Pretty new leftist flag designs, and other aesthetic things

Here's some I stole from the RedAmerican1945's "Manifesto for normalizing Socialism in the USA" thread

I made the orange and blue triple pointy flags I think they're the best ones

Other urls found in this thread:'_International

I think these are all good, but overall I think our USSA flag needs a more syndicalist or DeLeonist aesthetic to them

Like what? torches and wrenches?

Yeah and gears too.

I think I might know what to do, hollup for a little

not mine, but I thought you'd might like

This one is good too.

looks grwat for a meme. flag? not so much

The texan flag on this looks great

The first and third aren't very good because you can't draw them by hand easily. The second has text on it, which is shit for a flag. The triple pointy orange is the best, for sure, but I would get rid of the inner lines. They aren't the same thickness, for one.

This is the worst imo.
Can someone post the basic flag rules? A big problem with Holla Forumss flag are being too complex and "aethetic".

You know how they chose to use the hammer and sickle because that's what the worker used to use?

modern day workers use tractors, how about using that? I think It might be able to be done well

I agree, I don't think you should make a left wing flag based off of ole glory, (or any country/state flag for that matter) it has to be something that means something by itself


Modern tools like hammers, tractors, plows, drills, and the like would be apropriate. Perhaps we can also use technology in our symbolism as well.

Yeah I know, I thought about that, I love my triple pointies, I'll go post how it looks without the lines.

A drill and tractor flag might be cool


Instead of tools that will eventually be outdated, we should use the hand, everyone works with their hands and it's a powerful symbol without any attachment to any one particular industry. Fists are universal.

Drill is a good idea actually, it is associated with handywork.

Alright here they are, but without the inner lines


Only good one.

A plow flag has been done, and I don't think it looks that bad


That orange one is looking hot, it needs red somewhere. Maybe with the star.


This user is correct. We should use a hand. But how to simplify a hand into a shape for a flag? Perhaps we can turn it into a star or flatten it?

I really don't like this, looks like a bunch of hamsters attacking a contemporary art piece.

well the whole point was to make a flag for a new age, In america if someone sees you waving around a red flag, you're an outcast, but if they see a new flag with a nice aesthetic, they'll stop and ask about your movement. It's a good place to start from.

Hold on a second, Ill try and do something


What if we had multiple flags based on profession?
For example, for workers in industrial fields, we have tools associated with those kinds of jobs. Meanwhile, we can have a flag for agrarian workers that features more agrarian tools. We could also have a flag for people who work in education and another flag for people who work in healthcare (an epi-pen and sickle for example).

We could also have a flag for military people and a general flag for everybody

Something like this maybe?

Tbh, the DSА have pretty good aesthetics.


well to be fair, the triple pointy is a hard thing to fuck up, it's just beautiful

The color palate is too similar and without contrast.

Not with Red and Orange: too close on the colour scale.

maybe do the same thing but with my blue triple pointy

any better?

Yes, but go with a darker shade of blue: like that in the US flag. Perhaps make the outline of the triple-pointy white.

The Californian flag needs a second head though.

I like, but maybe

Ima brb hollup


The one with the black cannon and star on a white background looks nice

Pic no 3 would be a great crest if you scrapped the hammer and sickle.

I think I like this one a lot

The basic flag rules are fucking shit though.

But at that point you are kind of making patches for uniforms, however I am not against the idea of throwing around flag ideas for different groups. It is just that making flags for ideologies has more or less been unproductive in the past. This is somewhat different however.

It's not bad, but too close of shad. Maybe red background, yellow star? **I almost feel like the points on the triple pointy are a little fucked? Is it just me or are they slightly off from some perfect form?>>2277413
Would a steel/grey color for the background look good?
Might look like a robot then

This is pretty hot, looks kind of what I was thinking with the darker/Grey background.


On the one hand I like it. On the other it looks like a logo for a hockey team.

Literally the American First flag though.

