“I hate students,” [Zizek] said, “they are (as all people) mostly stupid and boring

“I hate students,” [Zizek] said, “they are (as all people) mostly stupid and boring.
In a recent interview at this year’s Zizek Conference in Ohio, Zizek talked about his personal life before delving into his thoughts on teaching.
“I hate giving classes,” Zizek said, citing office hours and grading papers as his two biggest peeves.
“I did teach a class here [at the University of Cincinnati] and all of the grading was pure bluff,” he continues. “I even told students at the New School for example… if you don’t give me any of your shitty papers, you get an A. If you give me a paper I may read it and not like it and you can get a lower grade.” He received no papers that semester.
But it’s office hours that are the main reason he does not want to teach.
“I can’t imagine a worse experience than some idiot comes there and starts to ask you questions, which is still tolerable. The problem is that here in the United States students tend to be so open that sooner or later, if you’re kind to them, they even start to ask you personal questions [about] private problems… What should I tell them?”
“I don’t care,” he continued. “Kill yourself. It’s not my problem,”

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fs2.american.edu/dfagel/www/Class Readings/Marx/Marx, _On the Jewish Question_Edited version from Tucker.pdf

Zizek is just another lazy academic fucktard. That's all right…people like him, the city folks all have a cure for their problem: working.

Hey, Mr. Pot. Big fan of your work.

God I love Zizek.

Why would anyone complain about a class with no work?

Why the fuck do people look up to this guy again? I bet nobody even understands his Lacanian, Hegelian, whatever bullshit, they just pretend to to look smart.



Cause they want to learn something

Lmao sounds like shit my dad tells me since he’s also an academic. Some people are unbelievably dense and shouldn’t make it into uni, but somehow they do. Actual quotes from papers submitted by on of my father’s students:

I hundred percent hate Žižek at this point, no matter if you quoted is true or not. He repeats himself, keeps interrupting others to tell these stupid ass jokes that have nothing to do with the topic, and on top of that, he just loves to take this "enlightened centrist" position on almost every issue presented to him, where he goes on "I kinda agree, kinda don't because blah blah hegel blah blah lacan" rants that have no conclusions to be arrived at. In a sense, he is a perfect guy for all these hordes of Holla Forums converts lurking at Holla Forums who have replaced Schlomo memes with porky memes, and who still maintain their old spooks but instead of calling you a cuck, they call you a neoliberal. Have fun sucking authoritarian cock and listening to meme philosophers like Peterson and Zizek, suits you all of you faggots all the same no matter which side of the political spectrum you're at.

That one telling that far-right is the "enemy of the enemy" of us was the last straw. I absolutely don't give a fuck about politics right now, it's such a stupid fucking game, gonna take a break from Holla Forums too and focus on non-political activities for a while now.

I mean it wouldn't be the worse thing in the world if so many people on Holla Forums who don't understand what he's saying kept pretending like they're scholars. Some people have such a hard time admitting he's wrong about anything ever.

You must be American, or at the very least {{{Anglo-Saxon}}}.You sound so assblasted.It's usually the case with you, guys.

Zizek doesn't care about politics.He just makes use of pomofaggots and kikes who invite him to speak at different events and does his shit because he enjoys talking and lecturing a lot.


See, I got into the JQ after having browsed Holla Forums for a while.It's not about changing memes, but making a synthesis out of them.

That's actually good.Give up internet politics forever.It's for pathetic edgelords who hate themselves and function on fear.

Just further proof that Zizek's biggest critics either don't understand what he's saying or don't bother to read him.

Fuck off brainlet.

I swear I will throw fucking money at him when I see him. The legend.

Because there are a lot of people that aren't retarded and don't form their opinions based off of half-read articles or hearsay from other dimwits.

Saddest thing in the entire world is giving up your freedom of thought in favor of idolizing people that don't give a shit about you. Are you seriously calling me names just because I don't like Žižek? I think I wouldn't even get half this much hate if I went to Holla Forums and called Hitler a kike.

Absolutely agreed. I hate that cult of personality shit, it didn't use to be a part of chan culture until GG.

It's not hearsay

It's almost like you just read the headline.

Except that I didn't. Read the last lines of the article.

You didn't read the "enemy of my enemy" inteview did you? That wall of text you provided is almost the same lenght, why don't you get your fucking head out of your ass and do some actual studying instead of relying on headlines?

