Questions For "Real" Socialists

In a communist/socialist state, comune, place, ectra. Why should I work my ass off to become a doctor, if all the perks I'd get, could easily be obtained by washing dishes?

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Are doctors who want stuff for all of their hard work porkies?

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A communist society governs its production capabilities throught a democratic process. If you are a doctor you will be given more of the total production by virtue of being useful to the community and it rewarding you for your work in return.
No they are labour aristocracy.
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Medicine belongs to every human. In socialism you would make more as a doctor than a dishwasher.
If a doctor just wants to make money and not help people, yes he is wrong. Why would you become a doctor. Go to law school if you want to be a rich prick.

And what perks would I get for being a doctor?

So like capitalism?
I maybe be better at biology than at law.

This is where socialism fails. I'd rather deliver newspapers than drive trucks. I still get the same benefits.

Whatever you contract with the community. Again the point is that the production capacity of society is democratically controlled, ergo its products are democratically distributed. If your work is valuable to the community I don't see why the community would not give you a higher share of society's production.

Why wouldn't it be like this? Of course if a job requires a higher level of education/training it will be rewarded more. Communism is not about giving the same amount of stuff to everyone, it's about dismantling arbitrary hierarchies and artificial scarcity in order to uplift all of society.

Where did this meme came from?
I mean really how would any political theory basing their philosophy on such a stupid concept ever be able to gain any traction whatsoever?
Of course in communism if your work is more valuable than someone else it will be rewarded with more resources. You will be prohibited to exploit your fellow workers through commercial property claims, not unable to accumulate society's production for your own enjoyment.

So like free market capitalism.
Are you an ancap?

Read Critique of the Gotha Programme and Towards a New Socialism

No. Capitalism means something more specific than contracts. It means that most people are wage workers who sell their ability to work to a capitalist. The condition of the wage worker involves a historical process of expropriation of peasantry and craftspeople.

As to your asinine OP, why indeed? Do what you want nigger.

No like a functioning society.
Don't you tire of not engaging your brain in anything you engage in?

Communism differs from capitalism in two things (well more but these are the pillars):
-cessation of commercial property: under communism the productive infrastructure of society will be democratically controlled by the same community they are in.
-cessation of commodity production: under communism society's production will not be used for market exchange but exclusively to satisfy the community itself.

Do you see in this somewhere written "lol washing dishes and engineers will be paid the same"

Nice meme. Self realization, community contribution, greater levels of autonomy, and social status are all factors for why people pursue different careers outside of monetary compensation.

You need capitalism to get socialism, it would just be in a society that is not full of capitalist propaganda and slowly removing exploitation. You know people don't all get the same pay in socialist governments right?

A another question is. How are you gonna make people work? Force them? How are you gonna solve ethnic and cultural tensions, brawls and etc?
Communism sounds just utopian to me.

How do you force people to work under capitalism? Why should I work for someone else to exploit my labour? Capitalism sounds utopian to me.

On a more serious note, why do people work? To satisfy their needs, but people can produce more than what they strictly need. How is this extra labour distributed? Under slavery it was directly extracted by the master, under feudalism it was divided between the serf and the lord, under capitalism it is extracted by the capitalist and then partially returned to the worker.
Communism proposes to cease this forced extraction by forbidding private ownership of commercial property. So why will people work under communism? Exactly for the same reason people always worked, to survive. The extra labour will then be used to provide for whatever the community will establish as useful/desiderable.

Why would you work more than what is necessary to survive? There are many reasons, bu the point is that you can. No other system can provide the common man with such luxury as they need that extra labour forcefully extracted and used to accumulate wealth.

Is it a fantasy novel?

Aren't I just a craftsmen of medicine who's boss is the comune I made a contract with?
Iactaully want a bar of gold to drop out the sky and land right in front of me.
That's all well and good, but how the fuck can I feed my family with realization?

Mate, every signal "fake" socialist government so far has been doing that.

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You don't. Necessities like food would be provided for all members of society. Regardless of that the topic at hand was why would people be doctors if they can just get by as dishwashers. In your scenario if the dishwasher can feed his family why wouldn't a doctor be able to? You gotta keep up with your own shitposts bud.

Iactaully want a bar of gold to drop out the sky and land right in front of me.
What are you trying to say exactly?

Why are you here if you're afraid of learning anything?

I find it weird not being able to find a fantasy novel, not made in a "fake" socialist country, that portraits communism as good. Even nazis have the Turner Diaries.

The thing is, in classical "fake" communist countries, nobody would be able to feed their families but the inner party members. And anyone who didn't work in those countries were called parasites to the country.

I want to make money so I can be set for the future.

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In a capitalist state, comune, place, ectra. Why should I work my ass off to become a researcher, if all the perks I'd get, could easily be obtained by washing dishes?


So you're basing your faith in a system based around the number of fantasy novels depicting it in a favorable light?
How the hell then did Russia's population increase under the Soviet Union. Even under Stalin's regime.
Your point?

You can't get a ton of stuff washing dishes, unlike being a doctor.

No, I just find it odd is all.
Same way Germany increased, they incoriged you to have children.
Under communism I can't get luxuries, unless I'm part of the inner party.

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Then why are you telling me the Soviet Union had trouble with the food supply? Germany was in even worse shape.
Really? For example? I guess luxury items are more important than guaranteed employment, housing, basic needs, healthcare and education. Silly me the SU was a complete failure, it did not have enough cool cars compared to the richest country in the world

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Don't work, don't eat. Simple.
By criminalizing assault and battery and the such? What the fuck man.