Polite sage for double post
I can not help but disagree. Fancy flags are for special insignias, not plastering everywhere to rally behind. Imagine reproducing one of these really fancy flags? Geez.

This tho too.


Resurrect the Greenshirts tbh

I love my triple pointy, but does anyone have any other ideas?

In the 'murica post, everyone was lovin these types of flag, whud yall think?

Also the liberty bell is nice, simple, and most of all.


maybe we should try somethin with that?

This is THE hottest flag in this thread. Someone please change the greed to red, yellow, and orange. We have to see this flag in all of its beautiful glory. How can we bring some of this posts aesthetic into it? Should the star of the greenshirt be outlined??

Tbh any flag we use to Americanize socialism should make use of traditional American aesthetics, even if it breaks traditional flag rules. Pic related is still my favourite so far because it incorporates socialism and classic American iconography.

as I said, maybe try to use the liberty bell




This is the good shit. What we need is a roundel too: Blue circle with the red triple-pointy* with a white edge on it. Would look good as a badge or a pin and shit.

*Btw does this have a name

This screams dixie tbh.

Sherman did nothing wrong.

Looks like some flag of Laos tbh. not that that's a bad thing

I tried the other way around and it looked too much like the DPRK flag, I think the Laos layout has more potential in the US for reasons we need not speak of here

Dark, uncompromising left.

This pin idea is good.

I'm really liking these, especially the first.


I agree

I was fucking around and I did this.

what do yall think? I don't think it's not as good as my original ones

Do they have socialist cat girls?

It was a British paramilitary group of the Social Credit party which was set up out of a scouting organisation called the Kibbo Kift which became increasingly political in the radical climate by John Hargrave.
They were the most numerous and militant paramilitary of the time and fought Mosleys BUF Blackshirts in the streets.
They threw a green brick through the window of No.11 Downing Street with "issue the national dividend" and "power to the greenshirts" written to it. They were pretty based if not communist.

they have cute short haired brunettes if you're willing to take that.

feels bad man

Two flags I made a while ago. One a Canadian Social-Democratic Party Flag (like a real socdem party in the tradition of early 20th century ones) and one an internationalist flag.

This hammer and sickle bird is from a piece of Gorbachev-era Soviet propaganda, originally captioned with "Ours is the politics of peace." The blue one with the tiny eyes on the far right is lifted straight from the original propaganda piece, all the rest are alternatives I made that make the eye bigger and the hammer and sickle more prominent.

How have I never heard of this? Also any group that was against Mosley at Cable Street is worth their weight in gold.

Here's the original

That works tbh fam.


but it kinda looks like the arizona flag

I like the hammer birdies

Except rose is for killing Rosa.

Kind of a rising sun style look. I like the concept. Kind of like
Internationalist flag is hot, wonder if it looks better with a one tone star.

Peace=Communism should 100% be a flag/propaganda concept.


Yeah I based it off the Arizona flag with spanish republican colours and do you mean AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA in a good way?


British paramilitaries faded into irrelevence when the government banned political unifroms in 1936 which severely curtailed the activities of the Greenshirts, also they lacked electoral success so while the communist party was winning seats, and the BUF while becoming irrelevant at least had Mosley who was an established political figure if an outcast, the Greenshirts just faded away and were for the most part forgotten completely.

Rosa was also in the SDPD at one point just as Lenin was in the RSDP.

Bolsheviks were RSDP until 1922 right?

Nice try Bernie.

I think they were just a faction in them, I'm no expert though.

Emblem I made.

Symbolism, Pine for the North, Grain for the west, Cotton for the south, the iron of the shield for the east.

The shield shows a black and white man shaking hands in front of a map of the USA.

Red on the banners for socialism.

Red star, each point represents a part of the USA. The Solider, Worker, Farmer, Intelectual and Student.

Sun representing a new day for America.

And the UDSNA stands for United Democratic States of North America.

and the SDKPiL

i'd wear that

I said this the last time you posted it, I really like it.

