Found a single word that defines entirety of Holla Forums


A section of the intelligentsia regarded as making no useful contribution to society, or as lacking taste, culture, etc. Also more generally: the intelligentsia collectively, regarded as worthless or powerless.

People will bash op for making this post but he's right.

Not from Holla Forums or Reddit (mostly frequenting small hobbyst boards on halfchan) but thought that some of you leftiepaulers could use some food for introspection.


This whole board is pretty much all leftist critque and introspection you know.

I don't think that applies to me. Where does a shift manager at pizza hut fall?

>debate and hot takes gets heated

What did Holla Forums mean by this?

Pizza hut is revolutionary

Yea prolly but capitalism has me by the balls so I got to take what I can get all $9 and hour of it

like clockwork

holy fuck what hellhole state are you in? I was shift manager at a small business fiefdom and they were giving me $11/hr

South Georgia

I like it, it fits like a glove.

I don't get what that picture is trying to say.

Assmad academics will downvote this thread.

It's satirising the ridiculous idea that political shitposting on leftypol is seen as a selfless and heroic deed.

I think that you're taking Holla Forums a bit too seriously if you regard them as intelligentsia tbqh. This is an imageboard, chill fam.

The internet is serious business.


No shit. You can't grow anything in an ideological vacuum.

You're an idiot. Communism doesn't boil down to "lol capitalism is bad because it's the system we have now", and the board has loads of anarchists and egoists which are deeply individualist ideologies. Stop being a retard.

NO, YOU. As in nobody assumes the natural state of capitalism, critically, so its not contrarian to detract from it
Depending on who you mean, you might be right. Practically, it doesn't matter because they manage to hate one another with such vitriol. Either way, you're probably saying this as an ideological critique, so I doubt the veracity of your claim
Check /theory/ or anything having to do with Marxian philosophy. You're actually just pulling this one out of your ass, as a huge amount of leftist philosophical canon is about the derangement and rendering abstract of the subject, which boils down to "individualism is good! as long as it is expressed in these contours" which is basically a deciding principle of modern ideology of capital

fuck off, bud

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Read Stirner.

those two things are not antithetical


Still doing objectively more than anyone else right now.

pretty sure the altright ideologues and various cranks are closer to that definition

sure, but Von Mises was regarded as an useless hack before some class and cold warriors raised his ideas into prominence
All you're saying is that Holla Forums is a bunch of people who value reading and being informed and also advocate for unpopular and out of mainstream ideas. This is true, but I don't see how that is cause for any special introspection.