A Repost Of The Destiny VS Socialism Debate Since It Was Anchored Before


Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions. Draw your own conclusions.

I don't get it, what should I draw?

are you a neoliberal now?

personally i think that the socialist arguing was retarded, from the first little bit where he says capitalism is evil.

They were both awful. Why can't internet debates involve intelligent people?

Get Tovarish Edmonton or The Finnish Bolshevik on to talk with him.

On one hand that could be a good way to spread the message but this eceleb crap really turns me off and I can't help think that would be a waste of time for our gomrades.

Why do plebs settle for Destiny when the can watch Michael Hudson or /ourwolff/ or Anwar Shaikh or David Harvey. Their internet lectures are just as exciting and have better info.

Destiny sounds like he's only interested in ethical (but not hypothetical?) debates, and Finnbol's grasp of history wouldn't be much help, probably. he's also pretty slow at composing an argument.

listening to this i feel like so many important specificities that the socialist guy is leaving out of the arguments. what bothers me the most is that he's not defining what optimal will mean for a socialist society. clearly optimal for a capitalist society refers to highest profit.

however, in a socialist society without profit the definition for what the most optimal decision should be related to how much a certain action satisfies the people's general interest or need. rather than profit driving production, the demand of the general public/proletariat should drive action or innovation. am i wrong? is there another definition by which optimal actions should be judged?

now i've reached a part of the video where the socialist guy is arguing for keeping truck drivers inside a hypothetical autonomous truck to report accidents instead of allowing these truck drivers to stay home and pursue their own interests. if your job is automated under socialism you should still be able to obtain the resources you need to pursue your self interest. otherwise you have a society of luddites who oppose new technology because they'll be put out of work and out of the resource accessibility sphere.


This is going to be a mess.

It's about spreading a message

Get Destiny to talk with a leftcom

Didn't this already happen?

I've watched this destiny fella in my life, I don't know what his voice sounds like,but I heard he'd BTFO'd Sargon and Molyneux so I though he was /ourguy/?
Is he some neolib? Is he Pro-Sanders?

He is a Hillbot.

I've never watched*
Sounds like a freudian slip but I really can't remember his voice.

His favorite candidate was Sanders. I used to watch this guy and I remember in his video with Shkreli they both agreed that things were generally good under Obama and if the country continued in that direction they wouldn't mind. I feel like that's a sufficient example of where his real politics are at.

He just fucking loves this internet debate thing though and can't resist inviting on anyone from random nazis on twitter to people with followings like Jontron. Personally I find these debates unbearable for all the standard reasons. Destiny is pretty book-starved and I don't know how he finds these shallow bickerings fulfilling.


you know why, infantile

Because "it wasn't real socialism" will get you laughed out of the room. That's why you send MLs to debates.