Nice m8! I really like it.

t. Karl Marx


No matter what flag we use, let us all agree the triple pointy is the symbol of the new left

Try again.

triple pointy for a 21st century of operations led jointly

Quick rundown on the triforce?

Eh, I dunno: it#s kinda stealing it from the International Brigades of the Spanish civil war, no?

Was the symbol of the international brigades in the Spanish civil war, that's all I have seen it in. Not sure what it means tbh.

Its the symbol of internationalism

Politically the red three-pointed star was the symbol of the International Brigades in the Spanish civil war and that's it afaik.
So I guess its a symbol of internationalism/international solidarity

actually it was originally the symbol of the popular front, which the international brigades took it from.
sorry for double post

*triple pointy

It was the symbol used by the spanish popular front (a coalition government against the fascist falange)

and later was on the flag of the international brigades


Using an older, more obscure symbol for a new movement is something often done in politics.
Especially by the right wing.(ex. the gadsen flag by lolberts, the rising sun, and alot of other by fascists) This tactic is something we must adapt.
They're beating us, because they have a shit ton of symbols that are provocative and aesthetic, while we only have the hammer and sickle, (and wearing the hammer and sickle in public is a HUGE no no)

Very different symbol

This incorporates the Greek Delta symbol. Representing democracy.

And it's inside a O to represent Order. Order and Democracy.

If use of the three-pointed star became widespread there's not much controversial about it. While it still has a fairly clear communist symbology its only historical context is a broad liberal-socdem-leftist coalition against militaristic fascism and the international brigades.
Historically it can only reasonably be interpreted as a symbol of international solidarity against fascism and for freedom. Its a perfect symbol for the current political climate in the west.

This. and plus, it's aesthetic as hell.


I like this symbol

What was it used for historically?

I like the tourches

The Democratic Army of Greece used the Delta symbol.

American Revolutionary Youth








Not him but the Greek communist partisans during WW2 and the Greek Civil War used the Delta for Democracy.

Alternative Flag for it

I've always liked this one

I forgot this one.

hmmm I wounder if the yugoslav, and french partisans had any nice symbolss

Delta can also mean change

Nah just the red star on a load of flags for the Yugoslavs.


I like the dixie flag, but it's not leftist at all

Okay this one is fantastic

The various Yugoslav partisans seemed to just use the red star.
French communist partisans used the Jacobin Republican phrygian cap though

I like the cap

Did the italian partisans use any nice symbols

the cln is kinda generic tho

I'm sorry I'm a sucker for confederate aesthetics, it'll never work for leftists tho. White nationalists ruin everything they touch


I love dixie aesthetics too, i never steped a foot outta texas and I ain't planing too either

but if we were to adapt american symbols and aesthetics, dixie flags would be the last thing we'd ever want to do.

maybe we could make a leftist version of popular dixie songs though (kinda how the IWW did)

My favorite song is "the yellow rose of texas" (for obvious reasons)

it was used in the texas revolutionary war before it was appropriated by dixie rebels, and it's about a love story about a mixed race black girl. (it was really progressive for it's time tbh)

if we'd adapt any songs, I think that's the best place to start, because it doesn't have as bad of a history, like other songs do

That's a nice symbol, but don't you think it's kinda succdemmy?

the problem with succdem isn't aesthetics, the problem is policy

I guess you right

Fun fact, all these striped triple pointy flags are variations on a red and black one that I came up with for my org and posted here.

You made the striped triple pointy? Can you post your original?

I don’t have it anymore since I got a new phone. But it was the same one getting posted here in red and black. Red stripes on the top and bottom, black in the middle, red pointy.

They're all variations of the international brigades flag.
I made this one changing the colours on the int brigades flag.

I love all of the triple pointy aesthetics

nice job buddies anyone who still says (comrade) is a larper and will burn in a hell gulag

i want burgers to leave

i want you to go.

