Why don't we talk about the Black Liberation Army. I've seen RAF threads, and frankly...

Why don't we talk about the Black Liberation Army. I've seen RAF threads, and frankly, compared to the BLA they were little bitches.


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Tbh JRA made them both look like little capitalist cucklets

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So, the RAF and JRA were both trained in Lebanon, what was this mystical commie training base?

Because leftypol doesn't want to talk about racial issues without going to the right about it, because Identity Politics.

It might not be as large of an issue in Europe (that's not saying much), but in America the divide is still wide, mostly due to how America deals with property value that creates never ending cycles of poverty in impoverished areas to keep an easily controllable work force who can work poverty wages in any other country. The moment you mention Angela Davis or Assata someone jumps your ass; even though Angela Davis and plenty of others were welcome in and visited the USSR during the civil rights era.

Simply put, a lot of ex Holla Forumsyps post here and are either incapable of jumping you for idpol (despite not knowing what the term means), or someone bringing up more Autism Level and Violence Bell Curve bullshit into it. This pushes everyone away who wants to talk about the subject.

It's one of the more maddening aspects of this board.

That's simply not fucking true. Stop this Muke tier bullshit

It is true. I've been a poster for a long time and it simply is true, you just don't want to start this argument.

In Japan, an obscure clandestine Maoist organization named the United Red Army went to train in the mountains in the winter of 1971. It wasn't a year until the group of 30 had violently purged half of their members during struggle sessions. Shigenobu was part of a student org that ended up merging with another to form the United Red Army before she left for Lebanon.

There's a good film about it by Koji Wakamatsu.

Most of the 60s Left sucked including your idols Deal with it.

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You are fucking liar. fred hampton is loved on this board, so is sankara.
No one ever called the black panters idpol. We hate BLM and other shit like that because it's fucking retarded and the racial question in today's america while not absent is overblown for all the wrong reason.

And not much else besides that if it comes to the United States. It really isn't enough to say that Assata is in asylum by Castro's insistence. We simply, cannot talk about black America without someone yelling.

Tbh fuck america at this point. Why you have to have your political/economic hegemony on here too? There is not a single chance for america.
Honestly if Holla Forums would regulate american politics so that they don't take 100% of the board space and give to you burgers another board to discuss your shit politics and shit way to do politics the post quality would sky rocket

At least Hoxha was based. I see what cunt-licking Angela Davis gets you, your whole post could’ve been written by Ta-Nehsi Coates black Zionist and bourgeois public intellectual scoundrel.

press F to pay respects to Fred Hampton.

Let's fuck over impoverished cities of laborers im the best

That's not what I said you piece of shit

Angela Davis argued to end the prison system before it got out of hand (it got out of hand) and was a very prolific socialist who was invited to stay at both Cuba and the USSR

Assata killed a cop and got away with it and is living in Cuba

You posted on leftypol

How is that not what you said. See this is the reason I was talking about that we cannot discuss this without someone yelling.

I didn’t even mention Shakur btw but all you have to do is read Davis’s books and listen to her speak to know she is a liberal now.

You guys don't know how to do politics.
Also you are obviously the same faggot from that shit thread about gender prouns. You are new as fuck

So we can't talk about someone from the past, because they're a liberal now. How are you people always so predictable

I'm not the same person from whatever thread that was, I'm someone else entirely


That's completely untrue. We usually don't talk about specific racial oppression but none of us disagree that blacks are specifically targeted by the PIC or exist as an underclass, we just don't see it as worth talking about because the only way to fix any kind of identity-based oppression is by abolishing the class system. Almost everyone here shits on racist arguments like I.Q. or bell curve shit.

More fucking untruths. People start yelling when you're obviously advocating for idpol instead of class struggle, which sounds like something you'd do.

The truth is America is still afraid of the Other, and for a very long time their prospects were thin enough for them to finally go on the streets advocating everything from civil rights to socialism to prison reform, all of this changed once civil rights were gained, but at the same time they lived in areas that have low property value leftover from those previous days before hand. Leaving them in both an educational and inescapable economic rut.

I'm saying that there's a way to materially talk about the black socialist community in America, past, present, whatever. Especially past. But every time I try, in my subjective experience, I get crushed for idpol.

I mean, I know why. It's easy to jump the gun, especially if you're a European who doesn't experience this stuff, but racial hatred exists in all forms and institutions in America despite civil rights being a far too liberal reform to actually consider African Americans equal human beings; not what they can consider in their lives.

I feel like leftypol just really doesn't care much for talking about the 60's into the 70's about black socialist movements in America. This is just my opinion, and what I've experienced. But it does feel like there's a bit of eggshell stepping on the part of anyone who wants to discuss it. I could be paranoid about it. But there is a lot to learn, especially most Europeans, simply don't, about the struggle of Black Americans throughout history economically.