Is there any hope for China?

is there any hope for China?
are there any political leaders that still believe in a dictatorship of the proletariat and communism?
what do you think of Xi Jinping, is he an opprtunist or anti-revisionist?

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These guys would be good

Xi Jinping is a pure egotistical ruler: he is doing this for his own power.

As for the future of China, it will eventually hit a USSR-style crisis when the next global economic crash hits, it is just in that state. The one irony is that since the public are not indoctrinated with marxism-leninism or that shit they don't view the regime as a communist one really. This means the CPCs fall won't kill leftist in the country in the same manner that the eastern bloc countries' demises did.

What's also useful is how weak the reactionary parties like the Kuomintang are, they're a laughing stock and Taiwanese succdems are nothing next to the CPC, I doubt either of them will make it far on the mainland should the CPC collapse.

Eh even if China went today I doubt reunification would happen: just too much to get in the way. It's like Moldova and Romania or Kosovo and Albania: they may be ethnically tied but they have been apart for so long (remember the Japanese held Taiwan since 1905, mainland China only held it for 4 years between the end of WWII and the victory of the CPC on the mainland) that any reunification is just not viable. Also it may not go the way of the USSR in a Yeltsin way, but perhaps a PLA coup that removes the CPC nomenklature from power. The PLA is still pretty in on M-L, while the CPC is just on pure chinese nationalism.

The point I was saying wasn't about necessarily reunifying (which is weird considering china has never really been unified according to Mao), but that the only forces of reaction are weak as fuck, the cultural revolution kinda wiped the past from memory which means reactionaries have to build themselves from nothing, they've got no more popular symbolism to draw from, and people are smart enough not to take something made up.

Yeah. Tbh I can`t imagine what shape a post-CPC China would take, there would be no real economic reforms to make that aren't inherently workerist (workers' rights, trade union freedom ect), lolbertism just wouldn't work since China would be ungovernable, it is not like ultranationalists could take over since the predominant ideology of China today IS nationalism. I mean in Uyghurstan & Tibet separatism would be the order of the day but in the rest of the country (outside like Hong Kong) there is no real place for it to go that isn't actually left. Yet on the other hand I see no real leftist movement that exists in China so we may geta situation where the CPC's regime collapses with nothing to fill it…

The hope for China is their current leadership. KYS whitey

Disagree. The collapse of the USSR was engineered by the leaders of the USSR for the purposes of enriching themselves, and gaining access to western luxuries. The apparatchiks became the oligarchs. The perverse beauty of the Chinese system is that the rule of the CCP is firmly in place, yet at the same time the elites already have access to every western luxury they could want, and they can profit from exploiting the workers all they please. There is no-one in China today who would benefit from deconstructing the political system, so they won't. And no outside force is strong enough to challenge them. They would need to enter several decades of stagnation before anyone will even consider sabotaging the rule of the CCP.

there never was any hope, mao was a great general but awful adminstrator and an idealist to the core
revisionism from mao is generally a positive thing, just look at the Cultural Revolution, Mao purges a generation of often ex-military career bureaucrats he himself imposed post-revolution and tries to stop Bukharinite market reforms. The end result is that under Deng the reforms were more far-reaching and radical than anything Liu Shaoqi ever proposed. all he managed to do was regain power for his last few years and get a bunch of people killed and the economy near collapse. good job mao well done. Like with Stalin I guess the one positive side was that it put some fear in the bureaucrats, but its not like it stopped corruption in the SU and its not like it stopped corruption in China.

At least they still do Succ Dem bandaid measures I suppose:

Dengism was great success in China. Capitalism must fail China for them to nationalise all foreign industry.

This is literally just Canadian Maoists jerking off to some random splinter group. People constantly link this article, and only this article, instead of any practical indication of anti-revisionist activity in China.

This sounds stupid. What do you base this on? Why would they not have access to western luxuries without the collapse of the the USSR? Why would them losing what you clearly see as supreme power aid in their hunt for Levi's jeans?

I love Communism with Chinese Characteristics!!!

China has a higher GINI coefficient than the US.

wow, really makes me think

So, no crisis at all?

I nicked that line from a professor who made it his life's calling to study the Soviet Union, so I just took his word for it. It makes sense on an intuitive level though; the Soviet economy was relatively closed, and there were no serious shortages of any goods to the extent that people rioted in the streets, no collapse of the economy - that only happened after they opened up. Only stagnation, but you can stagnate for a long time when you sit on a nuclear arsenal. Nothing was happening in the periphery that could not have been crushed as other unrest had been before either. There was simply no necessity to open up, it was a choice on the leadership's part. Connect that to the fact that a lot of them made out like bandits afterwards, either as oligarchs or ex-SR strongmen, and it's hard not to put one and one together - they did not make the choice out of some abstract spooky commitment to liberty. They wanted to line their pockets.

Bruv, check a map, where's the USSR lad?

Gorbachev is still playing underground 76D Jenga. One day you'll see.

Mate, the eternal science of Gorbachjovism-Dengism will soon make itself known.

When you have billionaires lording it over the masses, that's certainly not socialism. For comparison, the USSR top 1% had a mere 3% of income.
materialist analysis desperately needed ITT

China is doing what it's doing because it is scared shitless of America. China goes to Africa to do business suddenly the USA destabilises the continent with AFRICOM, China starts building OBOR and USA decides it will stay in Afghanistan forever. China knows it needs to keep developing in order to deal with the USA. But they don't give a shit about capitalism, free markets or anything else. They are using it as a development tool for strategic purposes and are able to switch between public and private investment very easily, but are not ideologically wedded to it.