DSA Social Democracy Clowns

Why are succdems such an embarrassment?
It's been about a year since Democratic Cops of America grew and they are all still Social Democrats.
Anyone with half a brain knows that Hitler is not a socialist. Quoting Hitler to defend "socialism" is one of the most liberal things you can do.
Also, he is a walking succdem stereotype.

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It seems like you look for random irrelevant retards because you can't stand the idea that the Democratic Cops of America who aren't mega Orthodox Stalin worshippers are making real progress

My first instinct is to help a budding socialist movement, but it seems you'd rather see them fail.

By this logic, we should also be supporting succdems running for public office under the Democratic Party.
Just because liberals like to wear red, it doesn't make them actual socialists.

ah yes, this is how we'll bring communism, using our instincts.
I wish I heard this before reading useless things like Marx.
sage because this is just going to be a shitflinging thread.

Uh? I'm pretty sure he's quoting Hitler to make it clear that so-called national-"socialism" isn't actual socialism as promoted by Marxists.

This is exactly what he's doing and it's a stupid thing to do because no one believes Hitler was a socialist. This meme is being pushed by the alt-right and Democratic Cops of America is wasting their time fighting against an irrelevant online enemy.
These clowns never talk about Marx, they just focus on identity politics like BLM, Esperanto, and ICE deportation.
No talk about class or overthrowing capitalism in any serious way.


Pretty useless tbh.
Not only do most Americans already have a common language, English.
Most people in NYC, the heart of the empire, either already speak English or are desperately trying to learn it.
It's an outdated 20th century idea that only works on paper. Associating Esperanto with the Left makes zero sense.

I wish you were right but, at the very least in the US, assuming Nazism was left-wing because the national-"socialist" government did stuff is actually fairly common. That sort of arguments is often encountered on the Internet and I can see why a self-proclaimed socialist would want to dispel the myth.

I think I've heard this somewhere before

Not even a Democratic Cops of America supporter by any stretch but that's blatantly false. You just think whining about muh idpol is a substitute for actual theory like every last Holla Forumsbabbies.

I wish i were as optimistic as you

Only a small minority of right-wing Americans believe that Hitler was a socialist.
It's just an alt-right meme, guy.

"However, in 1937, Stalin reversed this policy. He denounced Esperanto as "the language of spies" and had Esperantists exiled or executed. The use of Esperanto was effectively banned until 1956."

I think it's clear that anyone who reads Marx, Stalin, and Lenin will understand that Esperanto is an anti-communist, bourgeois zionist experiment. It has no place in Marxist society. We all need to promote our local languages instead.

DSA is just a LARPing club for liberals who want to be edgy. Most of their members have never even read Marx.
This organizations wastes so much energy and potential on running literal Democrats at the local level. They have no idea what they're doing and are wasting a good opportunity for the left, unfortunately.

This but unironically.

So why did Stalin ban it?

Lenin was misguided in his initially support of Esperanto. At the time, many leftists were attracted to the idea because of Zionist propaganda. Lenin and Stalin had a short flirtation with the language, while people like Tito were fluent speakers.
After the October Revolution, Esperantists had clear state support, but when Stalin began to purge enemies of the state, it was clear on which side the Esperantists stood. They opposed Socialism in One State and had to be eliminated in order to protect the revolution gains from western sabotage.

go home Holla Forums you are drunk

Neither have most people on Holla Forums.

Anyway, I agree the Democratic Cops of America are essentially impotent socdems — all I'm saying is that claiming they're somehow obsessed by idpol over economics and class isn't true and intellectually lazy.

I don't understand where you are going with your defense of Democratic Cops of America. They are clearly a liberal organization obsessed with idpol and the Democratic Party.
There is nothing Marxist about them.


I didn't claim they were Marxists.

t. american

I'm actually Hungarian

Then what are they?


In other words, idpol liberals.

You can be a SocDem and not be obsessed with idpol. You might find hard to believe, but "idpol" doesn't mean "anything I don't like".

