Leftist HOI4 mod

I sometimes play Hearts of iron, and i use a few mods. Kaiserriech is Brilliant, and Ideologically accurate as well, but what is the most popular mod? Millenium dawn, the modern day mod. unfourtenently the people who made this mod are anti-communist nutjobs and completely fucked up the political accuracy (a discussion i made complaining about this was dismissed by the developers saying shit like "lmao communism is shit btfo cuck". Since the developers are shit and refuse to change, the only way to fix this is to make a new mod. since this mod will be massive, i cannot make it on my own, so i need help. remember, the mod will be set in 2017 at around the current time. make focus trees, find leader portraits, and in general give help.
Current plans:

Different policies for the following:
-Welfare :None (less unity, less population growth, more factory output), Restricted (Slightly reduce effects of none) Moderate (no effect) , widespread (Increased civilian growth)
-Economic (Socialist (More unity, Home territory defence, factory building, Growth, Less foreign relations) Capitalist (Less unity, more trade and foreign relations )
-Social policy (Reactionary (fascists),Conservative (conservatives) ,Moderate (libertarians),Progressive (most leftists), Politically correct (liberals), Class-oriented (Anti-idpol left)

Ideologies for the mod:
-Liberalism (Hillary Clinton and co.)
-Conservatism (Tories, Repubs)
-National leftism (Nazbols and Asserlsts and juche)
-Social democracy (Corbyns labour, etc)
-Democratic socialism (DSA?)
-Fascism (obvious)
-Quasi-fascism (non-left nationalists, "im not racist but")
-Anarchist (ancom, ansyn, anego)
-Corporatism (ancap, Pinoshit)
-Leninist (Cuba, Etc)
-State capitalist (China)

Countries with Focus trees:
-China :
(Become maoist and kill revisionists, "socialism with chinese characteristics" or Bourgeois democracy)
(Soviet union (trot or stalin), Fascism, Reactionary putinism or liberal/sucdem
(Corbyn socdem leading to demsoc, BNP fascism, Conserv/Liberal)
(Conservative trump, Liberal clinton, Sucdem sanders or commie revolution, Quasi-Fascism also)
(Insurrection by either left or right, reactionary or liberals)
(DDR back, Fascism or Liberal democracy)
(purging the emu warlords/Emu rule)
(actually just generic)
-Slightly customised generic focuses for the following:

General tree has an industry path (focus on either civilian or military), A military path (Offence or defence), A reform path (Reforms passed, 5 different 3-part paths based on ideology) and a ideology path (com/Fas/Lib/Socdem/demsoc/Conserv/Leftnat/Quasfas)

Maybe make a subtype of Quasi-fascism extreme liberalism?

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If only I could do anything 2 help lol


Wouldn't it be easier to just edit their mod?

is this your account op?

yes, i shitposted random stuff on r/socialism, got banned from r/neoliberalism for OP pic and general pissed off reddit. anyway, that is unrelated.

I live in Australia, and there is nothing special there. Literally the only thing i could think of for the custom Australian tree is reactionary one-nation kicking out immigrants. the biggest communist gathering i saw in Australia was the brisbane anti-trump march where some Holla Forumsyp with a pepe shirt yelled out hiel trump before being yelled out by some liberals.

you could find portraits of leaders of political parties of carrying ideologies from around the world.

a few icons i made for the game:

Love Kaiserreich too m8 (though HoI4 is shit, Darkest Hour is a lot better).

Never played HOI2. Started with the third and after a brief introductory 20 hour course i had a hell of a time. Is the second better?

HoI2 is better than HoI3 and Darkest Hour is HoI2 on steroids.

model of Focus tree for generic industry (anyone want to help me make these? You can find the icons easily)
A. Military Industry:
Add 1 military factory in random state
"While civilian infrastructure may be important, it is necessary that we put our factories towards producing military equipment in these times of danger"
B. Civilian industry
Build 1 civilian factory in A random state
"with the massive levels of industrial automation and technology available today, we can massively improve our civilian infrastructure and industry, even when under danger"
C. Military conversion
-25% factory change cost
"we can convert our civilian factories to military ones, but the pace is too slow. with some changes in our plans, we could cause huge reductions to the time and resources necessary to do this."
D.Civilian goods programs
5% civilian goods
5 civilian factories
-25 PP
"Our civilians need to be supplied in wartime, and although this will be an expensive procedure, it can be done via some large government programs"
E. Socialist militia unions
(anarchist only)
2 military factories
+5% defence on core territory
"by giving lots of land to socialist militias, we not only gain a few factories, but also small local forts which would help defend our country in war!"
F. Peoples State factories
(Leninist only)
3 military factories
"By Putting some extra state resources into Building warehouses and factories, we can establish a series of 'Peoples state factories' that will produce adequate equipment.
G. City Construction
2 infrastructure in capital
1 military factory in capital
"We need to increase the quality of industry in the cities!."
H. Rural constrcution
2 infrastructure in random districts
1 military factory in random district
"we need to increase the quality of industry for far flung rural towns!"
I. Farm subsidises
Growth rate +10%
"By putting some of our industry into farming subsidises, we can provide much needed food for the nation"
J. Economic regulation committee
Factory bombing resistance +45%
"By introducing new Structural stability and safety regulations on our factories, we can prevent unwanted damage by enemy bombings or sabotages"
K. Corporate military factories
Adds 4 military factories
5% civilian goods
"by giving land to corporations, we can gain quick and cheap military factories, although many of the goods produced by these new factories would be sold to non-government agencies, creating a degree of inefficiency in this strategy"
L. Civil surface
+15% construction speed
"by getting prisoners to work in construction projects instead of wasting time behind bars, we can increase the speed of many of our construction projects
M. Military factories
2 Military factories
"We must build more military-industrial facilities!"
N. Military factories II
2 Military factories
"We must build more military-industrial facilities!"
O. Civilian factories
2 Civilian factories
"we must build more civilian factories!"
P. Civilian factories II
2 Civilian factories
"we must build more civilian factories!"
Q. general industry
1 infrastructure
1 Military factory
1 Civilian factory
"With our industrial plans complete, we should add some new factories and the infrastructure necessary to keep them running."

