Proletarian Kitchen

What should be counted as socialist cuisine, or the cuisine of a future socialist society? Since socialists must tackle the superstructure as well as the base, and since eating habits and the types of food we consume most certainly have their own political element to them, we ought to brainstorm about how this vital aspect of human existence should be done under a new, revolutionary mode of production.

Also, food general. Post pics of what Holla Forums comrades eat/cook. Bonus for recipes.

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Recently, i've been cutting out a lot of refined sugar, additives, E-numbers and such and making my own meals from raw ingredients. it takes a while to make a casserole from scratch but my god is it good.

they key to being healthy is to make thigns either yourself, or from the hands of trusted comrades. raw meats, vegetables, spices etc. Don't buy frozen shit, the amount of additives in it will make your head spin.

and read labels, and do research. find out the side effects of each additive. is it addictive? does it cause addiitonal weight gain? I was addicted to HFCS a few months ago and it was a real motherfucker to cut it out.

Tbh I always thought thst food is immune to politics. Yes there prole food, or food for the poors. We should fetishize it tho.
Socialist food is everything that is not fucking micro molecular cusine

Cassoulet and tortillas are good examples. Both communal peasant foods.

Halal meat. Only ethical meat there is.

Yes but we shouldn't fetishize that kind of stuff. It more welcome than molecular cusine no doubt tho

There's a social element to food consumption. For example, the only reason why we can have sugar-filled everything is because of third world slavery on sugar plantations.

Plus, fast food is highly individualistic. In several cultures, food consumption is communal and the entire neighborhood sits down for dinner.

I only eat cum

Fast food is american cusine, so americanism. And americanism must be abolished. You are right. Honestly when I think of cusine under socialism would be a return to the more traditional form of cusine (more practical tho).
About the consumption per se? Communal form is more impractical imho, I think it wil be a more practical form of tradionalism.
No fucking way resturants will be abolished, let's make this clear

Sorry I had to

One that's the most optimal for health, environmentally sustainable, and the most ethical to produce (slaughterhouse workers often get PTSD): A whole-foods plant-based diet

We will sustain all people on a diet strictly based on soy milk, lettuce, tofu and estrogen-laced börscht. It's how we will make America communist again

Whatever makes you sated will do fine. Only bourg faggots obsess over food.

stirner pic reminded me of this

Healthy and good food. We'll eat more together and resturants will be gone.
Pic related is my go to cheat meal.

What my family usually eats most days: Chicken and rice, if
tired of chicken then steak or pork chop.

When we are strapped for cash and have to make something that last a week and a half: mac and cheese or spaghetti and meatballs.

occasionally i or my mom makes beef pastelitos and rice or Sausage sandwiches.

pick one:

Pork isn't halal. You are literally colonizing the minds of Muslims, who are the true proletarian revolutionaries.

Easy cheap dishes I usually make:

Rice with friend onions
Couscous with harissa (traditional maghrebi hot sauce) and onions
Eggplant strips fried in olive oil with cumin and paprika
Tzatziki (cucumber + yogurt + olive oil +garlic)
Vegetable soup with tons of turmeric and garlic instead of bullion
Pasta with spinach-artichoke-garlic-feta
Pickled herring

And of course I drink lots of coffee and tea.

sounds petitebourg to me m8


Says the obvious white guy whose traditional diet isn't under attack by colonial forces.

The Palestinian diet is heavily yogurt and meat-based. Are you going to tell us we can't eat our traditional foods because they rustle your soyboy jimmies? Also Israel is the most vegetarian country in the world meaning in this context blackmailing Palestinians into going veggie would be de facto colonial chauvinism.

so this is the power of lifestyleism!

"Lifestylism" is a pathetic thought-stopper used by economistic leftoids who have no sense of holistic revolution. Of course seizing the means of production is crucial, but you have to change the culture as well. Since food is such a huge part of culture, shouldn't we be talking about it?

There's nothing wrong with inventing new traditions as the mode of production changes, so why not?

Fuck it. I'll eat what I want because life is too short not to enjoy food.

I guess the 3rd world are all bourg because most of their diet consist of plants then? Pic related, a Ghanaian bodybuilder who get's asked if he's vegetarian a lot because of all the plants he eats. Historical African diets consisted of 100g of fiber a day, aka the real Paleolithic diet.

No one is telling you what you eat Holla Forumstard. Are you going to tell us we can't eat beans and rice because our ancestors were forced to eat meat?

It's not impossible to enjoy food and eat healthy.

too tru
also fuck that 2nd pic looks good.

Damn all I got is these enemy onions.

Only beets and wodka will be allowed. Veggiefags and meatmemers will go to the wall.

Im def no vegan/vegetarian and I dont give a rats ass about animal liberation but meat consumption will have to be reduced quite a lot. This shit is just bad for you and its shit for the environment. And its def possible. The fact that India can sustain its massive population with such relativity little meat consumption is proof of that.

