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I am thinking of joining a socialist group/org and i find greentexts really comfy. Any anons here wanna share/greentext your experience in your org/group youre in?
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fucking end me now

Im sorry to hear user. Where are you from?

a small european country

cozy socialism

Maybe I'll meet up with the Democratic Cops of America chapter in my area, maybe that will go good?

I'm with the Chicago Democratic Cops of America and I do enjoy it. We've got a cool fundraiser on Friday and it's going to be fucking lit.

However, I understand if you're a socialist who is super concerned with following big Daddy Marx, you're not going to enjoy it. But I always had a loose understanding of socialism and I just basically wanted to make my life others lives better.

Right now, single payer healthcare is the the number one priority for the Democratic Cops of America

Honestly I'd settle for a little Marxist entryism and being a part of something that doesn't sabotage it's own goals by tying it's political endeavors to petty identitarian issues tbqh

Well we definitely aren't focusing on trans stuff and similar bullshit like a few "socialist" organizations are.

But we are trying to get Democratic Cops of America people into public office (and having success) and like I said doing everything we can to educate and lobby for single payer healthcare. I understand that it's not a be all end all but we hold the belief that we can show the real impact socialism can have on the lives of the American people, and that is the most effective way we can spread the word of socialism.

I recently joined a Trot group on my campus only to find out they are concerned about virtue-signalling against right-wing populism 90% of the time. At least they are well-adjustied people, clean, handsome and well-dressed, which is something you can't always say about campus socialists.

That actually sounds really good. The recent Chapo shitstorms and Democratic Cops of America drama had made me skeptical, but I'm def gonna meet up now tbqh. I wish they'd stop stirring up drama over nothing, that can't be good for them.

A few months later:

Chicago? What's this stuff about CD Rosa? Is he Legit?

please don't show up and be one of those guys who bitches about idpol, it really is terribly awkward. if you don't like it, don't participate in actions related to it, but bear in mind we use progressive stack for general meetings and you can't change it.

I also heard something about the DC democratic cops of America being Rosa too if someone can confirm this with me?

Also is NYC just liberals?

Yeah, I get that. I'm talking about explicitly tying your political endeavors to identity issues. An example of what I'm talking about from my SDS experience is that they made a point of prominently tying pro-choice politics into their anti-trump rally in a confrontational way that very clearly alienated a lot of people.

Also if someone can help me with Baltimore leftist communities hmu

hes alright, hes more of a socdem then a demsoc

the situation is the same in my small European country

Midwest USA, storytime

first red flag
'We have to go to where the struggle is'
'Next time, don't give it away. That detracts from the branch's valuable resources. He'll value it more if he pays for it'

Red flag #2

(con't below)

Fall Semester (public university) starts like about a week after summer camp.
Suddenly, I fall from the top left corner of the chart to the bottom left. Probably in reaction to these shits (and some more theory reading)
no ☭TANKIE☭s which is a blessing

Generally they were all middle class to upper middle class background, now living next to average for their age. Identity politics was present and annoying, but mostly the group just felt very culty and also not smart.

Joined the IWW since then, nothing bad to say other than that it's still so small.

Ranting still. My Uni is a small school in Northern KY right next to cinci, barely in Kentucky and mostly a commuter school.

University of Cincinnati is the other Socialist Students chapter, and they are SEETHING HOT IDENTITY POLITICS third world maoists.

They also left SAlt because SAlt was too insensitive to the voices of marginalized people.

Fucking ☭TANKIE☭ shits. Their constitution is basically the same as the cuban communist party.

built their own separate site too

do read althusser, tho

dont shit on cuba

So you basically dropped a communist party for a socdem party?

the reason i went with DSoA was because they had the momentum to help rebuild a left that could eventually populate communist parties like the PSL. i felt like PSL was putting the cart before the horse when they focused on party building ahead of capitalizing as fully as possible on the sanders wave.

in any case PSL is still a group i respect and would consider joining in the future, but i don't think now is the time and i think my resources are better spent doing mass work with Democratic Cops of America.

Sucks to suck

some of my Democratic Cops of America comrades are in PR now doing mutual aid. are there any collectives / groups in your area that formed to deal with maria? might be a good place to discuss leftist ideas of self organization.

Your reasoning makes sense and looks to be informed by experience. After working with socdems several times I came to the conclusion that it is ultimately a dead end if not always counter-productive. They might have the numbers, their numbers might grow most rapidly out of all parties currently – and I get the excitement this brings, and it once clouded my judgement too –, but they are always channeling the masses into reformist issues, this being their unavowed limitation.

The PSL has its focus straight, judging from your description. Gathering a core of leaders that are 100% committed to the revolution should be the number one priority for a communist concerned with organization. When and if a revolutionary opening comes the Democratic Cops of America's leadership will be the first to align themselves with the liberal majority of its membership, or, if the bastards got lucky enough to actually come into a position of power, they'd crumble under the weight of the bourgeoisie who'd they wouldn't dare threaten.

Reconsider your priorities. I'm not an American, btw.

Aka. the best way to ensure the dominance of liberals by dislocating the class antagonism into identity-based issues.

nobody in my local is actually a socdem, the idea behind elections is to keep socialism in the national conversation in a way that burgers understand (electoral politics). i am a communist and most other members are too. we have no illusions about the impossibility of reform, but we do think that universal healthcare would make workers less dependent on their bosses (most people in this country get their health insurance through employers; if you get fired for going strike and then get the flu, you could fucking die here).

we also do big flashy things like brakelight repair programs, disaster relief work, etc. it's all about keeping a buzz going that other groups can capitalize on while we flip local seats.

