Roo having another Twitter meltdown

Looks like he was trigered by the comrades at Worker's Spatula, a socialist parody newspaper, for implying that Roo's "theory" has nothing to do with real Third Worldism, and Roo is displaying anti-TW tendencies when he shits on black liberationist groups in the imperialist core. For a guy who wants all the notoriety of being the "No. 1 Marxist on Youtube" this guy doesn't display any kind of comradely behavior or principle.

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like clockwork

Really? Including the ones who have to prostitute themselves, the ones who are denied medical care, the ones who are thrown out on the street, the ones who commit suicide?


color me fucking surprised

How is he a SJW? He's been shitting on them since the beginning and recently caused Anarchopac to throw a fit by telling his "agender" IdPol isn't revolutionary.

He's just embraced another flavor of idpol.

Turd Worldism IS idpol for 3rd Worlders, identical to how AnPrimm is just Native American Zionism.

Yeah he's a loose canon. I doubt any 3rd World revolutionaries would find favor in him.

Bullshit. Roo especially looks at Third Worlders from a purely economistic way. That's not IdPol unless material reality is IdPol.

Idpol comes from material reality. Identities have a material basis.

the fuck


Not at all. IdPol is defined as something beyond material conditions, such as "black identity" or "white identity" which both transcends class. First World exploiting the Third World isn't IdPol, it's a real economic relation.


Those identities still have a material basis.


TERFs get the wall.

There is no material basis for having a black or a white skin color besides pigmentation you utter moron

They do or else they wouldn't exist. Even otherkin is a result of late capitalist confusion.

Black identity is the result of black oppression, see what I mean?

All victims of capitalism that will be cured mtf regret

There is absolutely nothing normal or sane about wanting to change gender. This is narcisim, alienation, fetishism who allow themselves their fetish to definite their whole personality.

Yes. That doesn't make black porky less real. Are you trying to tell me Jay Z experiences the same kind of oppression as Jamal?

it does not fucking exist, get your shit together

It exists materially. Are you telling me being a transwoman isn't something mateiral?

there is no such fucking thing as transwoman

According to society there is, making it a material reality.

Jesus Christ man. Being a transwoman might be somewhat realized in whatever illness you have, that doesn't mean that this is an identity. That's like saying there is an identity for people having the flu.

Fuck off.

We may be anti SJW, but that does not mean we are for negating people their right of doing whatever the hell they want with their bodies. Back off.

lol society isn't even real, so what are we talking about

How is that at all comparible? Transwomen are an exploited class given their material conditions (denial of health care, constant fear of being killed, etc.).

Why not?

You sound like the kind of person who would tell to suffragette that women are less educated than men, therefore more reactionary and when they demand a vote, that is a gender issue not class issue, therefore idpol. And hey, why should a wife of a rich landowner be granted voting rights, that would be bourgeois idpol for sure, nothing to do with marxism!

They can do whatever they want with their bodies. They still aren't male/female. That's the issue. You were born with one sex and whatever you do afterwards is irrelevant.

i can't give a fuck about something that i do not even believe exists. if i was to be anti or pro something i would first have to acknowledge it's existence. and i don't acknowledge existence of gender differences that are not material.

I don't really understand why are you so upset about this. A guy wants to be a woman? Who am I to say no, why should i care?

being anti idPol means being against the joke mainstream media calls a political movement because it is a reductive movement that prefers to concentrate on small social gains rather than class war. IdPol as a political movement is controlled opposition, useful idiots. IdPol as a framework for rights of all people is not entirely wrong.

But why do you care? If a man wants to change gender why do you care so much that you would see his/her rights revoked?

i fucking don't…geez

Dude you are the one telling user that being transgender is an illness and that transpeople should not be addressed using their new gender. Not me. You clearly care. Now I want to know why?

i am not that user, ffs…

Transwomen can be exploited and be exploiters themselves. Their sexual disorder doesn't matter. Also, hesitating to prescribe a conversion theory is not exploitation.

You are a retard. Women not being able to vote is actual oppression, that doesn't mean Queen Victoria or whatever experienced the same kind oppression just because she'd a woman. Fuck off.

What has the way somebody would treat gender dysphoria to do with oppression?

Yeah sure.

Gender dysphoria is an illness. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be treated in whatever way works best. I'm not a doctor or a psychologist. Sometimes conversion therapy with hormones might work. Sometimes it might not and the patient ends up with even more depression. All this has nothing to do with material exploration or oppression.


