Holla Forums today we will be holding a protest in upper manhattan to protest the recent arrest of a black man who...

Holla Forums today we will be holding a protest in upper manhattan to protest the recent arrest of a black man who punched a nazi (Richard spencer) so i want all of you to coem and punch nazi's im a marxist like all of you! and i like stalin pls

the right cant bait

shut up fucking bitch nazi

Why furries even exist? What the fuck is the sense of being a furry?

Watch Parenti

Michael John Parenti is an American political scientist, political economist, historian, and cultural critic who writes on scholarly and popular subjects.

read Bordiga

Amadeo Bordiga was an Italian Marxist, a contributor to Communist theory, the founder of the Communist Party of Italy, a leader of the Communist International and later a leading figure of the International.Dont make me laugh

read lenin

lenin Died: January 21, 1924 dont waste my time bitch i know my communist stuff

Read R.L. Stine

it makes u super cool

Jake Paul

American actor

Cleveland-born social media star, actor, entrepreneur, author, singer, and founder of the Team 10 collective

im smart you hoe ass bitch

Google Murray Bookchin

born: July 30, 2006>>2279734
this guy can be anything but he is nothing!

Nice thread that you got here guys, may I reform it? ;-)

i cummed on his head

ask socdem poster

I just like talking human-shaped animals, ok? Yes you get spergs, but you have that in every fandom and even outside fandoms.

So you like the thought of fucking an animal?

Where the fuck did you get that from "I like talking animals"? Do you wanna fuck Marx because you like communism?

Sorry my parents taught to never fuck corpses or animals, i guess it was just my white privileged

If your parents had to teach you that, you must have been a very fucked up child.

I guess teaching that necrophilia is wrong, You're such a smarty.>>2279812

You're quoting wrong, newfag. Furries are prole as fuck and they will be joining us in the revolution.

Why do you want to fuck dead bodies? Sick fuck.

"The Revolution" I'm ready to start starvation and mass genocide against 100 million people comrade!
What's wrong with fucking dead bodies? they consented.

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what's Holla Forums?


Hey buddy, What happened to the image?

Google bookchin

Ignoring the newfriend for a second, I'll take this dumpster fire of a thread as an opportunity to bloviate about why not to allow certain kinds of sex.
There are three moral foundations to think about if you want to approach it logically. One is harm, next is consent, and lastly there is the common good. Necrophilia generally does not violate the harm principle, as the dead are notoriously unfeeling. And being reduced to dead matter, they are in no position to have their free will violated neither. Consent and harm are out as considerations. But before you go striding off to the nearest morgue, keep in mind the third moral foundation, the common good. You fucking corpses obviously violates this last moral principle, as you pose a health risk by fucking around with a decomposing corpse, and beyond that are causing distress among the community, especially the family of the deceased should they find out about your macabre dalliances. So on those grounds the community is fully justified to deny you access to the morgue.
Now for children and animals, things are more simple. In most cases, fucking those clearly violates the harm principle, so it's pointless to even blather about consent or public good. Your dick just doesn't fit, so don't try to put it in there. As for larger animals, there things get a bit clouded. It's hard to see how a cow would be harmed by a human member. You could say that a cow cannot consent, but that doesn't really matter as they are not legal persons. We kill, eat and employ animals all the time without their consent, and fucking seems a lower bar to clear. So you have to fall back on a common good defense, something about maintaining public decency. It's very tenuous as far as I'm concerned, but as I don't fuck animals banning it doesn't bother me that much.
For children, you clearly do harm by fucking them, so it's not even up for debate. And beyond that, they are legal persons and thus require consent to do these kinds of things - consent which they can't give until they reach an age of discernment. Not to mention that the common good is obviously served by not having children being raped and traumatized by perverts, turning them into substandard members of society.

read stalin

blame capitalism

Well what else do you do with them? I don't know what the fuck a fandom is, but most interests have an activity clearly associated with them. For movies, people are are interested in WATCHING the movies. They might ALSO like to dress up as the characters, or buy memorabilia, but the community centers around watching the movie. With fishing, you have the same deal. People are interested in catching fish. Not just "fish" in the abstract.

So tell me, to be a furry, is to be a part of a community centered around what activity?

Forgive me if this post makes no sense. I am tripping on mushrooms.

Wrong pic. I Accidentaly posted a pic from the old phone folder


What the fuck? You realize that "the revolution" isn't a convention right? It is a real thing that we are planning on doing when we have enough popular support, and that has happened in various countries throughout history. We aren't going to dress up in animal costumes while we are in the fucking countryside fighting with the national military.

There's a difference between >>>/fur/ and >>>/zoo/

Fuck this site

this, its funny you read him and its just like watching him but with subject headlines and citations for all the extravagant claims he makes