication. If you're skinny or fat, it's probably not the best idea to start with.

noticing a trend here

Post the updated version.

I seriously hope


honestly weights dont even cost that much and I feel like a boss now lifting from the comfort of my home.

Lifting is useless in this modern day and age. If you actually lift you're either a right winger or dumb gym bro.

If you want to do sports for health reasons do cardio, it's more effective.

Why is Soviet propaganda so homosexual?

If you're a male, keeping testosterone high is of supreme importance for psychological and physical health. The negative effects of low or declining (due to age) testosterone are no joke.

Weight lifting has been shown to increase your average testosterone levels long term.



I would advise all males reading to check out these sites for information…



And these sites for instruction:



I also recommend listening to Chris Kessler and following the Paleo Diet (following Paleo stopped my stomach bloating, improved my energy, and my skin and hair is better. Sweet potatoes are the bulk of my Carbs FWIW, you can do so much with Sweet Potatoes).

IMO the left doesn't promote what fascists call 'internal revolution' enough.

Healing psychological health issues (find a counsellor you resonate with, it took me a few, and it's a gradual process, but my psychological health is improving since I began 6 months ago).

Improving character (eg. developing; a psychology of benevolence, integrity, social skills, etc).

Developing 'grit' (e.g. a strong will, resilience).

To be blunt, I see a lot of emphasis on trying to change society and other people's belief systems, but very little emphasis on improving ourselves. I honestly see more rhetoric about improving the self from fascists, I am 100% srs.

Why people always assume that people who want to get /fit/ are skinny fucks?

The only homosexual is you

Yeah we know that buddy

Is "Left Wing Nationalist" a euphemism for Straßerist?

Testosterone is our natural enemy. Keeping the testosterone levels as low/neutral as possible is mandatory in any ideal society, otherwise you just enable social-fascism and the lie of hierachy and natural order to rise.

Go away, soyboy.

Also post your Peterson tier advice on reddit or Holla Forums, we don't need that shit here. Self-improvement and "internal-revolution" is just an instrument of capitalism.


Think Thomas Sankara and Gaddafi.

Autarky using left wing economic theory.



Developing a healthy psychology and healthy physiology is not 'an instrument of capitalism', it's an instrument of improving human well being.

In countries or circumstances where people don't have access to good healthcare or psychiatric care, advising them practical ways to maintain or develop psychological and physical health helps them. Sitting around pontificating about theory doesn't.

It's not either/or you don't need to focus on improving yourself at the expense of trying to change things politically, you can do both simultaneously.

Thomas Sankara implemented a national exercise program, he knew the importance of health for society. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

I have no need to be strong whilst wasting away in my useless job or playing vidya. I have no desire to be healthy since I'd rather die quickly in a way that involves some plausible deniability. It did nothing to counter depression when I did it a few years back, since there's no difference between being a weak sack of useless trash or a strong sack of useless trash.

Developing a healthy psychology
do you not know what medical care is

Psychiatric care is a part of medical care.

Stress, depression, and anxiety treatment (therapy, counselling and medication) are part of the national health services here in the UK. Are those things not treated in your healthcare system (private or national) in your country?

I meant to write that psychiatric care is a part of health care.

You've misrepresented what I wrote by stating medical care instead of healthcare.

Counselling, psychiatry, and psychotherapy are considered health care.

Do you even zwift?

fuck off

reminder that you can't really get swole natty unless you go vegan

I don't know why you were triggered.

What is that graph supposed to mean to me?