How many people here used to be 4chan users, especially Holla Forums? I imagine many here are ex-4/pol/ users...

How many people here used to be 4chan users, especially Holla Forums? I imagine many here are ex-4/pol/ users. Why did you end up leaving? What was it that ultimately made you switch over to here? What do you think of the place now?

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I only ever went there once. My main boards were /a/ Holla Forums Holla Forums /int/ and /m/.

I was on /g/ for a year or so in 2012 I think? I never went back after finishing SICP.

Home board was /lit/ for a couple years then moved here as soon as it was made. Have only recently gone back for /his/ and /fit/

Holla Forumstard from late 2007 to probably 2011 or so

I left 4/pol/ when it got full of redditfags. The discussion suffered after the election and I was tired of the talking points and excuses they made for the ruling class. I was a libertarian and that board became a fascist safe haven. I also tried political organizing for the alt-right and coming into contact with those people made me realize right-wingers are fucking retards. Talked to some of my lefty friends and decided to read Marx and actually look into leftism instead of falling for the "all leftists are evil SJWs who wanna destroy western culture" meme. Was interested in history and studying it so I started reading theory and eventually ended up here on a hunch from Holla Forums.

I still go on 4chan, but I never went on Holla Forums.

I only go on /a/, /c/, /g/, /h/, /o/, /p/ & /vg/.

I only used 4chan once prior to finding myself here, I'd always heard about the site but i got banned after one post because I asked "what is GamerGate" as a reply to a "ask question General"

it pisses me off that it's so hard to make ironically racist jokes without attracting actual racists

Storytime? What did you experience?

Started going on 4chan around 2005. Then 420chan, 7chan, 711chan, 99chan, and then a hiatus for a couple years. Then found myself here last year.

/out/, /vg/, Holla Forums

Started on Holla Forums from around 2010 (, mostly frequented Holla Forums and /r9k/ because I was politically illiterate and a beta. Gamergate happened and I was swooped into the SJW lolcow business, then everybody suggested this place as the alternative when the banning of it happened. Just stuck to Holla Forums and Holla Forums until I read Nietzsche which distanced me from nationalism and anti-semitism, Stirner cemented my leaving and then I found this place once I realized that the "gommies are ebul" was bullshit.

Used 4chan and other image boards for over a decade. Was always looking for excuses to leave, for some new reason to spark a mass migration. 7chan was hopeful for a while, but I think elitism stunted its growth at some point. Really glad gamergate happened and 8ch became a viable alternative, I can't even imagine posting on 4chan in its present state now.

Never bothered with Holla Forums even once in all my years, both on 4chan or 8ch. This board finally got me interested in political discussion.

I've used 4chan for a long time, but never Holla Forums. I was there when edgy jokes were just meant to be edgy jokes, and people mocked christians and right wingers just as much as niggers and gays because the point was never to have a serious political opinion but just to be pointlessly edgy and contrarian. It still irritates me when I do go onto 4chan from time to time, and see some dumbshit redditor typing out during his middleschool class how 4chan was always a right wing nazi haven because lol here's a screencap of someone saying nigger. He was still in diapers at that time of course, but he totally knows it's true because some other middleschooler told him that during his lunch break.

What made me leave was obviously the demographic shift. It's not just redditors flooding in, but oldfags leaving in response to redditors flooding in, which makes a lower ratio of quality posters::dumbshit teenagers, which leads to more oldfags leaving, etc. It's a vicious cycle that leads to the entire userbase being completely, 100% replaced by this new fucking abomination who has absolutely none of the old culture. As an example, they keep spouting the same stale fucking memes that got old years ago. When was the last time they thought of anything new? They're no longer content creators, they're content regurgitators.

Used to browse Holla Forums, /mu/ and Holla Forums. Left once the gamergate cancer killed Holla Forums and didn't browse imageboards til I found Holla Forums
Literal cancer. The only posters who are not bots are either pewdiepie watching kiddos or normie magapedes. That place needs to burn

someone hasn't read his marxist theory!!?p=2873133#post2873133

You wouldn't believe how many.

I was on Holla Forums, /d/, Holla Forums, /tg/, /fit/, and Holla Forums from 2007-2014, at which point I promptly switched over to here because I was wowed by the power of webms and a smooth interface.
I bet none of you newfags even remember the likes of Toxic Jester.

I used to browse 4chin Holla Forums and /a/ after Holla Forums died of cancer, visited Holla Forums for a chuckle, quickly dropped polyp at the absolute bottom of net hierarchy, well below furries, raging virgins and deviant art autists. coming here because it's one of the least retarded parts of the chans at the moment.

I obsessively posted on Holla Forums and /r9k/ for years. Only left because I realized I don't really believe the jist of Holla Forums. Still go on r9k though which is a habit I'm trying to break. I get buttmad about all the incel hate threads on here

I've told it quite a bit here. I'll keep it short and sweet
I'm in this video if you don't care about the shitty story

I have to say, I usually enjoy rafiq but that is a pretty fucking terrible rafiq post. I'm also not sure how it is relevant to anything. 4chan was not always dominated by woman hate, this is part of the new culture, not the old. The transgressive posturing was not originally a reaction to feminism, which wasn't in vogue at the time, but in reaction mainly to christian conservative society which was the main political power in america. Sure, old 4chan wasn't marxist, they were edgy liberals at best, but they weren't fascists.

I always held a deep sympathy for the plight of the worker, but for a while I became interested in class collaborationism mixed with a large welfare state, which attracted me to a kind of Not Socialism.

I also saw multiracialism and multiculturalism as a destabilising force which lead to violence and sectarianism, which in the end would lead to societal decline. However, I didn't support deportation or anything like that, I merely hoped that essentialist SocDem parties would rise to prominence in the homelands of foreigners, and the prosperity arising from that would convince them to leave. Worker self-management didn't seem practical to me, and in any case I felt that national differences were ultimately more important than class-differences (though class was still important, and unregulated capitalism would always lead to struggle).

However, I then began to read Marxist economics and the unjustifiable nature of even welfare capitalism became readily apparent to me, not to mention the clear inefficiency and immorality of the capitalist mode of production. The extraction of surplus value from the worker was what convinced me that the elimination of the capitalist class ought to be the ultimate aim of any political movement.

I've hopped between many boards, here are boards I browsed on a daily basis at one point in my life:
Holla Forums
Holla Forums
Holla Forums
I probably spent the most time on /g/, but I stopped going there ever since the Google scandal.
I currently still go on Holla Forums, but that's all.

clean your room incel
kidding, you're probably getting baited over Holla Forumsyp/right-wring hate which includes a lot of incels sadly

something tells me this guy is you

I have been lurking Holla Forums since 2011 but i never turned into a conservative.

How and why? Holla Forums is possibly the worst board on 4chan right now, behind Holla Forums. They throw massive board-wide tantrums over bullshit youtube eceleb drama, they take every chance to turn threads into polyp shitposting (if they don't just invent reasons instead) and their quality of discussions on video games, when they do stay on topic, is absolutely terrible due to them all being 14 year olds with garbage, poorly thought out opinions.

The meme on Holla Forums is 'we suck, but at least we're not these other guys who are somehow even worse!'. My opinion is it's better to simply step away from the open sewage pits entirely, instead of wallowing in the pit that has sewage over your eyes instead of the pit that has sewage covering your forehead.

I was a teenage libertarian/neoreactionary up until 2011-2012, had residual reactionary feelings up until last year or so. Having my head slammed hard against the hard wall known as the mental health system in my country was a rude wake-up call. I never went to Holla Forums since I did most of my political shitposting on slower forums.

I only really started using 4chan back in 2007 for the porn boards. Then I settled into /a/ before migrating over to /jp/ by 2010 where I lived for six or seven years. I really only stopped going recently since there's very little discussion not happening in the 50 billion idol or VN generals. If I'm up late I still post in flanfly out of habit.
Still a /jp/sie at hear though, always keep the minority spirit.

When I tried to get involved with my campus conservatives they were 50% literal chads/stacies from old money and 50% socially maladjusted nerds who barely spoke or acted like that one loud obnoxious guy every anime club has.

I honestly doubt there are any oldfags left, and that's using the term VERY generously

Some old 4/jp/ knowledge in pic related.

Close but no cigar. He was actually my ANCAP friend. I wonder what he's up to. I haven't talked to him since. Also I appeared in the local news and someone actually tried to get me fired but my boss didn't care (just told me to change where I worked on my profile). Nothing bad happened to me, it was just a really rude wakeup call to the right. I just quite my job too recently, I told everyone there they need to unionize cause corporate is fucking them over

not him but I just check out Holla Forums/v/ threads on vidya i'm interested in, and avoid every "politically" charged issue they have going on.
right now it's Nioh, next it will be Monster Hunter World.