Oh well in that case you are just an illiterate moron. Kill yourself liberal trash.

Me, at the unemployed working class whose jobs were automated away and are of no use to me, asking for concessions to not starve:

“I don’t care. Kill yourself. It’s not my problem,”

Yeah because that's obviously what students at universities usually complain about.

I'm calling you a brainlet because everything you've said demonstrates that you're incompetent. This post of yours is just the idiot cherry on top of a moron sundae.

Read the last lines of the interview, Holla Forums convert pieces of shits.


Actually, lets take it a step further: Why should the bourgeoisie care about unequality, the unemployed, the starving, those dying from illness? Fuck you, I got mine. Any socialist/communist/leftist movement will be squashed and you must die when you are of no use to this system.

“I don’t care, Kill yourself. It’s not my problem,” is the perfect embodinent of bourgeois thought and I'm glad this permanently blue oaf recognizes it. Hopefully you lefties recognize it too and kill yourselves too.


I have read it - now what? Are you saying we shouldn't assist the Bannon supporters against Trumpanzees?

Bannon supporters are literally worse scum than Trumplets.

Zizek is kind of an edgelord.

By a bit I mean edgelord supreme

Who are these Brannon supporters who aren't also Trump supporters?

This, watch his criterion collection video, the only reason he likes the movies he likes is because they're vulgar and offensive, he's essentially what Pierre Tru-Dank will be at 68

It usually is, every conversation can begin and end with "I'm broke as fuck" "Same"

Grow up. This is high school mentality.

Student poverty is an entirely different experience from working poverty, you'd know this if you ever had a job and paid rent every week

You tell me. No, seriously, I don't know what the fuck to make of this dude. He's a complete loon

I think if anything we'd have an easier time reaching out to Trump supporters who are just republicans, rather than followers of a self identified """civic""" nationalist.

It's still poverty. Student poverty in America is far worse than you think it is, you have to be European to consider this.

I think Bannon is just taking his midlife crisis out with a media platform.

Bannon is a leninist if you replace "workers" with " the white race" and "the bouj" with "globalists"


This is just typical American anti-political analysis. If you strip Lenin of all context and theory your just left with a guy who wanted to overthrow the government.

Students complain about their soaring student loans and having to skip meals wtf are you on about

Worker fetishism and turd worldism is the only true leftism, the rest is idpol liberalism reee!!11!!

If I had enough money I would pay for Zizek and Steve Bannon to film a porno

I don't know many students who aren't worried about the tremendous debt they've taken up, especially since so many of them are finding it hard to get a job after graduation.

Itt: butthurt burger students.

This word, I hate it. I hate this word, what the fuck does it even mean

We have plenty to be butthurt about considering I'm probably not paying off this debt for the rest of my life, and the only job security you can have these days in the coming economic collapse is a degree you can fall back on.

But there's still debt, there's still plenty of students going bankrupt. Yeah I think the butthurt about our education system is warranted.

This is when you think that 19th century revolutionary subject (factory-working white proles living in inner city ghettoes) are the only allowed revolutionary subject in leftist discourse from then to forever.

bannon actually just read the wiki summary of state and rev and just left it at that

Who gives a shit?

It means you think the only revolutionary subject is Charlie Chaplin's character in Modern Times.

This precludes the notion that the laborer can be many different things today.

imho he's trying, albeit very clumsily, to apply Maurrasian thought to American politics (he admits this himself - politico.eu/article/steve-bannons-french-marine-le-pen-front-national-donald-trump-far-right-populism-inspiration/ ).

it means you jerk off on workers

Not a burger, not a student, but european prole, but even I think Žižek is being excessive in his autistic outburst.

I don't like the word because the point of it seems redundant, yes people who use it preclude so many different types of labor, but at the same time people who are just entering can believe it applies to them. There's got to be a better way to word that.

It means glorifying every aspect of the working class, more specifically what was considered the traditional working class and justifying/liking some of their reactionary tendencies, like Russians beating up women and gays, racist white southerns defending the Confederacy and middle easterns being islamists but it's okay because they are le anti imperialist.

Funnily enough inner city blacks, single moms and immigrants never count as working class even though they are disproportionately represented in poverty statistics.

This guy said it.

Why does this always happen?

Fuck those people then? I just think a different word could be used.

Kek christian moralizing belongs in the trash. You don't have to love humanity to be a communist. I'm a communist because it's in my self interest not because I love my neighbor.

