Appalachian Revolution When?

Thoughts? Seems pretty clear to me that Appalachians constitute an oppressed nation within the United States.

What hope is there of raising revolutionary class consciousness within this demographic?

Any personal anecdotes of life in Appalachia that might shed some light on these questions?

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There's no hope for a revolution in America. Burgers are simply too classcucked to really do much at all. I expect America to be the last vestiges of capitalism even if a revolution is to start and any communists who live there would be shot and killed if we have any sort of hope of actually accomplishing anything anyways.

Blanquism is the answer.

Did you read the OP pic? The poster was a porky shitstain whose job happened to be based out of Appalachia. He encountered nothing but hostility and hatred from Appalachians. If they were really class cucks, they would roll out the red carpet for this "job creator" every time he rolled into town.

They'd be just as hostile to an educated prole, they're insular anti-intellectual hillbillies.

IIRC there's a small US anti-revisionist organisation called Ray O'Light that has been pushing the "oppressed Appalachian nation" these for years

None while the SJWs are running things.


My dad is from West Virginia and moved to coastal North Carolina before I was born, where I lived out most of my life, but he's moved back on two separate occasions. Once in like '07, another time in '12, and we usually travel there in the summer every other year. What I've learned? The people there are retarded. They're the stereotypical dumb rednecks who think that the reason they're poor as shit is because of mexicans or niggers even though the state is like 98% white. Keep in mind I lived in Charleston, which is the biggest city in the state. It's not like I lived in the middle of nowhere around inbred mountain people (although I did live in a shitty inbred town known as Sissonville for a while, no difference there) I'm not going to go into a huge rant, my point is that the people there are mentally trapped in a box and the idea of some socialist revolution occurring there is complete nonsense only supported by people who haven't the misfortune of living there. I remember being in high school there when Obama was re-elected and people were literally crying and skipping class because they were too emotional. There's nothing leftist about that place. Maybe other Appalachian areas are different, I don't know.

I don't think we're at this point, but your post raises an important question. What do we do if capitalism gets to the point that proles are socially/genetically engineered to be too dumb to understand anything else but working hard for Porky?

You can't exactly have a worker revolution if the workers don't want to help themselves. And as far as I know, you can't force better conditions on them. My experience in West Virginia is why I'm a lot more pessimistic than most people here. The quality of life there compared to somewhere like Maine is insane, and people there treat corporations like Dupont and various coal companies as literal gods. it's so bizarre.

But communists bend over backwards to incorporate the genetically sub par into their ranks all the time! It shouldn't make a difference at all!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

You are why communism doesn't do well in America.


“No, it’s the proletariat who are wrong”

A revolution in the Black Belt or the segregated cities in the Northeast is infinitely more likely.

Not really, thank Big Dick Johnson for making them the most pro-democrat place possible

post your Autism Level test score amerimutt

As opposed to Republican Appalachia…?

The jig is immediately up once one talks about property, PoC, gay people, furrinurs, the environment, wealth distribution, nationalizing of industries, etc.

Further, the churches in Appalchia are reactionary as shit in comparison to even right-wing black churches.

Finally, the new mayor of Jackson, MS is without a doubt the most radical power-holding politician in America.

I backpacked the Appalachian trail, AMA about any part of apalachia

How many times did you have to squeal like a pig?

While I think there is revolutionary potential in Appalachia and rural white America, it would be wrong to suggest that this kind of resentment is entirely class based. It is likely due in no small part to xenophobia, but xenophobia growing out of a class resentment in some sense. I’m from a rural area myself (leaf here in N. Ontario) so I know firsthand how people see urban people. However I don’t think this is an insurmountable obstacle, we simply need to talk to these people and address their issues without sounding like smug city folks talking down to them. We need to ask them what is causing problems for them and offer suggestions that lead them towards class consciousness.

a baker's dozen

That sound really cool, tell us stories!

At one point I took a detour to stay on a religious commune in Virginia for the better part of a week. They encourage hikers stay with them in exchange for labor. I worked in their bakery for like 10 hours a day and learned a ton about baking, but they also had an organic farm where other hikers were working. If they like you, you not so subtly discouraged from leaving. The members of the community who showed me around and got me settled had started out as hikers who had come in for a pit stop, and then never left (and had a qt waifu and 3 kids).
They were pretty much a cult, but the experience overall gave me a very positive view of religion and basically turned me into a conservative. Those people did the impossible and escaped the trap of capitalism and American culture by living this idyllic sustainable lifestyle and it was all made possible by their spooks.

also they don't like black people lmao

Bernie, is that you?

I don't think that wolves and bears roam through your back garden if you're living in a city.


Confirmed sightings in Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, and Camden.

How the FUCK was he not boiled alive by the left for his “guns in Chicago” quip?

It’s not even an idpol issue at that point.

That's a pretty small number really, plus cities have people employed to deal with these bears. If you've got a bear in your garden in the Appalachians you barely even have a police force to deal with humans let alone bears as well.