The islands of abuse: Inside South Korea's slave farms for the disabled

The islands of abuse: Inside South Korea's slave farms for the disabled

Worst Korea is such a fucking shithole jesus christ.

That's imperialism for you.

Let me guess, enslaving the mentally and physically disabled isn't "real socialism", right? Can't wait to see you libcucks tripping over yourselves to defend glorious leader Mr. Rocket Man. This sort of thing would never happen outside of fucking communism.

lmao they're talking about south korea

Just wait until he rereads the OP and notices that it's in south korea and not north korea….

not sure if falseflag or genuine ancap retardation

Tbh "Best Korea" is notorious for shipping prisoners overseas in order to get sweet exploited labor dosh from the Capitalists, so once again ☭TANKIE☭s are a bunch of hypocrites who should be scrapped.

Seems like a pretty fair punishment for someone under socialism. Being forced to work for capitalists is a great way to make them appreciate their socialist society.

Even if this is b8, I am extremely disappointed in you.

That's pretty cool, means that they don't have to expend more for prisons. This way they get some revenue out of criminals.


lets play a game called marxist-leninist or capitalist

*state capitalist


Stop moralizing you dunce. There is no reason to grant convicts the features of a socialist system.


"features of a socialist system" like ethno-nationalism and prison camps.
prison abolition should absolutely be a goal of communism. You don't get to (rightfully) complain about abuses of power in western prisons while ignoring the exact same thing happening in a self-proclaimed socialist state

Murders and other violent criminals have to go somewhere.

You forget racism, theocracy, oligarchy, feudalism, slave labor and bureaucratic orcs.
So what would you do criminals?

It's called MiniLuv.

South Koreans also have to convince the elderly not to commit suicide. And young people over there are giving up love and friendship just to compete economically.

And in the west the young give up love and friendship to play games and shitpost.

Yeah, it sucks.