Oh, and what do yall think of Kropotkins communal kitchens that he describes in the Bread Book? Sounds pretty cool to me.


Soup, it's made by its nature for sharing. Sharing a giant chili pot with comrades is where it's at.


Sorry. Typo.

Nice! Any recipes you'd like to share? I was thinking we could make a proletarian cookbook.

Soup is state capitalist bullshit, fuck that insipid liquid.

Increasingly sophisticated, healthy plant-based diet prepared together in communal kitchens and enjoyed together.
Communism = comfy picnic meals with friends

I don't fucking see how this is relevant in the seizure of the means of production you absolute fucking mongs.

And not a link of evidence was given that day.

are you taking bait ironically or..?

Sadly not off the top of my head, but my girlfriend has a great recipe for chili (vegan too), I'll ask her in the morning.


A socialist superstructure needs to accompany a socialist base, dipshit.


Food IS ideological. How we eat plays a huge role in the culture and reproduction of ideology.

Please do.

How we make food, provided we have access to the nutritional resources, is trivial.

This is like saying music is trivial, or clothing is trivial.

Food is hardly a form of expression like music or clothing. I am not suggesting that we all eat soylent (obviously). I am merely pointing out that there is no basis by which the way you dress food is an ideological matter.

You think westerners will want socialism if it means they can't get their sugar-filled donuts? FFS of course how we eat determines revolutionary potential.

Potatoes. Butter.


If people want donuts they'll make fucking donuts. Whether or not your ad hoc revolutionary cookbook takes that into accoun is immaterial. Cusine springs up from a myriad of different variables that it's futile to create some kind of culinary bluprint to lay over the future.

Yeah, how do they do that if sugar can only be grown in certain climates?

Son I don’t wanna talk your ear off lol

As for prole kitchen, my hope is that future socialist society implements a shitload of community kitchens as mentioned in the bread book. IMO food is so critically important part of all human cultures. People of various stripes all break bread and come together of holiday meals, as an example.
We need these community kitchens to represent the dining halls of our past, with staff dedicated to providing the community with delicious food every day. I’d do this job in a heartbeat personally, as somebody who truly loves cooking for other people.
I also think society needs to shift focus back to community gardening. Especially in urban environments. Not only are gardens nice to look at but they provide people with an outlet, a chance to provide for themselves in an otherwise harsh environment. Growth of vegetables in the city could be used to create various foodstuff for local community gardens as well

Sort of relevant

Presumably it would be imported. If the global supply chain no longer functions then we'll have larger problems to figure out and sugar coated donuts will have to be put on the backburner. This is one of those variables I was talking about, though. We have no way of predicting future material conditions which ultimately dictate what kind of food we'll have access to which in turn dictates the form regionally specific cuisne takes.

Between sugarcane and sugar beets most arable climates can produce sugar.

I love how Jacobin's entire stance is "let's save modernity by modernity". It's like they believe you can fight fire with fire and win.

I'm allergic to legumes. :(

This thread is making me hungry.

the meat industry must to destroyed, and meat production will go way down in socialism

What about eggs and dairy?


whatever tastes good lmao.
no, but on an honest level, cuisine is an art form and there is no way to predict what it will look like under socialism.

this thread is ridiculous and you people have no idea what socialism is about.

I'd appreciate a pastebin, I'm trying to drive porky from my stomach and it sucks because after a decade of academia all I know how to make is spaghetti, peanut butter and tuna sandwiches and boiled eggs. I have the flabby body to prove it

Eat more stir fry. Use olive oil.

Does anyone have any good resources for cooking for yourself? I was really into cooking for a while when I was a teenager but as my workload increased I got lazy, tending slap stuff in the microwave/oven. It's enabled by the fact I still live with my family, if I was buying all my own stuff I likely wouldn't buy shit.


For me, lifestylism means when one only focusses on this "pure living" or whatever without any focus on workplace organising or attempts to change the structure of social relations

Pure living should be something every revolutionary takes up. If you're going to set the example for the masses you must hold yourself to an extremely high moral standard (i.e. living your principles as much as you can). Also, there is no dichotomy between lifestylism and direct action. You can clearly do both

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< The weapons with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself.
< But not only has the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself; it has also called into existence the men who are to wield those weapons — the modern working class — the proletarians.

Holy shit comrade what is this? I am a full-on minimalist, my friends all laugh at my lack of possessions, call me a monk etc., and I try to eat vegan and be generally a good person.

Nonetheless, you cannot possibly live up to the level of theoretical purity that is conceptually demandable of you. The argument always goes on like this:

< What about cash crop slavery?
< WHAT ABOUT cloth made in slave conditions? Do you spin your own cloth?

And then sooner or later you come to face the tragic truth: there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. YES, it is our duty to try, but at the end of the day it's impossible.