Then why did you post that pic

Some random questions and ideas;
What exactly is the 'theme' of the mod?
What is the name going to be? Or at least is there going to be a temporary project name?

Have Zizek become leader of Yugoslavia somehow.
Have a hidden option in events for Corbyn to coup the UK.
Have the China reach full capitalism and then flipping to, as Dengists suggest, full Maoism.
Include Posadaism somehow.
Have random events pop giving slight growth to leftists parties with the caption of "Marxist propaganda on an obscure Bulgarian rug-weaving forum spreads to youth".

millennium dawn is a shit mod tho, who the fuck likes playing it?


Agreed it is garbage kaserreich is far better in every way. Millenium Dawn is pure novelty of "lol modern day". Nukes would have to be far more prevelant and deadly for it to be halfway decent.

The Kasierreich developers are mostly left, some far-left, who make the best mod of HoI4 that not only adds intense flavour and imagination but also fixes problems in the base game.
Millennium Dawn developers mostly are Sargon tier anti-coms who have made on of the most shitty, dull and unimaginative mods on the workshop that makes no attempt to fix base game problem that renders the game by all means unplayable. Yeah sure is fun fighting hoards of these unequipped enemy divisions.
Makes you think a wee bit.

No I mean, objectively, the millennium dawn mod is poorly put together. There are too many production lines so the AI gets confused and you can pretty much always walk into another nation's capital. The vanilla game actually functions better than this mod, and that's saying something because the vanilla game is pretty crap.


Also tanks are ridiculously OP millennium dawn is the most overrated mod in the workshop

I played it once, most of the focus trees are boring as hell and the starting division templates are cancer. Mods like Kaiserreich and Road to 56 are so much better. Even the fucking great war mod is more playable.

I may have made a bit of a stretch but David Bergström is defiantly far-left and takes leading role in the development, plus the amount of dedication to including syndicalism into the game is something to note.

There's a preatty great Posdaist mod and the creator has shared it in Holla Forums before the name is "Flying Saucers and the Socialist Future of Mankind"


The Great War mod is still pretty shitty too. It literally lists Pancho Villa as a fascist leader, the justification being "he's a violent warlord, ergo fascism".

Also, while the Kaiserreich devs are generally left wing, pretty much everyone else in the discord is either some brand of monarchist, sargonite liberal, or unironic "national populist". It's disgusting.

I like how the great war mod has trees as a resource lol

That mod is absolute gold.
It's also made by the same person who made 'Apres Moi Le Deluge' which is also a really good mod.

Theme is realistic and nuanced. possibly humorous references.

1. No, but zizek will still be in the mod
2. He will come to power via election
3. Although you can have free market capitalism while still having the CPC in china, it wont suddenly flip without a revolution
4. yes definitely
5. Good idea, ill add that

That sounds like a pretty neat basis tbh.

Also please for the love of god have over a dozen US military bases in Syria as socialist rather than conservative like in the Millennium Dawn mod.

Definitely, i made a complaint about that a few months ago on millennium dawn mod page but it got deleted by the shitty right wing devs.

I might help. Pretty easy to mod Paradox games, but I have yet to buy HoI4 because it looks like shit.

Im never going to buy HOI4, it's a piece of shit DLC fest, anyway to download mods without steam?

also for stellaris

btw that was from duckduckgoing hoi4 mods.

pirate it or something, editing the code is easy and you dont need to buy it.


some icons i made for different political parties:




Could be used as propoganda, maybe link leftypol in the mod somehow. more uses than just being an alternative to the shit right wing mods for HOI.

how do you know it will be successful, most gamers are so cucked by right wing politics, that review section would be"muh commies"

Promote it here or something so it gets a 4 star or something review. Kaiserriech for example has a pretty good depiction of communism (some user on this thread said the developers are leftist and some are even far-left) and has good reviews and popularity. i've seen a few other pro-socialist mods with decent reviews.

flags for antifa and the alt-right

Kasierriech had quality, and had existed before HOI4, (HOI2)

Antifa isn't an organization

i meant icons (not flags) for national focuses, So these could be used for national focuses that reduce or increase fascism/quasi-fascism or something

These paths sound really restrictive and boring tbh

how should i make them then?

If this gets off the ground, ill make a cycling thread that i will constantly renew when it falls off the catalog.

I don't know any nations that went in a antifa direction. Nor in a stormfag one.

What if a country embraced fascism, and a more organised alt-right managed to (somehow) seize control? and what if black block rioting and paramilitary anti-fascists formed specific militia groups to combat fascism?

The only way I could see an anti-fascist direction,is maybe if far left candidates start winning big, and maybe endorse the movement. The Alt-Right is pure autism.

No Stalin means Kaiserreich is unplayable for me

Dunno man, probably you should just play vanilla if that's your thing.

I made a new thread for the development

(the thread is called HOI4 mod part 1)

Stalin is an obscure minister in Georgia if is any help to you.

could you please add antialiasing?

With Beria as the leader of Socialist Georgia.

communist party icon with antialiasing and a red background


Just go play Vicky, the game you dream of already exist.

hoi4 is still better for normies.

HOI is a wargame with some grand strategy features.
Vicky is about dealing with populations, industrialisation and colonialism and contain some military features.

Ideology list i made:
-Social democracy
-Quasi fascism / Nationalism

also Left nationalism for nazbols and stra55erists