Why do leftists hate donald trump so much? How is he promoting capitalism?

Why do leftists hate donald trump so much? How is he promoting capitalism?

Give me a few good reasons besides “anti-immigration racism” being anti-immigration isnt necessarily anti-leftist, its anti liberal

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I don't really care about Trump

Liberal aren't leftist indeed. Ture leftist are loving the every second of donal trump presidency.
He even made North Korea scary again in the eyes of the public.

Trump is literally a porky as
Iting to suck corporate dick

Have you seen literally any of Trump's big policy proposals? He's as neoliberal as they come.

He's giving a tax break to the rich at the expense of the poor. He supports privatization of public lands and infrastructure. He's anti-union. He's pitting workers against each other on the basis of race so they don't realize that the rich are the ones fucking them in the ass.

What's there to like?

1) he's neoliberal as fuck. see: Net Neutrality, Paris Climate Agreement, the corporatists he hires in his goddamn cabinet
2) He's a foreign policy nightmare. Even if you ignore his views on immigration, he has been terrible to leaders that are better than him like Kim Jong Un and Bashar Al Assad.
3) Under his government strikes and protests are becoming increasingly difficult. I believe inn some states it is now illegal to shut down protests or run over protestors (this could be false, don't totally remember). I'm sure you can guess the motives behind this and why leftists would be upset about it.

*in some states it is now legal

Depends on what is the goal of your anti-immigration stance. Imposing a travel ban based on religion, where only atheists are allowed to inhabit, that is not anti-leftist. Travel ban based on race is another topic. Why? Because you can be white communist or black communist, but it's painfully obvious that you can't be islamig gommunist and be expected to follow Marxism half as much as you braise Allah.

Finally, it's so fucking refreshing to finally see someone on Holla Forums who is not sucking Trump's cock to "BTFO liberals".

Travel banning americans should be in the program of every communist party in europe

As an eurofag, I agree putting travel ban on burgers and not lifting it until they dismantle the CIA.


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Holy shit reading Ayn Rand would be a mental improvement for you.

fuck no let me out of this hell

Kim is a Chinese puppet and pretending otherwise is willful ignorance. The Trump administration allowed Assad to win his war. You are hallucinating. Go back to watching Jason's YouTube videos, but be aware that they are not suitable substitutes for theory and do not even accurately report the news.
There have been more demonstrations and protests than ever under Trump. Even more than there were under Bush, not that you would know anything about that seeing as how you are clearly underage.
Way to pick the most useless and irrelevant points to attack him on. There are thousands of things wrong with him and you choose to whine about hallucinations and nonsense "climate agreements" that you haven't read. Crypto-liberal begone.


Please lurk before you post you might lean something.

The king doesn't need to "promote" feudalism when he has his loyal lords and the church by his side.

Hold on, there might be some grains of truth for his 3rd point. Has there not been new and continuing anti-protest legislation this year?

Stop being a purist.