Was full alt right a few years back, though I specifically never bought into white nationalism… though the pic is related, I was a monarchist.

However, I had an existential crisis involving religion, and basically just instantly dropped most of my irrational scientific and moral beliefs immediately. Was still technically a monarchist for a time, but went for the Fredrick 2nd style of Enlightened Secularized Monarchism.

I am a mtf bi technocrat with syndicalist leanings today, so yeah….

As for my boards, it's mostly /tg/, /vg/, and a few NSFW ones. Used to be a big time Holla Forums browser for a while though.

/vg/ siphoned all of the users who actually wanted to talk about vidya away from Holla Forums, all that remain is shitposters who think Holla Forums is angry /r9k/

the eternal liberal strikes again

What also really depresses me about this change is that overall 4chan has lost its ability to not take something seriously anymore. The most active posters have completely bought into trivial culture war bullshit, they've become humourless rage machines that live off their own anger. Not surprisingly 4chan just isn't that funny anymore, there's a reason why they can't come up with any new memes. It's just the same stale vaporwave, pepes and marble statues they've been rocking since 2015

In NOLA the conservative scene was either full-retard libertarians/ANCAPs, really racist gay dudes, or middle aged white dudes who are tired of black-on-black crime and cared about muh history and culture. You get no middle ground here since all the normies are centrist liberals

People think doxxing is a serious thing but tbh it doesn't mean much in the end of the day it is pretty scary how find your info since it's so easy but I was being reckless, word for the wise if you go to a protest bring a mask, even the old KKK knew this

Also pic related explains the protest perfectly

That's a nice story, ty for sharing

I was on 4chan from 2007 to 2014 and I never went to Holla Forums because they were annoying cockbags that shit up every other board I liked.

I was a Asserist who deeply hated america, and market cock sucking. I had a passionate hate for ancaps and I debated them quite a lot. I ended up stuff like nationalism was useless too. Letting immigrants in won't solve anything but neither barring them. The combination of me seeing capitalism destroying culture, being responsible for the immigration problem, and the belief that capitalism can only be completely eradicated from the whole world in order to have peace, led me to communism.

you're pretty qt user

I remember Toxic Jester.

Do you remember Popcorn Mariachi or Reliable Ecchi Delivery Sniper?
This doesn't make your personal identity completely untouchable, but some of the guides can help in scrubbing/obscuring a lot of info from the internet
Might not help you at this point but anyone here doing IRL stuff should look into it

gosh karen!

You're just asking for it.

I'm here because I was banned for making fun of the hollow earth theory. Holla Forums Holla Forums's mods don't like that apparently.
However I am still 100% devoted the cause of White survival. And I am still 100% devoted to the destruction of Israel and the Zionist power structure.

Have fun fighting ghosts buddy. We're cheering for you.

I was mainly a /a/non, but visited Holla Forums and /vr/ from time to time, went to Holla Forums with the promise of a Holla Forums that could not suck.
It's scary how quickly is /a/ becoming a shadow of it's former self.

I used to post on Holla Forums for a few years when I was younger, and when I grew out of it I posted on /mu/ for a few more years. The board had mostly gone to shit by the time Moot left and I decided to use that as an excuse to call it quits. I found this place around the time of the election and shitposted a bit, and I eventually read Bookchin and Marx. Fun stuff.

Most of the advice on anti-doxing is reasonable. Go to the quickie guides (especially the "what to do if doxed" one)
The rest of the articles are ok or 1992 BBS warez-tier amateur.


>using anything but >>>/walmart/

That's funny coming from someone presumably dedicated to fighting for communism, a fantasy ideology against "Porkey" a really sad meme representing nothing.

Your ideology is so simplistic that it guarantees communists will lose every single time. That's why you lost in 1917 and why you will lose every other time it's tried. The People don't always win, but communists have always lost. Ideologues often win and even when men preaching your religion succeed in setting up a new dictatorship, true believers like yourself always end up against a wall like the true communist believers in the USSR. You'll be shot and the Jewish press will label you a fascist.

unironically read Bordiga

what, porky is just a meme of the actual amalgamation of borg profit interest that lacks societal interest
says the guy who thinks saving "whiteness" is going to keep a country running, now that's simplistic, not to mention your mind beholden to stereotypical antisemitism.
I'm historically illiterate, but what? The beginning of a revolution was lost?
fuggin lmao, not everyone has a hard on for stalinism.
go back to Holla Forums boyo

Not the former, but I do remember the latter. I remember seeing him around TF2 threads, I think.

First started going on 4chinz some time in early 2010, mostly just browsed /tg/ and Holla Forums and over the years started moving around a bit to Holla Forums and /a/ and eventually /vp/, /qa/, /news/ as well as /d/ and /lgbt/ because AdmiralAckbar.png. Thankfully I never went full Holla Forumstard but did get caught up in the whole anti-SJW thing and was kind of a >le rational skeptic lib for a while. I first found this place along with Holla Forums because of the GG trainwreck, but initially nope'd the fuck out because of the "Stalin did nothing wrong!" ☭TANKIE☭s, came back over a year later because the Holla Forumsyps on 4chan never shut up about the place and because Sanders got me interested in learning about socialism.
I don't go there nearly as much as I used to since the Holla Forumslution has spread to nearly every board, even /tg/ and Holla Forums which used to be super chill. I usually only visit the hobby boards whenever some new vidya or TV show comes out, these days its mostly just for porn and a bit of arguing with Holla Forumsyps on /news/. There's a thread about Net Neutrality on /news/ right now where they think that repealing it will somehow stop right-wingers from being censored on the internet, they're that fucking stupid. On the plus side I posted that screencap of the T_D boomers invading 4chan a few times and it seems to be rapidly circulating, so that's a good sign that people are getting sick of them at least.

Browsed 4Chan, never really posted there.

post it again ``kudasai''

Fucking BASED MAGApedes joining in on the EPIC 4chan Donald train. Man, I just can't get over how BASED we made everybody with our epic meme magic. Praise Kek and God-Emperor Trump, bro. You mad SJWs?

Started on Holla Forums, then /n/, /new/, Holla Forums, left during the first exodus, stuck to 8/pol/ for years until after the election.
It's been one hell of a ride.

You are practically doxing yourself by using social media.
One more porky now knows your name, e-mail, phone number, location, face, and interests.
Give archive link.

may the gods burn us all in hellfire, i can't even read that whole image

Most wage-slavery/gig shit in my field is carried out through FB chat and google services. Believe me I have TRIED to disconnect and those were some lean months. You are a non-person to many people if you don't give your ID to five different porkies.

I want to believe this is fake, I really do

It's completely real. I wonder what the oldfags way back in 2003 would think if they knew that this is what their site would one day become. That, of course, would be assuming there were any of them still around.

I just found this place a couple of days ago, straight from 4chan.

I used to frequent Holla Forums and Holla Forums. Never bought into the whole right wing/ nazi bullshit and would mostly just shitpost and sometimes try to get some counter arguments to my opinions.
I've always despised the culture of Holla Forums and only put up with it for a lack of a better alternative. After creating a few threads about me country and conversing with some of my countrymen in my native language(which isn't English), I suddenly realized that 4chan had become full of edgy teenagers who complain about unions without being able to define what a union is or what it's functions are.

Holla Forums is a breath of fresh air compared to the uncivilized drivel that i had become used to.

I'm better off just deleting my social media tbh I'm not tho

Stop living in the past.

The vast majority of 4chan's earliest users (2003-2004) were Something Awful rejects. I imagine most of them are working middle management jobs at insurance firms or boat dealerships and are thankful that their 4chan posting career was just a phase

There hasn't been a good anime in years so why shouldn't I

I used to frequent r9k and v, sometimes co. I hardly go on 4chan anymore, tired of pol's shit. I had a good run tho, made a couple of memes that went viral.

What the fuck? Good lord, im glad i left the place.

This is fucking gold.

I am a 4chan migrant though. I used to be on /fit/ all the time, then moved to Holla Forums as I started to become interested in politics. I wasn't really politically aware but I hated both Trump and Clinton cause they smelled funky. I thought pol was funny and I liked seeing just how crazy the alt right were. As I started reading a lot more, books like the People's history of the US made me into a socialist and I decided to migrate to leftypol. I still occassionally go to pol just to see how butthurt and crazy they've gotten. Plus when Trump backtracked on all of his promises, it was hilarious reading through trumptard comments.