You're on a computer or smartphone? Go and read up about how they use child labour in the mining and processing of the metals in your laptop, comrade.

Does this mean that Stirner is empathetic and has a heart?

For america it's all corn syrup to subsidize the american corn industry, though

Corn is notoriously bad for the environment too.

It would be nice to develop a set of habits people can form to be more ethical when consuming under Capitalism. I know there's no true ethical consumption when you really break it down, but I'd love to know what kinds of choices are less shitty that I can practice in life. The cognitive dissonance of what I do right now bothers me every day.

The unfortunate fact is that it demands, immediately, a vegan diet, plus constant monitoring of the sources of your food, plus total abandonment of electronic entertainments and gadgets (that child slavery again), and that's before we even get to clothing.

In the time it takes you to do all that stuff - 27 hours a day of ethical consumption - you'd be working as hard as an exiled Lenin just to avoid unethical consumption.

(The solution to congitive dissonance, comrade, is to study Hegel and think of it as cognitive dialectics)

Do that, while simultaneously realising that the only solution to all of this is just to be happy that every day you've done your share towards the abolition of capitalism.

Be sure to incorporate leafy greens into your diet any way you can.

You can start by boycotting Israel. How about that?

Different types of bread
You want meat? You eat meatbread
Vegetables? Vegetablebread
Same goes for everything but egs, nobody gets to eat egs because they're liberal bourgeois decadence and shouldn't have 2 of the letter G in them

Yeah good one. That is one I try to achieve all the time. But – how do you know? I try to avoid all the well known Israeli things (Intel, SodaStream, Max Brenner chocolates) but how much research do you do?

That's the thing: there's no way to fully boycott Israel. Every time you buy a new computer you are essentially buying Israeli chips. BDS is a bait-and-switch in that they only target smaller Israeli companies or events which they know they can impact (protesting Israeli singer-songwriters, for instance). In order to REALLY boycott Israeli you'd have to be a luddite and try to live without most modern electronics.

But I just said this

Palestinians asked us to boycott Israel so you should respect that.

Nearly everyday for the last ten years I've had an egg white omelet, two strips of bacon, and coffee for breakfast. I would like to continue doing this under socialism.

the only thing i eat is cereal which i eat around 24/7, yet i am somehow still a skinny fuck

Am I talking to a certain pseud, whose name starts with A and ends with W?

I read this in a numale soyboy voice and immediately got angery

No, I hate Anal Water. Nonetheless, Hegel is good to study.

The proletarian cookbook should really be a big guide of what goes good with what, you can't assume that people have any given ingredient on hand

yes, but it specifically ISN'T third world slavery


What do the Zapatistas eat?

When communism is achieved there will be only 'tatters and pasties as far as the eye can see.


anarcho-primitive cooking channel

i'm prole as fuck and my diet consists of:

rice, beans, chicken, eggs, potatoes and tuna. it's cheap and I never get tired of it because there are so many different and healthy ways you can make those foods.

I don't eat cheese cause it's too expensive and bad for you. Same goes for red meat (I do miss beef though).

I didn't say eggs were vegan you brainlet. That's a typical african dish, 3rd world diet mostly consists of plant foods with any fish, meat, eggs, they can find because they're poor.

Don't do this.

You should keep eating beef then because chicken, fish, and eggs have high amounts of cholesterol, the only risk factor for CVD.

The torture makes the meat more tender

There are two kinds of cholesterol. Only one of them is bad for you. You need cholesterol in your diet, but it just so happens that beef has more of the bad stuff than the rest.
White meat and fish are in general pretty good for you. They're more energy efficient too, for those who care about sustainability. That said, lean beef isn't that bad.

Dietary cholesterol is only a minor contributor to CVD. The body makes the majority of its own, which is why drugs such as statins target the biosynthesis pathway.
On the contrary fish is incredibly high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are actually prescribed FOR hyper cholesterolemia. It helps by raising hdl and lower plasma triglyceride levels. Pls stop spreading misinformation and utter bullshit

The height of reaction, going hand-in-hand with primitivism.

Paleolithic diet is not reactionary
Reactionary movements and forces aim to maintain either the directly prior status quo. Paleolithic is not the directly prior status quo. At worst, paleolithism is calling for neopaleolithism and at best it's calling on people to do something that actually works (unlike shitstain crapitalism)

Fiber is undigestible, famalam. It might be good for your digestive system, but it doesn't give you any energy and it certainly doesn't build muscle.
You can get fit through literally any diet that gives you enough protein and energy to build up muscle, but doesn't make it completely healthy, and the palaeolithic diet is deficient in some areas. It's also a really meat-heavy diet, especially since it excludes legumes.
Finally, the paleolithic diet also implies that the human digestive system has barely changed at all over the course of a million years, which it most definitely has. The idea that shit like grains and legumes and dairy products are somehow unhealthy for us because our distant ancestors didn't eat them is completely fallacious and not backed up by any science. The problem isn't agriculture, the problem is a shitty lifestyle of too many sugary, fatty foods and too little exercise. Any gains seen from the paleolithic diet can be replicated by any other diet that ditches those things.

