Gonna post a few memes and sharable images that hopefully might spark interest with non-lefties...

Gonna post a few memes and sharable images that hopefully might spark interest with non-lefties. They're ideologically all over the place to try and appeal to different people. I need more characters, so some reasoning: The first few are more in line with a sort of Instagram aesthetic, where as the rest are more chan/meme style.



Now some with my overworked friend here



Started losing the thread a bit…

welp that's it for me

These are, uhm, strange. Well put together but slightly surreal.

gotta make people stop before you can make them pay attention

I feel that having a muh degenewucy themed one is kind of disingenuous? I mean I get what you're trying to do but I dont know, maybe more subtlety is better, those just seem outright reactionary.

Might be a bit much. The idea was to appeal directly to reactionaries so they might question what they actually know

Besides, isn't it arguable that porn is a exploitative product of the capitalist system, and perpetuates the subjugation of women?

It seems to me that many reactionaries have the same problems with liberal capitalism as we do, but they don't know how to explain what's happening to them in coherent language, so they lash out at whatever target is easiest/closest. If we could show them that Marxism is not the liberal hellscape conservatives tell them it is, maybe they'd look into it a bit further

These are bad. They have very little actual content related to Marx in them, which kinda defeats the point.

the idea of making more memes to spark interest in Marxism isn't bad.

what you've done here is fucking terrible though.

How about one which says: "Roller-coasters gets us nowhere" with a zig-zagging stock-market graph in the background?

Before making any """""propaganda""""" ask yourself if you wouldn't feel embarrassment if your mother saw it.

"Marx is the solution"
"Marx will stop this"
Marx won't solve, it is the working class who will rise and create a better society. The aesthetic is good but the message is way off. Most people are spooked on Marx so equating him with all of leftism is really missing the main point of converting reactionaries

Can we not treat Marx like some sort of god? He had create ideas but saying things like "MARX WILL FIX EVERYTHING" creates a problem wherein he is seen as an authoritative source on everything, rather than his own body of work.

Posting some laborglitch.

Are we posting vaporwave album covers?

These are too artificial to be glitch

you should continue practicing but this shit just looks to fucked up to be appealing propaganda.