Rightists you watch just to fuel your rage

My YouTube recommendations now are all right wing schlock because I torture myself by watching rightist videos to fuel my rage. Does anybody else do this? I’ve watched a lot of Ben Shapiro videos and I genuinely despise him. I think if I saw him in real life I would find it hard not to autisticly screech at him. I think it’s because he’s a huge nerd who views politics as a constant “debate.” He smugly goes around spouting nonsense and typical right wing sophistry in this whiny voice and smugly believes he’s totally owned the left every time which is only reinforced by his right wing echo chamber.

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If you think Shapiro is bad try binge-watching that Russian guy who lived in the USSR who goes around "totally pwning" people about socialism. Forgot his name but god damn is he shit.

Oh Jesus I’ve seen him. “You think universal healthcare is good? well I’m from USSR they killed babies for fun my parents were all out into meat grinder by Stalin.” I lol’d one time when he ran into actual ☭TANKIE☭s and they basically told him after the revolution he’d get the gulag



It's actually really useful to check on these fellows on a regular basis. I check Molyneux on a daily basis, Lauren and the "Golden One" from time to time. I rarely actually watch what they have to say but it's good to be in the know and what kind of retarded talking points they are going to popularize next, so you're a step ahead of reactionaries.

The only "rightist" I watch for enjoyment is Varg. If you watch things for the sake of "rage porn" then I think you've got some growing up to do (and it gets so inane so quickly, fellows like Crowder, Shapiro and Milo just repeat the same things over and over).

Crowder is top tier rage porn. I think one of the reasons I actually like Chapo Trap House is that they shit on these right wing shit heads I thought were only known within their own echo chambers.

I've heard he's actually a Jew who learned Russian.

Probably. I feel like it’s a thing on the internet to falsely claim your parents died in the holodomor


lmao. Is there a video where he runs into a ☭TANKIE☭ who tells him to apply himself to the gulag?

It’s crazy to me that I used to think Holla Forums had to be satire. I thought all the anti-Jew stuff was a joke about how insane antisemitism is. i used to use the happy merchant meme with my friends because we thought it was just a joke about how absurd antisemitism is that you think Jews secretly control everything. I hope my Facebook chat logs never come out because I realize now people use that Jew stuff unironically

I don't know how you can make it through his videos tbh


Because im a leftist cuck with low testosterone levels from all the soy that i drink. I just need to be totally wrecked and TRIGGERED by Ben’s superior debating skills. I actually heard one of his arguments go like this: “Akkkkktttuuuaaallllyyyy abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape and incest because the left use it as a red herring to further their radical abortion agenda.”

What is it with these people and hating on students? I need to work two shitty jobs to sustain myself, I'm pretty sure most people with full time jobs are less subjected to mental and physical exhaustion.

I recently got into a similar debate and the other side just stopped arguing and claimed he had won once I said I was a student.

Actually, if you look at socialist countries historically (or Cuba or even fucking North Korea) they had tremendously low abortion rates because they provided economic security for mothers and had well-funded orphanages. Main reasons for abortions are to be found in economics.

because admitting that studying is useful would be the ultimate contradictions to these people that offer easy solutions to your life that when you study about they are easy to dismantle

Because "student" to them means "liberal arts grad learning transfeminist nigger-american underwater piano tuning and enculturated desolidification of the White Male Patriapitalism on mommy and daddy's dime and has never worked a day in their life."


thedailyshoa and fashthenation

it's because as a student you live in an echo chamber. Remember, Freudian style psychoanalysis is still in vogue among many academics. Read any gun debate to remind yourself of this, and this is the most common front people have with with academia. People don't consider the hard sciences part of academia, for a good reason, it's more like an extension of capital.


NAZBOL was right again

Mercer and Koch-funded astroturfing on social media is my fuel, tbqh.

Have you seen the interview with the head of the CPUSA by Glenn Beck? I mean, don't get me wrong, the CPUSA is a reformist hellhole but it's still something that should rustle some jimmies:

Socialism has been tried. GUESS WHAT?