But Zizek is one of the critics of this kind of commercialized education. In the very paragraph(s) quoted, he mentions the problem of all grades in US universities being pay-to-play inflated fraud. He is an objective ally, even if he is not nice about it. You Americans are too obsessed about niceness, it's why you come up with nonsense like NAP Violations and safe spaces.

Well he is an extreme neurotic, and an old man to boot. Forgive him his foibles.

this but unironically

If he's just being abrasive for the sake of being abrasive to prove his point, I fail to see a reason I shouldn't be annoyed by it. He's acting like an edgy teenager. Not that isn't his shtick, but he's not exactly helping anyone by representing dissent of this education system we have with "I don't care, kill yourself".

It isn't about niceness it's just about putting your point out there without sounding like the amazing atheist

Lmao Zizek doesn't even work so he doesn't even have labor to be stolen,

thats because large portions of those demographics dont do a goddamn day of work in their lives
isnt the prerequisite to being working class you actually work for a living instead of being a welfare sponge

Ok. What's your point anyway? Being a worker also isn't a prerequisite to being a communist.

Umm… unironically?

Finally someone said it.

Zizek gets paid to do speeches to elite bourgeoisie like Obama and in the OP said how he hates and doesn't do the one job he could be doing, I'd say he has it pretty good compared to the rest of us seeing as he can choose what he does and earns hundreds of thousands each year from books he admittedly bullshitted.

He isn't working class, he doesn't care about the working class and in fact I'd say he doesn't care about anyone seeing as he can't even be arsed to have basic human decency and not tell kids with problems to kill themselves.

But by all means please do tell me how an elite misanthropic academic boomer speaks for my interests.

it is if you intend not to get gulag'd

b-but žižek is b-based… he's l-like the peterson guy but l-leftist…

Go back to Holla Forums

Blacks and latinos make up 12% and 17% of the workforce, moron.

I guess Engels wasn't a communist.

not in my country they dont

an idealist bourgeoisie element that would need to be eliminated during the revolution

When did Zizek become the Amazing Atheist? Why do you people worship this old fart?

(not true, by the way)

Look this is what I am talking about. It's a fucking joke, fuck off with this bleeding heart shit. People kill themselves, whatever.
Plus, if a snide remark from your uni prof is all it takes to push you over the edge, then to keep you is no gain, your suicide is no loss

Yes. Unironically.
Most jews suck.
Most burgeois students suck.
You draw the conclusions.

I just dislike jews.I'm sorry.They suck.When some bearded anarchist faggot back in the day said it you make jpegs to convert Holla Forumsyps but when someone actually says it he's a Holla Forumsack.
I mean, JUST

Marx would have disawvowed Leninism,Maoism and every other soviet kike or non-kike.

If anything Marx would have praised Hitler for what he tried to do.This is the thing with lefties.

Yeah dude Marx was real big on class collaboration and privatization.


no 1 nose

I'm glad you're beginning to understand. If you have any problems with capitalism it's because you're stupid. If you disagree you should kill yourself.


Kill yourself.

Student activism is cringey and spooked as fuck on idpol. That being said Zizek comes off as an edgy teenager. He could obviously had said it better but he is known for his off-beat humor and edgy attitude. I personally think he is overrated and any flack he gets is justified solely for the fact that he is another pop-culture who drenches his critiques in Hegel and Lacan

fs2.american.edu/dfagel/www/Class Readings/Marx/Marx, _On the Jewish Question_Edited version from Tucker.pdf

You are really no better than the Libertarians I despise.

Hey, at least its a clean cock that actually functions.

When it's a joke at the expense of people who have worked their ass off to get to a point where they still have a liklihood of ending up in poverty, people are going to find the joke abrasive. I don't understand where you just think you can shout "HEY I DON'T CARE KILL YOURSELVES" to the people you're trying to speak for isn't going to cause everyone to laugh.

Because almost everyone I know in college at this point is some degree of suicidal at the prospect of life after graduation.

Yes, as we previously established only white men in blue collar jobs are working class

Lol I knew Zizek was eventually gonna give the crypto social liberals here a reason to hate him. Yeah, he isn’t even that good but his real crime is he isn’t towing the line with every bullshit mantra and let cause that matters to the moral Left as Bricmont terms it.