And when I thought tumblrinas reeing about cultural appropriation of food made me believe we've already reached bottom of the barrel, you OP managed to prove me wrong.

I know right?! My organic fair trade cooperative-made Palestinian olive oil is so much more moral than evil apartheid Israeli olive oil! I mean, who gives a shit that the Palestinian national bourgeoisie screws over their own people so often and buying their stuff is the moral equivalent of driving a Prius and I do more to contribute to their suffering by paying taxes? Not me!

Stop murdering animals. For a civilized human, it's fucking disgusting to eat sentient beings. If there are people still craving for meat post-revolution, then we can always just butcher all the vegan faggots I mean they aren't even human or anything close to it anyway

If I can't eat a bacon cheeseburger, it's not my revolution.

This is why the First World has zero revolutionary potential at this point.


My comrade!

oatmeal is literally communism

I take it the only "true" revolutionaries must be those starving kids in Yemen, amirite?

No. But a socialist revolution will take away your junk food, vidya, TV and fashion brands. It's called sanctions.

Food can be more than just nourishment. Food is art, and the artist should be able to create whatever he wants.

You sound like an AnPrimm.

It's just reality bro

I bet you're one of those Turd Worldists who believes owning a fridge makes you bourgeois or taking modern medicine over new age herbs means your mind is "colonized". Get lost.

You will be able to enjoy bacon cheeseburgers, but it'll have to be in the shape of a loaf of bread and you won't be allowed to put egs in it

lmao I never said anything of the sort I'm sorry to bust your bubble, but this is how the world works.

Fuck off.

You are a real liberal if you want a revolution but can't deal with the consequences. You will be on the side of the reaction.

If america ain't nuked its not my revolution!

Bread, meat and dairy work, and have worked for thousands of years, and still work to this day. I'm sorry you're lactose intolerant, diabetic, and get bad stomach cramps from eating meat.

Gluten fucks up your brain and causes autism, so in order for the working class to be alert enough to function we should drastically reduce wheat consumption.

Is the site fucked? Why are posts from Holla Forums redirecting to here?

I would argue food is one of the most important forms of expression. It is built around satisfying
one of the most important human acts, of eating. The way people eat together, the way food is prepared, all contribute to behavior and therefore superstructure and therefore base. Flavors and spices maybe less so, but portions for sure play a part, I notice that in a group that cooked food with high yield, like soup and bread, cookies, pizza, food becomes common property. I would guess vice versa is true too, recipes that yield little, meals that are exclusively for one person, probably effect how that person then behaves towards others in cases greater than food.
Food is perhaps more influential than music or clothing even, nobody would refuse a bite to eat as the ideology of food is too subtle to see with the naked eye.

actually read bookchin you fucking retard this isn't lifestylism. Nobody here thinks eating a certain way is a fucking revolutionary act.

You mean – there are people on this board who claim to have read Bookchin but actually haven't? Imagine my shock!

Reading Bookchin can be tantamount to self-harm.

The guy is a retard.

The Ghanaian bodybuilder is right. This stuff is delicious. Brown rice, avocado, three hard boiled eggs, and some red harissa.

stop making me hungry

obviously the local stuff grown on communal farms or wild and free. why can't we have nice things?

No one on Holla Forums will post their recipes, because no one on this board can actually cook.

Except I'm clearly a vegan. I'm just pointing out how a vegan diet is more "natural" than what ever that person I was replying to thinks we should eat.

And you're point is? It being undigestible is one of the reason why it has healthy qualities.

I never said it did. I will claim it does all of this:

That's a literal meme, when you're consuming 70-150g of fiber a day the majority of your food is coming from plants.

You do know I'm not arguing for a Paleolithic diet? I was making a point about how the 3rd world eats mostly plants because it's the most affordable food. If you want I give you studies showing plants having the best cost per nutrition, or a NASA study showing how they picked the sweet potato for space missions because of it's nutritional/cost qualities.

