Nick Land

I read he is some kind of right-wing accelerationist who started Dark Enlightenment and basically co-engineered the Alt Right. What do you think, should he be Holla Forums-approved or is he just a modern day Evola?

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I skim read thru all of Fanged Naumena a day ago and now I feel stupid, small and suicidal. Oh well.
He's basically an anti-humanist philosopher that hasn't killed himself because he paints capital as a metaphysical force and cloaks his writings on mysticism. I can't upload books but someone post Fanged Naumena and Thirst for Annihilation, this thread is pointless if we don't actually engage with his ideas.
Also bear in mind how much of a washed up, chewed up, spat out, husk of a man he is now. Here's him in 2013:

He hates the left and Marxists, there's an essay in Fanged Naumena called Transcendental Miserablists that is basically his thoughts on them. To sum him up he's basically the 'Capitalist Realism' Mark Fisher described cloaked in mysticism and sociopathic, incestuous libido. Out of the two of them, it was him that should have died, not Mark.

barely anyone in the alt right read him, stop giving those brainlets so much credit, Land is what happens when a Marxist fucks his brain with meth.

I recommend you all read him btw

Did someone say Nick Land?

Is it true Naziposter, does he hate marxists?

Land Posting is the fullest form of the inverted paradigm schizoactively built from a Deluzean perspective waffling about this liquidated machine reality.


Fucking read what I told you to read you pathetic waste of meat-space.

Still not got that Fanged Noumena fleshlight, I see.


Where did you tell me to read anything? Point out a specific post where you told me to read Land. Look now I'm linking some Holla Forumsshit but not telling anything, then you reply to me and I lash out in autistic rage because mummy took away muh tendie points

Will "Read Nick Land" become the meme of 2018?
Let's make it happen.


Er, calm down dude.
The 'meat-space' thing was a joking reference to Land's terminology.

Here I say he hates Marxists, and core the part of the book to back up my claim.

Here I tell everyone to read him.

Here you ask if he hates Marxists.I

Here I reiterate my point and went to the EFFORT of screenshotting the pages that I cited to answer your question in depth, so you didn't have to go to the effort of finding them yourself.

Are you really THIS angry at me for that?

I apologize, I thought that a naziposter replied to me without name field. I actually read your screencaps, saved them in precise order and I appreciate it. He namedrops shit like Transcental Miserablism about which I have no idea what it is tho

Leftists are obsessed with names, for them everything has a book, a prophet, an official doctrine. I think Land is aware of this need for a boogeyman and played into it, while in truth having no audience beyond a few schizo's on obscure blogs.

Do people actually take this fucking loon seriously?

Care to enlighten us why we shouldn't?

I thought he was kinda interesting up until I read his blog and figured out he's not actually an accelerationist. Capital means mass migration and the destruction of traditional culture, yet he screeches about immigrants and dwindling whites. At the same time he says how capitalists will eventually become cybernetic gods, far surpassing the intelligence of anyone alive, yet he still talks about black-white I.Q. differences.

Link? Thanks

fucking golden, thanks for sharing (Land's Dark Enlightenment blog) (Land's accelerationism blog)
email [email protected]

twitter @Outsideness

It's fine. Transcendental Miserablism is just a term he coined for leftWingers that he spends the article elaborating on. You don't need prior reading to understand it I don't think.

Marxism BTFO!


> (Land's accelerationism blog)

I'm pretty sure Vince Garlton is a Marxist though, and what he pointed out is true. As for the original tweet I'm pretty sure he's just referring to Jehu, since they seem to be internet buddies, also he seems chumy with all of the U/ACC people, and many of them seem to be Marxists and Communists. I mean, NRx is basically dead as an online community, he might just end up becoming the weird angry racist uncle who hangs out around the L/ACC and U/ACC crowd.

The "he" I keep referring to being Nick Land, not Vince Garlton, who's just a U/ACC person on twitter, as well as our local tripfag n1x.

This man is a fucking joke.
Does anyone have an account of his drug binges?

Yeah I wondered about that tripfag. Who IS n1x? Also the part of me believed it was really Nick Land posting on leftypol

The OG annil who lost his mind and became a tranny.

Do you have any links to stuff about them? Also how was it confirmed the Nick Land tripfag was n1x?

"Nick Land", "Vince Garlton", "n1x", and "Jehu" are all just characters made up by an art collective who make mixed media shit online. No one should be taking any of this so seriously.

So I actually read this essay, and I think Land does have a point regarding contemporary Marxists. I mean, does anyone these days really refute that capitalism is the most dynamic and revolutionary economic system? Of course, it accomplishes this through brutal exploitation and devouring the natural environment, but it still perpetuates the most dramatic increases in efficiency and advancements in production compared to any other system that has existed. The only way for a Marxist system to directly challenge this is by emulation, through Stalinist command economies which produce growth and development but continue same exploitation and destruction perpetuated by capitalism, just without the trappings of bourgeois democracy and with a more equal distribution of outcomes.

I would argue that a truly communist society would actually be very conservative when it comes to social attitudes towards economics or politics. A society which is truly liberatory and egalitarian would need some form of social solidarity and consciousness to prevent someone from bringing back capitalist relations in an attempt to 'revolutionize' or 'transcend' existing communist relations. Such a society would find the level of production and development they were comfortable with, and labor to keep it that way, fighting or at least slowing down attempts to change it. A communist society would not be as dynamic as capitalism, but it would guarantee equality and a range of freedoms for all participants.

IMO the answer to Land is that the dynamism of capitalism is not needed or desired; that productive forces have developed enough to ensure an abundance of basic goods and services and that further development has diminishing marginal returns. Furthermore, there will be no 'techno-libertarian capitalist gods,' resource depletion and pollution will put a stop to any Randian delusions of grandeur or escaping the cradle of Earth.

That word doesn't mean what you think it means.
AntiHumanism is in the 'main internet's section.


link?? Are you serious?

More like drug induced psychotic breakdown:

No, that user's just trolling you. n1x is just a tripfag who's posted on here for a long time, and now they're apart of Accelerationist twitter. She also uses an alternate trip called "Nick Land" sometimes and likes to troll/confuse people by implying that they're actually secretly Nick. Here are some links.

Ugh, that's kinda wrong. Land is a reactionary misanthrope, wishing for an all knowing computer god to manage the eradication of the species (of which he still holds an essentialist view). He thinks that the "meat space" will inevitably face purification, even more, that this purification is desirable, hence his 'strategic support' for the most backwards, identitarian and reactionary movements around which if triumphant would be the most vulnerable to and unprepared for to the coming non-human overlord.

Anti-humanism in the left's theoretical work is just principled Marxism.

So he's a reactionary because reactionarism is the best way to achieve the most radical change (all knowing computer god to manage the eradication of the species)?

Pretty much. He's the ultimate reactionary to out-reaction all reactionaries. The farthest away are the masses from cultivating a critical discourse on capitalism the easier it is for capital to not just make abstract the real economic conditions of society, but to colonize the species itself, i.e. the human body.

Too much vitamin K would explain a lot.

But why does he wants to accelerate the eradication of humanity? He does not have a single interest in it. Is it pure nihilism?

Virulent Nihilism


he's a psychotic asshole

He went insane, and says he doesn't agree with his cybernetic-fueled stuff anymore. Everything after the breakdown is trash. His CCRU work (and the CCRU itself) is, at the very least, deserving of respect. I don't see why Holla Forums doesn't understand this

why do some people on here like him anyway?

Is Doug still trying to get him on Zero Squared?