Why is Holla Forums against Not Socialism? And when I mean Not Socialism...

Why is Holla Forums against Not Socialism? And when I mean Not Socialism, I don't mean Nazism/Hitlerism like gassing Jews Hitler style. I mean something similar to Le Pen. You get to love your country, take a staunch stance against immigration and Islam, whilst also seizing the means of production.

concepts like 'states' and 'immigration' will become meaningless under communism. Religion as we know it probably will not exist either.

First the problem with hitler wasn't the gassing of the jews. Jews during the holocaus are overrated. The gassing of comrades and opposition was the bad thing. Russian and east euro were more affected then jews.
The problem with Not Socialism is that puts nationalism before socialism. This means that it basically becomes authoritarian white only social democracy (capitalism with welfare) thus making it anti communist.

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it isn't socialism

Brah her dad was THE leading neoliberal in France during the 1980s, her party reeks of it. All she has is some mild workerism that isn't close to any genuine form of socialism whatsoever. Besides, why would we back her when we have Jean-Luc "Saint-Just was a fucking pussy" Melenchon.

but I hate my country
far right politics is what creates immigration crises and funds islamic terror
no nazi or fascist movement in history has ever even attempted to seize the means of production

Nationalism can be a useful tool to advance socialism. Holla Forums is internationalist, and could and should foster anti-imperialist anti-capitalist sentiments whenever possible. Stirnerites are fags annd so are ancoms

Anti-imperialism is just supporting one capitalist nation over another. We need to be anti-capitalist not anti-imperialist.

This is your brain under Trotskism

Why does Holla Forums think socialism is compatible with nationalism?

And you can't be both? The biggest threat to socialism historically has always been US imperialism
Imagine the south seceding again - the united states focuses its strength on that instead of quelling socialism elsewhere
"But the south isn't our ally!" doesn't matter faggot

I agree. That's why everything America does abroad should be opposed, since they capitalist.

Seriously, this should be a part of the FAQ or something.
Oh wait, Holla Forumsyps don't read, nevermind.

lol we need an entire FAQ thread tbh

what timeline are you from?

We should sypport the proletariat not any capitalist nations.

Nationalism is being ok with the ruling class just as long as they're the same color/ethnicity as you. It's essentially class collaboration with flags

I needed an example of someone who was close to a modern-day Not Socialist and she was the first one that came to mind, I am not phased on how socialist/not she is.

*thinking emoji*

What exactly is "my country" and why is it important that I love it?


the european holocaust & similar events like massive deaths in fascist Japan's Manchukuo happen as a result of this 'socializing', not even planned, but as an afterthought in rapid industrialization. After so many years of nationalist bullshit propaganda people just stupidly slide into mass killing. Just like what's going to come out of America. First we clog the prisons with millions of brown people, then when all the profit has been extracted, they will just decide hapazardly to excecute. It's like how highschoolers ended up in Trump's cabinet. We're literally being defeated by stupidity.


What if your country is the USSR, comrade?

LePen (FN) doesn't have any solid agenda, it switched from libertarian to socialism multiple times, the only consistent idea is "we don't like brownies"

when the fuck did natzeeism seize the means of production? there were still private companies and private property in nazi germany and in italy

Not Socialism means Nazism ( Nationalsozialismus) but the socialism part was mostly propaganda, Asserists would not have been killed if not.

Le Pen is nationalist with socdem characteristics.