The Appeal of Hegel

What did a materialist in the making like Marx find appealing in the works of German idealists in general and Hegel in particular? Was it simply because reading The Phenomenology of Spirit gives you magic powers?

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There is a good reason why philosophy has done pretty much nothing for 200 years but trying to either disprove or prove Hegel

The mystifying side of Hegelian dialectic I criticised nearly thirty years ago, at a time when it was still the fashion. But just as I was working at the first volume of “Das Kapital,” it was the good pleasure of the peevish, arrogant, mediocre Epigonoi [Epigones – Büchner, Dühring and others] who now talk large in cultured Germany, to treat Hegel in same way as the brave Moses Mendelssohn in Lessing’s time treated Spinoza, i.e., as a “dead dog.” I therefore openly avowed myself the pupil of that mighty thinker, and even here and there, in the chapter on the theory of value, coquetted with the modes of expression peculiar to him. The mystification which dialectic suffers in Hegel’s hands, by no means prevents him from being the first to present its general form of working in a comprehensive and conscious manner. With him it is standing on its head. It must be turned right side up again, if you would discover the rational kernel within the mystical shell. - Marx
Also, Google Bookchin

Hegel presented a valuable way of thinking about concepts, it just came loaded with retarded mysticism that needed to be excised for anything of value to come out of it.

Hegelian conception of history is nonlinear and accounts for historical change.

As I understand it - Hegel's conception of history actually is linear. Marx's historical materialism, using Hegel's idea of the dialectic as a starting point, is what you are thinking of.

Nothing in Hegel is linear as such. The Philosophy of history changed over time, and Hegel expected it to be revised as new knowledge came to light. Marx is the one who has not only a linear theory of history, but later on abandoned any attempt at such a theory of history beyond our own epoch.

Marx was in love with the idea of science. Hegel provides an absolute logic with unquestionable developments, thus making for a technically undefeatable argument, and with capital he thought he also found ample empirical evidence to justify it as the most empirically fit theory as well.

If you're not writing the next version of Capital, or theory of history, or any such science, Hegel is not for you unless you're interested in knowing anyway.

Marx was an idealist before reading stirner

a.w., you don't even know marx and this shows it


Have you looked at what I wrote there? I didn't intend to write about Marx's theory of fetishism there. It's such an unintuitive reversal of the term 'fetishism' that does not fit. I talk about the same thing with another common consideration of fetishism in mind.

I know Marx's theory more than I would like to these days, and far more than you do.

you did, you just later backpeddled after deepcomrade showed how wrong you were. you asked for a marxist's thoughts to say "okay, i accept the critique", but what critique? the only thing deepcomrade did was define the marxist concept of fetishism and tell you that you didn't understand it.

You're a sophist who's too eager to prove something

In case you don't know, he and I know each other. I didn't ask if he accepted it, I asked him his thoughts precisely because I value his knowledge of Marx and wanted actual critique. He provided good feedback and corrected my misattribution, which I acknowledged. The corrective note I added at the top was not because of him, but because on reddit people were busy telling me I didn't understand Marx's theory of fetishism instead of actually responding to my points. I had not written the blog to expound Marx's theory, but my own consideration of the concept. The idea I had before and after never changed, but the way I had misattributed a portion of it to Marx did.

Why are you against intellectual honesty and genuine dialogue? I asked for feedback and correction, I got it, I accepted it, and I clarified to correct it. If that's wrong or weak to you, well you're a brainlet.

exactly, you didn't understand Marx's concept of fetishism and all that time of giving self-important lectures to everyboody

Anyone have the links of Anal Water being BTFO?

I wish I saved the one from /leftpol/ where he was misreading Hegel as a monistic totality, rather than an abstract one.

A.W. , why is it that you, as sure as sun rising in the east, appear in every possible thread remotely related to Hegel but never in any other theory or philosophical context?

Never change.

Marx was convinced that destroying class structure required challenging even the most basic assumptions.

Because you don't read any other theory thread worth reading. I post in econ threads, Marxism threads, and political practice threads I find interesting. I also have a life besides responding to ignorant posts. Hegel is just my major interest.


That's true, all those ignorant blog posts about philosophies you don't understand aren't going to write themselves I guess.

iirc dialectics lets us get past the aporias of metaphysics that Kant grappled with, especially the problem of the phenomena vs noumena. Phenomena are things we can understand and grasp, noumena are said to be 'the things themselves', not just how things are for us (our sensuous faculties and modes of reasoning are contingent not absolute). If we are going to make world history, we need to be able to access and form the noumena

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t. Spinoza/Jacobi rift

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Was Stirner a materialist?

no, he was an egoist :3

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