Hispanic Cop Detains Teenagers "Because they're white"

Lake Villa, Illinois: Police Detective, "Esteban Gomez" admits on video that he is detaining a group of teens for, "being White"

He has faced no actual repercussions, but the Police Chief claims he is a good man who cares about people. Just not white people, I guess.

So are we going to be seeing a lot more of this as whites become a smaller and smaller minority?

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Cops and americans are pigs no matter the colour pal. Nothing new here.

American cops have been beyond redemption since forever. Just nuke it all.

Yup. Which is why white nationalism is so imperative. White people should not be ruled over by inferior ooga booga ape people. White nationalism or barbarism.

Yes, anuddah shoah has burst out of internet meme-space and invaded the lifeworld. This is deeply triggering and problematic racism and has nothing to do with the state of police in Burger Kingdom


This shit makes me feel sick. Knowing how I threat cops irl and how many times I got arrested for "insulting a public official" make realize that if I was born in america I would have been shot a long time ago

Here's a video of a homeless man being beaten to death for literally no reason. The cops faced no consequences for killing the man either.


Nah man I ain't gonna click that shit. I make anarchist look like greenies when it comes to cops.

wow careful with all that edge

It's finally happen!

yesss… death to whitiesss..

Ahahaha, Holla Forums is defending the cop because "the white kids sound like entitled leftists" holy shit, they have no morals at all!

They've gone past thinking they'll one day own the boot, they just love it being rammed up their ass day in, day out.

way to cherrypick 1 post in that thread, where the guy was called out for his dumbass opinion
Holla Forums wants to see this cop hung

bullshit, they're all making excuses for him, saying maybe the kids were antifa

Remember when they cheered when the Hispanic cop shot that white guy in California because the white guy had long hair and looked like a leftist?



bullshit bullshit, read the fucking replies
>>>Holla Forums10973614

that's pretty fucking edgy m8, are you trying to say it isn't? because it is



I don't see any negroids or mongoloids, only caucasoids


In case that was too complicated



I am okay with this

So it's actually much worse then: they support cops persecuting non-whites because of their race yet they oppose cops persecuting whites because of their race. Which proves they have no morals. Not the guy you were replying to btw.


only saxons can be white, you all continental faggots are mongrels

I never said that you fucking retard. I posted
I'm not arguing that the officer is white, I'm arguing that just repeating his name isn't an argument. You don't need to have a name like Woden von Wolfsangel to be white.

Are you mentally deficient my man? If the officer has a caucasoid skeletal structure, which being of hispanic descent and thereby iberian descent, he likely does, then he is white
Trying to say he's nonwhite because his name is a predominantly hispanic name shows that your understanding of genetics is brainlet tier and that you're taking an idealistic, not materialistic, stance of race which is anti-left plain and simple
I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you're a no-flag leftypol user and not a poltard

American cops are shit, news at a 11.

everyone is jealous of the average bong's inbred island genetics


The closest girl in the video is the american concept of white, i.e. le 56% face.


she has really dark skin though

the murican concept of white is caucasoid facial features and light skin (I&II on the fitzpatrick scale)


Serious question, WTF is wrong with America? Why do they have this race tensions bullshit? I mean, nowhere is perfect when it comes to it but America is way too fucking retarded when it comes to race relations it seems.

Yeah, so she's an american "white".

To keep the focus horizontal instead of vertical.

i've been called a mexican nigger for having too dark a tan, so no.



Maybe because you are a nigger? Being a nigger is spiritual and is expressed in dark skin, normally because the person has an evil soul. Read into the curse of ham.


kek imagine creating the concept of whiteness only to have it used against you

u mad whiteboi? ooga booga

Google haplogroups


cancerous bait thread with nothing but shit replies

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