Kinda funny that Zizek supporting SYRIZA and the EU isn’t what pissed the tards off here but the idea that there should be working class unity across bullshit party lines and that we should use the class contradictions in both parties to destroy them.

Come on, I saw through Trump on day 1 but even I have to admit that I can understand why someone voted for him instead of Clinton.

The US Left keeps trying to skim off the social base of the Democrats (which is largely petit-bourg tbh) and that’s okay even when they commit genocides. But saying “hey I know some of these workers are racist but we should get them on our side” is evil and crypto-fascist. Zizek even said at the end of the article we can never forget about the racism on that side of the aisle which imo is really a conceit to the moral left discourse that there really is a difference between imperialist politicians like Sanders, Clinton and Trump. He even plugged the trans meme in the article too but that wasn’t enough for the social liberals.

The crypto-SJWs here have been trying to take advantage of the contrarian nature of chan culture since Trump’s election to undo Holla Forums‘s anti-idpol perspective that they never agreed with in the first place.

Could you be any more disingenuous. He didn't say if you have a problem with capitalism that makes you stupid.

Are you speaking in defense of authoritarianism on Holla Forums of all places, you utter fucktard?

NO MORE BROTHER WARS(You are the kid at the lunchtable that tries to fit in)

I don't think I've ever seen a thread on Zizek here that didn't make me think he's a huge asshole.
He's not even amusing like Stirner, he's just a bit of a cunt.

Zizek has literally never stated he speaks for or represents the working class. If anything he's chastised other academics for acting as if they do.

Hahaha just like telling poor parents their children are worthless
Just like telling black people they should stop being poor and violent
Just like telling single moms they should have aborted their kids instead of asking for help
Just like telling disabled people to die and stop being burdens on society when they need social security

All jokes right hahaha

Yeah he just said if you have any problems you should kill yourself.

Then why on Earth does he push himself so hard as this milquetoast socialist? If he's chastised other people for doing it, he's a complete hypocrite for it. Because that is what he does.


I didn't got the memo about the topic becoming a taboo here.

shit theory, piss praxis, conclusion:

Jokes can be made at anyone's expense, all this kicking down formalism is trite. He doesn't want to deal with the petty personal drama and neuroses of people less than half his age whom he has very little feeling with, and he uses a gauche hyperbole to express his opinion. Perish the thought!

Don't quit your day job.

Because he's a communist who gives his opinion when asked. Not every communist thinks they speak for the entirety of the working class. Nor should they.

What makes you think he wasn't as a means to an end?He also advocated for voting in elections even it was just burgeoise democracy or some shit.

In fact, privatising certain industries instead of MUH STATE WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING FOR A TIME WHOOPS LOST IT is smart. He understood how market economies worked and he wanted to win a war instead of pushing 11 million retards into the enemy fire with empty makeshift rifles just for the fuck of it.

You can read Weber and Marx while watching David Good Goy Harvey lectures on Das Kikepital on youtube for free in the comfort of your own home.

You are rich compared to my shithole of a country.And if you actually pondered on why you want to go to college in the first place maybe you would tread more lightly and not go into debt if you know you probably won't have the money to pay up after you finish college.I know it sucks but we're all responsible for our own actions. No matter how much you think pulling yourself by the bootstraps is a meme, it's not.


I think this is more of a character archetype than anything

Yeah I can't quit my job and just charge thousands for giving improvised speeches to elite academics like Zizek

they need some proper culture

Almost everyone I know is going into medicine because it's reliable, but you will now probably say BRAINWASHED BRAINWASHED BRAINWASHED DEBT DEBT DEBT.

But I admit, you are right it is easy to give up on life and rely on other people for your social safety net. But that safety net won't exist forever unless your parents are petit or more.

In the conditions of austerity, you're telling people whose hands have been cut off to pull themselves by their bootstraps, hard when you only have stumps.

And people can be irritated by abrasive jokes that make you look like you're pandering to the Invader Zim audience.

You're basically copying dumb right "libertarian" talking points and it's really annoying.

"Got any problems with the system?
- Le wise sniffing old man

His invariant view of class conflict.

No. He said he doesn't personally give a shit about your problems and you can kill youself for all he cares. Not that you should kill yourself for having problems with the current system.