Except that Democratic Cops of America is obsessed with progressive stack, pushing blacks, latinos, and women into internal power. Going as far as creating quotas. They are obsessed with feminism, immigrants, and BLM.
They are just an organized progressive branch of the Democratic Party.

My father told me that "Hitler was a Socialist". He's a "Never Trump" Republican. I don't think you understand how prevalent this belief is.

how many times must it be drilled into your stupid head that zamehoff opposed zionism.
yes zamenhoff was a doctor which would be considered petty bourgeoise, but the fact that the inventor of this language is from a certain class, is meaningless, some inventions and ideas of the bourgeois are useful others aren't, are you going to stop using light bulbs because the first lightbulb that was easy to mass produced was made by an ultra porky? (Edison)
esperanto was never meant to replace local languages it was meant to a second language that everybody learns instead of a regional lingua franca (sort of how in some parts of Africa, French is the language that people with different tribal languages learn)

Talk about being a brainwashed cultist.
Esperanto supported a state of the Jews, his people and thought Esperanto was the correct language for this goal.
Esperanto is bourgeois and cosmopolitan because of its goals and the anti-Marxists it attracts. Bourgeois cosmopolitanism is based on the liberal ideals of community and oneness, instead of a real material analysis of any situation.
Esperantists claim they don't want to replace any other language, but so do English teachers. Esperanto is inherently a European colonialist language, whose end result will be one capitalist world speaking a European language.

East europeans are too pure for anarkiddo tier anti patriotism.

Talk about being a brainwashed cultist.
Esperanto supported a state of the Jews, his people and thought Esperanto was the correct language for this goal.

of any situation.

Can confirm, having attended one of their meetings. This is pure performative politics, it only appeals to liberals and it will get them slaughtered at the polls in mainstream america. Ordinary workers don't have time for that cult-y crap. Trump won in large part because people were sick of political correctness, so yeah let's just double down on it, that'll work. My prediction is that Democratic Cops of America will fall apart right before election time and then all of them will end up voting Democrat.

Like really. Outside of upper middle class college graduates, who wants to follow feminist "leaders" or learn Esperanto?
DSA is a collection of the worst stereotypes reactionaries have about the left.

What a stupid post. Has this tool ever realized that plenty of Bolsheviks, including at the top, and early Communists were enthusiastic about the potential for Esperanto?


And they were rightfully killed off during the purges. Esperanto has no real use than to divide people. It makes people feel bad for speaking the language they were born into.
This fake consciousness regarding linguistic understanding is just an excuse for people to become more easily brainwashed by Western capitalism.
Look at English, the modern Esperanto. Everyone speaks it, everyone watches the same brain-numbing propaganda. Esperanto would be no different.

what the fuck are you talking about? "hitler was a socialist" is a frequent right wing canard, quoting hitler himself on the issue is a fine way to counter that.

no idea how the rest of this post relates to this guy

faggot thinks its just to kill people for speaking a goddamn language, if theres a word for this its "mindcucked" imagine wanting to live in society where you can be excused for knowing shit.
I see this a lot, the argument of divisiveness
argument is too kind for this talking point just a vague "esperanto will divide us" no explanation how though. of course having no language in common to speak to each other is not divisisive my neighbor speaks polish and I speak Russian, he doesn't Russian I speak polish poorly, their is no divide between us! perfect unity!
this when included with above comment makes it seem like this man thinks that peoples feelings are more Important than their lives. "it makes people feel bad for the language they where born into". but speaking the language of another culture that has dominated yours, that wouldn't make anyone feel bad! no! (now they likely don't mind, saying this a beaner speaking English, but please tell how having this conversation in esperanto would make me feel bad about being a Spanish speaker in a way that having in English doesn't
it is our true that speaking esperanto would not cause a revolution. I do not claim this, anyone who does is stupid. "easily brainwashed by Western capitalism" as if its so difficult for propagandist to make propaganda in different languages, its stupid to argue against a unifiying international language, because it would help propagandists to spread lies, would you also argue against radio telelvison and cinema (not to mention the fucking internet) existing because of this? would you uninvent language its self so no one could lie?

