Daily News Thread 11/27

'Trump Talks Too Much': Iran Shrugs Off Oil Boycott Threat

An Iranian official said Trump sees himself as the chief of a global village: "This comes as he is just the president of the U.S., and a hated one."

Honduran Elections: Nasralla Leads by 5% With 57% Counted

The Opposition Alliance has campaigned on the premise of toppling the National Party's monopoly on power.

Keystone's existing pipeline spills far more than predicted to regulators

TransCanada Corp’s existing Keystone pipeline has leaked substantially more oil, and more often, in the United States than indicated in risk assessments the company provided to regulators before the project began operating in 2010, according to documents reviewed by Reuters.

Police in Trump-supporting towns aid immigration officials in crackdown

Dozens of police departments in the United States have been granted new powers, or are seeking them, to check the immigration status of people they arrest, aiding President Donald Trump’s broad crackdown on people living in the country illegally.

Japan ponders releasing 1m tonnes of radioactive Fukushima water into the sea

Local fishermen are resisting the move due to a bad reputation in the aftermath of Fukushima.

Missing Argentina Submarine Carried More than its Capacity

No sign of the vessel has been reported since November 15, shortly after the captain reported an electrical fault.

Puerto Rico Hands FEMA Power to Approve Any Use of Hurricane Aid

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said the island has agreed to give the Federal Emergency Management Agency unprecedented power to oversee disaster-relief spending, a step that may mollify Congress as the territory seeks billions to recover from Hurricane Maria.

CFPB in chaos as chief refuses to step aside for Trump's man

The US consumer financial watchdog was plunged into turmoil on Monday as rival directors vied to take charge amid a lawsuit against the White House.

US police covertly spy on innocent citizens with military hardware

Dozens of police departments across the US are using special devices to track suspects without warrants. However, the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers also capture data from regular people on the street.

This year 14 MPs have received a total of £94,189 in hospitality from the Saudi regime

Saudi Arabia has boosted its lobbying efforts in the UK recently, sparking concerns that Riyadh is exchanging hospitality for MPs' silence on human rights abuses in Yemen.

Hazmat situation in Florida as train with molten sulfur derails

A train hauling molten sulfur has derailed in Lakeland, Florida, causing a chemical spill. The crash has been pronounced a hazmat situation, and officials have told residents to temporarily stay indoors and keep their windows shut.

YouTube investigates 'disturbing' autofill results

YouTube has changed the way its autofill feature works after reports that some word combinations brought up paedophilic phrases.

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On scientific socialism and the necessity of the eclectic crank

The task of scientific socialism in the 21th century should be to understand the laws of motion that govern capitalism in order to ultimately, replace them with the “laws of socialist planning”.

Alt-right Trump supporters and left-wing Bernie Sanders fans should join together to defeat capitalism - Slavoj Žižek

Class struggle is back as the main determining factor of our political life – even if the stakes appear to be totally different, from humanitarian crises to ecological threats, class struggle lurks in the background and casts its ominous shadow

Libya “Chose” Freedom, Now It Has Slavery


‘The Saudis are Going to Fight Tehran to the Last Dead American’

The Saudis are utterly incompetent at military operations. You’re seeing that in Yemen. It is going to be, if it is going to be, an extremely brutal war. Iran will respond probably asymmetrically.

we always will love you newsanon, even if we're shitheads that only read the headlines

God I miss Gaddafi.

Reminder Gaddafi helped the US to overthrow the MLs of South Yemen

It's an eviroment is going to shit episode.

I really like how argentina leaves out kinda important details.


Is this the downfall of US imperialism or is this just how it always it was under the surface?

December's going to be a wild month in Burgerland.

Get ready for a crash and burn.

Reminder that ghadafi has its rightd and wrongs and compared to now he comes off as unequivocally based

Anyone with a brain could've seen this coming. Europe isn't going along with Trump's bullshit, and without them any sanctions are just a paper tiger.