Now I just go on /a/ when One Piece chapter releases and on pol once in a blue moon. Leftypol is by far the comfiest board and I feel I'm actually learning some good stuff here occasionally. Love you guys.


Left 4chan when Holla Forums became Holla Forums 2.0 which was around 2013.

It's a shame really. Holla Forums was easily the best board on 4chan outside on /lit/. There were a lot of memes but also a ton of great discussion threads. There is no other place on the internet where you can easily post pictures about movie/tv show related things and discuss them with other anonymous people. Holla Forums single-handedly kept me interested in movies/tv media and made me discover a fuck ton of works that i never would have otherwise. once i stopped going to Holla Forums i lost almost all interest in film because the social aspect was gone

And unfortunately many of these same fucking newfags came right over here to 8ch and brought all the obnoxious forced memes that got tired 4-5 years ago with them. The owner of 8/v/ is one of them. How fucking underage do you have to be to still find dubs funny? I half expect them to start posting misnamed reaction image threads at any moment.

It was already p much gone before then, but 2016 destroyed any vestige of old /n/. This is why you guys voted for Trump though. To destroy Holla Forums. You got your result: you have destroyed Holla Forums, at least on 4chan.


There was a far more insufferable prick before Toxic Jester yet somehow I can't remember their nick. Always thought Jester was a poor imitation of them.

I wish 8/tv/ wasn't Holla Forums Holla Forums with film.

Congratulations on being the most frail looking specimen there on either side, bitchwrists.

Reminder that Holla Forums's "soyboy" schtick is a battle they can't win. Your fucking rolemodel was a beta junkie who got bullied by Wittgenstein and wanted to turn Germany into a nation of soyboys

Repeat after me:
Your leader was a soyboy
Your leader was a soyboy
Your leader was a soyboy
Your leader was a soyboy

I'm a /g/, Holla Forums, and /a/ poster originally. Came here after gamergate discussion got banned, and came to Holla Forums after Holla Forums invaded all the other boards.

who /sp/ here?

I know I can't be the only ones as I know of at least two Irish lads. Once the GOAT board on 4ch. I still browse it almost daily but it's basically fucking dead nowadays.

Started browsing 4chan back in 2010-2011, mostly Holla Forums and /r9k/ for the feels and the edgy memes then Holla Forums and eventually /a/. I left around 2014 when the Holla Forums cancer started spreading to every board, did some time as le rationale skeptic 'cause I still bought into the sjw boogey man until I realized it was horseshit. I found this place earlier this year, it's better than nothing but you can tell a mile away that it's a colony of ex Holla Forumsyps that have found a new rationale for their reactionary ideas.

You really think the majority of people here are like that?

Are you talking about the nazbols? Just ignore them.

I've always been anti-free market and I've always believed in state control over most things, i stayed up reading fascist literature and watching documentaries and all that. I was at Holla Forums for a while and long enough to see it shift massively from NutSac to libertarian which disgusted me. I remember Holla Forums being "raided" a bit by leftypol, and I browsed the threads to call the gommie OPs a fag, because I thought socialism was le kill all white males, hate your race bs we were all taught.I think when I came here for the first time to autism raid I assumed you were all the neo-lib types. I posted my now deleted Hitler folders and argued and found a lot of you shared my economic beliefs and it was nice to be around like minded people and not ayn rand worshipping edgelords. I continued browsing the board and picked up some books that were recommended, read Lenin and Marx and realised that the Jew stuff Holla Forums likes to meme about is only a part of the problem and if we got rid of the Jewish bourgeoisie and replaced it with the white bourgeoisie it wouldn't make a difference.

Its just incredibly stupid, the nigger hate threads, the country name calling, all that. I find that when I visit there after I've been here it all just seems so fucking stupid and they're driven by emotion and not facts.

Thank you, Holla Forums

Soyboys regularly returned against order to the Western Front during WW1 and it was common practice for them to capture enemy units and be awarded with multiple Iron Crosses. Beacause, uh, muh vegetarianism.

Unironically missing moot

Used to be right libertarian back in the Ron Paul days, noticed everyone drifting towards fascism and was one of the few people who didn't go along with it. Kind of just floated around for a bit trying to research and find reasons for why that was. Stopped being a right libertarian when I realized that right libertarianism is just more or less fascism. Started reading left libertarian literature and became left libertarian, the end.

I still lurk Holla Forums /tg/ /k/ and /his/ to this day. I never really started posting on Image boards when I discovered here.

I never went on Holla Forums and knew it was cancer from the second I found out what it actually was.


Used to go to Holla Forums but I stopped in 2012 when the alt right really took over.

I'm not white and really didn't feel like getting antagonized every day for not bowing down to them.

God I remember the days when checking dubs got you rightly shat on for being obnoxiously new

I've said this on other boards but by late 2015 4chan was already dead. What exists now is a zombie shuffling through the internet, it's animated corpse vaguely imitating what it remembers doing in life. The teenagers and boomer MAGAchuds and incel robots are maggots slowly eating away at what little flesh and muscle is on the bone, so they can regurgitate it for profit or likes on social media

I used to post on /new/ as an Asian nationalist and at that point on a chan that was well enough, then /new/ got deleted and I tried Holla Forums out when it came but I was immediately shut out of the conversation because they were angry and more and more "white" nationalist, not nationalist in general.

So I'm I left/became disgusted by them early. Especially considering, how fucking nutty it's all become. It became less about pride for the country of your origin and far more about the pride of dominating others, a downhill slide that lead to them becoming the absolute sewage dump it is now. And I'm glad that I was socialist anyways, moved on fairly quickly once I realized it was all a lost cause.

I still contend to this day, despite people yelling "how dare you muh speech" Moot's greatest mistake was never deleting Holla Forums when he had the chance. Holla Forumsharbor simply should have ended in the deletion of Holla Forums.

I only use 4chan for a /general/ that's in /trash/

protip: no one actually browses this board, it's just bots ran by an assblasted mod(Congragulations on your second post, the first being exactly the same as this. It makes me wonder...)


Domo Arigato my bitch

I went there once for 2hu porn and it was surprisingly laid-back, but all of the established furry generals get uptight whenever a new community moves in and makes the board faster

Yeah you got me. I actually just use Holla Forums to botspam kinmoza ecchi pics every afternoon for a couple of hours

I started browsing 4chan in 2011, mainly /mu/, then also /vr/, /trv/, /g/ and /int/ from times to times.
I never really left, but I come here more often to satisfy my shitposting needs now. Mainly because the quality of discussion is a bit more superior here (and also on Holla Forums to my surprise, despite the Holla Forums faggotry), but I also find the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Google🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 captcha really annoying and a huge downgrade in terms of usability.
I remember when Holla Forums was supporting Ron Paul in 2012, but I didn't care much since I'm not American and wasn't really understanding what libertarianism was all about. Looking at ED, it seems like Holla Forums and its predecessors (/n/ and /new/) have always been infested by annoying stormfags. It just blew up with GamerGate.
/g/ and /int/ are pure cancer. /vr/ and /trv/ are slower and populated with older people so they are comfy. /mu/ is a mixed bag, but there are always anons with good tastes lurking there and there, so it's okay.

>>>Holla Forums13888984
Who does this? How can anyone find this funny? There isn't a single post in this entire thread with some effort put in.

I've read 4chan since the late 2006, started posting a few months later. Came for /a/nimu, but fell in love with the entire niche weeb culture to the point that I naturally switched to /jp/ after the split. Got pretty invested in the board for a few years, but got disillusioned after mods abandoned it and it got overrun by assholes. Hanged around aimlessly for a few years, then things went political and I ended up here.

I used to check on most boards, but mostly switched to reading archives at this point. It's still good to know what /a/, /mu/, /lit/ or /sp/ were saying about a particular topic, but active participation takes time and effort I'm not willing to put into it. Gotta leave that to high school and college kids.

I checked Holla Forums occasionally and it used to be… fun. It always had a huge racist/far-right contingent, but was otherwise neutral (I remember the massive ridicule of Romney voters after the 2012 election) and much of the racially-charged posting was outright ridicule (interracial cuckold porn, the entire colored pills mythology, blaming everything on jews to the point of absurdity). I'm not sure when things changed, but I'm pretty sure that tightened censorship elsewhere and mainstream advertising the board as a place for nazis played a huge role (in the same way Holla Forums died a few years earlier). They just came in droves, because obviously.

…that I did not know about /trash/'s existence is a testament to my dissociation from modern 4chan.

So it's basically a furry board in all but name in the same way that /r9k/ gathers incels? Because that's fucking brilliant.

