Draw and tan related stuff

The previous thread got nuked.

Come here draw friends to request and deliver.

Remember to post your shit in the booru:

Some character references:

Bonus: dis.4chanhouse.org/gen/src/145642090121.png

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Taking requests!!!1one

I request additional Alunyas. Specifically in her school uniform. Plz deliver

Also multiples alunyas doing wot

Could you please draw Stalinist cat educating leftcom cat?


Somebody get me a black panthergirl

Yeah, like how she's usually drawn. The later design by Rachel.

Draw Alunya handholding with Anarchism cat!!

Make her use the clothes of one of the rodinas :^3

Requesting Posadist gf riding a bomb, a la Dr. Strangelove.

Practice drawing


looks pretty great user

Ancap likes our mascot?

I'm a trans-political I guess.
I love technocracy and robert owen school of thought.

I don't like the USSR or anrchommies tho (except zapatistas).

Feet art

yay or nein

lel, do you really need to ask?
feet ————→ asses -> boobs

You know Very well what kind of education im asking for.



Who are they though

I must put an end to this homosex.

Catalunya but I used real hair as a reference so it looks like someone else.

Thats how puffy hair ends look like IRL but it does kinda looks unrecognizable like that



Damn, those r some gud feet tbh.

U 2


You're alright user

Life is cruel, comrades.

Why did you make me feel this

Also someone draw Aluyna hiking

Presenting the new mascot of leftypol: Girunya. She's an ancom giraffe girl who ain't no afraid of no one. Please draw more of her. She's my spirit animal and the new mascot of the adult population of leftypol.

new waifu

Draw alunya tied up bdsm style

this but with feet also

Also make sure she has a ballgag in her mouth.

And Rodina as the dominatrix

Girunya frontal. She's so sexy I want to marry her. ;_;


Like so?


Girunya haters need to go back to /r/socialism. Giraffegirls have a bright future on the left and this is a Girunya appreciating board. She is our number one mascot.

based ancap

i want this


Did I miss anything?

no stob

Lewds of Leftcom cat.


please draw more porn of alunya fucking men for money


Finally, a version of Rodina that is anatomically appealing to all generations of leftypol.



Draw her bending over to pic up a book and put an armchair in the background or something.
lewds of leftcom cat

Because cats are so passé. Giraffes is where it's at.


thanks for reminding me

Needs more Girunya.

That's not her finger is a book that is bending

Also good day leftypol
Feels good being a draw friend

are you going to do this

Yeah why not

Lemme have a breakfast first tho

Yo, AnCap drawfriend, you're back? Hopefully no one's bullying you this time

I was sleepin

Long nap, good to have you back

please draw leftcom kitty doing cute things

Red liberal crypto imperialists go back to >>>/leftpol/
This is our new mascot.

You seem cool.

I keep wanting to draw but is now cold as tits

My arms and legs are all hurt from the ccold, even under the sheets it kinda still hurts

Continue without me anons I'll only slow you down

Ur coolio-er tho

Also where are the other draw friends?

Where the fucking hell the giraffe came from?
is it stolen from somewhere else?


Oh well I just had to do it.

It's just Ginjeet, he forgot to take his meds again.

Catgirl-Drawgirl will prob show up in this thread at somepoint.

Stay warm young user!

ur gay

this is ture, 1000%

that not greeafie get that shit away from me you weeb

Who wants to learn how to draw?

It would be helpful to the board if we had more OC

Requesting a Rodina or Alunya version of this

who is that gorgeous giraffe ladyboi?

Girunya is no less authentic leftypolian than her inferior sister Alunya is.

drawfag reporting in

now do a gerapphe

why are you trying to force this meme


I can cram one or two more fetishes in there.
Like an exhentai tag, what more I add?
or just plain vanilla?

a wooden horse

I prefer It vannila Fam, dont want anything fucked up honestly.

This is some /d/trash/ quantum theory in practice right there

Neither do I.

I'm pretty vanilla myself, I was talking like thicc or feet or puffy vulva or age gap yuri or something /a/ core like that

I mean its obviously going to be Yuri Fam but i thrust youre gonna do a good job.

please make vanilla
handholding, cuddling, happy sex, etc

You are weak

How do you plan taking over varon trump like that

vanilla is fukking gay tho

Sorry if i dont want any fetishes and Just wish for some good n old vanilla.


Send warm clothing and yourselves so I can get warm cuz is cold titty hardening like nails cold.

Also I'm listening disturbing recording in jewtub so im all spoop.



I wish i could but we probably dont live in the same country.

But hey so faar It looks prety neat.

some good lad please make more alunya feet pics

I second this.


Luxemburg Cat

I've made sorry Juana art if that counts

As a Yandere

*sor juana

Do you want to go to hell , brother?


also tfw no christchan feets

I feel you , brotha

How about you anons pick up a pencil instead of waiting for my deliveries?

The cold is hurting my arms and legs so is making hard to draw for long

You don't even need a scanner, just pixlr and gimp

I can provide links if you want to start drawing and you don't know how

I just want some aluyna bdsm

I'm tryin


I really need someone to hammer gesture drawing into my thick skull, I just dont get it

I mite draw something and post it late if I feel like it doesn't suck cocks.

But user, i dont know how to draw.