This won't spark a market crash or anything will it? I'm getting increasingly nervous the bubbles are going to pop soon

International politics have always been a game of "Walk softly and carry a big stick." Trump is going around trying to stomp as loudly as possible and waving his stick around in the air. It's really not surprising he's not being taken seriously at all.

Do government shut downs affect the market negatively? Because there's a high possibility that's going to happen.

Trump's diplomacy is "All bark, no bite".

Any type of political instability will negatively affect the market, it means higher risks, possibility of not having your investments in the public institutions return a profit, etc.
The fact that Merkel did not manage to form a government in time caused a small depression in the German financial market, for example.

It would be hilarious except that thousands of poor people are gonna die

Then buckle up kid because we're going to crazy town. If you thought the Republican infighting this year was bad, just wait until the Democrats get involved. The Dems know the Republicans need their support to pass any budget and they're ready run the GOP's tit through a ringer.

That's going to be especially true with the disaster relief. I don't think that's going to go anywhere in midst of tax "reform" and passing the budget.


Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ at Event to Honor Navajo Veterans


You can't make this shit up.

This brainlet has in his hand the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons of the planet.

Tax Cuts will happen
Government won't be funded
Healthcare will be stabilized by being made more restrictive and expensive
Disaster relief will be authorized but it will be a micropenis amount
DACA will be temporarily extended again
Cuts to children health (if you don't get over your cancer in 3 months you have to pay OOP)
Sanctions will be reimposed with more undialectical demands thrown in
Border wall doesn't get funded

sounds reasonable, also no deal on brexit and no deal on anything. nothing is happening, pork is folding cards, cutting profit and moving on.

On the topic of nuclear Armageddon, here are some North Korean updates:

Japan has picked up radio signals from within the DPRK, usually these occur before missile tests. Satellite imagery hasn't picked up any missile platforms or movement as of yet, meaning that it could just be for winter exercises, but that may also change. This has been heightened by DPRK's suggestion that they may test a nuclear tipped missile over the Pacific.

A Japanese North Korean expert however recently expressed that the DPRK's missile program may now be advanced enough to no longer need live missile and nuclear testing.

This comes less than a week after Trump redesignated DPRK on the state-sponsored terrorism list, along with new sanctions that'll go into effect tomorrow.

An ex Russian diplomat has signaled that the US may be attempting to force DPRK into attacking first in order to justify a military invasion.

The South Korean government continues to push for a diplomatic solution, and are considering delaying joint military exercises with the US in hopes of both cooling tensions and making sure that the February Winter Olympics go smoothly. Some experts are worried that the US is continuing to isolate itself in the conflict as South Korea and Russia have begun to work more closely on the issue, with South Korea stating that Russia, rather than China or the US, may be the key to any diplomatic solution.

The recent DPRK defector remains in bad shape, but is no longer in critical condition. He's been widely reported on in South Korea due to his love of K-Pop, CSI, and Bruce Almighty, which his doctors have been playing to him in hopes of keeping him calm, fastening recovery. He was discovered to have Hepatitis B, tuberculosis, as well as ring worms, providing a stark look into the North's food and health conditions. However, his antibiotics have reportedly been working effectively, likely because he's never been exposed to them before.

There are a couple disputes around him at the moment, as his doctors have been preventing the military from interviewing him given his critical state, saying that he's in no condition to provide information yet. How much information the defector is able to provide will determine who foots the bill for his medical costs: if his info is of importance, the military pays for it, if not, the ministry of reunification, which has been experiencing financial problems as well as a decrease in influence in the past year, will. His doctor has stated that the defector "is a very nice guy," and is hopeful for his speedy recovery.

What a mess.

Imperialist Michael Scott

Trump is a gift for the left that keeps on giving.

If that doesn't happen, then the rest of that shit also doesn't happen. Especially DACA, since the Republicans don't want to look soft on immigration.

This was an inevitability. It was either going to be the Ruskies or the Chinese since Trump seems hellbent on a war.

True, it's also unsurprising how coldly DPRK has been receiving China lately. Americans seem to think that DPRK are China's puppet, but that's very far from the truth. Perhaps the only positive result of Trump's closeness to Russia is that this whole mess may be resolved without war. Russia and China obviously have a lot riding on this, and could very easily exploit Trump if they help solve the crisis.