I mean at least furries suck up to the name of being trash

I love you, I am your friend.

fuck, what do you guys do for fun now? /a/ isn't what it used to be, but don't forget you're (t)here forever

I went from being a reclusive reactionary, to being a reclusive leftist, so not much changed.

reading bordiga, googling bookchin

4chan, but never Holla Forums. It was always a shit board full of retards that made every other board worse.

All those faggots that rail against other people "bringing politics to hobby forums" have no fucking room to talk because Holla Forumscucks did it first. Fuck em all to death.


Fuck off, idiot.

I joined 4chan early, and I would never have guessed that things would have turned out this way. Moot was always a faggot, but he was our faggot. No one liked us in real life, and no one liked us on the internet, and we liked it that way. I don't think anyone would have ever guessed at the time that one day, 4chan would be completely fucking overrun with normalfags, and make no mistake, Holla Forums, in its current incarnation, on 4chan and Holla Forums both, are the most normal of normalfags. They're the sort of normalfag scum that 4chan in its hayday would have trolled into the ground.

These fucking retards think that because they're social pariahs or whatever that they're not the "normies" that they fucking despise. 4chan's always had a reputation for being full of fucked up people, but being fucked up wasn't the essential element. It was full of fucked up people, but they were all fucked up in their own unique ways and that wasn't just okay, but expected, even celebrated. We were all fucked up, broken people, but in our incongruities we found a sort of solidarity. anonymous itself wasn't an identity, it was an escape from it. We finally had a place to be who we were and who we wanted to be without some normalfag piece of shit telling us how we were supposed to be.

I imagine that's what did Holla Forums and eventually 4chan in. I guess we assumed that anyone that would come there would be fucked up like us and add their distinctiveness to our own, become a part of the hivemind. We never expected someone would try, let alone be able, to take over "the hivemind." Gradually the individuality that gave 4chan life was expunged. You got namefags like Redwood on Holla Forums that tried to make the forum what they wanted it rather than what the users made it. In retrospect, maybe he wasn't wrong, because when Stormfront found 4chan, you no longer had users that wanted to make a community, you had proselytizing cocksuckers that also wanted to make it what they wanted.

Holla Forums now is exactly the sort of fucking piece of shit worthless normalfag scum that 4chan would have hated, and one of their most insufferably characteristics is that they're oblivious to this fact. "Normalfag" doesn't just mean "someone that behaves according to convention." Everyone fucking does that to some degree or another. It's unavoidable. No, the hallmark, the essential element of the normalfag is that they want everyone else to conform to their way. It might be their way of thinking, their tastes, their habits, their views, whatever, but ultimately they want how they are or perceive themselves to be the norm. Every time these fucking retards waffle on about "degeneracy," they're being massive fucking normalfags. They aren't content to be individuals, they want to be accepted. Even more than that, they want to be praised for their stupid fucking bullshit, because they crave recognition and validation. "The Chad" would have been a figure of ridicule on 4chan, but on Holla Forums its an aspiration. Through their own faggoty egalitarianism, they'd force everyone to be Chad just so they could be too. They're not strong enough to become Chad, and they're not strong enough to be anonymous, so they take refuge in their faggot Kekistani/pol/cuck bullshit.

I don't know when the tipping point came or what caused it, but I do know that the creative force driving 4chan is inversely correlated with the arrival and eventual dominance of normalfags. You can see it even now, with every /ourguy/ post and worthless fucking meme shat out by the current gaggle of fucking retards, even on this board. Thought and creation have fallen away for idiotic call-and-response unity signalling shit. moot tried to remedy this crap with r9k, but he failed to keep the cancer in check by not enforcing that shit with the utmost prejudice.

I can't tell you what we would have thought or done then if we knew how things were going to become, but as an oldfag, I can tell you that I'm as disgusted with these gutless normalfags as I was back then, and even if I wasn't a leftist I'd hate them with every last fiber of my being for taking the one place where their cocksucking kind wasn't welcomed and wasn't in control and completely fucking ruining it.

you lost me at the end buddy

I was recently permabanned for posting a pic the mods didn't like. First time in all my ten years of posting there.

But it's gone so much to shit I ain't even mad.

This is all so fucking true.

Holy shit comrade, this sums it up. Puts it all into words. Fuck. What happened man? I feel old. Like generations before us, we've watched our youth subculture die.

I left 4cuck when the mods and moot tried to squash gamergay threads. When correct the record got exposed and it became clear the mentally ill people are being used by democrats as disposable weapons I began seeing politics for what it was. Vote and then shut up and get on with your life is my motto now, I only come here for any type of happening. And if any here are larping as neonazis over at pol to drive away the middle you are only making things worse.

Took the words out of my mouth. I try not to be nostalgic. But that hit hard.

Looking back, I'm surprised how "innocent" 4chan felt at the beginning.
Yes you had porn, gore and worse. But it always had this degree of innocence to it that's just gone now. It just wasn't serious. Now even Holla Forums is supposed to be serious. (And look at what happened to it…)
I don't even recall thinking in terms of "memes" at first, and when it sort of started dominating the zeitgeist it never had the sort of serious connotation (with all the social implications) as it does now. Just look at what passed for "memes" back then. It was mostly just fun. People would poke at the holy cows, but it wasn't as dead serious.

I think a lot of it could have been prevented if /new/ hadn't been brought back. All the boards had their occasional share of cancer, but opening the floodgates to normalfags just contaminated everything. I didn't even realize it before it was too late. 4chan was it's own "thing" that ended up being colonized by the real world.
The end result - when combined with the rampant contrarianism - is that even depoliticized subjects become political. Before it was unthinkable to have someone rant about "niggers" and "kikes" on Holla Forums, /a/ or /mu/. But nowadays? It happens, regularly.
It wouldn't even have been considered funny, you'd have been mocked, people would have called you a retard. Not anymore. You want to talk about video games or anime? Tough luck, here is a 2 page essay about everything is just a reference to cuck porn, and jewish subversion, white g*nocide, etc.

I think it also stems from how people were able to express their grievances. You came to 4chan to escape. If you wanted to do politics: Tough luck, there was no place for that. No soapbox. Not besides /n/, which was mostly obscure and had much more shitposting than even 4/pol/ today. You'd express yourself through other boards. /new/ and Holla Forums were trojan horses. Creating them was the biggest mistake so far. And the only way I see things fixed is if that board were to be purged from the site. Though that would probably destroy 8ch with a deluge of redditors.

/tg/ /mu/ and /a/ were my main boards, never liked Holla Forums really, or /new/

What was the turning point where all went to hell is when he left. He was the best.

I visited /a/, Holla Forums, /int/, /n/ & /new/ (before Holla Forums), Holla Forums, /sp/ and /jp/ but I mostly frequented Holla Forums, /soc/ and Holla Forums. Cuckchan started turning shit when newfags started flooding in in the wake of Project Chanology, but it really became shit after Operation Payback.

There's a very simple lesson to this. This all happened when people stopped hazing newfags. Then people took ironic jokes too far (for instance, "Halo is a good game") and every time summer or a big happening would come around the place gets flooded with idiots thinking they're in good company and then they never leave. Combine this with natural user displacement over time and you have a recipe for community sliding.

On its board of origin, that's exactly what it was. Normies misinterpreted the joke in a good example of meme appropriation.

Moot was a cocksucker who regularly shat up topical boards with his Holla Forums bullshit.

anyone here /ss13g/?

In general, I prefer sites where people can just comment anonymously and where comments aren't outright deleted just because you are a bit rude, such as Slashdot (just realized while typing I haven't been there in ~ 7 years). I have been to lots of chans like 420chan (it's exactly what you think it is), but wasn't a heavy user of anything in particular. Not really a fan how people follow you around on a forum, you make a positive / negative comment on what somebody said and then you make a boring post in a different topic and that person shows up and tells you that your post is awwwwwsummmmm ^__^ / literally Hitler. (Facebook/Twitter/Discord are the worst aspects of a forum amplified.)

Ah, yes… *leans back in recliner with pipe in hand and a twinkle in the eye* those innocent days of 4chan when somebody would post a real skull and ask what to do with it, and then he did as he was told and posted photos of his penis in it.

Hey retard, that's a joke image. Guess you're the idiot in good company.

What do you assume I don't know it's a joke image? It's still a great fake quote.

Because it's not the quote that is the wrong part.

Most of the boards made after 2008 or so (including /new/ and Holla Forums) had their origins in Holla Forums. They were created for the same reason /mlp/ and /soc/ were: to purge the cancer from Holla Forums. Obviously, it didn't work. I tend to cut moot some slack as far as the overall degradation of the site is concerned. Anything he could have done would have been derailed by the inevitable growth of social media and the site's own popularity.

