Daily News Thread 11/28

U.S. Coast Guard operating secret floating prisons in Pacific Ocean

In the war on drugs, the U.S. Coast Guard is reportedly turning its cutter ships into floating prisons.

Democrats Pull Out of Trump Meeting After He Says Deal Is Unlikely

The top two Democratic leaders in Congress pulled out of a meeting with President Donald Trump on Tuesday after he tweeted that a budget deal with them was unlikely, raising the odds that the U.S. government will partially shut down next week.

'Many more' US troops in Syria and Iraq - report

The number of US troops in Syria and Iraq is significantly higher than acknowledged by Pentagon officials, a US defence department report shows.

France's Macron outlines new approach to African policy

French President Emmanuel Macron has outlined a new approach to relations with Africa as he begins a regional trip starting with Burkina Faso.

Marines forced to masturbate to gay porn in Deal or No Deal-style punishments

Two Royal Marine corporals forced soldiers who had failed in routine tasks to masturbate to gay porn and hung them upside down while they were whipped, a court martial has heard.

Ireland's deputy PM Frances Fitzgerald resigns amid crisis

Ireland's deputy prime minister Frances Fitzgerald has said she is resigning for the sake of the country, averting a snap general election.

German pro-refugee mayor Andreas Hollstein stabbed

A mayor in western Germany has survived a knife attack amid suspicions of a link to his liberal immigration policy.

Kenyatta Sworn in as President of Kenya

The ceremony was administered using the Bible that his father, founding President Jomo Kenyatta, used in 1963 independence.

Vietnamese blogger jailed for reporting devastating chemical spill but CEOs responsible walk free

A Vietnamese blogger has been jailed for seven years for reporting on a chemical spill that poisoned around 125 miles of the country's central coastline in 2016.

Houston Exploiting Undocumented Day Laborers Post Harvey

Between 83 and 87 percent of the workers have not been taught how to work around damaged buildings, mold and contaminate water, fallen trees or electrical lines

Washington Post uncovers fake Roy Moore story 'sting'

Right-wing brainlet James O'Keefe fails badly at baiting Washington Post with rape lie.

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The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding State Surveillance

A straightforward guide to privacy, messaging, and keeping yourself safe from passive and active surveillance.

How Opioids Started Killing Americans

A huge study of the epidemic’s acceleration shows most deaths began with a prescription.

Facebook Shuts Down Event Page for Student Walk Out Against Richard Spencer as Week of Action Begins

Students at the University of Michigan have begun a week of action against neo-Nazi and white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, who is believed to be coming to the university soon to hold a speaking event after his legal team threatened to sue the campus.

France's Macron outlines new approach to African policy

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We essentially have Face/Off IRL now

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holy fuck


How many deals has President Deals dealt so far?

Jesus christ his brain really is swiss cheese. Can he not stop tweeting things for fucking five seconds?

Jesus fuck archive that cancer.

How is it any different than linking bloomburg.

get a load of this guy

What really stood out to me was what happened after "Johnny Arcentales" had his 70 day illegal detention ordeal; imprisoned in the US for 10 years for smuggling cocaine from south america to central america. The prison industrial complex is apparently not satisfied with preying on the ghettos in their own country, now they're grabbing people from other fucking countries too.

North Korea has fired a missile into the Japan's economic zone in the East Sea, more than likely a SLBM testing solid fuel and accuracy systems. This is the first test since September 15th. It isn't unusual for DPRK to slow down tests intervals during the winter. It is interesting that they tested the missile at night however, given that most tests take place in either the early morning or afternoon. This comes after anxieties of DPRK suggesting that they might test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific.

Yesterday a Japanese missile expert stated that he believes that DPRK will have finished their nuclear program by next year.

The White House is right now trying to pin the blame on the Dems rather than Trump being a retarded negotiator.

Candidate Macron:

President Macron:

I'm less surprised by this than I am thinking people actually believed he was smart when he was running. This has always been a man who clearly is as mentally deteriorated as Hillary Clinton if not more.

Damn, now that's a fucking headline if I've ever seen one

shock status: imagined²

Bannon and Pence sure did a number on him.

Update: Confirmed by defense department to be an ICBM. Total flight time of 50 min; missile was launched from Pyonsong over Japan's Island of Hokkaido. There were reports of three missiles being shot, but is likely a reflection of a three-stage rocket. If that is the case, DPRK now has proven their capability to hit the US' East Coast.

Trump has canceled his 3pm press conference with the press corps, will be derived to his pool if reporters instead.

Nice, they've really taken great strides in their missile program.


We live in superjail now

That headline is Vice madlibs

I wouldn't care that much if Trump and the military actually had a competent deterrence policy. At the moment they don't, and every test is serves a provocation for the US. I'm fairly afraid of a new war at the moment.

War is more likely now than it has been in a while, sadly. But that's not all down to Trump; the strategic necessity for the DPRK has been there since the Iraq and Libya wars. We should never forget that we drifted into dangerous times a while ago. Though of course blowing up the Iran deal and being a belligerent oaf is no small matter either.

I'm not TOO worried, I doubt the DPRK views nukes as anything other than a deterrent against an invasion/regime change.

It would be perfect if they worked as a deterrent, that would settle it for everyone. The real risk is that the US high command gets it into their minds that they has to strike while their arsenal is not yet in place. The DPRK has pretty much demonstrated that they can hit the US, now all they need to do is build up a stockpile. Missile defenses might stop them now, but not when they have built dozens of missiles that can fire simultaneously.
We'll learn if the US will accept that soon enough, because their window for a conventional war is closing fast.

So what you're saying is that we're either safe or going to die really soon

Good to know! Fuck job hunting in 2017 I'm going to save as much hentai to my laptop as I can. When the rads hit I'm going to be the horniest feral ghoul around

It could be a contained war. If not, Europe is safer than most places at least. If it's just China and the US, Russia and Europe might well sit it out. It would be hell world after that, but we would keep our infrastructure and population. Even if there is radiation in the atmosphere, if it does not cause acute death, you can engineer your society to function with people who die at 35 from cancerous growths and need to have 10 children to reach replacement level in the population.

Rookie mistake. You need to be printing out as many pictures as you possibly can, you can't rely on electricity when shit hits the fan. If you wanted to be prepared for this you should have started ages ago like I have.

As a guy who gets panic attacks over this stuff, here's some advice

And take some comfort knowing that, even if you do die in a nuclear attack, it's probably the quickest and most painless ways to die ever. It's far better to die in the actual explosion than survive to see the Fallout.

Wtf I want to join the military now

We're either getting a nuclear holocaust or an economic crash. Either way, 2018 looks to be a good year for mutant barbarians.

America won't invade North Korea unless it wants to lose its East Asian allies' trust irrevocably

They are doing more than anyone else for socialism

This is the start to WH40K

I actually used to do this but every three months I'd get bored of what I printed out and would shred it and start a new cache. As a failsafe I have most of the monster musume manga packed away under my bed

Cool, moving to LA

I'd rather just have the economic hellscape. I'd pick mad max over fallout 4 any day

that is one magical realm
oh boy more hotpockets
Holla Forumsyps waiting with baited breath for the article to load to see whether to praise the stabber and make comments that would be legally considered threatening if they weren't coming from frogposters, or claim he's representative of his race/religion and that what he did was barbaric
heh, almost like the turds in charge need these clowns to be their boogeyman to clamp down further on acceptable public discourse…


so are you with the russian nationalists or with Miss Piggy's clique?

No news about 30-year unsolved hijack of TV station?