This faggot is going ruin internet aces in my country so I’ll need a VPN, does anyone know any good VPNs for Mac Books that are free? Seriously this guy’s reforms will probably prevent me and others from my county from even going on websites outside of Reddit and Twitter.

Do you even know how computers work?

Whenever I see his face, all I think of is the scene from Terminator 2 where she shoots Miles Dyson to prevent him from developing the building blocks for Skynet.

But this time he actually dies in front of his family.


we must stand with comrade ajit pai against american shitposting imperialism

if you aren't paying for it, then your data is the product

I know, data mining sucks, but the removal of net neutrality is worse.

go fuck yourself euro



dont use a free vpn, they will data mine you, you can get quality VPN for

I don’t care about getting datamined.

Wrong. The internet is the ultimate facilitation of communication. It will serve us in the revolution.

So you realize that ISPs can throttle your VPN connection right?
You realize that ISPs can also identify if you are using a VPN right?

Just use tor browser nigga. No use for a VPN when you can just access your shit via a web browser.

Also at that go full Holla Forums and dual boot some easy GNU/Linux distro.

The Tor Browser is not allowed to be used on Holla Forums

I wonder when are people gonna realize that the only things that ever get made into law are things that are bad for the average person? Of course net neutrality is going to go away, just like Trump is going to get his tax breaks for his buddies through while he pretends he can not tax the poor into prosperity, because that is what is holding people who make $25k a year gross back, taxes.

You can create threads or post pictures using TOR on Holla Forums

*can not



Yes it is, I browse this site from the hidden service all the time.

Modern internet is considered essential in a lot of aspects of daily life, it's not just opium of the people tier spectacle, I mean it is but if it was JUST that it would be easy to focus people on other shit. Actually a lot of revolts in history started from the state doing some dumb shit about something that they introduced as temporary mesures that over time became irreversible