What to do when you have problems because of our capitalist system

Jordan Peterson, crank professor to his viewers on youtube:

Zizek, respect left wing intellectual with multiple best selling books to students in his office:

When he says he's a Marxist a communist, a Lenninisf, a Stalinist. He most certainly does NOT mean what people here think it means. He usually clarifies.. "I'm a Leninist in the sense that…", or "I'm a communist in the sense that…" or whatever. He's using the words in a very different sense then what is traditionally meant. I think people need to look a little closer at what he's saying.

Yet it is you who is treating his offhand quip as received word wisdom that needs to be analyzed and discussed. I take it for what it is: a cynical old man joke, and I don't give a damn if it landed or not.

No people are just annoyed at how much of a snob he's being. What don't you get about that

I don't get the hysterical reaction, on a chan of all places, to somebody telling you to kill yourself. It's quite bizarre.

Honestly it isn't even the fact that he told students to kill themselves, as much as what it tells about him and who he is.

Why should anyone who evidently hates humanity and whose theory is influenced by it be listened to and taken seriously? Should we listen to the amazing atheist and read his serious articles instead of judging him by his public comments too?

There's a difference between in the chan and out the chan to a larger audience that dismisses the severity of the problem by talking about it like a youtube political commentary celebrity. I expected better from Zizek. That's a ridiculous sentence but, yeah

Telling a Holla Forumstard to kill himself =/= telling a student who tells you his problems because he trusts you to kill himself.

If you're using your teacher as a surrogate parent that's you being dumb, not Zizek's fault for rejecting you.

Nobody is asking a professor to be their personal parent, they're talking as student to professor about whatever that may be. I understand that might be troublesome and annoying, but your job is to not be a shitty professor who doesn't interact with his students in any capacity

wew pure hatred
justified in your mind
too much of a knee jerk reaction tbh

Literally why? He's always been misanthropic and crude.

It's not like he told a student to kill themselves to their face. Also he's their dad so why should he be expected to listen to the problems of his students? If he does, that's great, but he's not wrong for preferring professional distance between himself and his students.

Imagine being this misanthropic.

I get it completely, I just don't much like it. Being personally offended is all anyone ever seems to do anymore.
Obama insults the troops! Bernie insults WOC! Trump insults Native Americans, Women, Muslims, Hispanics, [and so on]! Zizek insults college students, the suicidal!

Take this video for example where he explains why he's a Marxist.




don't really understand this strange comparison.
the first two were myths compared to Trump's punching-down attitude on which he slightly hints from time to time which are widely covered in the media and discussed among average people, and intentionally or not said for some of his more depraved fans to jack off to the thought of 1950s-tier white idpol being more acceptable in anyway.


awful lotta mothafuckas in this thread that need to fuck off back to the chapo subreddit


I wonder if Żiżek secretly is lurking Holla Forums.


I respect Żiżek even if he not respect anarchists very much. It's unrequited love. ;_;

My political stance: I don't give a shit, give me money. Use the state to steal from the market.

Based as fuck


He's just another charlatan like his idol Lacan. Gets paid for sitting around and pumping out bullshit theory.

Marx would have hated Zizek, for Marx's philosophy was one of empiricism.

I think you may be right, but I have a bigger problem with people here who can't seem to admit that he was wrong about anything. There's always an excuse for whatever dumb shit he says.

I wonder what brand of semetic shitskin you are.
Anglo means of Denmark, Saxon means Germanic.
The tallest, brightest, most accomplished and advanced species on the planet.

If you aren't a negroid of some sort, you've fallen into a divide and conquer brainwashing without ever questioning it. Utterly pathetic.

protestant work ethic

is a spook.


No one's stopping them from paying attention.

Christ, this board is full of fucking brainlets. Have you ever been to a university campus? It's full of insipid retards who try to show everyone how bright they are even though they have absolutely nothing insightful to say at all. I don't blame Zizek for hating them. Mostly this is just a bunch of red liberals looking for an excuse to hate on le sniffing man meme.

I'm guessing most people here have been or are in college. It's not like a rare, presitigious thing.

I guess that's true, but why are so many people demonizing him then? I get that workerism is big here, but since when does hating your job and the people you work with make you a bad person? I don't get it.


The guy was clearly joking, you fucking moron. It's not like he actually tells students to kill themselves, he's just making a dark joke about how unequipped he is to deal with those kinds of problems. Also, see .

