Is it bad if I think vegetarianism should be mandatory under socialism? Personally, if I ever gain any kind of power in a socialist state, I won't stop until eating meat becomes a felony. You'd have to kill me to stop me.

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That could be arranged.

What did he mean by this?

I'll keep pushing for meat illegalization until someone finally sticks an icepick in my brain.

We already have a food thread. Go there.

yes, becaue farming isn't all necessarily done like in your gross and depressing pix of Jim's farm

Push as much as you want. If you manage to convince a majority, then good for you.

Abusive conditions and factory/unsustainable farming are a product of capitalism. Meat consumption would likely be lowered with Dairy, Eggs and vegetables such as lentils, beans and peas becoming more widely consumed for protein. Meat is tasty but in terms of energy/resources in to calories out it's not very efficient.

Or we could, you know, limit meat production and ration it instead of forcing people to not eat any.

It's not so much the animals that I'm concerned about, although that's definitely part of it.

My main concern is the psychological trauma experienced by meat industry workers. Imagine what it's like to butcher animal after animal, hearing them scream in terror and agony over and over again. Imagine what effect that has on your psyche.

Why do people always have to project their personal spooks on to everyone else? It's fucking retarded.

Ozzy did this for a living before Black Sabbath

If you call yourself a leftist then what's your excuse for not going vegan yet?

I'm with you OP

my wish to see an end to income inequality having nothing to do with what food I can acquire and stomach? my disdain for lifestylist holier-than-thou bullshit?

If veganism is lifestylist then literally everything is.

Yes, it's bad because it means you're delusional. Not to mention that you aren't going to stop guys like me, that like to hunt anything from squirrels and rabbits to deer and elk. I'm going to keep eating animals, and there's nothing you can do about it.

who this


veganism is some real gay shit. if everyone went vegan, farm animals would go extinct because nobody would have a use for them

If killing animals was punishable by 5 years in prison, that probably will stop you though.

They'd survive in small captive populations, literally all you'd need to do is stop the last current generation of farm animals from breeding other than a small percentage.

Live by the sword I say, it should be legal to hunt hunters. And since those cowards say they need assault rifles to shoot harmless deer I see no reason not to use helicopter gunships.

Yeah, it probably won't be, mostly because people aren't retarded like you, and also because you're going to have a hard time proving that I killed and ate a squirrel on my own backyard.


Yes, let's alienate people from the food they eat even more. If anything hunting is the most ethical way to get meat.


Yeah sure I guess it is but that hardly makes it good and I find it more instinctively disgusting, what can I say. At least slaughterhouse workers don't try to push their lifestyle in your face like you people claim we do.


I like the way meat tastes, especially when I killed it myself.
And I don't really care what anyone else thinks about it.

Also, Hiler was a vegetarian, why the fuck would I want to be anything like him?

What's wrong with drinking milk, eating cheese, etc, if the workers and animals are treated well and no killings occur?

literally nothing
how many tears do you cry for the flies you swat?

You're making the mistake of thinking that killing animals is at all wrong. Industrial agriculture kills millions of field mice every year. I guess that means we should harvest everything by hand to spare the poor little critters. Industrial meat production needs to change, but this is so we can have healthier people, not so we can spare animals. They are a secondary concern.

We should do everything that's reasonable to spare animals killed by agriculture but meat farming kills 56 billion animals each year so I hardly think you can take the high ground.

Probably nothing, I'm personally a vegetarian even though I know some mistreatment probably goes on, I wouldn't ever feel comfortable with the profit motive involved with food. If people still want to dairy farm I guess I'm okay with that.

Define reasonable. I don't think that outlawing meat is reasonable, nor do I think forbidding animal agriculture is reasonable.

It's a good thing I don't think killing animals is wrong, then, you stupid fucking retard. Also, citation fucking needed on that number. Chances are it's wrong.

Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAOSTAT, 2008)

blow me

I don't think killing things that can think and feel just for your pleasure is reasonable, I'm sure you will never agree, but such is life. I doubt I'll ever get my way at least in the mid future but that doesn't make me wrong.