Oh we are making progress. We went from denying people their right to exist to treating them as merely a complicated "illness". Faith in ☭TANKIE☭s almost restored.
Not directly maybe, but your point was not that they are not a good study subject, but not a subject at all.

my first post ITT just to clarify
I thought that transgender people's brain resemble the gender they identify as in some ways. It's a lot more than just a thing you want do for the lulz. How isn't that a mental illness then? I mean they are definetly more "normal" than something like schizos but it still fits the definition. Not a nice thing to say to someone but it's still true.


literally the "some saudi fucks are billionaires, therefor all muslims need to be treated as greedy, schemeing fucks" argument

How dare you talk about practical issues, what you should be doing is AFFIRMING and SHUTTING UP AND LISTENING. That's much more productive.

What about the expensiveness of medicine? It affects transgender people a lot more.

What? I was saying the exact opposite. My point was to look at someone's economic relation not at his identity. I don't know how you misinterpret me this hard, probably low Autism Level level

No it fucking doesn't. Expensive healthcare is a problem of capitalism that affects all proles who suffer from physical or mental disabilities.

Ok let me say that I really fucking hate you now. I hate playing the feminist part.

Is homosexuality a mental illness? How much divergence from a "standard" human mind is enough to consider someone mentally ill?

That's not what spook means, you LARPer. You were denying their existence in the sense that you were denying that their situation is one of the possible forms the human experience can take.
I'm not saying anything more than they should not be treated as ill people that should be fixed. Under this assumption they are outside your analysis all right, but your error is before that.

speaking of spooks.

That's totally what we were saying. Bravo, want a cookie?

They are both worse and should be shot.

Why? Where do you get the idea that to be left you have to agree with it?

You don't have to agree with anything, what I was trying to say is that maybe, just maybe people should not be refused rights or support just because they are not within the accepted "normal" parameters for human beings.
That's it.

RAIM are literally the most shit-tier leftist group in the United States. Moralist white guilt filth who openly disavow Marxism.

Roo is right. Fuck RAIM.

I'm totally against this free love, free to do anything liberal concept until total economical and political freedom is achived. Then if there are still people who want do some dumb shit with their body fuck 'em it's their fault. Also one thing that is obviously result of illness and drives you to permanently ruin yourself is the line that divides normal from he fucking needs help

What the fuck is this post? Human experience? I'm pretty sure human experience can take all sorts of forms. You don't have any arguments so you are trying super hard now to strawman me or trying to make me say something "transphobic".
Which is literally identity politics as you single them out as special snowflakes compared to all the less worthy mentally ill people. Again, fuck off.


There is a difference between a sexual prefence and feeling anxiety over the sex someone was born into.
I don't know, maybe when your brain is structured in way that has nothing to do with your sex and causes severe anxiety which has to be cured through hormone treatment, surgery and a bunch of other shit.

I didn't compare them to other proles in need of medical care, just other proles in general.

APA needs to get its shit together because that sounds like a total mumbojumbo

But there are transwomen who are exploited *because* they are transwomen.

to be fair dude the APA is shit and so is the DSM

Holy shit this thread is awful, you can literally feel the opportunism/idpol. Go be an idealist somewhere else niggers.

you dont know what either of those buzzwords mean you just stuck them together for MAXIMUM TRIGGERING

I agree RAIM is shit but the LLCO are worse.

What? You are certainly an idiot.
It is 100% opportunism and idpol to be all "muh trans/black capitalists". I don't feel like citing the exact comments in this cesspool and how they fit these words. The idea try at this isn't AT LEAST idpol is particularly ridiculous.

Are RAIM truly plagiarists?

pre-liberal societes aren't getting unporked until they despook themselves, we're not waiting for them

Genuine socialist revolution can only occur in the West before it can occur anywhere else. Every "socialist" revolution which occurred in the East, including China, resulted in fascism or crypto-capitalism.

Who is Sankara?

What did you think it resulted in among the cadre Sankara was part of?

Sankara never turned fascist or revisionist. He was overthrown.

That's why I said
>among the cadre Sankara 'was part of

France ovethrew him. So it happened externally not internally.

wow ☭TANKIE☭s how do you expect to maintain your "socialism" without being able to hold back external powers

Hilldawgs GTFO.

Sankara wasn't a tank.