Nah fuck off, at my local CLP meeting they use te phrase comrades and that is the labour party in toryshire.


Just because your neanderthal CIA-cucked political culture cannot associate the word 'comrade' with anything other than russian bears in ushankas doesn't mean you have to export your autism to the rest of the world.


Tbh I’m not a big fan of the dove. It suggests we’re are not only anti war, but non violent entirely, which isn’t the case.

it's alright

but maybe make the dove thing in a blue circle in the middle

it reminds me of the chinese taipei flag

I think I like this one better

Again, it looks like fake china flag, make it a blue circle in the middle with the tourch and hammer

Like it.

Also bringing Kaiserreich symbols into RL makes me hard

I like it, but maybe add the gear to it? The hammer and torch on its own doesn’t look as good.

Yes, also the Hammer is a bit cartoony.

Btw, there is the labour symbol which is pretty aesthetic.

I can get behind the feather, torch and shovel

Not a flag by maybe a symbol for the party.

It's a quill but whatever lad.

Also I have been seeing it crop up recently: A Bath CLP brought it to the Manchester rally.

That is one thing: the US has a thing about political animals, what would the socialist one be? I always thought the Horse because:
1) Is a work animal
2) Travels in herds, is communal
3) Is more powerful than the donkey.

4) In the American psyche has an association with freedom.



Swap the white and the blue, also the circle is off centre. But conceptually, it is good.

No Scrap that, Blue on the outside, white circle and red hammer and torch.

Also swap the red and blue shades so they are the colours of the US flag exactly.

The Moose

Used already: Bull Moose Party was the first progressive party under Teddy.

like this?

Use it again.

Nope I was wrong, my fault.

Associating with an arch-capitalist imperialist is not something the left should be doing.

everyone repeat it with me:


A horse is good.The imagery of a steed has more vitality than the dems/reps

Right? Also the association of Cowboys and the recent neo-western movement being anti-cap kinda brings the entire libertarian socialist thing into it.


The emblem looks great and I love your style.

Also turns out not even some hyper obscure party uses a Horse.

Literally stolen from a fucking videogame mod, i like it as much as anyone else but please stop

No, we must steal aesthetics from Kaiserreich.

Texas will never be socialist



Even for a rush job this is pretty dank. Well done user.

I suggest a black crow outline on a solid red background.

Edgy af my do0d

Idea for a magazine publication for the movement.

Nice aesthetics user.

Fuck off. Crows and ravens make excellent symbols for leftism. They're extremely intelligent, work together in large groups, and know how to recognize when they're being cheated.

More eagles.

What if the Eagle was holding a gear or a hammer?

I tried something with horses

What about something like the Austrian coat of arms?

Chance the colour scheme but that works. What about Red triple-pointy, white horse, blue background.

aight hollup

Fuck you and your reactionary eagles.

America should have horse head with a pitchfork and mining axe behind it. Pitchfork means agriculture and mining axe as industry.

Look bud, if you dont like the direction of this thread, read on this one because this is an extension of that but for flags and symbols.

Symbol I designed.

I like it

Based on this GOP banner

what if?

See there is something to work with here.

alright done.

It the white horse came out fuzzy as hell so I had to touch it up a bit

The blue needs to be darker (Stars and Stripes shade) but yeah pretty decent.

needs stars tbh


Call it the 'Revolutionary Party' to avoid socialism and communism boogeymen and invoke the imagery of Paul Revere and the American Revolution

Looks dope I like how the font is uneven and clearly hand drawn. Like with the red brigades flag it shows the organic nature of your movement.

some inspiration

Well my jimmies are rustled

Less stars or more? 4 is good for party, workers, soldiers, and students

Yee boi, this is something that could really be worked with. Might resize the triple-pointy but yeah.

Name bounced around a lot I have been seeing is simply "The People's Party", but yeah.