Would you outlaw test tube meat you spooked fuck?

Obviously not, I don't care about that.

Listen, I get what you're trying to say when it comes to industrial meat-production, and I completely agree that the way we do it now is ineffective and wasteful. The thing is this is not a problem that stems from meat-consumption itself, but it is simply a function of capitalism. The only way to eliminate this problem is to begin production for use.

I don't really care about the ethical side of vegetarianism/veganism, as long as the animals and workers aren't mistreated it's fine for me, but we definitely need to cut down on meat consumption, perhaps completely, for environmental reasons.

Okay, so no industrial agriculture, then. Get your manual tools out, veg brain. Why kill animals so we can spare you some work?

It makes you a hypocrite, as I've just pointed out, and you're wrong.

Also, I still can't find the original source for your 56 billion claim, only a citation on another article that states that they are "raised and slaughtered", which may mean that this includes animals only raised, but not yet consumed and those consumed, or something else altogether. Provide actual citation, please.

read rafiq

Maybe you wouldn't imagine that if your parents had taken you hunting and fishing, so you wouldn't have grown up into such a tremendous tra-la homo faglord.

I don't really care about most animals.


Animals are literally the victims of exploitation just like the proletariat making them our allies in the fight against capitalism

Hey, while you're at it, you better forbid animals from killing each other too.

Killing an animal isn't treating it better. You don't have to be vegan/vegetarian but it would certainly improve your health/well-being whilst securing our future on this planet.

He's obviously pretending to be retarded, but you're still appealing to nature.

OP, is false-flagging vegans, probably because he got butthurt in the food thread

Plant-based diets are more sustainable than omnivorousness ones. Plants aren't sentient beings. Slaughterhouse workers get PTSD even after years of working; You're parental advice is simply an attempt to desensitize our natural reaction.

youre implying that all meat has to be produced in a slaughterhouse which i dont think is accurate.

Itt:Literal soyboys

why is vegetarianism associated with socialism anyway?

how about cloning meat cells for food ?

Socialism today is seen as something for weaklings, vegetarianism also because LOL YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN FROM GRASS , so there you go. It's literally "Hitler ate sugar" tier.

literally "ead the fugin salad" tier

It's because communists are known for rejecting any kind of violence against any living being. Even if you look at their politics, they do not support any radical or violent change, but peaceful protests and slight reforms in order to meet their goal - massive state which will enforce their strange ideas to the population. Become change you want to see in world. Go vegan.

Sounds like a great way to mentally incapacitate an entire population in under a year.
Try feeding a child a vegetarian diet from the day they're born, and see if they function just as properly as the other kids at school.

Now don't get me wrong, I fully support your plan to force vegetarianism on everyone in your ideal society. That along with institutionalized feminism and widespread laziness will only quicken the death of your state, and silence your toxic ideology for maybe another few decades.

Also, here's a fun fact about the Soviet Union:
One of the most common foods in socialist states, and one of the easiest to prepare was fish. Do you know why? It's because you don't have to feed or take care of fish. All you have to do is catch them with a giant net. Let's see you take that away from your people.

I should also add that in socialist states, food and drink that you would find at grocery stores and/or delis (when they didn't look like pic related) was likely to be expired. Who's to stop the state from faking expiration dates?

Listen to Porky, veganism and vegetarianism is where it's at! Buy ORGANIC Buy our SUPPLEMENTS (which you won't be able to ship into your "socialist utopia" because you'll be banned from doing trade with most of the world!)

We need more ironic porkyposts like this lmao

Worked very fine last time… also as always with this threads, it shows vegans are socipath fucks who wouldn't hesitate to kill people or imprison them just because they eat meat… they don't care about people only a wicked sense of justice, they are like fanatical religious believers. You know I am a racist: theres the human race and there's beasts, that we should trat good if we really can but we can use them as cattle, fuck them. If you get icky to see a dead animal you are a retard who watched too much films with talking dogs and that never recieved love from his parents, no matter how you try to put on the moral mask, you know people like elliot rodger did too butt they're stil considered cycos… If we really would do good food planning we would plan to reduce red meat to an absolute minimum level since it's almost useless while we keep white meat which is no prob. But ypu fuckers shit around and get people confused. God I hate vegans.