I think there a ton of other problems with Zizek, but it shouldn't be surprising that his outrageous, contrarian statements make people upset. It's weird to commend him for saying weird shit on purpose. So even if I don't personally care about this quote, I can at least understand why people take offense to it. I think it's even weirder to not at all acknowledge how insane it is and act like it's a perfectly normal thing to say, even if it doesn't rustle your jimmies personally.

What a retarded cult of personality around an unaccomplished hack.

All his apologists say this but honestly I wouldn't put it past him considering how much disdain and hate he has for most people and things.

This guy gets it.

Have you ever worked at a job where you've had to interact with people? Because it's extremely common to talk about how much you hate customers, and to make dark jokes like this. It's a way to cope. It's not nearly as bad as people are making it seem (and also it's four year old news, people are just looking for an excuse to hate on him).



ITT: retards who haven't seen the actual interview and are just outraged over nothing

It people worship a cooked up self absorbed mutant and act shocked when he is an asshole.


I wish Zizek was my dad and that he just said "who cares, you're just stupid and boring" every time i complained about rent, "Kill yourself. It's not my problem" every time i complained about my wife, and "I don't care" everytime i tried to talk to him about stuff i like

what's worth the glorifying is that he doesn't say shit on the subject he has nothing to say about unlike the popular hack telling you whatever shit that isn't even original in the least to make you feel good an so on

Wow, great point user. Everyone should treat everyone else nicely and with absolute respect just like they were family. That doesn't sound exhausting at all!

I was just joking you asshat, i would be fucking pissed off too if there were 20 students every week going to my office talking about nothing at all, pretending they're misunderstood diamonds in the rough and telling me a bunch of shit i dont need to know about their personal lives

Sorry my bad, it's kinda hard to tell the satire apart from the broken brained tank.ies tbqh.


Leftypol loves authoritarianism, there is nothing wrong with authoritarianism.


Leftypol isn't a monolithic hivemind, but even if it were there's more anti-authoritarian sentiment here than pro.
Yeah there is. Unquestioning obedience to authority is shitty; it allows exploitation and domination to exist indefinitely. Leftism stresses the importance legitimate authority, and the legitimate bit is crucial. Legitimacy necessarily entails a process of questioning authority as it relates to the people effected by that authority.

UGH, Faggots like you who unironically paint zizek and Peterson as being at opposite poles of the spectrum, I can't believe you exist. Since you haven't read either of them i'll cut to the chase: you're WRONG.

Zizek has accepted the failure of Marx to accurately narrate the future, and peterson occupies a center-right religious position so boring that ten years ago it would have failed to raise an eyebrow. The only reason Peterson makes the news today is because the overton window was forced so far to the left that actual classical liberal professors are presumed to be secret Not Socialists.

You're such a dishonest piece of shit. Zizek is not obliged to listen to the problems of every liberal college student that comes up and whines about their trivial bullshit. He just works there. To teach. Not to be a psychoanalyst, not to be a friend, not to be the spiritual mentor of these whining cunts.


Uh wut. There is a massive difference in the political positions of Peterson and Žižek. One hates communism, telling people that the only thing they need to read about it is the Gulag Archipelago. The other has a poster of Stalin in his office. (it's partially ironic but still). The only thing they have in common is criticism of political correctness, but they're coming at it from totally different perspectives.

Liberal /= Left. Academia is liberal, not leftist. Does Peterson even have a position other than railing against political correctness and muh cultural marxism? That is the difference between Žižek and Peterson: Žižek anti-PC is only one tiny part and consequence of his entire philosophy and the dozens of books he's written which veer all over different authors and cultural analysis. Peterson got mad that he's forced to call people by their preferred pronouns. Maybe liberals think that Peterson and Žižek are in the same reactionary camp but they're idiots. And "classical liberal" is a meme.

You stupid fuck, read what the user actually said. Peterson and Zizek are hardly opposites.

Anyways, it's difficult to even tell what you're disagreeing with them about, you're not even addressing anything they said directly.

Zizek is better regarded as a philosopher not a communist.

He's both.

Even if you say "That's not his job", it's still pretty shitty for him to tell students to kill themselves.

But maybe you're right, "Not my problem" is always a perfectly reasonable excuse to avoid taking action for any issues around you.

Watch the actual interview, brainlet. I get that autism makes it hard to read social cues, but I think it's clear enough for even you to get.