President swiss cheese brain

They aren't that fucking stupid
Agreed, mostly (they'll fuck with medicare after they kill medicaid)
Nah, they'll kill it. GOP needs red meat for their shithead nationalist base
They'll fund it part way and run on a "finish the wall" platform in 2020

I'm sure a big factor in the North Korea ignoring China is because, like everyone else, they sense weakness in Trump. His bumbling and unpopularity has given them a prime opportunity to gain some leverage on the world stage.

Again, the problem is that they'll have to work with the Democrats to pass a budget, and Dems will have a whole Christmas list of things they want in exchange for that support.

With the party fractured to hell, the question is how far the Republicans are willing to go to make it happen.

They've been in the game for much, much longer, he's in over his head with the le stronk man shtick. The sharks smelled blood in the water a long time ago, and now they're gonna have a field day circling for the next 3 years.


I wouldn't bet the farm on that. Two senators have already come out saying they won't vote for it. If another says no, it's as dead as the Obamacare repeal.

How recent is that news?

Did you mean "hopeful"?


Senator Steve Daines of Montana said today that he won't support it. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin came out on 14th opposing it.

Of course, these are "in it's current form" hold outs and we won't know until after Tuesday if they're still against it.

It seems that Senator Johnson's concerns about the corporate tax being too beneficial compared to the cuts for smaller business/petty-bourg types could be simply placated with another across-the-board cut. It would be important to see if it goes that way or not, but that mostly doesn't seem how changing tax legislation works at this point.

A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation.
tl/dr right wing hack James O' Keefe tried to send a woman undercover to pretend that she was impregnated by Roy Moore at 15 so that he could
discredit all the women accusing him.

I don't even wanna know how much funding these guys are getting just to be fucking idiots

O' keefe is trying to spin this whole thing with him as the victim so they can fundraise more.

How stupid do you have to be to think a news organization like the Washington Post wouldn't do basic fact checking?

That's because he's drowning in legal fees with little to show for it.

You really can't make this shit up. Holla Forums is (surprise) ecstatic about it and makes idiotic posts about blowing Holla Forums up in the same thread >>>Holla Forums10964716

I doubt it, even their dissident senators still have lizard brain survival instincts.

Enjoy this thermonuclear take

Great vid of our boy Jezza getting absolutely fucking pissed over those affected by Tory health cuts


better sell your stocks now, micro-porky

Can we just start fucking murdering these people yet?

Thanks for the news on the argie sub

But agreeing with the Dems on anything could be a death sentence for their careers. Remember, they'll be facing an army of alt-right autists in the primaries. If they look weak on any social issue, they're toast.

How deluded do you have to be to believe this?

This is a world written by Douglas Adams now. I mean it was on the brink of it for a while now, but we are fully in a world we cannot control run by a man who can barely speak, barely think, snorts like a hog and is as greasy as any hog or alien beast. We're in a world I totally expected.

I swear to god and my grandma conservatards are the kinds of people who light their own house on fire in order to try and keep themselves warm.

Propaganda of the deed has a pretty poor track record as far as strategies go. It's pretty much the only reason I don't support just straight up offing porkies at any chance.

If you think about it, America's political cabal is every bit as weak and inneffectual as the Kuomintang, they're just not boiling people alive for now.

It's going to be great when Cuba starts running weapons into Puerto Rico.

>for now
Operative words.

Chiang Kai Shek was the tragedy, Trump is farce, they're both idiots but Chiang was willing to use the state to silence dissent violently, Trump just does a bitchy passive agressive tweet. It's frustrating because Trump should absolutely send Seal Team 6 to raid CNN and MSNBC live on air, could you imagine it?

But Trump doesn't.

Top Democrats in Congress say won't meet with Trump as planned


Reminder, the deadline for this is December 8th and Trump is already trying to sabotage it.

This tbh. I want there to be a crash. I want a Great Depression tier cataclysm. The worse things get the better it is for us.