By the way, I find Vee to be even more rage-inducing than this guy. It is so fucking obvious that Vee comes from a sheltered family living better than 95% of Romanians and are profiting off the EU membership (whereas for the average Romanian it means slaving your life away in a Nokia factory or being shipped over to richer countries for leased labor), and his stories about communist Romania sound like his parents were literal Kulaks or something.

Ceaușescu's Romania was objectively one of the worst socialist states that existed but according to polls people still prefer it over capitalism. It just escapes my mind how someone can look at capitalist Romania where you have the highest number of street orphans in Europe and still think socialism is the literal devil. Say what you want about Ceaușescu, but there weren't any street orphans back then.

Nah, there were plenty of people who used it ironically. It's just that the demographic slowly morphed over time to the point that everyone who used to do it ironically either left or went full alt right.

I literally want to personally shove Crowder into a gulag and force him to work for once in his life

Crowder is a lazy fuck who's never actually had to work a day in his life but instead plays the part of a working class American.
Burgers and other dipshits fall for it because of his Hank Hill tier sense of fashion.

I genuinely think Crowder doesn't actually believe his own shit. He's just a failed comedian who has discovered the alt-lite/alt-right echo chamber and found out that all you need to say is "lmao gommunism guys, amirite? xDDD" to be funny and "based".

I think that's why his video bashing Mexican day laborers pissed me off so much.
He's such a soft faggot and thinks he's hot shit for underbidding them when he isn't actually going to do any fucking work

Does anyone remember Caiden Cowger?

at least ☭TANKIE☭s can argue

funny guy, isn't he still active?

Sargon is the worst for sure. A deformed reactionary gamergater trumptard hybrid.

That guy is retarded I'd fucking love him to encounter my parents (they lived in the DDR)
, they will shut his lies in a minute

That video is infuriating and it's so typical of right-wing tactics. Crowder just invents a scenario and gawks at how an economically depressed bunch of people, having their expectations pulled out from under them and their time wasted, get upset. Plus some sprinkling of his own unbearable comedy touches, what a dipshit.

Harris is actually the guy who does it the most for me although I can't stand to watch or listen to anything he does anymore. I think it's the veneer of dispassionate intellectualism he tries to put across. It's exactly the new atheist shtick of conflating centrism and reason but he actually has an audience these days. I can't stand his pretentious history teacher delivery and all the boring sophistry that comes out of his mouth. It's gotten to the point where I don't like the way he looks, I physically hate the man.
I almost (almost) have more respect for outright nazis, who are at least forthright with how brutal and ugly and unnuanced their worldviews are. Harris does the dirty work of upholding the status-quo and attempting to blanket over just how ideological his own position is. And it's a very enticing way to market yourself to pseudo-rationals are who are also some of the most insufferable people on the internet.

In the future 2023, when we are all put in vats and hooked up to the internet, images like this will be how we slaughter each other.

fight your own battles, faggot

The problem is what initially started as satire and absurd irony got taken as actual political stances by incoming newfags as oldfags began to leave. Actual shitposting became "ACTUAL" shitposting, with people taking anons shooting the shit and racing to state the most controversial, contrarian, absurd edgy shit for laughs as a way to formulate opinions in real like. All of Holla Forums's "memes" are literally just leftover stuff from years ago by people having fun, none of it is original.

not so much on youtube, but I think he has a syndicated AM show

if shapiro makes you mad you probably reflect on that. The blokes a simp. It's like getting upset at a chiwowa, you're probaby gay lol

Indeed, Vee is a veterinary so he has an undergraduate and all the good universities in Romania were build and had their staff trained by the socialist government and everything that came after the 90's was funded by the EU.

My university just had 2 new buildings built with the newest equipment and it was made with 90% EU money and the rest from the romanian government. When a relative of mine had cancer and I was walking around the hospital I've read a plaque which noted how the hospital was renovated with 20 millions euro from the EU and only 4 millions from the government.

But Vee will spill shit in spite of all evidence because he needs a clearly defined boogey-man to make sense of life.

This is nu-right tier, OP.