I am almost convinced, in a paranoiac sense, that the griping and constant regurgitation of these random points in Zizek' past is just one or two anons who satisfy their lascivious hateboner for Marxian philosophy by ruthlessly mischaracterizing it. This isn't even characterized by an analytic vs continental philosophy divide, as that much has been breached by the works of Althusser and Badiou, as well as the bare construction of critiques here fall mostly into being wholly unable to read Lacanian work - followed shortly by the enjoining that any who defend the Marxian philosophical legacy are serving some abstract dereliction or conspiratorial detraction from Marx and what is "proper". The sheer contours of the debate aren't even intellectually honest, as the assertions made are contingent with a misanthropic reading of Žižek as some cynical, bourgeois pedant whose greatest virtue is as a comic, while simultaneously making him this extra-empirical threat to the basic cordons of Marxism by trying to 'intellectualize' them. If there was ever a time as now where one must fully drop the illusory shadows of the projects of the twentieth century and uncompromisingly throw ourselves into the rapprochement with philosophical and theoretical work, I have not had occasion to notice it.

Though, I admit, I retain my suspicions that this is all one if not a few 'vulgar empiricists' who find the need to open as suspect anything that the Slovene sniffer says. Their greatest interaction with the canon of Žižek was reading the 'Independent' article and proceeding to autistically screech about his being disingenuous as a leftist. The approach he takes is Aleatory, based upon the universal of German idealism, and related to ontological void - projection of ideological projects or contours onto his work serve to do little more than enumerate that you have an issue with him on an ideological scale - which, of course, opens you up for critique because your exegesis is bad, and you're demonstrated yourself to be retarded.

This isn't the aloof distancing of a bored academic, Žižek does not want to serve as a didact - he has no means of reconciling nor ebbing away the problems of his students, and does not view himself as a person to tell people what to do - as it falls within the bounds of a structure of symbolism, the quintessential antagonist of Marxian philosophy

Yes, treating everyone like shit, telling your students to kill themselves if they have issues or complaints, and only using them for whatever benefit they may have for you is the epitome of the communist society.

I can't wait for it to become socially acceptable to say "Not my problem, kill yourself." when someone approaches me. Literally paradise on earth.

Here's a link to the exact statement in question if you're too lazy to watch through the first bit:

Please direct attention to>>2282422 >>2282430

See . You're either willfully misrepresenting Zizek at this point, or you're just retarded. In any case you should honestly fucking kill yourself, dipshit :^)

But he wasn't even there to teach lmao. He literally said he lowers the grades of students that do schoolwork and called the students that asked for explanations idiots.

He, by his own words, said all his students were stupid and boring and tells them to kill themselves.

Your posts make it clear that you're stupid and boring, so I understand why you'd take such great offense at this. Have you maybe considered suicide?

Yes, in fact I have, and I can tell you that people can be pushed over the edge over things like this (not to mention highly unprofessional and something academics can be blacklisted over) so I find it pretty offensive and dangerous that a misanthropic piece of shit is regarded as an idol to leftists and what leftists should be.

That statement alone makes me question your reading comprehension. Have you actually read anything from Žižek or is your knowledge him solely from reading comments by certain brainlets on leftypol?

Most of it was to stupid to argue about. My sole contention here is that putting Žižek and Peterson anywhere in the same category is asinine and can only the consequence of not understanding Žižek's work.

Oh come on. Fuck being professional, and fuck academia honestly. Žižek has more important things to do than read half-assed student work. It's actually pretty insulting that we make one of world's most well known philosophers grade papers, and it is more of an indictment of the university system and its mis-allocation of labor than of Žižek himself.

WOW so zizek is a terrible teacher and should lose his job. That’s shameful

And why didn't you?
What a load of shit. If something this tiny pushes someone over the edge then they're insanely fragile, almost to the point of absurdity. Given the larger context of the conversation (see ) and the time it has been since he actually said those things, it's clear that your hand-wringing over this is completely disingenuous.
I find it pretty offensive that misanthropic pieces of shit like you would take something out of context to try to find something to nail Zizek on. Suicide is a serious issue, and you using it to your own ends trivializes it far more than either making jokes about it (what Zizek did) or even actually telling someone to kill themselves (like I did). You're pathetic.

I think this is specifically untrue. I feel like he couldn't be any more explicit that there is no real continuity between what he's doing and what was being done in the early 20th century. Whether that's him saying Lenin failed or calling Stalinism the biggest moral catastrophe of the last century or saying we need new theory because capitalism has changed (we have new ecological crises, intellectual property right, bio-genetic issues, etc).