To be honest, Roo probably is mentally ill. I don't mean that as an insult, I mean that as I have pity for Roo. I understand Roo somewhat. But I don't think Roo is coming back, he's long gone.

His life's obsession will be his undoing, it's unfortunate.

it was a fucking joke

Didn't someone on this board say Roo was schizophrenic? That might explain his paranoia, incoherence, and self-destructive tendencies.

There's pretty malignant ODD. Some kids will just throw shitfits over the pettiest of issues, get pissed at their parents for being asked to grab something for them. I know that shit sounds very abusable but the disorder coincides with ADHD/mood disorders and brain development issues. External factors as well, of course.
Parent's friend's kid used to be pretty bad for this kind of shit, she just turned 18 and will still just deny requests and get into fights over the most inconsequential shit.

psychiatry is still pretty shit tho

I don't think he's schizophrenic, he shows some signs but not enough to give that sort of diagnosis. My opinion is ADHD combined with some heavy personality disorder. That doesn't sound as romantic, but trust me a low attention span and a manic flare can do some serious damage. To you and your social life.

Lmao yes, including those ones

Worker's Spatula is shit.

Roo is definitely delusional. Think of it this way: he "discovered" he was an ethnic Saami because a Native American shaman claimed to look into his past and saw a "Native American-looking people" which Roo then deducated were Saamis.

I mean, I knew Roo was autistic but not THAT autistic.

do you have the proofs of this, i wouldn't be surprised at all but still.

You know that Adriana person who did the Sonnillion death curse on Roo? She posted about it in a thread on here long ago.

nah i'm pretty new to the roo
dude what
Roo sounds like the perfect leftist lolcow though.

How is transgenderism only a first world issue? This has been reported on throughout history, throughout the cultures that span the globe, since at the very least near the dawn of written history.

Let's actually give some examples.

In the Near East priestesses (who considered themselves women and dressed like it, possibly for religious significance) were known to have served Astarte, Dea Syria, Atargatis and Ashtoreth / Ishtar. Additionally transgender "gallae" served Cybele, the Phrygians' embodiment of The Great Mother, and it soon spread to Greece. Early expression was also present in the genesis of the Kumbh Mela festival in Allahbad (India).

In India and its neighboring nations aside from Pakistan, "Hijras" persist even today, although their reverence is often limited to the belief that their presence at weddings is a good portent for the couple. They do tend to suffer in the modern Indian caste system, something that "eunuchs" of all types are banding together to work to improve (i.e. only recently was a Hijra able to vote, and now there have been Hijran elected officials). Historically, they have often worshipped the mother-goddess Bahuchara Mata, although some also worshipped Shiva in his half-man, half-woman persona, Ardhanarisvara. It is only relatively recent in historic time this was looked down upon, possibly due to cultural impact from Western occupation.

Many early Indonesian societies had grand jeweled transgender figurines as idols in important and religious functions, including the basaja, from the island of Sulawesi, the Celebes.

In ancient China, the shih-niang wore mixed-gender ceremonial clothing to "adopt the traits" of the opposite sex.

In past Okinawa, some shamans underwent winagu nati, a process of "becoming female.", as they actually believed: "They were meant for another body"

And surprising fucking nobody at all, In Ancient Greece, men who dressed and behaved as women were permitted priestesses that served the Gods Artemis, Hecate and Diana. As a matter of fact it was part of their religion, the mythology of the day encorporated tales of cross-dressing by Achilles, Heracles, Athena and Dionysus. In Greece, the blind prophet Tiresias is often mentioned as a figure who had lived many years of his life in each different gender, and was said to have possessed acute wisdom for his experiences of both men and women.

I could go on, and on, and on.

Roo is fucking nuts but it's kind of in a sad/endearing way to me.

I really hope you're kidding.

Roo is insane. Look at how he gets into fights, and look at his actual conduct during his squabbles. He's incapable of thinking in a linear fashion every time he's challenged. When he's making a video with a script he usually makes sound arguments (AKA arguments where the conclusions follow from the premises) so he gives off the illusion of being "logical". But, whenever he's pressed on his ideas he starts to rage and becomes completely incoherent. Usually, his tirades involve strawmen/deliberately misrepresenting what his opponents are saying, or viciously attacking the weakest of their arguments against him rather than their strongest. He's a fucking dipshit to say the least.

Not sure if that constitutes some critical delusional state or whatever. It could very well be that he is either a) stupid or b) lazy.

