The "you haven't even read marx" or "all right wingers aren't well read" meme

at MOST, you fags read kapitel with a reading guide & supplementary material to help sort out the vague as shit nonsense that is the actual work. And conquest of bread if you're additionally an anarkiddie (this can be substituted for a couple stephen universe episodes and bash le fash reddit commentchains). Most commies only read the commie manifesto, or thought krang t nelson tweets or whatever were funny and picked up some stuff from podcasts. More marxists haven't even cracked open the classical & neoclassical foundations of which marx supposedly "took to their logical conclusion" ie wealth of nations, considering the flawed understanding of value they had at the time. And y'all definitely never read any mises or von bawerk or menger or hayek, any concise economic proof shutting down books upon books of marxist literature. Everything I've seen come from this board attacking these guys or their contributions has been a silly misconstrued mess.
this meme is horseshit- lefties with the "well-read" moniker get it from laughably silly deleuzian pomo psychoanalysis and intersectional trannyfeminism and dialectical mumbo jumbo that has less bearing on reality than praxeology- the more you've read leftist lit, the less you've read books about the economy, i've found

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Because reading > actually understanding the content.
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Leftists understand rightists better than rightists understand leftists.

Except I have read large amounts of both capitalist schools' literature and socialist schools' literature.

And for fucks sake learn to write and stop strawmanning you butthurt little bitch. Your posts are almost unreadable and what is decipherable is cringeworthy.

Wasn't that image originally the other way? Imagine being so mad at an image you spend an hour in photoshop amending it to fit a hilariously childish, strawman-riddled view of the world.

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Your posts are literal nonsense, and you are the one who was butthurt enough to show to this board and take a shit everywhere. What argument do you want from me when you haven't presented anything to critique?



Didn't even notice that in his. I'm also noticing he seems to be jerking off too the Austrians (which I've read) which is only further cementing him as an idiot.

u get more from watching a childrens cartoon than you do fromr eading anarchist literature. not doing irony

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Cool, can you actually counter Kropotkin's arguments or are you just gonna keep saying you're right?

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as someone familiar with the austrian school, people are correct to not waste their time on them. it's pure garbage from top to bottom, and the reason for this is extremely obvious if you have any understanding of history, which you clearly don't.

these neoliberal economists are first and foremost, like priests desperately trying to regain followers, people who tried to sell a narrative that capitalism was still the only form of economy possible in the face of widespread economic collapse in the 1970's. at this point in time, the only defense of capitalism which was left was to unashamedly call it unavoidable, "human nature" if you will.

there is literally no legitimate economic defense of capitalism which exists today. its remaining vanguards like the scum you mentioned have literally no basis outside of a quasi-spirituality wherein capital is posited as some kind of necessity in all human interaction across time. the last major economic collapse (and the inevitable next one, whenever it comes) was PURELY a result of capitalism's own inherent faults. this, in combination with the looming ecological apocalypse which is, and this should be obvious to anyone with half a brain, a result of the globalization of commodity production, render capitalism as not just obsolete, but impossible. it is literally impossible for capitalism to reproduce itself for more than, let's say, fifty years at most, i'd argue.

lol literally none of this is an argument its schizoid rambling

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I do have to ask though, couldn't Blackwater just keep buying contracts as disasters keep happening? It's not like people have the means to rebel after a hurricane.

Yes, some leftists are cringe worthy too. We piss on ill-read leftists all the time here, lurk moar.
Also when I was righttard I read a lot of Evola and Nietzsche, so I don't think all rightwinger are terribly read, it's just that they've read stuff that confirms their bias although I know the same criticism could be levied against leftists who only read leftwing literature and choose to remain ignorant about leftism due to propaganda

ah, so he's just a troll then. how uninteresting.

capitalism thrives off of disaster, but my point is that when crises are central to your entire structure, you simply at some point will run out of crises to sustain yourself with.

i hate that perverse ecologism as much as the next guy, but they're right in pointing out the simple fact that the word is finite. we're seeing the consequences of this more and more

I wouldn't say the Austrians are wholesale garbage, just mostly garbage. They're critiques of Marx and central planing (via the transformation and calculation problem) is legitimate, if disputable (I personally find the transformation problem to be pretty damning towards Marxism however).


Fuck, I hate phoneposting.

Why are western leftists so cringe

is this a leafyishere video or something?

We know you aren't well read because you need to read a fucking book, kiddo.

because they're cancer trying to reinstall a system that was already attempted in half of Europe that failed

Not fully understanding the ideology they support and going overboard on LARP aesthetics.
Depends on the individual leftist though.

The 70s proto-SJWs happened.

Also you need to read a book and realize that the Soviet model is not synonymous with the left, and fuck off until you get this.

Doing that is actually really good. And once you have done that, everything you learn later seems smaller.
You can copy-paste 1000 digits of Pi or work it out like a "Real Mathematician". What of it.
Marx did not work on neoclassical foundations. You have no idea what you are talking about.
Strangely enough, even though the guys you mention wrote after Marx, Marx had already dealt with fundamental ideas those guys are known for (in the abstract, the profit-for-abstention idea; empirical-historical, with the idea of the ruling-class clans having their original wealth from hard work).

k. do you think right wingers are well read, then?

it doesnt count, its pure ideology, only "basic economics" count!

truly of having great glory comrade