I don't know how you can take away from anything he writes that he's saying we need the classical communist project. He most certainly doesn't. And it's so weird to get that wrong when your comment was so long-winded to begin with.

What I mean by the 'classical communist project' isn't a bureaucratic state socialism - in fact, it has no bearing or even tangential relationship to the 20th century projects. He has very openly declared Lenin as the role model for the development and theoretical conception of a new leftist project, with regards to Lenin' pre-revolutionary seclusion and role in the burgeoning revolutionary movement in Tsarist Russia - this carries on to his critique of Stalinism as a mere reshuffling of symbolisms, abnegating class and property antagonisms for a new set of hierarchical displacements and negativities. When Žižek calls for the resurrection of the communist project, he means in the universalist philosophical sense, not a regression to the inertia politic of the red states.

Forgive my being so tedious, but the same thread has appeared in different configurations, with the same wrong assertions about sniff man like 20 times in the past few days or so it seems

well then don't offer or an accept an offer to teach a class



I didn't say "why didn't you kill yourself already", I said "And why didn't you". The question was to prove a point, which I'll make if you respond to it. Regardless I addressed this supposed "hypocrisy" in my post when I told you that using the issue of suicide to your own ends trivializes it far more that telling someone to kill themselves does. Stop being disingenuous.

Have to make a living somehow. If it works for him then more power to him. And now that you know what to expect, don't take a class with him if you don't like not turning in an essay and still getting an A.

Didn't know a leftist could get so moralistic about school. You know its a capitalist institution designed to reproduce the ideology of the system right?

i was really doubtful about what point can be made by someone giving a reason why they didn't kill themselves already, that's why i understood "And why didn't you?" as you showing impatience as to why someone didn't kill themselves yet, as opposed to an invitation to genuine discussion.

He teaches at a community college, right? I refuse to believe a full 4-year university student wrote those.

Ok, cool.

The absolute state of lefty/pol/ jesus christ.

When was the last time you were in school? Today's college students are basically just highschoolers with less adult supervision.

I only went to community college to get trade certification where there were definitely some, but only a minority far as I could tell, very stupid people there. My friends went to full universities but they weren't stupid and they never really told about what their peers were like.

Saying this shit mostly just outs you as a stupid.


Wow, taking the middle ground? You must have a very high Autism Level to take such a moderate position. Everyone arguing (except for you) is autistic. Thanks for that valuable contribution, user.

What 4 year offers trade certification?

No, saying that the average college student isn't a moron.

Stop being a dickhead over this nothing of an issue.

I understand that the bar has been lowered for higher education but the kind of writing is talking about wouldn't have flown even when I was in middle school.

That student was obviously joking and is probably one of the few smart ones.

No but seriously, this is stupid. The anti-Zizek anons are moralizing pricks triggered by him being an antisocial bastard and the pro-Zizek anons are a bunch of edgelords who can't accept the idea that he's kind of a shitty person.
No one's opinions are going to be changed by this drivel, its just pointless infighting.

The problem also lies with the fact that the anti-Zizek anons try use what they see as a moral failure as evidence that Zizek has nothing useful or insightful to the conversation. I disagree with that notion though I'll acknowledge that he might be slightly weird and nasty, he wears socks with sandals and looks like a melted shrek.

Either way, no one reads Zizek because they think he's a nice person, but because he's (one of) the most influential communists alive in the west.

You're pathetic Pro-Žižek's DamageControl Team™

t comes there and starts to ask you questions, which is still tolerable. The problem is that here in the United States students tend to be so open that sooner or later, if you’re kind to them, they even start to ask you personal questions [about] private problems… What should I tell them?”
Can relate.

Ok, never mind, has a point, this thread is insufferable.

No. This thread is absolute perfection, and I will bump this a million times just to trigger people such as you. This thread exposed just how many people are blind followers doing damage control for someone who should've stopped doing interviews and public lectures a long fucking time ago and kept to his books only.

You're a histrionic retard who is throwing a fit about a quote that was taken out of context from an interview given 4-5 years ago.You're only embarrassing yourself here user, just give it up.

Literally no argument in the entire thread against any of Zizeks positions on politics/philosophy, but a joke fires up this much asspain.

First of all, you're wrong - there are posts against his positions on politics. But also this thread isn't even about that. So why deflect?

Point them out then, fam

Ha. He was right.