In his early days he was way more passionate about being right and winning debates. He was actual putting some effort in debunking other people. Nowadays with his 30k+ subscribers and appearances on PressTV, he feels superior. That's why his responses, like the ones towards Muke or Chaya, are lazy as fuck because he's the "number 1 Marxist YouTuber". The only way to make him grounded again is to have an openly Marxist YouTuber beyond 30k subs to challenge him so it tickles his ego. However, I don't see anybody reaching that kind of magnitude, it's not wrong, he is the biggest Marxist Youtuber at this point, so he's a condescending bitch.

I see you've learnt your Latin from tumblr. The word those Cybele worshippers is not Gallae but Galli. Note the correct ending is the masculine plural -i and not the feminine plural -ae. Given that this shows very clearly how these people where perceived within their own culture, we can establish that that you're either highly ignorant of what you're talking about or deliberately misrepresenting the evidence. Either case indicates the user you replied to should disregard your posts as trash.

France was only able to do that because they had help from within. The killer was one of his former allies after all.

TBH I was kind of hoping he would address their better points (i.e. the Jewess pointing out Roo's economism and mechanical materialism or Muke's actual arguments against the USSR). Instead, he just called both of them "crazy" and threw insults.

I agree Roo is too arrogant.

Imagine if BadMouse came back and did this.

It's also why he doesn't want to talk to A.W. Then again I doubt anyone does.

Which one of you did this?

Which one of you is XasthurWithin?


God would you listen to yourself for one moment.

How are they worse exactly, assuming they aren't some kind of crime syndicate

LLCO thinks oppressed nations in the core countries are de facto labour aristocrats, even though they statistically aren't.

By what statistic exactly?

The black nation, Chican@ nation, and Native Americans don't get much of anything in terms of value generated from global south exploitation.

Either way, RAIM's Third Worldism is much more dialectical. Roo doesn't know dialectics for shit, which is why he chickened out of talking to Anal Water on the subject.

this isn't what he was saying at all you fucking retard. I don't even like ☭TANKIE☭posters but you managed to be dumber than one

This kid gets it.

If we lived in the 1860s, Roo would be a Lassallean complaining that Marx was an immaterialist because of his acceptance of the dialectic.

Roo uses infographs in place of arguments so often you'd think he's from Holla Forums.

Hypocrisy thy name be Unruhe.


Uh huh, whatever you say Jason

everyone itt is just jealous of jason's massive audience and subscriber base

RAIM might have okay-ish theory but the LLCO is way more based. I know a LLCO member and they actively support worker struggles in the worst shitholes in Africa, where union work is actually lethal.

No. We're calling him out for being a little bitch.

They claim to have a "stronghold" in Ghana but I doubt their influence is much more than a student group or two.

Jason's arrogance is beyond words. He can't deal with the ego-bursting.

"Crunchy cornflakes can't be cornflakes because the label says they're "crunchy cornflakes" and not "cornflakes". Total semantics.

The US is more Latino and black than Russia was proletariat at the time of the Revolution. Considering how those populations make up the overwhelming amount of the American working class, I'd say they're pretty fucking significant.

Except that welfare state is slowly but surely being eroded, which was Marxivelli's main point. Look at what's going on right now in Europe: austerity measures are causing mini uprisings all over the continent. In order to make a dog radical, first you give it a bone and then you take the bone away; if the dog never had the bone to begin with it wouldn't have jumped the second to pulled it out.

What does he mean by "anti-imperialism" in this context? Is he advocating some redux of the Weathermen, because you know they were certainly successful, right?

Poverty in the west is becoming far more widespread. Greece, Portugal, southern Italy, and southern France in particular are full of poverty. 1 in 5 people in the Ariege department in France lives below the poverty line, for instance (and these aren't Muslim immigrants either but indigenous white French). The unemployment rate in Sicily is close to 50%. Most Chicanos in the US live in shitty conditions as do most blacks and poor whites in Appalachia. If you're looking at white hipsters who can't afford a car due to student loan debt as being representative of the entirety of the west's poor, you're making a huge mistake there buddy.

Plus, poverty itself doesn't entail revolutionary attitude. The proletariat in Russia at the time was hardly the poorest of the poor. By Roo's logic, the Bolsheviks should have only organized Eskimos and Muslims in Siberia since they were Russia's poorest.