What exactly do you think the A in Democratic Cops of America stands for?

Tell me, what "progress" has the Democratic Cops of America actually made over the past 3 1/2 decades?

elected a lot of "socialists" to state and local positions, restored the idea of socialism as an organized force to the popular consciousness of the united states, triggered fox news, funneled people into even more revolutionary orgs, helped boost antifa/direct action and extend the vision of progressive politics beyond mere electoralism

All the while cementing tumblr feminism, Esperanto, and identity politics as something leftists care about.
Identity politics destroyed the left in the late 1960s and it seems like Democratic Cops of America as an organization has not learned anything.
Also, Democratic Cops of America are not actually socialists. They are social democrats who have mostly ever gotten Democrats elected.

I don't get why people can't be nuanced on this topic. You can recognize that the Democratic Cops of America is a mess and still want them to be successful. I don't understand why people get pleasure from watching them fail. Politics isn't a fucking game, it's not good to have people who are ostensibly on your side consistently fucking up.

This argument is barely more coherent than lesser-evilism.

Holy shit, I never thought I'd live to see the day Esperanto got attacked as an idpol movement

Esperanto ne estas krimo, kamaradoj!

How so? You think the D⁠SA having problems is a good thing? You'd like to see the more radical parts of the Democratic Cops of America get kicked out and fail? Or do you just think that mocking/laughing at them is good? (as if laughing at them isn't the same kind of socialite lifestyleism that you claim to repudiate)

Esperanto is made up of delusional freaks who literately think they're a made up stateless people.

They are no better than feminists or zionists.

Nice idpol there, user.

I'd rather spend my time and energy on actually socialist organizations. I don't want my dues and resources to go into getting more Democrats elected.

What you spend your time doing is irrelevant to the point I'm making.

I have never seen any Democratic Cops of America member besides this nerd say anything about Esperanto. I don't think that autism has caught on with much of the modern "left."

I've seen several furries, Espreantists, tumblr feminists, and LARPing Leninists in Democratic Cops of America.
The autism is real.

You argue like a braindead Holla Forumstard, both with the same nonexistent sources, hot opinions, and retarded nationalism. I'd tell you to kill yourself but that's a rude thing to say, so instead go fuck yourself and stop posting until you cease being retarded.

A Stalinist being a communist, imagine my shock.
The only people being divided are faggots unwilling to give up their native language's privileged status and everyone else.
No one cares what language you were born into, if you feel bad it's because you're realizing everyone else is forced to learn your native language while you don't have to learn shit.

One fucking guy speaks Esperanto and you think it's some core part of the DSÁ. As many people speak Esperanto here as they probably do in the DSÁ.

Red Fáscist*

Go fuck yourself BO and your childish wordfilters.

I don't understand why autists are so concerned about protecting an irrelevant language. English won. The internet makes the replacement of English impossible. Just deal with it.

English will fade as soon as the American Empire does, just like every single other lingua franca with the death of its empire. But that's not even the point, it's the same few retarded Stalinsts here who spread the same disinfo while talking about "Zionism" and "Cosmopolitanism" trying to pretend they aren't Holla Forums when they really mean "Zamenhof was a fucking Jew" and "Nationalism is actually good".

Wait, is that Michael Brandini: the famous CouchSurfer gay rapist?

omg lol I think it is

this guy was an infamous racist troll on Krautchan like 7-8 years ago. He also sucked off a Brazilian guy against his will while they shared a bed, then made sockpuppet accounts to accuse his victim of abuse instead

(tumblr)Idpol almost turned me Asserist.

Ok it definitely is.

He was a Krautchan troll who posted anti-Russian memes. When they found out he wasn't white and gay, they harassed him on facebook and creates these rumors. It was lulzy.

If I remember correctly, they found this random autistic esperanto guy on FaceBook and posted this guy's picture on KrautChan, pretending to be him.