Or because your not being specific enough. I have like about 25 different recipes I can recite off the top of my head. What kind of shit are you looking for?
Here a dope salmon recipe I know:
Get a pan really hot. Once it’s really hot, toss a whole pepper on that bad boy (no cutting). You want to char the outside, though realistically you’ll only char small bits of it. Keep rotating the pepper every minute or so, but don’t let the pepper get wilted.
Once that’s done put the pepper aside. Turn the heat down to medium, dice some shallots and garlic if u like it, toss that shit on the pan along with just a touch of oil. Toast that shit up, you want it a browned. Once your done remove from heat, spice up you pepper. Take a piece of nice Sockeye salmon, wash it quick, and give it a coat of salt and pepper. Then coat with shallots/garlic. Sprinkle on some capers, they’re pungent so be conservative, but absolutely worth it. Lastly, sprinkle your pepper slices over the fish.
At this time you should have had the precognition to get your oven preheated. I’m keen to 375 degrees F (fuck yo metric). Sockeye has a tendency to dry. Depending on the amount of fish you should really only cook it for 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll see why fat oozing out from it.
Once it’s done, let it sit for a minute then chow down. Simple but phenomenal recipe imo. Theme is toast, you get char from pepper, plus toastyness of black pepper, plus toasted shallot, melds nicely with the richness of the fish. Enjoy

I don't need to my bf cooks for me

And no, the reason why you would want to stop eating read meats over lighter meats is because of it's cancer risk. All meats and eggs have relativity high cholesterol, which, again, is the only risk factor for CVD. A whole foods-plant based diet is the only diet known to reserve CVD, the world's #1 killer.

No, having high blood cholesterol is the only risk factor for CVD, it varies genetically from person to person. Eating fish can reduce CVD only because it contains omega-3s, which you can obtain on a plant-based whilst nearly eliminating the risk for CVD.

Thanks comrade.


Lad…would you rather me give you a laundry list of sources you won't bother to read?

Dog that’s not what I said. Your response is irrelevant. I’ve published scientific articles on this shit.
Plasma cholesterol levels are of course the primary biomarker for cvd risk. But you are ignoring the word plasma here. Plasma refers to blood and implies how much cholesterol is in your blood at any given time.
And I guess my link from about the fda ruling wasn’t good enough for you, but thanks a bunch for the link to some amateurs blog website. None the less what I said is that the current FDA ruling is that DIETARY cholesterol is not a significant contributor to PLASMA cholesterol levels. An estimate tossed around is 25%, which means the other 75% is produced by the body. Hence why statins are a thing, as we make our cholesterol from saturated fat. And likewise why saturated fat is so demonized. And yes meat is high in those thing but it’s highest in beef, the thing you suggested in your post.
So in other words your full of shit and lack a fundamental understand of the liver enzymes and biochemistry of these nutritional pathways. Kindly fuck off


What are you talking about my dude I never said "no bread no meat no dairy"

I don't have a whole lot of money usually so I eat lots of vegetarian stuff. Fuck calling vegetarianism bourgeoisie, eggs, beans, lentils and such are a lot cheaper than meat. Veganism might be a little bourg as it concerns itself with the purity of personal morality down to minimal details. Oatmeal in the morning.

It's ironic because Holla Forums loves their cow's milk:

End this meme, not even fucking PETA is a purity advocate:

Stirner wasn't a vegan.

No shit?

Why's it being put up next to muh plants then?

Yet many vegans do exactly that; avoid vitamins if they include any animal product, check all the lists of additives etc.

But yea many are more strategically-minded, too. I guess that isn't bourh, the purity stuff is.

That sweet potato soup looks delicious.

Because it's relevant? You have the mindset of a literal child. No vegan can quote Stiner because Stiner ate meat and drank milk in the 19TH CENTURY?

You're not generalizing or anything.


I'm not generalizing; but it is quite obvious that veganism is currently a trend among petty bourgs. Thus, a lot of vegan stuff is. Most vegans probably are. Veganism is a status symbol among the hip.

Okay, I don't know if it is global, but around here, during the past few years, they've introduced a shit ton of really expensive vegan products. Vegan restaurants are popping up everywhere. It is really easy to find vegans pondering whether it is okay to buy this margarine because it includes an animal-based vitamin That shit is really bourgeoisie.

Can we still eat fish and chips or has that been tainted by the eternal anglo

Also, just an anecdote, more for fun than anything, but anyway:
I ate at a Subway sandwich place. I bought a veggie sandwich. They actually asked me whether they need to switch their gloves and use a different knife for my sandwich, since they were preparing a meat sandwich at the same time.

Shit like this being normal is hilarious.

Ok, good job admitting you're fallacious

He cites peer reviewed papers.

Because they're eating a diet that contains more plant-foods than your standard american diet?
Can you explain why the Okinawan diet consisting of 96% plant-foods are the oldest living populations, only beaten by vegans in the Adventist Vegetarian group?

Except eggs do increase CVD risk because they raise serum cholesterol:
lastest meta-analysis:

I don't have time to look into your meta-analysis but I'm pretty certain they didn't control for different diets. This is important because if you're eating a standard diet, which is already a high-cholesterol diet, eating eggs everyday wouldn't raise it anymore than it already is. This part in this video explains it better:

Except you literal are, you're say 'many vegans' do x.

The vast majority of bourgs aren't vegan

Yes, eating hundreds/thousands of dollars of grass-fed/kobe beef isn't?

