Why are marxists better at capitalism than most capitalists? Additionally...

Why are marxists better at capitalism than most capitalists? Additionally, could you explain why don't capitalists study Marx more just to understand "the enemy perspective", if not to understand capitalism?

I don't mean just maoists being able to run a successful state capitalism in China and USSR understanding the necessity of instituting NEP, but even on a smaller scale it seems as if marxists have a very keen economic sense. Just listen to a regular capitalist and a capitalist with a marxist/left-wing background talk - where one gets all anxious and excited to spew buzzwords and jargon to look smart while trying to delegate their workload as much as possible, the other variant doesn't need buzzwords and understands on extremely fundamental level how the entire operation runs and what are the short-term/long-term effects of his own capitalist enterprise, therefore he could be cynically efficiant and exploit the ever loving fuck out of proles for megaprofits, but chooses not to, and instead of being "did you have a good fuck" boss, he becomes the kind of boss who shows in praxis (like running a co-op) that he cares, not just in words.

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Reminds me of the quote that headlines the Paul Mattick Archive at Marxists.org:


Its logically unsound because nothing that capitalism can offer you is better than anything socialism can offer you. The only reason to be a capitalist when you understand its contradictions is hatred of your fellow man

If they're so good at capitalism why don't they get some start up capital from kickstarter and start their own commune somewhere?

They did and it got us the USSR

And what happened to the USSR?

No but really why don't you stop being a larper and found a coop or commune?

How can you advocate that liberating the individual can only if their freedoms are suppressed? You realize you can be a commie in a free market but free markets are forbidden in communism? You realize there will always be a black market no matter how hard you try to ban free markets?

You picked the wrong flag fam.

Funny you post a milkman because the quality of milk would be atrocious if the state was responsible for providing milk to the citizens?

Do you have any idea what incentivises human behavior?

Have you ever worked in the public sector?

dissolved against the will of the people

Also how the fuck can you ban markets in anarchism? Literal misnomer.

not even an anarchist at all but damn dude.



inequality =/= hierarchical

Just because someone achieves more than another person that doesn't mean they have any inherent legal authority over them.

Do you understand that banning markets or any other kind of equalizing measures goes against the foundation of liberty as a principle?

You cannot equalize the outcome without infringing upon individual's agency.

In fact a Pareto distribution is indicative of true freedom.

The only way to effectively raise the standard of living for the bottom percentile is by also raising the top percentile.

Except centrally planned republics provided higher quality food. People did not have such strong concept of "profit", nobody simply got on their mind that doing stuff like mixing too much flour with meat is good idea.

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So much bullshit in this post I can't even

Holy fucking shit, how desperate are you for an actual argument?

So then why was the USSR such shit?

And the place I worked was supposedly the least corrupt government on the planet and the majority of corporations there have upwards of 10 percent public ownership.

Bureaucracies are hopelessly inefficient because human beings only care about themselves. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SELFLESS PUBLIC SERVANT.

There was a girl working in the office who literally did FUCK ALL and when we tried to replace her with a computer program the top brass literally had her back because they all watch out for eachother like a little bureaucratic gang.

They also ordered 60k worth of computers they didn't need because their mandate wasn't to spend 60k on stuff they need but rather they were allowed to buy computers IF they needed them. So they just got the computers even though they didn't need them.

And corṕorations are authoritarian centralized institutions with their own problems. Decentralization and distributed economies are the real answer to society's woeful worklife. Think about if the Uber model was implemented with blockchain technology .

Go back to your echo chamber, /liberty/

Typical leftist response. No logical arguments. Only egotism.

So by calling /liberty/ an echo chamber are you implying that it's good not be an echo chamber? Then why would you be calling for my departure?

To be honest I simply can't be bothered to write the two pages essay required to respond to the bullshit you managed to cram in a few lines.
Debunking shit is requires an order of magnitude higher of energy than spout it. You can't be bothered to properly argue, why should I?

Well i guess youre right user, were doomed to an unequal existence where profit, thanks to human nature, control the very development of our civilizations. We are chained to the reproduction of selfishness and consumption that gestated the current world.

Look, forreal though the whole >So then why was the USSR such shit? schtick is old news here, theres a good amount of threads debunking the whole shittyness of states such as USSR and DPRK that actually fall within reason, without even mentioning the titanic success that has been Cuba, lurk some more, and fuck why dont you read about the Incas, their very fucking existence completely disproves your shit, now fuck off with your babbling

I thought the point of socialism was to make life less awful.

He's trying to guide you to an intellectual pool more your depth. I'm sure someone there will be willing to sell you some water wings.





What? How the fuck does that make any sense whatsoever? There is an obvious hierarchy going on, between those who have the power to appropriate, and those who don't. Are you seriously blind to the rich having their own interests in mind of staying rich?
put on the gadsden flag already market shill, but yes even a commie would agree with this.
Do you understand that allowing markets to propagate enforces the poor/rich dichotomy and enslaves people to the ebb and flow of the market; do you have any plan to stop this? like dude poor people are poor becuz they're dumb lel.
And you'll allow systems that enforce wholesale infringement of the workers agency?
I'm no economist, but what the fuck dude. This makes no sense whatsoever.
dude come on, nobody actually takes trickle-down economics seriously… right? the rich are totally all benevolent philanthropists looking out for their workers and totally don't hide their cash in tax havens. not to mention the wage stagnation in contrast to the ever rising productivity. yeah nah, porkies looking out for the little man alright.

This is pretty dumb. Generally, Marxists tend to overuse buzzwords and name drops to broadcast their erudition.


god, I love Zena and Hercules TV series

You know the state has regulations and inspects milk (and most other food) before it goes to be sold. They do this in order to make sure it's safe to consume.

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This is what ☭TANKIE☭s actually believe

Warren Buffet has attributed his success to Karl Marx, and Michael Hudson has stated before that basically all the economists employed by Wall Street firms are Marxists because they're the only ones who actually understand how things work.

Fuck, this reminds me of my childhood. Xena and Hercules shows were one of the earliest TV shows I remember from TV that wasn't children's cartoons.


wtf? did Marx really say this?

Marxism is a social theory, not an ethical principle.

I was thinking the same thing. Nowhere near depressing enough for Marx.