At the end of the day, there are only so many mods, so many people you can ban. Then it becomes a question of free speech vs. quality control. I believe there lies a balance between those somewhere, but where that is exactly, I'm not entirely sure.

4chan would have been better off just dying sometime around 2010, 2014 at the absolute latest.

Believe it or not. But that's a lot more innocent than trying to meddle into real world politics.

I don't recall Holla Forums ever being political. The most I remember is people saying "nigger", and that was just to be edgy.
It wasn't the sort super cereal "race realism" you see nowadays. Creating /new/ and Holla Forums is what killed the site. Social media fags swarming the site wasn't nearly as cancerous as people trying to dedicate the whole site to real world politics.

Keep us company by making one post only once a week on >>>/leftyweebpol/.

Good times, good times.

Holla Forums had a lot of libertarian posters. Remember this is where the Paulfags started before moving on to Trump eight years later.

The race realism shit didn't take off until /new/ came around, though. IIRC /new/ was brought back the second time (after the cancer had spread over Holla Forums again) under the condition that there would be "no racism." lol

Sorry, it wasn't the same people supporting Paul AND Trump. The latter group discovered 4chan no earlier than 2011.

Ayyy whaddup /ss13g/ bro
Haven't played since last December or so but we had some good times

started using 4chan less and less as Holla Forums endlessly shat the site up, popping in once in a blue moon for porn or to talk about games/anime, I imagine this is typical stuff.
Gamergate happens, mass bans and deletions across the internet ended up here. Holla Forums was actually pretty good for a few months, lots of different discussions with people from all sorts of beliefs then or course nazis showed up and fucked up everything. And thats how I ended up here, since I was always left leaning anyways. I occasionally browse /christian/.

Also polyps managed to shit up other websites like funnyjunk. A tiny and insignificant site for posting funny shit overrun with nazis.

The disease is terminal at this point; it's bled into other boards like Holla Forums, /a/, /sp/ and even /ck/ that removing Holla Forums and enforcing a blanket ban on politics across all of 4chan sans Holla Forums would probably send the board into terminal decline. We should face it that 4chan's userbase is entirely different from what it was when we were kids or teenagers in the Bush era. Everyone takes everything seriously now, and too many people treat Holla Forums as a place to go to get mad at the world and be reaffirmed about how jews control the world or whatever.

I never knew our boy Rene Descartes posted on the big jaypee

/jp/ was the only board that never bothered to suck up to him and treat him like a god when he posted. Of course he took is super personal and retaliated in 2013 by declaring /jp/ the new Holla Forums and then directing all of 4chan to flood /jp/.

Once a goon always a goon.

I'm actually unnerved that the current crop of Holla Forumsyp teenage newfags are so warped by their own ideology they've convinced themselves that the preps and jocks that ostracized them in high school are ubermensch that should be emulated.

I keep two tabs, one 4chan, one here
The only 4chan board I browse nowadays is /r9k/, I used to browse Holla Forums ironically until their propaganda sunk into my mind, I managed to wash out the propaganda, thank god I did

2006 was the last year that was real. Everything after it is fanfiction.

I used 4chan for years then it got infested with Nazi 14 year olds

I started lurking Holla Forums around 2006. Imageboards were so different back then, you felt like you were a member of fight club. There was an oath of secrecy. The anonymous people who browsed could be anybody. They were your cashiers, your janitors, your paramedics, your cooks, etc. it was a place where we came together as one in order to seek refuge from the daily grind under capitalism.

Aren't basically all 4chan boards infested by Holla Forumsyps now?


In Democratic politics, race is extremely important. Literally 2% of unmarried black women who voted voted for Trump. People do not try to realize an ideology or even defend their own interests, most are dragged along by tribal affiliation. Genocide isn't insanity, genocide is playing the meatbag game seriously.

it rubs the lotion on its skin or else I build the wall

Yeah pretty much
A few board you can have discussions without them showing up like /out/, but don't mention global warming

It was not necesary I don't like how he goes full "normie" "normie" when that wasn't a thing even in 2008 (my era). He should have just said "normalfag". Oldfags use normalfag. Normie is some cancer meme that later on went viral thanks to /r9k/ /fit/ Holla Forums the socially retarded trifecta tbqh. In those boards you will find a lot of Holla Forums doctrine.

I'm well aware the "normie" started in /jp/ though or at least thats where I first saw it. They called almost everything by diminutive because /jp/ always tried to be "cute". Janitor = Janny, cross boarders = crossies, etc, etc. So I think it's origin is /jp/. /r9k/ was just a cancerous shit and stole it and made it into meme bullshit. Pretty sure about it.

I've managed to live without any social media whatsoever.

Too stupid for Holla Forums, not smart enough for Holla Forums

Lurked on Holla Forums from around 2009 to 2011ish. It may have never been good, but it certainly has been better. Seeing it transform into forced memes, "GUYS PLZ RATE MY FACEBOOK XDDD" normalfaggotry, and general ledditards trying to be hip with da kids was extremely painful. I posted on a huge multitude of boards, but never /n/ or Holla Forums because I didn't care enough about politics or world events at the time to have time for /n/, and Holla Forums has always struck me as being an immensely annoying ultra-newfag board which should have never existed in the first place.

I've only really caught glimpses of what used to be, to be honest. By 2009, it was clearly already on the slow downwards spiral, otherwise it would not have got so shit in the coming years. However, I prefer even the post 2010 newfag explosions to the absolute trash it is now. At least then it still had some of its unique 'I don't give a damn' attitude, which it is completely devoid of now.

lol why'd you screencap yourself, thats fuckin gay

Regarding the monkey ladder experiment…

Prepare to be red pilled….

Forums (like the one you are on right now) are a form of social media. :-)

German nationalism was a mistake.

Better. But the (political) enlightenment was still a mistake.

So I think I lurked 4chan mostly 2003, started posting 2004. Honestly one of the reasons I didn't start posting was because I couldn't figure out if you had to put your name, email etc in the headers.
Came to 4chan from Gaia (pic related my account) basically I was part of a Roleplay forum, but eventually everyone left and joined Gaia because of the avatars, I left to Gaia eventually as well, but once I got to Gaia I found the entire community we once had gone and thus I was never connected with Gaia, someone posted a link to 4chan a few months in and the only time I ever logged back into Gaia since was once in 2015 to get this screenshot so I could prove to people I'm legitimately a 4chan oldfag.

I still use Holla Forums, /int/, /his/ and Holla Forums but mostly just lurk again these days.

Wanted a place to discuss left wing politics, history and culture without a bunch of right wing troglodytes being triggered and spamming the entire thread trying to kill all conversation in it.

This sums it up pretty well, Also just in the end it was a pain in the ass that Holla Forums made 4chan so ridiculously anti-intellectual, reactionary and get triggered by fucking EVERYTHING that I simply couldn't even have discussions anymore without people fucking spazzing out getting triggered by seeing views left of Hitler and often simply by being left wing on 4chan you run the risk of being banned for "Trolling" these days because delusional hyper-partisan reactionaries have made it to mod positions.
To give an idea of what early 4chan was like as well. I would put it most akin to actually an anime convention. That was mostly the type of people that used 4chan, the type of people who would cosplay and go to anime conventions and it had a very edgy geek humour to it all. Something that changed as well strongly were Otaku themselves. On old 4chan I do not remember any of this "WAIFU" shit that is all that dominates Anime discussion today.

These are some good videos to get a feel of what old 4chan was like.

(You) poster here

This I strongly agree with and have made this point numerous times before, "Racism" on old 4chan was non-serious shock humour that was supposed to be SATIRE. The laughter came from the fact Normies would think that there were racists out there that legitimately thought swimming in a pool with black people you could catch aids.
It was the absurdity of extreme racist views and the fact that dumbass normies took this shit seriously that was funny.
The fucked up shit is, now Holla Forums legitimately probably DOES believe swimming in a pool with black people could get you some disease like aids.
Also just in general there is a difference between


Bringing back /new/ was Moots biggest mistake. He killed 4chan and should have fucking nuked the board when he left.

It wouldn't even have been considered funny, you'd have been mocked, people would have called you a retard. Not anymore. You want to talk about video games or anime? Tough luck, here is a 2 page essay about everything is just a reference to cuck porn, and jewish subversion, white g*nocide, etc.