Travis 2 freaking knives fused with Girunya.


Hablas español?


y por qué carajos eres "Anarco" capitalista?
Como fue que encontraste esa ideología?
me da curiosidad saber.
Otra pregunta que si te sientes incomodo respondiéndola lo entiendo.
pero de dónde eres.

Me gusta más la minarquía y básicamente porque es la mejor versión de lo que puede ser nuestro sistema actual.

Incluso si eres un commie ¿No sería mejor estar en capitalismo hecho y derecho en vez de una versión del chino?

Además minarquia o anarco capitalismo causaría aceleracionismo, si crees que el capitalismo fallara ¿por que no ordeñarlo de todos los beneficios hasta que solo haga leche en polvo?

Además no sólo creo que minarquia o anarch capital es la única ruta válida, como dije

Soy mexicano papa, de quetoretaretoretaro

En las zonas friolentas.

Gday lefties

Try reading these 2:

Quick sketching with rob husband

Dynamic life drawing for animators:

Co0nservando un enclenque y seco pedazo del cadaver y pretender que hay anarquia.
Blegh asco.
Pues en términos simples, si, pero puede existir un mercado, para la libre transferencia de bienes entre los trabajadores,(El mercado precede al Capitalismo) siempre y cuando el capitalismo haya sido completamente abolido y los trabajadores sean los recipientes totales, de la plusvalía que genera su labor.
El Capitalismo es Fascista.
Eso sí, solo por ese motivo apoyaría a los Ancaps, Libertarians y Minarquistas. al final cuando los monstruos más grandes sean derrotados, el siguiente objetivo serian ustedes y no merecerían ni la más mínima consideración, a menos que den los medios de producción a los trabajadores y dejen el capitalismo enterrado.
Es Inevitable e Inminente.
¿por que no ordeñarlo de todos los beneficios hasta que solo haga leche en polvo?
Pues de hecho la Revolución Capitalista en contra de la Monarquía francesa, se hizo con los medios de la monarquía, porque nosotros los Anarquistas Comunistas y Socialistas no habremos de hacer lo mismo?
Yo diría que es inclusive estúpido el no hacerlo.
siempre y cuando el objetivo siempre sea la revolución todos los medios son válidos.
Eso espero.
Pensé que era el único Mexicano lurkeando Holla Forums
un gusto conocerte!

Digo así no es como funciona la disolución de capitalismo pero ok

I'll give em a read after work

more progress

Sorry for taking too long

You can guess why

You are slowly turning into a lazy commie


Has the free market not provided you with heat? :^)

But seriously wear a jumper and socks, if you're already doing that then rip, I hate it when it's so cold you need to wear gloves inside.

r u okay oniichan?
god Loki is such a hottie, I want him to be my tsun brother


I'm feeling really lazy

Convince me to improve it or do I move on to some other drawing ?

Please dont stop doing this one, I know you probably get alot of requests but its not like alot of artist are willing to give requests Specialy here.

And its prety rare to actualy get what you request so please improve It Just a little bit more.

But there is a warframe event and my orokin reactor is ready, I can't just ignore that

I mean one thing dosent exclude the other user, look play your warframe alright. But them finish the drawing later, that seems a good deal to you?

pouting anime girl

I probably wont develop it more cuz I'm kinda tired of looking at it.


Do as you see fit.
Nonetheless you have my thanks for drawing this far.

Same as the user above.

Do we have one of those?
I can't find it in the references

Our ancap drawfriend will be spared in the revolution and given a little crown for his contributions

stop being 12, ffs

Did you have a request anomalous?

Y so angery

Why does every Lenin poster have a stick up his ass? There is a good reason I post under a T-34, it's more jovial.

Can you draw Situationist Cat being cute in her glasses?

pedo pls go

Totally not that one lewd pic, I learned my lesson I swear. Nothing to see here.

this board needs more Commiecat OC

aren't like 80% of the cat girls commie cats tho?

I like it


the consequences will never be the same

Did I step into Holla Forums by accident?

You're on an image board stop pretending you're cool

i've realized that sexuality is a spook therefore i'll kiss you anywhere you like, ancap friend! i-if you're okay with that!

I don't think leftypol is an OK place to erp famalama

But here is an e-mail in case you people want to ask me stuff or request drawings so we don't spam this thread

Give me the links

Oh, never mind

DDR qt


pretty cool

didn't this lumineko draw us Alunya once

I dunno

e621.net/post/show/1012373/Holla Forums-3-alunya-anal-anal_fingering-anal_penetratio

How many subcultures can you stack

dem legs tho

Needs a Stirner head edit with him running with it.

Aren't cats inherently individualist?

ye fam

IIRC the lewd was commissioned and the one I posted was a bonus because they liked the character.

Bumping my question

Can't find a reference

It does not exist yet

the YES jojo theme played in my head when I heard that



I want more Alunyas

pedo pls go

they arent children user , its ok

No progress , ancap drawfriend?


which one should i belive?

the info in the political ideology catgirls should be the correct right?


The first one

they froze to death

The latter

Neither. Fuck any attempt to establish a canon.

Rip in piss i guess




now this is good praxis right here

i did the giraffe guy



my apologies

the second one was from her website

bump for girunya

As every AnCap deserves.