There's literally nothing wrong with killing an animal quickly. Animal issues are about living, and killing, conditions, not about whether you raise an animal with the goal of killing it in the future.
If this triggers you you're a retard incapable of correctly assessing reality, and a dead weight holding the left back with your hysteria.

I personally don't eat cows and pigs. They are sentient, empathic, social and playful. But chickens are shit, I eat them. If there was a chicken taller than humans, it would be the scariest thing ever.

There's literally nothing wrong with extracting surplus value. Capitalism is about working conditions and welfare, not about whether you own means of production with the goal of extracting surplus value.
If this triggers you you're a retard incapable of correctly assessing reality, and a dead weight holding the left back with your hysteria.

The energy required to harvest meat (that is to say, from farming the grains that you grow to feed the animals to the transporting of those grains to the feeding facility to acquiring, purifying, storing the water the animals still need to creating and distributing the antibiotics that modern farming uses, to the actual harvesting process to the transportation of meat to the energy needed for refrigeration, honestly we could go on and on about the energy required to get an animal from birth to processed meat to your fridge) is crazy high. I think that's the only argument that really has potential viability with regard to reducing meat consumption, at least at the industrial level.

I don't think it would be wise to try and outlaw the meat eating outright or anything like that. The blowback would be too detrimental to whatever movement you were trying to push. Rather, getting people to understand the energy and ecological impacts of having a constant and enormous supply of processed meat would be a better option. And tax the fuck out of it, basically. Like what they've been doing to cigarettes in the US for the last two decades or so. Show the (admittedly pretty gross) reality of the practice, impose a heavy tax on it, and try to reduce consumption (harder to advertise? larger taxes on corporate entities that deal in meats?). That's about the best you could hope for, I think.

Yes heavy taxes on one of the few things required for living, that sounds like a great idea that totally won't affect the poorest and most downtrodden of proles.

Vegetarianism is gay. We need an army of muscular proletarian chads and only meat can provide the necessary protein.

Fuck off carnist.

You'd likely want to subsidize more efficient (and local) farming methods in the process of taxing larger industrial farming operations, though it is false to believe that meat consumption is a requirement for living. Case in point, look at India They're like 30-40% vegetarian (the majority of which are actually fully vegan) and even the people who aren't vegetarian eat a lot less meat than the typical westerner. There's literally more vegetarians in India than there are Americans. People can live without meat, is what I'm saying - and honestly if you have local farms growing chickens for eggs and meat that can actually be pretty energy efficient food source, but doing beef and pigs at an industrial scale and then shipping it hundreds of miles in refrigerated trucks is just not smart from an ecological perspective.

I was talking about food you dense fucker. Any large tax on food even of one kind will always affect the poor more than it will the rich.

There are a lot of ways to help supplement this kind of a tax, user. I'd say you aren't likely to find people on this board (who aren't just obvious trolls, I guess) saying we should massively increase taxes on poor people without any kind of mitigating nuance to their arguments.

Really though, humanity needs to at least begin thinking about what a world without growth looks like. Whether food gets more expensive because of a tax or because of an increase in the cost of oil, or due to increasingly difficult logistics resulting from various forms of supply chain breakdowns, new/evolved livestock diseases, resource deficiencies or regional conflicts which destabilize the massive, complex and interconnected system of trade which has made it possible to bring so many people so much food for so long. There needs to be a conversation about what we can all do today to make our own communities more resilient to these kinds of disruptions. Getting food to be more local and less energy intensive to produce is, I think, as wise a place as any to begin that conversation.


Simply wrong. A lot of poor land can only be made productive as pastureland. The most sustainable diet is one with a lot less animals products consumed, not none at all.

just eat your pizza like everyone else Marcus