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I just had a question for visiting Holla Forumslsters, since I don't know nearly as much about biology as they seem to. I've been thinking it over and something's got me scratching my noodle.

So the Iberian peninsula was dominated by the Moors for something like 800-1000 years right? I would imagine that there would be significant cross-pollination in that intervening period if you catch my drift. The Jews were kept on a long leash too much of the time by their Muslim overlords. If you could drop a wall around Europe this very moment, would the fortifications be at Gibraltar, or would you be laughing at these Muslims in sheep's clothing from atop your battlements in the Pyrenees as the world outside Holy Europa burns around them?

Just want to know which side of the wall I'm going to fall on when The Day of the Rope comes, which is definitely something that is actually going to happen, for real.

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Is this bait?

spaniards are honorary whites

i think this situation fully shows the fragility and memehood of "whiteness" and its inherent falseness.

Totally gonna happen. 200 american neckbeards will take control of north america and the whole european continent

If you can't even bother searching something up on wikipedia, why should anybody humor you?

Spain was ethnically cleansed of muslims during the reconquista. The genetic impact of moorish invasions has been minimal. The average continental Spaniard is quite European in appearance. If you want to look at a real edge case take a look at Sicily and southern Italy.

wait, so if spain can stay white despite being moorish for 800 years, how come europe will become muslim because of a couple hundred refugees?

By being outbred.

The Spanish weren't racially conquered, they simply adopted Islam.

Portugal on the other hand is fucked beyond repair.


It's very apparent in statistics too, Portugal is falling behind many former undeveloped Eastern European countries in HDI (and even the gulf states)

How do you even make these links?


The negroidic impact on the Portuguese gene pool is well known.

Says whom? Give me a citation.

the Irish are the only whites tbh
the rest of you are basically bonobos

How can you not? If you've ever been around sub-saharan Africans you know that they basically make every aspect of life around them worse and fail to maintain let alone build high living standards.

remember, in the early 20th century, they thought that blond hair would go extinct by two years ago.

So many feels right now, give me data, give me studies, give me something of substance.

and this opinion should be accepted as fact because. . . ?

A sizeable amount of miscegenation has been happening in Portugal with their African slaves from Brazil since the 18th century.


I'm not here to educate you, I'm just here to tell you. The time for argument has long been over. You can start with the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study if you're honest about wanting to know more, though.


Wait let me guess, you didn't do well in school but that's because all your teachers were SJW gultrual margists, not because you can't form a cohesive argument with substances to support it for shit.

So you admit you lost then? Good to know.

It's happening and it's only going to get worse. Indigenous Europeans are already minorities in terms of live births in major cities. There has never been a better time in human history to give birth to a human child in terms of ob/gyn and child care than current present day western Europe. Africans and Arabs consider living in European social housing to be borderline Utopian conditions and we will get totally swamped before 2035.

Blacks sold blacks into slavery, because Noxiousnet told me so

I'm not going to speed foon you, besides I'm on mobile. How about you do a search for "African community in Portugal" or "afro Portuguese" and read the first link you can find.

What is the point in telling someone of something if your intent is not to educate them on it? Just shouting it into the void? For shits and giggles? If your position is so apparent and true, you can give me at-least one academic source to support your viewpoint. If not, consider why there is none to support you.

Makes sense

Also first article:
Not seeing where it says that Portugal's miscegenation has leader to a lower HDI score for the nation.

so . . . no arguments? I do not see a single source on that post.

well i did, and the first link led me to a page that said that they made up . . . 1.3% of the population

whites are dying out, youre right

They really did tho read a history book

. . . they did? like christ dude, ur making us look bad.

on second though ur probably falseflagging so screw you.

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