Cuba is the best ML state, except maybe Burkina Fasso. Still, ML is ML my dude. Cuba is still dynastic at the end of the day

What is wrong with dynasticism if the leadership is popular? Worth noting, Rual is not running for reelection.

Just fuck my shit up

Are you going to help them in their electoral campaign? If so, there's going to be a split b/w what you think needs to be done and what you actually do.

Are you pushing the cushy party line when talking to people or are you openly advocating for a revolution?

I get what you are saying about healthcare. One can talk about it in many different ways. For the Democratic Cops of America it is one of the hot topics that keeps on giving new members and hopes for electoral success – they tailor the message for this end.

1) yes, and there's a split already starting to form around this. i hope it won't actually happen and we succeed in de-centralizing the organization enough that it doesn't matter that some people want to fully engage in electoral politics

2) the party line is not anti-revolution. for an internal socialist lecture session, i gave a talk on dialectical materialism. that should give you a sense of where Democratic Cops of America comrades are at generally.

3) i don't see any problem with this

It's not anti-reform either. Guess which trumps which in such organizations?

That only gives me a sense that there was somebody who gave a talk about diamat in a Democratic Cops of America session, nothing more. Others have given talks on veganism, on idpol, on crazy shit, on reform.

You seem to be entangled with your narrow experience and not seeing the larger picture.

I was part of what i like to call the Rio Piedras city council, a citizen council that was basically the only functioning government body that after the hurricanes hit, after things around the town were cleaned up uni classes started, so i havent been part of any organization afterwards, they could always swing by the UPR in the Rio Piedras campus, theres the majority of whatever leftists that are left in the island congregate, fuck i could coordinate something i know a very active leftist group in the uni, real solid people too

of course i see the larger picture. when the tension between reform and revolution becomes unbearable, i will be able to say that my job is done and i will take the side of revolution.

Raul isnt running for reelection and im certain that if Cuba werent ML it would have crumbled after the USSR bit the dust

IS D_S_A really wordfiltered?


But you are proving my point. You know that this is a reformist org. So while you are working under their banner you have to externalize yourself from the responsibility of doing something that goes against your principles, building something that will inevitably betray what they say they stand for, and when this time comes you can put up your hands and say "Haha, not my fault, I knew what you really were from the beginning!"

You don't need to take two step backwards with each step you take forwards. Going quarter the speed on the right road is still wiser than springing on the wrong one.

You're not a stupid kid, so start acting like it, please.

How much?


again: almost nobody in the org believes socialism can be voted in. i will leave you with a quote from rosa luxemburg so you can understand our strategy

As for PSL dues, I believe they ask for about one paycheck per year.

Again: yet you are working in one that pushes the opposite. It doesn't matter if almost nobody subjectively believes in what they are doing if they are objectively doing it. This is ideology101.

Harsh. That would mean putting down smoking and drinking for me. What sacrifice did it require from you that you weren't willing to pay?

we aren't trying to vote in socialism! we're keeping socialism in the public consciousness by running elections/push issues, because that's what burgers understand. PSL runs candidates for office too. so does SAlt. it's what grabs American's attention.

it's simply a strategy, and i think it's a very good one. it gets people into meetings so we can talk about revolution.

oh about sacrifices, i wasn't sure about even considering myself an ML, so putting myself under the discipline of a Marxist-Leninist organization seemed like a bad idea. I'd have been willing to give it a shot, but the financial commitment made me unwilling to risk it.

so yeah if you give me a way to contact them id be happy to link them up here

sorry comrade, didn't see your reply. our team is getting back tomorrow, but will be headed back down in december. i will mention this at our next meeting!

aight fam

Any LA based anons here?
Hearing twatter drama shit about the Democratic Cops of America chapter here, but surely that's not all of it right?
Still in school, and i think there is an affiliated group in campus but I'm almost out so don't want to commit.
Also feel like I lack the book smarts, going to meetings might push me to read more to better define my vague thoughts.

I live in California and had a similar experience.


Baby steps

Also im motivated for that meetup tbh user

Livin the dream


This really. My friends were all either liberals or berniecrats when I met them. Now they're all different flavors of socialist. It's a process.

commie pill them

Fuck your awkwardness. Politics isn't a hobby and identitarianism is currently the most potent poison killing Leftism, it shouldn't be tolerated anymore than blatant racism or sexism. Obviously people shouldn't be autists about it and should approach the subject tactfully, but it should absolutely not be tolerated on an ethical and pragmatic level.
What better way to make the poison institutional than to discriminate against people based upon things they didn't choose. Individuals should be treated like individuals, not members of some spook.

You proletariat fucks better have a revolution soon so you can put me out of my fucking misery

Buy us guns

The worst kind of libbos are in the NYC branches

You aren't bright are you


just fuck my formatting up, fam

Holy shit im glad im not a leninist anymore

i mean this in the nicest possible way: please find another org. if you think you can't possibly deal with progressive stack, please just join a different party because we aren't changing it.

Then your party will go nowhere fast.

Croatia? It sounds like it, except the Greens (ORAH?) have been pretty much dead for some time.