I seriously don't understand why the right is accusing the left of an inability to create memes...

I seriously don't understand why the right is accusing the left of an inability to create memes. They don't seem to understand what a meme even is. First of all, memes are supposed to be funny. Attached is a perfect example: this is not a meme, it's simply belligerent racism. It's not funny.

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Meme is not even that sonny.
Read dawkins

Racist humor can be funny if done well, but poltards and pals don't do it well, so theres that.

I am shaken to my core.

dont be this butthurt about memes its a meme

read what an actual marxist said about this shit

He invented the word. Should have stopped there but what the fuck. He has the compence to talk about this stuff tho

who is rafiq? is he still active?

Is the guy in the first panel Lenin?

A well-read Marxist forum user that went on extended and energetic rants about much of the left until recently.
revleft.space/vb/members/30366-Rafiq (click on "Find latest posts" or "Find latest started threads" above his avatar)
His account has sort of been acting strangely silent. I guess no one really knows what's up with that.

Is Rafiq autistic?

I think they say that becuase we dont really take it to that extreme racial threshold. Trying to bring us down to their level so to speak.

They say its not edgy enough. And usually ops pic is what they mean by that. Things that dont vaugely reference nazi's, racism or white supremecy.

who cares about memes tbh

this is toppest of zizek parodies

Is that supposed to be Lenin?

When you don't have theory you have to fall back on memes. Rightists have no theory. This pic alone btfos all right wing arguments.

kek, i laughed hard at that part too

is nothing but a forced meme much like everything the right comes up with from helicopter cringe to kekistan, a good meme has depth to it.

Thanks for confirming his point, LARPers.


how the hell did you not laugh at how he referred to himself with that phrase? i'm not laughing at anything else but that awkwardness

get the fuck out of here you fucking sensitive pansy


damn, rafiq wrote a book? link?

Bump, halp pls