Radio Waves under Gommunism

Who oversees radio frequency allocation under communism?

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The government do– oh.

A state isn't the same thing as a government. A stateless society could (and almost invariable would) have a government.

Do you think we have a complex plan for exactly what every aspect of communism will look like? Communism is not an ideal to be strived for its a real movement to abolish the present state of things.

Not sure where this hostility is coming from, it's a fair enough question. I feel like tackling it could be a useful thought experiment tbh. I'm not the OP, so I don't know what they were thinking when they created this thread, but I feel like looking at organizational forms as they relate to regulations might be productive. Regulation of radio frequencies is as good an example to use as any.

All radio frequencies will be jammed, communication through wire/fiber only. Radio proponents get gulag.

Lasers will be used for areas where infrastructure have yet to be built up.

I feel like we could do without regulation of the allocation radio frequencies and be perfectly fine. A commons with explicit rules against negative behaviors (like jamming, etc.) and informal rules about how the frequencies would be used would be a pretty harmonious system imo.

All radio stations and other users of radio waves can form a organization/union with an elected head, which will then go ahead with allocating frequencies.

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It's not the same but a government depends upon the existence of a state to give it its authority. Government is not the same thing as organization.

You don't have to bring race into literally every discussion, you know? Not everything has to do with race, especially not this discussion.

But that's fucking wrong though. A government is just a system used to govern an organized community. Governments are often attached to a state, but they don't require a state to exist.


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No, it's not. A government is a specific system that has a monopoly on violence and it gets that monopoly from the authority of the state.

That's wrong though. Where are you getting that definition from? The term government isn't used to describe a government with a monopoly on violence, you're thinking of a state.


Where does that definition come from fam? I'm sure that's not just some shit you made up


really tho it's probably the same everywhere