Except those salaries are slowly shrinking. Living standards in the US are going down the toilet as they are in Canada and much of Europe. You also have to take in relative poverty into account. 2 bucks gets you a shitload more in Indonesia than it gets you in the US. Plus, 2 bucks a day is the most extreme. Even in Mexico workers make closer to 4 bucks a day. Again, Roo uses selective sampling in order to make his case because that's the only way it can be made.

Roo once again proves his ego to be incredibly fragile. Marxivelli's better points were made towards the end anyway.



and? a black or a latino is "revolutionary" because a revolution would benefit him not because the color of his skin or his ancestors spoke Spanish

Me. Was part of a social experiment, to see how people react if you try to defend the DPRK. Turns out they call you a Nazi, Flat Earther and name you satan.

Ideology is a hell of drug.

Skin color has an effect on their social status though. Race exists so as long as the public continues to acknowledge that it exists. That's how shit works.

I see.

Roo should just delete himself from the internet.

While your remark here is fair comment on the manner in which Roo has framed this using absolute amount of current in his comparison, PPP adjustment of GDP per Capita (pic related) does exactly what you're trying to claim as refutation. Roo's argument is consistent with the data.

I hate using it, but if there was one adjective I could use to define gender it would be "spooky". Your literally saying you "feel" like the other sex and then categorizing what "essentializes" that sex, a gender.

Still though. Being poor in the West doesn't entail living smoothly as Roo likes to claim. Yeah, it's easier to be poor in Baltimore than it is to be poor in Jakarta, but does that mean a poor black drug-addicted Baltimorean has an incentive to maintain the system which made him poor, drug-addicted, and subjected to racism?

I think the argument is that these problems you talk about can easily be solved by social democracy whereas they can't in the Third World (because there is no wealth to redistribute).

Third World can nationalize industry. Nationalization isn't socialism.

Also, you're conveniently leaving out the fact that austerity measures have been a thing in most western/imperialist nations for the past few decades now. In what scenario will Greece go back to being "First World" when its debt has crippled the poor fucking country? What about Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc.?

Even in the US it's laughable to assume shitholes like Cleveland and Bmore will just rebound due to succdem policies. I've lived in the latter and can confirm it's fucked beyond repair (in capitalism anyway).

Dude, what are you trying to say? Socialism, especially the Marxist-Leninist brand, has an appeal for the Third World because it implements a socialist construction period lifting the country out of poverty.

And? That doesn't debunk the claim that social democracy won't be able to solve the problems in the First World. Look at Bernie, Corbyn, Melenchon, etc. - they are the ones who could unite the masses, not some socialist revolutionary.
Portugal literally has a communist party in the government and is doing very well with SocDem policies right now.
Why? What I'm saying it's preferable to a socialist revolution to the average worker at this point, considering this would lead to a boycott and aggression against whatever state or country undergoes such. I don't think Greece wants to turn into North Korea.

Shit has to actually hit the fan, and by that I mean a crisis worse than 1929 (as that didn't lead to revolution either), the falling rate of profit could be such a factor, however, there are so many untapped markets still left on the planet that this is probably going to take another hundred years.

Again, you're not taking the fact that social democracy can only last so long into account (there's a reason why Keynesianism ended in the 1970s, stagflation and all that). We don't have socialism in the West right now for a myriad of reasons, not because we don't have the conditions for it (makes you wonder how "bad" conditions have to be before the masses can be "ready for socialism") but primarily because we don't have revolutionary leadership. But this is also the case in the Third World as well. The Naxals aren't winning much in India despite waging a decades-long people's war. Nepal's Maoists went revisionist very quickly. Even armed groups in South America are giving up their guns as they now desire to imitate Chavez and Morales and win power through electoral means. So, if we are going to talk about what makes or breaks a revolution, simply pointing to poverty levels isn't enough.

Well why do you think? Could it be perhaps Greece and the DPRK are two entirely different nations with different sets of material conditions and cultures, values, etc.? Greek socialism isn't going to look like Pakistani socialism which isn't going to look like Ghanaian socialism. The DPRK isn't even that great of an example of socialism anyway given that their platform is much more nationalist/Asserist than socialist.

What makes you think the West can win out over China when it comes to influence in Africa (assuming that's what you're referring to when you say "untapped markets")? Plus, you're making it sound as if capitalists only exploit Third World nations in order to ensure high living standards for First Worlders, as if profits and control of resources come secondary.

Why is the tank the only one making sense in this thread smh


Roo is now leaving the LLCO.