This is true, but this is only the case in major cities. If you're vegan literally anywhere else you're going to a regular ass grocery store and making your food from scratch. And again, I'm sure most bourgs aren't vegans,

Well yea, I think veganism, as a movement and as of now, is very petty bourg.

I'm not really angry about it though, although I would be critical of it for that reason. It often lacks the political or collective aspect, being more about the personal aspect of "being ethical". Of course, there are still lots of vegans who try to advocate for sensible things. I do also know working class people who try to maintain a vegan diet. The petty bourg purity assholes just hurt the whole movement and the better vegans should look at them in disgust.

I don't think this is the case, most vegans are just millennials.

It's mostly non-political because most people aren't class-conscious. Vegans are just putting two and two together; They don't want to be unhealthy, they dislike this ecological disaster, and they understand the reality of factory farming. It's not like feeding 7B+ people healthy and sustainable diets wouldn't be a problem in a socialist society, so I don't get the point of making this political. And I don't see how it's fair to call veganism bourgeois when the animal industries are inherently evil because it requires more labor to produce say, meat and a fur coat, than say broccoli…But the bourge omnivores get the pass because it's normal. All-in-all it's just very redundant to criticize veganism considering the diet is objectively preferable for society. Eating is a emotional and cultural thing for a lot of people so I can understand the the spite towards vegans, but it's on the same level as reactionaries hating everything because the world is naturally progressive.

Well, again, this only applies to my own country, but one of the reasons I'm critical of un-politicized vegan stuff
1. Veganism has become a big trend here
2. Vegan products are becoming more common, and buying them appears as the primary form of "activism" for the average vegan.
3. ..Yet meat production has only increased during this trendy period. Partly for export, I believe.

…So, the effect of the vegan trend? More things for the bourgeoisie to profit off of by inventing new "meat replacements" for the hip people to buy, no decrease in animal suffering or environmental nastiness. At least for now.

Obviously, the development of new meat substitutes is still kinda good & may be useful later on.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. You're issue here is capitalism and not actually veganism right? I mean, it seems like you have problem with meat replacement products, but you have no qualms with meat products? So do you only hate porky when he's vegan?

Not him, but both. It's like asking do you oppose capitalism or do you oppose giving charity to the poor (since charity is almost always reflective of power relations)?

I was obliviously asking rhetorical questions, I'm just not seeing his argument against veganism. I guess it's 'veganism isn't productive activism'? But why would that matter when people will die/suffer less by eating plant-based in addition to being more sustainable and ethical for workers and animals; this would also be the case in a socialist society.

i think eating meat in current year is entirely unjustifiable and very unhealthy and that when the revolution is over and we gulag the anarkiddies then we ban meat and meat products and force people to be vegan because meat is murder (with mandatory iron supplements of course)

the point isn't "stop eating vegan", it is "politicize food further"
'cause consumer veganism does appear to be really ineffective

I don't know how people becoming vegan is politicizing food? Is it politic for you because you it's something you don't like?

This, meatcucks get the bullet too

Enjoy your heart disease meatcuck

But I want my muscles and test boosters

I don't think yall wanna end up looking like girls


Good luck with that.

Uranium salad or GTFO


It's never to late to change fam, just eat right and exercise. If you're thinking about taking a plant-based diet seriously search, it has tons of priceless information like this: so you don't go deficient and sites like and are useful to look up foods with certain nutrients. Don't go in cold turkey, slow transition is nice. And the diet based around heavy cooking so you might want to lookup vegan meal preps you only have to cook once for up to 5 days worth of food; 4-5 because food generally starts to taste less good overtime and you might want to cook something fresh, go out to eat, have a cheat day, etc. Another important tip to get some dark leafy greens in is to blend it with some fruit and/or vegetables. Kale is amazing and flax seeds (for omega-3s) to use. And when you're drinking it, chew on some high fat foods like nuts and seeds to maximize the absorption of antioxidants. Eating a salad without fats for example is like you never ate the salad to begin with because antioxidants are fat soluble.

Not proletarian per se, but this is what I'm making for shabbat:

Green spaghetti (made from zucchini/broccoli) with a spinach-artichoke-feta cream sauce.

Boil the spaghetti for seven minutes. For the sauce, get a frying pan and dose it in olive oil. Put the pickled artichokes on the pan. As soon as they start cooking, add in feta cheese, crème fraiche, some chopped up red onion, minced garlic, and finally some chopped spinach. Cook for five minutes. Serve on top of noodles.

If I lived in a commune I'd make a gigantic meal to feed everyone but since I don't I usually don't make that much. Most of what I eat every other day of the week is just couscous with veggies.

/chili/guy here. The ingredients for the recipe I promised is pic related, T. is Tablespoons, t. is teaspoons.