I touched it up for ya

That’s it, I love it. We need to spam that everywhere.

i'm fucking retarded and I didn't even post that in the right resolution i'm sorry.

ill go fix it

hmm, can't decide between these two

AS a symbol or as a flag? For both I would say the right one (apart from as an inset, they use the left).

Needs 13 stars and to look less like Taiwan

No one within 1000 feet of a tractor will ever be socialist either

You'd be surprised: the reason we think rural states are so conservative is that the conservatives are the loudest bunch.

Read What's the Matter With Kansas, also the IWW wiki page

Is it worth it? My american polsci teacher recommended it,

If you can stomach the socdem/FDR praise Thomas Frank has a lot of useful things to say, Listen Liberal is also really good.

There we go!

*Chinese Taipei

calling it

"false china" is also acceptable

Whether you like it or not, the KMT and the Socdems run a seperate government from the CCP

IWW turned into neoliberals years ago

Imma head off to sleep

I better see some aesthetic ass flags when I get back.

My dude I said to read the wiki page, not to join


_100_ real shit.

I came

gn tho

The 3 point star and the Delta with a circle are the coolest, focus on those

I’m literally cumming with Yankee socialist patriotism and I’m not even a burger.

Pan-North American libertarian socialist republic when?

Old John Brown’s body lies moldering in the grave,
While weep the sons of bondage whom he ventured all to save;
But tho he lost his life while struggling for the slave,
His soul is marching on.

John Brown was a hero, undaunted, true and brave,
And Kansas knows his valor when he fought her rights to save;
Now, tho the grass grows green above his grave,
His soul is marching on.

He captured Harper’s Ferry, with his nineteen men so few,
And frightened "Old Virginny" till she trembled thru and thru;
They hung him for a traitor, they themselves the traitor crew,
But his soul is marching on.

John Brown was John the Baptist of the Christ we are to see,
Christ who of the bondmen shall the Liberator be,
And soon thruout the Sunny South the slaves shall all be free,
For his soul is marching on.

The conflict that he heralded he looks from heaven to view,
On the army of the Union with its flag red, white and blue.
And heaven shall ring with anthems o’er the deed they mean to do,
For his soul is marching on.

Ye soldiers of Freedom, then strike, while strike ye may,
The death blow of oppression in a better time and way,
For the dawn of old John Brown has brightened into day,
And his soul is marching on.



Also this just gave me a poster idea. Pic related is a rough draft. This could be something we start putting up like Holla Forums and their "its okay to be white" bullshit.

What do you think about the Bonnie Blue flag? Itd be a nice break from red plus it existed before the Civil War

Those rules are only guidelines. Text can cause complications but it can still work.

The circle in the middle reminds me too much of Nazi Germany.

What about a red star?

We should also be gather and making songs for a movement.

List some.

Red: United Democratic State of North America. (UDSNA)
-Dotted Red: UDSNM Commonwealth
-New Alaska
-UDSNM Pacific Territories.
-Diagonal Lines- Native American Reservations.

Dark Blue- Peoples Republic of Quebec. (PRQ)

Dark Green- Peoples Republic of Mexico. (PRM)

Black- Autonomous Confederation of Zapatista Communities. (ACZC)

I wonder what that Socialist Greenland looks like

I'll read that shit book when you go talk to an actual farmer

What kinda bullshit is this? Why is california and alaska so small? Why is texas and oklahoma so huge?

I'm pretty sure Washington and Oregon are turned into cascadia while Jefferson is independent of california

But that just normal texas with a sliver of oklahoma

Alaska so Small? I literately made it almost 2 times larger.

I like this one


just use the one that looks good

this is a shitty mockup of that flag but it's cool anyhow

dark color on dark color doesn't look great tho

they fly that one next to this one for a reason

Gonna be honest this looks like something a redneck ranch owner in Montana would have on the bumper of his coal-rolling pick up.

That's bretty gud.