You'll find people with more complex jobs find those jobs inherently rewarding when they're hours of labor aren't very high (limiting stress)
I'd personally rather be a doctor than a ditch digger if my education (and living expenses while being educated) where guaranteed.
That said, nothing precludes a socialist economy from having scaled remuneration to motivate people from going into jobs that have a shortage.
And due to technological progress, a modern economy demands everyone have a day amount if skill and specialization anyway. Manual labor would be the outlier, and could be taken over by the young while being trained or by people with learning disabilities.

Bruv have you ever actually met a trainée doctor? I'm from the UK, a place where doctors don't get paid like they do in the US, and where working conditions are quite frankly shit. Every single bloke I know that does medicine does it because they want to be a fucking doctor, not because they want to make big dollar bills y'all.

Believe it or not, people can be motivated by something other than their own greed.

I said nothing about being a doctor. Most scientific researchers get paid peanuts under capitalism. Why bother furthering research instead of just opening a business and exploiting workers?

And imagine how many more would do it if they didn't have to work 50-60 hours a week getting barely any sleep while on call and paying off med school (American here)

Or getting paid the same as a dish washer, work 50-60 hours a week getting barely any sleep, having a shortage of toilet paper. But on the bright side, there's no med school debt cus of big brother.

But you see it depends what type, ever heard of stem cell researchers?

Ah yes, the "one dollar" arguement. I ask you, if someone was getting paid the same (which btw is such a fucking mangling of the concept of labour vouchers it makes me cry) as a dishwasher and had the choice of doing something else: why would they be a dishwasher instead of a doctor?

Also use of Big Brother being wrong as always: Big Brother is not the welfare state, it is the surveillance state, Read Homage to Catalonia, Orwell was a Marxist.

Why would I rather be a dish washer? Because it's simpler and easier than being a doctor.

Mate, every "Fake" and "real" communist state so far has been a big brother. And every one of them pays for higher education for the people.

I recommend the book: "Pay; why people earn what they ear and what you can do now to make more" by Kevin F. Hallock. It lays out how pay structures work and shows how people will act; seemingly, against their own economic interest to do something that fulfills them personally: for example people working at NGOs that fulfill the same role as a private for-profit at a lower pay because their "happiness" is considered something worth the pay difference. TL;DR people will do things where they get paid less because they enjoy it, and people will work in harsher conditions to do something they love rather than in easier ones to do something they don't. You may want to be a dishwasher, you may see the mathematical equation in your head that what fulfills you most as it is most cost effective: however not everyone thinks like you do. Inability to conceptualise the other drags you back. For many, fulfillment in their work is more important than ease of said work.

Regardless, the "one-dollar" concept is not preached by any actual communist, labour vouchers are not the same thing as currency and their value system is different. Post scarcity and all that.

Also again, Big Brother isn't the Welfare State, Orwell supported the implementation of the welfare state in 1945 under Attlee's government. Get it into your head, Big Brother is the surveillance state, stop misusing it, you make yourself look like a tit.

In communism you'd want to do something because you genuinely want to do it, not because you need to sell your labor to survive off of the gains.
A doctor that doctors simply because they want payment isn't a doctor I want doctoring in me.


Ok so, either…
Dishwasher and doc would have the same total free access to all they need. People be doctors because they like helping people in order to make their community more prosperous and people would wash dishes because it needs to be done (assuming you aint automated that)
Or, the doc would get more shit on his labor voucher in order to counteract the stress etc if being a doctor and the dishwasher would get less shit on his labour voucher because he has more free time on his hands. I dunno about this one though.
Or the dishwasher is fully automated. The doctor too. FALC has been achieved and everyone lives in paradise.

Gee, I wonder why Arfica has trouble with food, I bet it has nothing to do with the fact they breed like rabbits.

Video games.

I have a question, to you which one of these is a better world? If earth had 1 billion people living on it with a great quality of life. Or if earth had 10 billion people and everyone had the bear essentials to live?


*Some people would be doctors because they like helping people.

You're a retard that imagines communism as capitalism with free stuff. If your community needs a doctor and you don't want to be it, fine, then fuck off.

The privilege of being a doctor. Fuck you.

I'm part of a pretty poor community that can't afford things like hospital trips or doctor visits. You know what they do? They either find the next best thing, a nurse or a vet or midwife, anyone with medical training, really, or they become their own fucking doctor. It's not anything close to optimal, but it's better than nothing. A few actually get good at it and become "country doctors" and they pass on what they know to people in their community.

Aside from immediately making people healthier by removing the stresses of wondering if one'll have a job the next week, where the next meal will come from, bills and rent and schooling, the people that actually want to be doctors will be freed up to actually do so.

So wash your dishes, fuckface. No one fucking needs you and no one will.

Ok, to each their own. Good luck mate.

I take it you aren't really interested in doing anything enough for any other reason then money.

Since that's the case you should not be afraid of socialism . Most of us want to take part in society and not lounge around so it won't really matter if a few people like you end up doing nothing.

Once we seize the means of productions money won't be as big of a need.

Mate, I'll only join socailism if I get to be apart of the inner part. Low enough not to get noticed by our Stalin, but high enough I don't have to worry about the same stuff as the peasants.

mate, i recommend you read more socialist theory. I have a suspicion you do not give the same meaning to the word as most of this board.