Here is the recipe itself:

1.) prepare all the ingredients! Dice the onion, strain and wash the beans, prepare all the spices in a lil bowl
But the tomatoes are tricky!
Cut a slit down the side and drain all the juice and seeds back into the big can
Then, dice them up reeeeally small
2.) put a tablespoon or two of cooking olive oil into the pot and heat it up
Add the onion!
Cool it down until it gets nice and translucent and squooshy
The heat should be on medium low
3.) turn the heat down to low, and add the tomato paste or sauce!
Mix it in quick with the onions to coat
If you need to, add some water to make sure it doesn't stick or burn
4.) add the diced tomatoes!
Put the tomato goop into the pot with the onion and paste/sauce
5.) add the beans! Dump 'em in!
6.) add in the spices and the honey and the hot sauce (but not the bay leaves!)
Mix it up a tiiiiny bit
7.) add water a little bit more than covering the ingredients
Mix everything together a little bit more
8.) now you add the bay leaves on top and turn the heat up to medium-high!
9.) let the chili cook until it boils and then turn it down to low-medium
Cook for around 30 minutes and then do a taste test
Salt to taste!
And add more spices as needed
10.) the chili should be done one the soupiness has gone away quite a bit
It should have the consistency of more of a stew-ish liquid than a soup
And then it's done!

Oh, I forgot, you should add some of the plum tomato juice into the water mixture for more flavor.
polite sage for doubleposting



Chreime (Tunisian fish stew) with avocados and hard boiled eggs.

I used herring instead of sea bass.


Damn that sounds delicious

uh why didn't you peel the shell?

homemade rice-a-roni for all my comrades

nothing, if you have food you are a kulak


Kitchari is a perfect Indian dish that can be made many different ways and has a perfect protein, you can eat it for every meal!! Just deciding to eat it gives you discipline (ill control what I eat so I dont have that to worry about), it's so cheap to make it might as well be free.

It is just rice and peas (chickpea, split yellow pea, lentils), cooked until very soft, cooked with some tumeric powder

with whatever vegetables you like to add: Broccoli, carrots, zucchini, green pea

spicy peps, chopped ginger

and topped with cilantro :DD

You scoop them out.

I'll make this tomorrow night. I have a bag of lentils in my cupboard.

We ought to abolish restaurants and replace them with Communal Kithcens, no there won't be "socialist restaurants" that's just as dumb as thinking the automobiles will still be the main mode of transportation in a post-capitalist society. The consumption of animal products will also be totally gone as it is unhealthy

Enjoy your Heterocyclic amines & polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

If your a poor prole why eat meat if you don't have to? Plant foods are on average cheaper, replace the chicken, steak & pork chop with some beans

Drop the eggs and you have a whole food plant-based meal, Or do you enjoy eating cholesterol?

Eggs aren't vegan though so he's not pure enough for this thread.



Paleolithic means no bread, no dairy, and minuscule amounts of meat. No one can really live a paleolithic diet unless they go and spend their whole day scavenging in the woods, which is reactionary as fuck. I suppose they could take the second step though: sedentary pescetarianism. That'd lead to Japanese-tier mercury poisoning though.

Pan-Mediterranean shakshuka.

- Heat frying pan to medium heat
- Put on some olive oil, mix in black pepper, paprika, and cumin
- Cut up some red onion, zucchini, eggplant, red pepper, and spinach (original recipe has tomatoes)
- fry vegetables for 3-5 minutes
- crack three eggs into the plan
- Pour on some feta and cut up mozzarella cheese
- Cover, let it cook for 5 minutes


Did I win?

Looks like junk, tastes like Gan Eden.

Proletarian food? You mean cheap food?

Here's some stuff. You can add and subtract stuff based on what you have on hand.

Pea soup - soak a pound of split peas, drain water, add peas back to pot, add typical soup shit (onion, garlic, salt, bay leaf, carrots), fill until ingredients are covered by water, bring to a boil, skimming the scum off if it's going to boil over, bring heat down to low, cover and let simmer for two hours.

Bean soup - soak beans, drain water, add soup shit (onion, garlic, salt, bay leaf, carrot, etc) potatoes, mushrooms and red pepper flakes are also good in this one, and some cheap sausage, bring to boil and cover, and simmer for two hours. Add hot sauce to taste. Note - if these are red beans, boil for 10 minutes beforehand.

Beans and rice - prepare beans (soak, drain, boil, simmer, drain), prepare rice, (rinse, boil, simmer, drain) in a large skillet, sauté/fry some onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, celery and red pepper flakes combine all three into whatever pan will hold all of it, add some parsley, salt and hot sauce to taste.

Fried cabbage/greens - cook up some bacon or whatever your regional equivalent of relatively cheap fatty pork is until you have a good amount of grease in the pan. Brown off some ham hocks if you have them. Sauté onions and garlic on low heat until onions are clear, add chicken broth/water, the meat you just cooked and then the cut up cabbage/greens, cover and simmer for an hour or two, whenever the cabbage/greens are done.

