What do we all think of the Bavarian soviet republic, I know that they had a milk shortage in the short time the communist party took power. Does anyone know if they were truly democratic I can't find much good information on them.

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The eternal Stirner strikes again

Lenin wrote this to them:
Message Of Greetings To The Bavarian Soviet Republic

Despite Bavaria having the most reactionary government in Germany, it has quite a communist tradition. There used to be hardcore communist worker organizations up until the 70s in many Bavarian provinces, until the government banned them.

Today, you can't make your PhD in Bavaria if you are part of a communist party, for example.

cabitalist freedoms

how is that legal?

Horseshoe theory

Hitler went to Bavaria at the time to fight for it as a young man, before going even more retarded, he had not ideological coherence watsoever's_participation

Lmao, why should a state support people who want to overthrow and kill them? Don't act like capitalists would be allowed to do that

Yeah the difference is that meanwhile the Communist ate pretty open about their intentions, and say that they will fight against the capitalists.
The burgeoise democratic countries say that they give equal rights to everyone, and denounce what they call political represion in socialist countries like Cuba (were btw capitalist are allowed to present candidates to the elections), whilst they do things like this in Bavaria, of forbid any Communist party when they feel it could threaten their power.

True, it might sound hypocritical but they're sometimes pretty open about it (defensive democracy; we tolerate all opinions except the intolerant ones). Why should modern capitalist democracies give equal rights and freedom to people who want less equal rights and freedom? Of course they're going to defend the system by law against all radicals because they both woulld take away "freedom" (at least in the sense of what freedom means today) and threaten their power.

Not that I agree with them but I can fully understand it from their point of view.

Comrade Hitler was part of the Bavarian SR, I shit you not.

When you want to make your PhD you have to work for the university. That in itself is not a problem, but when you are a socialist/communist according to an older law from the 60s the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (and institution that is notorious for funding Nazi terrorists that kill brown people in broad daylight) has to approve of it. Obviously they get the file on their desk but never work on it, making it practically unable for a communist to make a PhD.

Recently there are reports that they want to expand this law that prohibits you to work for public institutions to people critical of Erdogan, which is not surprising. You already have your apartment raided, your computer confiscated and yourself locked up or fined when you do as much as posting a Y.P.G. flag on Facebook. People have been sharing a video of them putting up a flag on a hill after defeating ISIS and they all got cracked down upon.


Does Holla Forums know Hitler sama was a participant of he Bavarian Soviet republic?

The single source I have seen on it is a Kraut book yet to be translated into Bong called Hitlers Judenhass. But I just googled again and found this pirated academic review and it spills the beans. Basically he fell for the "Bolsheviks are jews" meme kek

Nice border gore


sources, please

Only have German ones.
About a guy not being able to do his PhD because he's a commie.!5435098/
About the police raiding someone's apartment because he posted the Y.P.G. flag on Facebook.

About the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) being involved in Nazi terrorism:
This was just one incident of the secret service and the police force involved in Nazi activity.
And this is just the top of the iceberg.

thanks, I know some German. This over a dozen US military bases in Syria shit is funny, basically the logo has a red star and they consider it a 'symbol of an oppressive regime' or whatever in some countries. But to conduct a raid is quite extreme.

How bout the Erdogan stuff? Seems unlikely since the German government criticizes Erdogan all the time

didnt realize y.p.g had a word filter

The hilarious thing is that the German government was supporting the American decision so arm the Kurds, including the Y.P.G., and has armed the Peshmerga itself. Yet at the same time it prohibits its citizens to even post as much as a flag of them on social media. That's some next level shit.

Regarding Erdogan, yes he is highly unpopular but the government keeps a lid on getting criticism of him too much traction in the public discourse. Basically, the German government is totally cucked by Erdogan, because he is threatening to open the refugee floodgates, which would be the end of the German government as we know it.

I live in Bermuda
After a storm one year, our ships could not come to port and off load
this lead to shortages
moral of the story: It's about economy of scale, not some idealist system imposed on reality suddenly making goods evaporate into thin air