The contrarianism thing is sadly part of the toxicity of nerd culture, always has been. It's basically largely born from nerds who are alienated and become bitter fuckheads who then build superiority complexes around themselves instead of doing anything real to improve their life, improve their situation or at least face the reality of alienation. You're a young angry nerd who can't get laid, but you're so much smarter than everyone, it's obviously because they're afraid of you and your mighty intellect, yes, the reason your not getting laid is because they're scared of the TRUTH that the globalist jews are out to destroy white society and I as a intellectually superior white male am being cheated out of sex, not because I'm a fucking loser piece of shit with no social skills and won't even leave my room, no it's because all my peers are idiot leftists degenerate cucks who have been brainwashed by the jewish man.
This is legitimately what I would say is the thought process that makes up 90% of Holla Forums, I know quite a few people that became Holla Forumstards in real life and guess what they all are? people in their mid to late 20s, still fucking virgins because they're still awkward fucking nerds who never grew up and they just became extremely jaded and bitter and the white nationalists were able to capitalise on that.

I figured it was fake, but it still illustrates a real process.

damn son, i check up on it now and again but its been SHIT for years

This is spot on, i was having a conversation about exactly this the other day.
So bizarre to have witness ironic racism cultivating to real racism.
Maybe the SJWs were right that certain type of humor can be harmful if presented wrongly.

that being said, i still giggle to nigger comics

Yeah, I picked up normie on /jp/(though some /jp/ users get triggered when I point out it started there) and saw /a/ using it shortly after. I don't see the problem with the term. People throw as big a fit about it as SJWs do about people saying faggot.

The waifu shit was legitimately funny when it started out, but some people actually took it seriously and the joke ran too long.

true truth

I got laid

You guys forget that it wasn't just pure irony and contrarianism + being a lonely virgin + a worsening society that caused pol to get into the current state. There was a real effort and campaign by stormfront to "red-pill" the board, Posting their graphs and jew memes everywhere and being serious

yes this is true

And people say that Holla Forums isn't a Chad board…

2013 was still okay because the board itself was active and the generals (inb4 muh generals ruined the board) were still active but around 2014/15 when the mods actively supported the pedo spammer I guess most left. Now the only good threads are for niche sports. But I still do make funposting threads there quite often (even though they usually only last a few minutes)

I started going on Holla Forums every now and then starting from when I was like 13. Then I started browsing Holla Forums a lot and later /mu/. Also /gif/ for porn. Started going on 420chan when I got into doing a lot of drugs.

Internet is just a completely different place now. I remember being on the ABS forums back in 2003 and people barely mentioned politics at all outside of "lolbushsucks".
Honestly, the Internet's not fun anymore. It was ruined by all these stupid modern meme subcultures. I'm mostly online now just out of pure habit, and I've found myself spending less and less time on the Internet.

I know that feel, lately I mainly use the internet to watch inane shit on youtube or download things.
Every time I try to find some community worth a damn, they are either dead or pure cancer.

You are referring to the Web, not the internet, and it's purpose is not to entertain you
Also this is just reactionary hipster bullshit(the good old days). The web has always been a platform for political discussions. Ever heard of Usenet or IRC?

You complain about political discussions through the internet yet you are here? what's your deal user?

keep looking then.

I'm not a regular, I'm just visiting.

/a/ and the slower, smaller boards tend to be alright. The worst ones apart from Holla Forums are Holla Forums and Holla Forums

/mu/ is aight but you got the occasional Holla Forumsyp. They get called out though bu at least one other poster


I would leave but people who aren't using the internet are dull as shit. They usually waste their life watching TV, playing video games, doing drugs or any of the other countless non-educational unthinking activities. I've learned so much from here and 4chan that interacting with people in real life is usually a chore. It's like having to live full time unpaid as a tutor for retards.

I didn't switch, I still browse; /a/, Holla Forums, /fringe/, /christian/ and others I am unable to remember atm.

I enjoy leftypol because you guys take the edge of things, and because the anti-idpol aspects.

It was not satire, it is what imageboards are for.
People did it because the consequences didn't matter, it was cathartic.
The only reason Holla Forums is wrong is because their racism is now ultimately rooted in fear.
The same goes with SJW beliefs, who are only wrong because their views are also rooted in fear.
And even all of this leftist egalitarian thinking, which also is rooted in fear.
Hell, even the people who hate newfags and force imageboard etiquette on them are afraid.

The problem isn't any political view. Politics are like assholes, everybody has them.
The problem is with the priorities of imageboard users, who put consequences over content.

you have to do the chore, you have to work in order to become stronger. Its wise to leave the internet at least more often, it's a sucker of life time.

I still go there for /ck/ and such but I left some boards/stopped going as much




Started browsing Holla Forums around 2012, became a Holla Forumsyp around 2013, mainly a lolbertarian. Quit that shit around the Zimmerman trial because I couldn't stomach the racism and rooting for a murderer. Came over here during GG, but never left halfchan. Started posting here on Holla Forums this year when I got disgusted with reddit being so shit. I still browse and post on /vr/ and /m/, only because those boards are dead here, if they were alive here I'd leave halfchan forever.

honestly I never bothered with Holla Forums that much, although I spent a lot of time on KC /int/
been on 4chan since 2006 though, I rarely use 8ch outside of a few boards.


Interesting, I've always been progressive and I thought that was used as a very poor example of racial violence against blacks. Have you listened to the audio? It's pretty clear it was self defense. That ass shouldn't have been patrolling around with a gun in the first place, but he was brutally attacked and defended himself. I think some of the earlier examples used to stir outrage and led to Black Lives Matter were very poor and did more to harm their credibility than help them.

I still lurk /w/, /wg/ and /c/ for image hoarding since they're semi-active but lack real discussion so the shit doesn't trickle in from Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and /r9k/
i've bumped into a few commiefriends on /wg/ though

He wasn't "attacked" and he sure as fuck didn't act in "self-defense" either. He followed a teenager who at the tine was living in the neighbourhood with his dad around and night cuz "he looked suspicious", started a fight with him (that he couldn't finish) and then pulled a gun on him when he realized he was gonna lose…like a bitch. All that could've been avoided if he woulda just stayed home as the police *told* him to do instead of power tripping and playing Judge Dredd.

>>>Holla Forums

Can you prove this?

Ah yes, as long as people die "like bitches", they're not allowed to defend themselves.

True, he definitely irresponsibly created the situation that led to the events. Doesn't mean the only responsibility is his.

I still post on my motherboard /mlp/

Why would Trayvon start a fight he was by all accounts tryna avoid by running away from Zimmerman? You suggesting he "lured" Zimmerman into an ambush or something? Like I said, he was told to stay put, he didn't, but instead started a fight he couldn't finish. If somebody not only follows me, but also tries to put me under "citizens arrest" in the neighbourhood I live in we're gonna have a problem. Maybe that's a black thing though…

His court testimony was that he was going to die if he hadn't used his gun.

browsed Holla Forums for a month, got bored, browsed Holla Forums, /vg/, /mu/, /lit/, then /his/ before deciding to try visiting here, haven't really looked back since I started working, and it hasn't stopped since I became a student.

LOL For real. He even brought in his old MMA instructor to testify that he couldn't fight his way outta a wet paper back if he tried to support his story. Again, what a bitch…

this can't be real

There hasn't been a good mecha show in decades, you could probably drop that.

Browsed Holla Forums since 2011, it was mostly libertarian back then, but you could find every political affiliation. including nazi stormfag that nobody took seriously
the debate quality was excellent. you'd learn something in every thread.
the average age was like 28 and way pass ther "edgy" phase.
then GG happened, the board got nuked and the post quality kept decreasing steadily till the US election where it reached rock bottom.
you could and still can tell that there is something unnatural about that board, there are people payed to post on it, it is a propaganda board.

i don't think any oldfag still post there, most of them moved to /lit/ and then /his/.
if i had to guess, i'd say the current population of the board is 50% edgy teens 10% old (+40) hillbilly and 40% shills, literal payed agents for propaganda purpose.

it's a sad ending.


I want gun rights above everything else. My right to shoot some fuck trying to hurt me is above everything else.

I was in the military for 6 years, so I have zero trust for the government. I do not trust the cops, I do not trust the feds, I do not trust the politicians. I do not trust capitalists, I do not trust socialists, I do not trust communists, about the only fucking people who I might actually trust are anarchists and libertarians. Only because they are honest and are not hypocrites. They really believe what they preach, and they live it. You know what kind of a deal you would get with them.

I like 4chan and Holla Forums. I don't think the leftists get a fair shake on Holla Forums because the Not Socialists have hijacked the place. I want open political discussion, and there are very few places left to have that without getting silenced and censored by those with opposing views.

Many places in the world are pushing to censor and silence someone because they disagree with what they say and use the term "hate speech" to shut down rational discourse completely.

I know most of you were kicked out of Reddits r/socialism and communism boards for not climbing onto the progressive stack of social justice and identity politics.