Baked potatoes - preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit/220 degrees celcius, wash potatoes, cover potatoes with a layer of oil using a brush/paper towel/whatever you have, cover a metal sheet in tin foil, put potatoes on the metal sheet, stick them in the oven for an hour and fifteen minutes, take them out, cut them open, add dressings (sour cream and seasoned salt/garlic salt is cheap and tastes good)


additives make food better you fag. They allow you to make foods that would be impossible to make otherwise, or make the very good better.

What exactly is the paranoia around additives?


Moin moin. I want to present you labskaus, a Northern German specialty. The nautic proletariat of seamen ate this dish at the end of a boat trip. The ship's cook put the leftovers together which was mainly corned beef, fish and potatoes and added beetroot juice to this mix. Nowadays you eat it with fried eggs, pickled cucumbers and pickled beetroots as a side dish.

Recipe for 4 portions:
2 cans corned beef
1 kg potatoes
4 big onions
salt, pepper
a pinch of nutmeg
5 tbs. fluid of pickled cucumbers
4 tbs. fluids of pickled beetroots
1 dice of beef broth
some oil for frying

Cook the peeled potatoes in salted water with the bouillon cube as usual.
In the meantime, peel off the onions, finely chop and fry in a glassy sauce. Then add the cucumber water, the beetroot liquid and the split corned beef and let it boil on a low heat. Do not fry hot!

Drain the potatoes and pick up some cooking water. Then stomp the potatoes and mix with the meat mass. Season with salt, pepper, nutmeg. If the mass is too firm, add some potato water.

All of you fucking faggots who speak of dying for the revolution, of brutal repression of our enemies, of doing absolutely anything and everything to have the proletarians seize power are crying about animals. There are more important things to worry about than lifestylism and petty-bourgeois moralism.

Stupid life stylist bullshit. Fuck off


Saying you only give a shit about humans is the same as saying you only give a shit about your race or your gender or whatever other spooky bullshit you imagine. Either care about all life or care only about yourself, anything else is pure hypocrisy.

a lot of frozen things are great to buy, most particularly frozen vegetables and fruits. the former hold longer than fresh vegetables but are almost the same quality and even hold nutrition better. latter for smoothies.

FANTASTIC reading comprehension dipshit. Fact of the matter is, you are merely encouraging a more ethical form of capitalist consumption. It's LIFESTYLISM and frankly it is not conducive to our struggle. NOT ONLY do you not know what humanism means, but you imply that I suscribe to it. As if we as communists should care about anything but the victory of our class as that will be the springboard from which genuine progressive change will occur.

Socialist food would probably be sustainable food. So very low meat and dairy consumption. A high amount of grain and veggies. Also, food that is shared with loved ones and the community always tastes the best. I live alone now but I do miss the days of eating with family. Theres something very instinctual I think that makes communal eating so enjoyable.

No thanks, I only care about myself. I only want communism because it's in my self interest. It offers me more as an individual than capitalism will. Others only giving a shit about humans also offers me less than others caring about all life. Genetic diversity of life is in my self interest as it offers more of a toolbox of genes for me to select from to improve my life in unforseen ways compared to monocultures of genes we already have available in abundance like the meat industry promotes.

Probably not much meat, since its inefficient to produce. The large area needed, the fact that you feed an animal with X amount of calories to get less than X amount of calories back from the meat, the dangers of disease, the ethics of enslaving and butchering a species, etc.
Rice, potatoes, grains would be staples, grown in an organized way. Depending on how urbanized your country is, everyone would have a garden for vegetables.

Anyways, talking of foods, this is a good DW documentary (I know) about the EU milk production and modern day imperialism.
This is something that a socialist state would struggle to avoid. Do you reduce your production, resulting in unemployment? Or do start protectionism and artificial buyouts and price hikes, resulting in loss of money? Or do you dump it on third world markets, resulting in you crashing them?
Solid video, interesting watch.

bread, rice, porridge, salad, vegetables, tofu, eggs, meat, soups, stews… fish… these make the proletariat strong and heathy!

Eggplant salad with tabbouleh:

- Get one full eggplant, skin it, chop it up into small pieces, and fry on medium heat in olive oil with black pepper, paprika, and cumin for seven minutes.
- Put fried eggplant in blender along with one clove of garlic and some more olive oil, pinch of salt.
- Blend until smooth
- For the tabbouleh, heat one cup water until boiling, dump boiling water into bulgar wheat, let it chill for 30 minutes, and then add
Lemon juice and olive oil.
- Cut up some scallions, parsley, and cilantro. Add to bowl of bulgar wheat.
- Serve tabbouleh over eggplant.

This is entirely vegan so I don't want to see veggiepolers complaining.

Happy Chanukkah!

Eggplant latkes:
This, except I added black pepper, paprika, and cumin to the batter.

Sauce is a cilantro sauce.

Do you have any recipes that are oil & animal product free?