Furthest your country has been to the left

This question is simple: what's the furthest your country has been to the left? Hopefully we'll see examples from all continents, to see a bit of variety. In my case, it would be when Allende was president of my country, from 1970-1973.

I'm interested in seeing your answers, I wonder what americans will say

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Germany here, guess this is quite obvious.

American here. We've never really been left presidential or ruler wise. However, before the red scare we used to have a pretty big radical worker movement

Great Britain:
- Period just after WWI: we almost had a communist uprising in Glasgow, the CPGB was winning seats, had a general strike in 1925, John Maclean was lauded as a hero: despite being "comrades with Lenin and mates with Liebknecht". The irony is that instead of the left being killed from great blow of the establishment, it more ran-out of steam. The TUC cucking-out of the 1925 great strike undid so much, there was a chance for genuine revolutionary change there.

From about 1900 to the 1940s probably.

Stuff like the Winnipeg general strike and their like.

Poland. The post-war eastern bloc period. But also the 1905 revolution and the years leading up to world war 2 during the activity of the SDKPiL and the KPP. Also pictured Jarosław Dąbrowski, a leftist polish general who was the commander-in-chief of the Paris Commune and was killed on the barricades.

Labor movement in the late 19th and early 20th century before being cucked to hell with propaganda.

United States. Closest we've been has probably been welfare and succdem policies. This is unfortunate because united states unity means that socialism elsewhere cannot easily grow.

trump being elected tbh

OH yeah I forgot the Invergordon Mutiny,

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black panther party & the weathermen

East euro here, my country has never been on the left ever since agriculture was invented.


Africa is a country too user

Seattle, around 1917…

Pfffft yeah right, next you'll be saying Australia is a country too.

In AUS the absolute furthest we ever went left was when we had a sanders tier social-democrat who wanted AUS to declare Neutrality and shut down all US military Bases in AUS (For which he was then taken out of office)

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I've not really looked much into NZ's past but they were apparently very Socdem in the early/mid 20th century, had policies that bolstered and encouraged unions, and had some of the lowest wealth inequality in the world. Then sometimes in the 70s this got all fucked up by some faggot who liberalized everything.




FDR was as far left the United States ever went.

Portugal was 1974-1975.

Hola ql, de donde eri? Penquista aqui

Italy here. We went close to a complete revolution once in the red biennium (1919-1920), only to be beaten back and leave space for the fascist movement to take power. There was then the years of lead period (60s to 80s) during which there was a lot of political and social struggle. It's also the period in which operation Gladio was in full throttle.

you dont know anything about the Commune

Literally every socialist from the 19th century, including and especially Marx, is rolling in their grave right now. Fucking kill yourself

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pretty obvious, the postwar period



The short live Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919.

Belgium. I don't know much about our history but the succdems governed along with liberals for a long and fucked a lot of things up so now 'socialist' is a derogatory term and everybody in Flanders is a spooked regional nationalist. Our marxist party has a majority in wallonia now in polls though and marx wrote the manifesto here which is kinda neat

It didn't last long. I know that.

USA. Probably the Progressive Era with Teddy Roosevelt or with his cousin FDR. Fucking hell.

We got so close, yet we are so far.

Dominican Rpeublic:
Juan Bosch right after the Trujillo dictatorship, the U.S got nervous because of his redistributive policies (it was not long after cuba) and promoted a military intervention by right wingers who were part of the trujillo regime. Left wing militant, Caamaño does another coup to reestablish the democraticclly elected president, civil war breaks, and the us intervenes and puts whatever puppet they had.


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Denmark here

In the interwar years, or rather, from 1929-1940 our Social Democratic Government was quite far left by todays standards. They had a "Soviet"-style programs promising mass nationalisations of banks and large industry, Union empowerment, land redistribution(which would have been the third time it had happened on a legislative level in Danish history), etc.

But in 1940 the Germans invaded, and everything kinda stopped because… Well… The Nazis didn't really approve of the program, but let the government stay and democracy continue, as long as we didn't act out.

Post war we had a completely "red" cabinet, where the Socialists Peoples Party and Social Democrats had a majority on their own in the parliament… It looked promising, but then a group of sectarian Socialists choose to withdraw support, which forced a new election, removing this majority.

with commodity production there is no left-wing

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In the depression era USA, Roosevelt was actually the compromise candidate, there was a lot of genuine non-idpol socialism- communist, syndicalist, anarchist, you name it- going on at the grassroots level due to the depression. It lost steam when the economy was restored and was then crushed by the Red Scare.

In Mexico Lazaro Cardenas was pretty left wing i think

Nationalist conservative state capitalist totalitarians with red flags aren't left-wing, even if they're anti-clerical.

Early Australia was pretty leftist tbh, too bad it didn't stay that way

Sadly the furthest Spain has been to the left was the Second Republic, and that wasn't really left because was a coalition between liberals and the left to stop nationalism and fascism (which ended pretty wrong)

Jango was a cool dude, spent some time on the USSR and China studying, and came back with nice ideas and support of the people
Until the CIA came and said "nope"



Here, have a short situationist thing
infokiosques.net/lire.php?id_article=15 (fr)
cddc.vt.edu/sionline/si/commune.html (en)


Google Jimmy Dore.

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Someone said Poland People's Republic, but earlier in my local area we had also shortly independent socialist republic, and personally I identify more with this area than with Poland.

US during the time of the Settlers. The US hasn't gone lefty ever since.


Catalonian nationalist movement is not a left movement, I mean I'm in when we talk about selfdetermination, but the catalonian independence has nothing to do with the left, PdCAT is pure liberalism, Esquerra Republicana is proclamed as socdem but the are just the same liberalist bullshit

The CUP is the only left side on the Independence movement, and they are just a minority who is constantly pushed down by the media

The fact that there aren't more people who look up to Teddy is kind of strange given how much he basically embodied everything about american ideals.

I wish more things like this happened




Less Wrong

In Brazil we had Goulart, who attempted agrarian and industrial reforms (and got coup'd), and Lula, who made some advancements in public education and public healthcare, but never did he let go of porky, which kinda renders all of this useless.