So I come here to actually try and understand your views and what your goals are. To try and learn new things I would never hear in a third wave feminist sanitized safe space torture chamber echo chamber like Reddit.

I think Zizek is amazing, and I would never have heard of him without yall.

i blame Hiroshima. since he took over the site it went from bad to awful.
Moot created Holla Forums as a containment board, he knew how cancerous they were and didn't tolerate their garbage leaking on other boards.

Hiroshima didn't care and let the stink run free.

If anything Hiro probably is encouraging Holla Forums's spread. For him it means more hits. A lot of boards have taken an extremely liberal stance when it comes to allowing Holla Forums propaganda. /g/ is especially bad.

This is really sad, if there was a class conscious board on 4chan in the years I was browsing it, it was probably /g/

Hiroshima Nagasaki gook Moot saved 4chan after Moot fell in love with that Jewish girl Mallory Blair who cucked him.
You do remember when he was caught carrying her bags around for her, while she then ran to hook up with some guy and abandoned Moot. He earned the nickname "Luggage lad". He is a little spineless bitch who gave up the entire world, to chase after a large nosed shekel goblin roasty.
He deserves his fate, leave him to it.

He banned all gamergate discussions because that Jewess got her nose hooked into him. Sad. Many such young men cucked by jews.


lol this, although there are a handful of Marxists and MLs you can learn from.

People are paid to post on Holla Forums?

OMG the hazing, I was terrified to post on 4chan, especially in Holla Forums before 2010

Pretty much all of the alt lite are Mercer funded, the alt lite make up a bunch of Holla Forums


Halo custom edition is unironically good though

me too. I spent around 6-8 years before i started posting on 4chan after i started browsing in 2008. newfags were treated mercilessly i was afraid of getting butchered.

Also this is just reactionary hipster bullshit(the good old days). The web has always been a platform for political discussions. Ever heard of Usenet or IRC?
The internet is way more hostile then in the past. The internet is over run by normies, and it’s like fucking Disneyland now, all fake lowest common denominator bullshit normie cock sucking. Be it white Nationalism or narcissistic social media.
It’s not hipster shit, the average person just did not use the internet for socializing before 2010 or there abouts.
Have you found any fuck wad.

So does trainman pay people directly to go on 4chan and shill or just through influence?

lol this! Maybe it just me sucking my own cock but I feel like chans weren’t just some passive form of consumerism. You had to contribute, even if that contribution was just lurking and learning the culture.
All everyone wants now is easy infantile affirmations. You can’t even mildly criticize shit like game of thrones without normies looking st you like you slapped them across the face.

many intelligence agencies realized that TV and other regular medias were dying, internet gave them an opportunity to feed propaganda directly to the target group.

Yes, there are people, in gov agencies around the world who are payed to sit on their asses all day and shitpost on social medias.

there is a war currently going on.
for decades governmental institutions were able to control what their citizens were fed.

the internet flipped the table around and allowed foreign government to use propaganda effectively.

Jamal Jenkins comics are sooo 2012.

Somebody please PhotoShop Moot's face onto this kid's body.

Baby boomers…

PS: This is the kinda unironic Naziposting that ran him off the site and turned 4Chan into a far-right Christian torture chamber. You're part of the problem.

what the fuck

I only stayef for the /trash/ furry generals because I didn't know e6 didn't exist. Oh right not a lefty either, I'm just being honest

Started off on Holla Forums, got bored of it, moved to /a/, /g, Holla Forums, and /x/. Went to reddit because of the stormfag influx.

Got excited about Bernie in 2015, started reading and took a hard left, wound up on FC and LSC, got increasingly fed up with getting called a brocialist, eventually got banned for calling something stupid and shitposting in WSB within a few months, then moved here for my Internet home.

I'm trapped on mulp forever

arent the guys in that show avid farmers? i fuckin love agriculture. goddamn i want to feed everybody

Don't act like 90% of you didn't come from 4chan. Don't act like 90% don't still browse 4chan regularly.

Fuck you. Brchan was my home.
sdds do R

it is of course obviously fucking likely since this whole site got its userbase from the migration waves you retard. many people admitted that they still browse 4chan for the speed and topics they enjoy, who woulda thunkit?

Just Applejack is a hardcore farmer, her and her family basically supply the entire town with apples.
Each main character has a different thing they like do or have a career in.

Eh kc and 420chan were always more for me. Only board I use on halfchan is /out/ but that has been invaded by boomers who think going outdoors is some stupid competition in manlyness too.

oh thats cute, horses really like apples.

AJ is basically a middle peaseant too
Her farm isn't massive and her and her family do all the labor. They never exploit anybody in production.

I had trouble staying away from 4chan for years while I tried to enjoy communities like 7chan and 99chan. But that ended for good with Gamergate and Hiroyuki. I won't have my posts datamined. As much as I hate what has happened to most of the rest of 8ch's community, I'm still fucking thrilled that a real alternative to 4chan managed to stay alive this time.

I'm in the process of transitioning from 4/pol/ but I'm going to 8/pol/ now. Just stopping by to see what's up around here. You guys seem more like radical centrists to me than far left antifag commies how I'd imagined

Did Holla Forums tell you we're a bunch of SJWs?
And no, we're not radical centrists, we're commies but we have a lot of infighting about what KIND of commies we should be

No, Holla Forums doesn't mention you very often. It was just sort of expected since you're literally the left wing Holla Forums. Commies are pretty dumb and you whine about capitalism way too much though

I don't think we whine about capitalism enough. Way too much idpol garbage gets tolerated here. It does nothing but divide and conquer so those in charge can continue ruining everything for everyone unopposed.

you do alot of whining and not much action. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing considering communism is pretty fuckin dumb but from what I see so far it's alot of "muh bourgeoisie"
the divide and conquer shit is why I left pol actually. It's infested with obvious shills and nobody seems to notice. Like just last week pol was all blue lives matter and then as soon as the daniel shaver incident surfaced there was like 100 threads with 1 post by OP and 300 replies saying "fuck pigs" and nobody seemed to notice

Can you explain why you think communism is dumb? It seems like you're purposefully being vague about it indicating you don't know much theory. I wouldn't consider it good practice to oppose something if I didn't actually invest time into understanding the other side's point of view. It just opens yourself to look ignorant and unprepared in the case someone challenges your views and so you lose potential recruits from the audience by doing so. Even if you don't consider yourself a communist you should at least learn about what communism is or isn't and I would recommend checking out the stickied reading list. At the very least it would make debates against communists be more meaningful and might even convert a few your way.

I am being vague because I don't know a whole lot about it. Not to the extent an actual communist would, I have no problem admitting that. There's a couple things I do know however. One of them being that if you threaten to take a billionaires money if he stays in your country he's just going to take his money elsewhere and another being that if a worker has no elevation to work towards (IE a higher revenue stream if he works harder) it'll take away his will to do his job well.
I'm also very much of the mindset that poor people are poor for a reason and rich people are rich for a reason. It's natural selection of the 21st century

I don't even remember when I first started visiting imageboards(2009?), but in case of 4chan I used came to browse only /jp/ until the janishits managed to make it unbrowsable. Also I think NEET threads have actually managed to influence my beliefs with all that shitting on wagies.

Who this anime is

I used to shitpost on /m/ a lot. Got tired of the Holla Forums shit, and found out about this place.

No, newfag-kun, you and your ilk made /jp/ unbrowsable.

Recaptcha for every post made me leave - I still have some dignity left! Haven't been there in years.

In what regard? Quite a few years had passed before I had to accept my attempts at maintaining board quality were in vain and all it is left is to piss in the ocean in piss along the other retards.

Communists believe in production for use rather than for exchange making money completely useless. What this means is that instead of producing excessive amounts of goods and then uselessly hoarding them until someone hopefully pays your price over another who needlessly did the exact same thing. you produce to satisfy the needs of the people. Billionaires taking their money elsewhere also doesn't stop you from producing your own goods and services. In fact investors are typically a drain on a community because they extract surplus value from their workers while offering nothing in return. Let me give you an example: I give you 10$ worth of supplies and tell you to make me item x, you make me item x and a I sell that for 100$ and give you 1$ for your work. I started with 10$ and after doing nothing but telling you what to do I have 100$. Where did that 90$ (what we call surplus value) come from? Communists believe that the 90$ came from the labor you did and so it should belong to you. Giving you 1$ means I have stolen 89$ that should have been yours. To top it all off I now have more power than you because my 100$ is worth more than your 1$. Even if you wise up and quit I can buy 10 other workers with my profits from your work to do the same for me.

