Soviet Panslavism

Could radical, council communism be a tool to reconcile and unite all Slavic nations on the principles of free council union?
Does ethnolinguistic foundation of unification is necessary reactionary, or can it be progressive?

I think for many years about revival of idea of Soviet panslavism. I know it's form of nationalism but based on cooperation instead of enmity and fighting between nations. It can be alternative version of hegelian unification between hegelian Left and Right without failing to National Bolshevik big-russian imperialism or totalitarianism (and, in fact, fascism). It could be also aternative form of international federalism than developed by European Union, without failing to pointless and destructive Balkanization trend visible in modern Europe.
Of course it's theretical concept, probably impossible in application. But, if it could be posible, is it desirabe?

I know Engels was against this, but his predictions were false. He wrote in "Democratic Pan-Slavism" that
which is obviously untrue now, as we see many independent Slavic nations. Moreover, many smaller nations still desire to have their own recognition and autonomy: Kashubians, Silesians, Sorbs, Ruthenians and so on.
Couldn't this be a foundation to future alternative form of unification and creating powerful communist Slavic union?

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Could radical, council communism be a tool to reconcile and unite all White nations on the principles of free council union?

Why not?

Yes. America and Canada are not white tho.
Also how would you define white?
Just make everything from portugal to ukraine (europe). If you put race in this you'll just make things more complicated

It's possible and is Holla Forumss goal but I still think it's unlikely. Every people is unique and this is worth preserving.
On a more practical, less ideological level forcing different groups of people together tends to end in violence. And it's unlikely that groups like Poles, Serbs, Germans, and Anglos will all vote to voluntarily become a communist superstate.

Seems pretty White to me. Especially Canada.
How would I define White? I'll allow our enemies to define it for us. Go ask the leftist professors which groups are racist Nazis for demanding self determination and come back to me.
But if pressed, I'd say that White is everyone native to Europe.
As for the idea that we can make a socialist White superstate….ehhhhh maybe. Holla Forums certainly wants to do that but I think it is unlikely. Real people tend to like self rule more than superstates.

nationalism isn't bad because it promotes enmity between nations but because it mystifies class relations. A nation state basically tries to subsume every class under the bourgeois mantra that everybody who's considered to be part of the nation is equal even though every worker knows that this isn't true.

this might be a dumb question, but the picture in the OP reminded me that there is a gulf between the slavs of Yugoslavia, and the slavs of Russia, with Hungary and Romania in between

why aren't Hungarians and Romanians slavic? why doesn't the slavic range connect?

Read bordiga

Cause ethnicity is a spook

Panslavism yes, katsaps no.

well obviously, but WHY do people think that Hungarians and Romanians are slavic

Hungarians came from the steppe tribes that invaded Europe in 1200CE, they're basically the descendants of reject Mongols who managed to survive in Europe.
The Romanians are a bit more complicated, they are the descendants of Dacians who ruled that area since Antiquity. They were isolated then raped by the Ottomans then by the Slavs then isolated again, then got invaded by poo in the loos then got fucked by the Ottomans again only to get Independent. Austro-Hungarians tried to ethnically cleanse them and controlled all their territory. Then shortly after Independence they got pwned by the Germans then got ruled by the Soviets. No

*Now their independent again

Romania is latin influenced and hungary speaks a finno-ugric language
That's basically it

Please do more constructive things with your time. The USSR ruined the concept of Panslavism forever.

Why would they be Slavic?

Romanians are Latins (Romanian is a Latin language and they are quite proud of them being "an isle of laity in a slavic sea" ) and the Hungarians are motherfucking TURKS TURAN TURAN FSOLIDAIRTY FROM KORANIC TURKIC PEOPLES GREY WOLVES FOREVER.

Also Pan-slavism is a fake meme, Ukrainians barely understand RUssian let alone Czech,

Jobbik pls go and stay go

Slavs tried and failed. They have no revolutionary potential.

I mean ethno-linguistically it is true, Hungarians are a part of the turkic group.

It's not, Hungarian is an Uralic language. It has loan words from both Turkish and Slavic languages but that doesn't mean that it is part of their group.

Irish and Quebecois confirmed for nonwhites.

Wait shit my bad; got my turanist memes mixed up. But yeah Hungarians aren't slavs, they migrated from like the Volga-Don region originally apparently.

because they don't know literally nothing about linguistic differences and culture of Eastern Europe?


Not true at all. Irish being oppressed is considered a White supremacist argument.

ah yes, it is well known that leftists hate the IRA

fuck off lmfao

Romanians are genetically closer to slavs, but linguistically closer to the latin languages

No they're not, they're Greco-Roman colonisers with some Dacian (the original people of that region) heritage, I would go as far as to say that Bulgarians their southern Slavophone neighbour are of a similar background too but with even greater Greek heritage ie Bulgarians are Slavicised Greeks.


Bulgarians don't think that, and most Romanians I've met think they're Dacians.

I'm trying to avoid that "we wuz…" tone, it's not like having Roman heritage did much for either of their political prowess in the region, same goes for Greece.

Rome genocided the Dacians, Roman soldiers were paid extra per Dacian head they brought back to Rome. Nothing of the Dacian peoples survived and modern Romanians are descendants of Roman(italic) colonists.

Surprise surprise who'd have guessed that the factually inaccurate post would have contained an /int/ meme.

And the same happened to the vast majority of Roman colonists/natives in the Balkans when the Huns and the later Slav migrations came. This is the reason we don't have Balkan-Latin languages outside Romanian (and Aromanian)

When are the X-race advocates going to figure out that the WE WUZ meme applies to basically everyone and that using it makes them look as bad as the race they're trying to shit on?

He's taking the mick mate. Because when people talk about white priverledge in yank land they think that every white person has always had power, by bringing up Irish history which is literally just cow stealing while independant and then being treated like shit by the English for the next 800 years, they have to either admit that not all whites have power or that you're a white supremacist nazi. That or he's just a dumb cunt.

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