Listen to his tone of voice: he sounds VERY angry, but also scared. Why would he sound so worried if the LLCO are just a bunch of chill dudes like he's said before?


Seriously, one should really question Roo's social integrity if he couldn't get along with every communist organization he's been in. What the fuck is wrong with him?

LLCO are chill, they are better than RAIM, that's for sure. Also, check the comments. I like how Jason has a right-wing audience that doesn't realize he's a commie.

LLCO is "chill" which is why they use emotional blackmail against anyone who speaks out against them?

Tweet to Roo and ask him if he left because he found out the truth about the LLCO being run by a junkie.

I have yet to see somebody substantialize this claim. I've talked to LLCO members and they seemed genuine, not cultish at all. The reason they are secretive and also bothering dissidents is because information about the organization could potentially endanger comrades in the Third World.

Why do they post pics of their Third World comrades with their faces shown if the idea is to "protect" them from potential dangers (like being killed by the government/death squads)? Think of it this way: anarchists in Turkey, Greece, and Italy don't show their faces or use their real names online, so why would people in Bangladesh and Ghana willingly send pics of their uncovered faces to a western communist org to post on the internet?

Also, why are their banners in English if most Bangladeshi peasants are illiterate?

Also this:

These pictures are approved by the people in the photo.

It's still irresponsible to post them.


Uhm, if I'm specifically allowing you to post my picture you can post it. I think these guys know it better than you, because they actually live there and can judge the situation better than any of us.

Check out the profile pic of this guy, it's a fedora with an AnCom flag on it.

He gives good insights though, unlike Roo.

WTF is his deal anyway?

hes not wrong. anarchopac is denying his first world privilege

Who cares? Roo is behaving like a child as he always does. The fact that anyone on here can honestly consider him a comrade is beyond me.

There is literally nothing wrong with what Roo says here. Anarchopac literally studied stuff for years on his dad's money and complains about being oppressed. Guy never once worked in his life.

Still doesn't mean Roo is correct for behaving like an overgrown six year old. Everything he says is entirely non-sequitur.

I hate anarchopac for making me agree with Roo. People like him are why anarchism is such a joke in the west.

It's a vicious cycle, he is hated by everybody therefore grows more bitter in his resentment and paranoia. However, he was starting to get hate once he became a Third Worldist and called petit bourgeois leftists out on their shit, and I can't really disagree with him there.

The thing that makes me sad is that no real Third Worlder or the countries he supports would accept him either, with his unstable attitude he would likely get imprisoned in the DPRK.

He got called out for some vulgar behavior online and instead of apologizing went off on the people who called him out (who were other MLs BTW). For a Maoist, he certainly isn't all that disciplined.

"Misgendering" a bourgeoisie "agender" lifestylist is not vulgar behavior.

I'm talking about shit he did years ago.

hes definitely on the spectrum but that doesnt take away from the fact the anarchopac is IDPOL radlib trash

Both Roo and anarchopac are terrible.

roo is based though

He's a literal fucking retard. It's a known fact he uses ghostwriters for his more theoretical videos.

Roo isn't that dumb as people make him out to be. He may be uneducated on a lot of stuff, but not dumb.

No, he's dumb. He wins debates only because his hyper-masculine personality makes him come off as authoritative, and because all the people he debates are exceptionally stupider than he is.

If he were to debate a guy who's actually learned (say, Anal Water or BadMouse) he'd crash and burn.

Anal Water deliberately obfuscates talking points to confuse his opponent, he's a conman. I don't think Roo would fall for that.

BadMouse LITERALLY can't read. I'm not saying that there might be some people that could crash the Roo but it's surely not Anal Water and his semendrinkers and neither is BadMouse.

What does he say exactly? I saw both of his vids on Mao and I thought his critiques were pretty solid.

Are you sure?

he has dyslexia.

Anyone else find this suspicious?

I probably should add that I spoke to quite high positioned people in the organisation of LLCO America.
But that is by no means that you should refrain supporting the third world section of it who are fighting and at least trying to commit to revolution and live in fear of persecution by government forces everyday.

That's all I need to know. LLCO is a scam group.

You see, the things I like are cheap…

Joke: the LLCO is the highest stage of revolutionary science

Woke: the LLCO are cops

Bespoke: the LLCO are a drug cult

pot calling the kettle black, as far as I'm concerned.


Praise the Roo. The Roo is love. The Roo is life.