A communist would argue that theft of surplus value forces the worker to not care about his work at all. No matter how well he does his job he'll still come out worse off. Allowing the worker to keep the full value of his labor encourages him to put his full effort into it. A better product also means he'll get to work less from it breaking due to planned obolescence and producing for use means he'll get to work less because there won't be entire grocery stores of food that get thrown out because nobody is buying it. Quality over quantity is a personal philosophy of mine and capitalism encourages the opposite to occur because more production of any kind means more products for the investor.

Poor people are poor because they were born in poor material conditions and rich people are rich because they were born in rich material conditions. If you really want social darwinism communism is the way to go. People can have beneficial mutations to the human race but because they were born in a place where they get killed by something as easily preventable as starvation we'll never get to make use of it. Likewise capitalist royalty can be born with detrimental genes like haemophilia in European royalty of the past and then reproduce simply because they were born rich. If you really want social darwinism it makes sense to level the material conditions so that the species can actually compete based on genes rather than geographical lottery tickets and communism allows for this.

but user it's only temporary until the automated spam stops

More profits for the investor.*

Anzu Futaba


If my work was worth that $100 I could just sell it on my own and cut out a middleman. You wouldn't have to tell me to "make x" because if I valued my work that much I would just do it and sell it for that $100. If nobody wants to buy that $100 item from me than the other guy is obviously doing something better.

You seem to be looking at this in a pretty narrow sense. There's more jobs you can do than simply creating something and having someone (or yourself) sell it. Say your job is to file papers all day and a corporation pays you to do that. If you were to file papers at home all day nothing would get accomplished. You'd just have overly organized papers for no reason. The corporation is not selling your paper filing, they just need the papers filed and value that enough to pay somebody to do it. A job like this would have no real surplus value, as far as I can tell.
Ontop of this, nobody is stopping a worker from getting the full value of his labor. That's just called running your own business and millions of people do it. I don't think anybody really likes "big corporations", but it's not the system that's at fault for that. It's the workers being willing to be wagesluts for Walmart. I suppose you could argue that that's the free market, but I see nothing wrong with this so long as the people accepting the jobs know what they're getting into. If you make chairs for Ikea or something and get like $0.10 per chair, and you don't like that, nothing is stopping you from opening up your own chair shop and selling them for full price.

I disagree with this fully. Poor people are poor because of the conditions they were born in BUT only for the first 18 years of their life. After that, there is theoretically nothing stopping you from improving your situation and anybody who elects not to is simply unmotivated. If a community cannot even prevent themselves from starving I doubt very many of their genes will be too beneficial to me. You don't get some 200 Autism Level big brained nibba who can't even figure out how to grow some corn and hunt a deer. I'm personally of the mindset that if people are born with a serious inheritable disease like such shouldn't be allowed to reproduce unless they can prove themselves "worthy" in some other way.

In fact, that is quite wrong. Studies have shown that increasingly better rewards result in better performance for simple mechanical labor, but only to a certain extent. As tasks require increasing cognitive input, better rewards stop doing anything, and at some point of reward level it actually reverses: more money for such a task makes the person perform worse than they would otherwise.

Here's an easy video condensing some of these studies:

That's not quite the effect, according to incentives-vs-effort studies. The reason democratic workplaces are more productive than capitalist businesses is most likely because workers are not alienated from the products of their labor.

Highly complicated jobs are usually already being done by people working at the best of their abilities. Things like curing cancer and alot of the hard sciences are done by people motivated more by knowledge and doing good than by materialistic wants like you'd see in a "regular" business.
Also, I'm not saying that people will work better if they get more money, I'm saying that the promise of more money is a good motivator for working harder.

The data appear to demonstrate that autonomy is much more important than material reward.

Sometimes I think that the post quality on this board is lacking, but then I visit 4/pol/ and see shit like threads dedicated to hating on single mothers, and below that a thread asking why women don’t support right wing politics. That shit makes me feel infinitely better about this place.

The only thing wrong with 4pol is all the shill threads being spammed constantly. Disagreeing with their views isn't making the post quality bad, the shills and newfags are.

But you lack the capital to buy the 10$ entrance fee in the form of supplies. You need to produce item x for me 10 times assuming you have absolutely no other expenses. Doing so would net me around 1000$, which I could theoretically use to buy technology that produces it twice as quickly for 100$ and still pay workers 1$ each, maybe even less now that they aren't as threatening to me due to the now 100$ entrance fee to compete with my business.
Without the worker filing papers they just have a mess of unorganized papers. They only hire a worker to do this for them if they can extract a profit. If nobody files the papers the business cannot function properly and therefore dies. Saying the worker cannot file papers without the company is another cause of workers not owning the means of production. In the previous example I explained the 100$ entrance fee to compete and this is no different. The other workers are working to make sure this business doesn't die and for some reason someone doing nothing gets their money multiplied from the labor of others. If the workers owned the means of production the document filer could work and still keep the full value of their labor.
Like I said startup costs are prohibiting it under capitalism. Abolishing these startup costs (capital) is a key focus of communism.
This is where the idea of borders comes into play. Capitalism operates under the idea of free movement of products across borders but prohibition of free movement of people across borders. A country exploiting the resources of another country while preventing the citizens of said country to do anything about it or move away is a big problem for natural selection. People trapped in Africa working a dollar a day for the profits of another country cannot do much with a beneficial mutation for the human race no matter how advantageous it is. Similarly some mentally retarded son of a CEO doesn't need to do much to succeed because they can even pay people to invest for them, literally no effort is needed on their part.

Well that's where investments, loans and playing your cards right comes into play. Start off small for cheaper or take a loan or just work more until you can afford your equipment.

This "someone doing nothing" is more often than not actually doing things, just not the same things you are. They just have the "more important" job, and thus are paid more for it.
How do you decide the value of said filers labor? If the business will go under without them, do they just get like 90% of the profits? or do you split it up evenly between everybody working in the company? But that won't work because some peoples jobs are definitely more valuable than others, and some people work much harder than others. How do you figure all of this out and why would you even really want to when what we have works just fine?

The idea that capitalism has to be "global" is kind of ridiculous. You could just as easily have a small capitalist state as a global business.
the people "trapped in Africa" worked their way into their own shithole. The people in power let companies from other countries "exploit their resources" and the individuals take a dollar per day to do their job. They do not have the right to come and shit up my country just because they fucked up over there already. The idea that some dindu stuck in the middle ages is going to have "beneficial mutations" for the rest of us frankly seems ridiculous. These are the same people that use men turning into wolves as a valid excuse for selling human meat and are unable to make anything out of all the millions of dollars we've poured into their countries.
If that son really is mentally retarded it doesn't matter how many investors he has, his business is going to fail. You cannot lead a successful company and be a bumbling retard. That's how bankruptcy happens.

I used 4chan since 2003, something happened after christmas that made a friend bring it up. I still use it. I also use Holla Forums since there's not really any censorship and the quality is better.

Oops what a mess of formatting.

You don't seem to understand that no matter how hard you work your employer is always going to be more competitively advantaged to you. Nothing stops them from taking your idea for a new business and simply crushing you out with more slaves, more political power, more technological power and pretty much any other advantage you thought you had. After all they aren't even working so they have all the time in the world.

You're contradicting yourself here, how does one decide the importance of a worker's work under capitalism? Democratic control of the means of production by workers works more effectively than a dictatorship. If workers collectively agree that a job deserves more respect then they might allocate more resources to that person for example. There are various schools of thought as to how this would work and all are more effective than capitalism. Why are you happy settling for "just fine" when we have a system that works far better? It's like arguing against using a bicycle because walking is "just fine". Capitalism is a hell of a lot better than feudalism but that doesn't mean we should become complacent with it instead of striving for better.

Sounds to me like you're suddenly afraid of natural selection and being chosen based on your genetic traits rather than the material conditions you were born into. If you truly are superior then free movement of people shouldn't be a problem. What happened to your argument here?
Assuming you have the capital you can get started on the path to do nothingness right now. Research "financial independence/early retirement" or FIRE for short to get started.

Meant for

I still use it, mostly Holla Forums, but I miss the old Holla Forums when there was actually diversity of opinion and actual debate, now it's just supporters and trolls.

Oppressed the poor join the resistance for a better life. They want to destroy the ruling propertied class, the bourgeoisie. The emblem of the resistance as similar to the emblem of the Soviet Union.


New to Imageboards in general. Banned from r/FULLCOMMUNISM and tired of shitposting on r/COMPLETEANARCHY

Lurk. You. Must. Lurk. Purge your Reddit self. Know your place. Everything might go well.


Yes and in fact the only reason I found out about it was when Holla Forums starting calling everyone Holla Forums.
This place is a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the modern internet