Not talking about the borders, but the relative sizes are off. Alaska is like 2 times bigger than texas. Hell Oklahoma is as big as the Dakotas.


what did he mean by this?

Can somebody make a leftist contemporary version of this? Add some socialist imagery to the modern soldiers and change the date from 1943 to 2017?


second one is the best in this thread so far

I fucking love the bonnie blue flag, but it's like a redneck Somalia flag.

I have always had some sort of patriotism in me, maybe it's me being in texas, and being surrounded by patriots.

Flag for a face book page i made.

what facebook page?

but tbh i'm not feeling the flag

It’s too much like Arizona’s flag.

is that even a bad thing? I like arizona

Yeah but it’s weird to promote state flags as a symbol for a national movement.


unless there was some sort of arexit

Welsh Republican Flag pretty swish

Should we use the wild cat?

More of the Delta.

That's actually pretty cool.

I admit to liking these a lot because they would trigger the fuck out of the right-wing conspiracy theorists.

That's just a red flag of Indiana.

Some states have pretty cool flags.


Someone posted this on the Communalism subreddit.

Incorporating a part of the US emblem.



A real flag for a new Socialist USA should include heavy Native American motifs, like a bison for example.

ayy lmao

The New Leftist Movement, i made it to educate and agitate.

From the last thread.

That's a nice ass tattoo

I'm thinking of getting one myself, it's of peruvian revolutionary, tupac amaru you think that'd look good?

Another Delta Symbol.

Hell yeah Tupac Amarus cool as fuck. You peruvian? I spent a couple months there in 2015


Consider it a re-appropriation.


Anymore contemporary graphic designs for socialism? These flags are cool but they feel a little old.


Produce for me the first flag in red and black.

Nobody likes an ensign.

inb4 Northern Ireland, implying ☭TANKIE☭s ever cede territorial gains, even if United Ireland is more likely to happen before commie Britain

I wish I had a higher resolution.

I have a few communist britain flags i like


the DPRK flag is nice and easy to change to other countries

Flag of Balochistan when?


I hate the shade of red on the Soviet flag
this looks much better IMO

The Red Front Republic in Glasgow.

never heard about this before, got any sources?'_International

I used to think the various SSR flags were good for default socialist flag templates but now I prefer the DPRK style flag tbh

please don't combine us with canada


Doesn't source a date on when was it adopted so there is no way to say invented it
Plus the 3 arrows just seem so fit to be painted over swastikas that I find hard to believe they could had been designed in other contexts


I'm surprised there already isn't a socialist version of "the bonnie blue flag" the chorus can easily be adapted.


Yo, does anyone have that American Trade Unionist agitpop? The orange ones.

I agree

That's fucking lame



what about a star? it's perfect symbolism for a new future, and since most proles think working class is a dirty word, its a great way to get middle class workers on our side.

plus most work in the western world these days isnt done with tools, and the variety of tools used would be too difficult to incorporate. it has to be something universal for humanity.


holy shit that looks fucking great

How about some Eurekas?

I love this. Makes me want to become a space marine.

Middleone is fucking Dapper.

That looks like a fucking reactionary's flag

looks breddy fashy tbh

das what i said.


it's somewhat meme-tier, but i totally think the "don't tread on me" flag would benefit the left as having a honey badger on it instead of a snake and using red/black colors.

or, like, if you had militia groups, make a "honey badger" patch in that style.


The flaming torch was one of the prominent symbols of American socialists at the turn of the century though, it would be a shame to replace it with some generic hammer and sickle when your flag is already socialist if looked at from a different angle.

Trots get out

Lambda enthusiasts vs Delta lovers street brawls when?

It's already the symbol of the VPP, the party Sanders comes from.

That group seems legit as fuck. Nice aesthetics and I've seen them do a bunch of serve the people type stuff.

General reminder for people designing their own flags: Do your values first. It helps colorblind people and it makes your design all around nicer to look at.

Where's a good place to find flags online?

Flag I made.

breddy good. Always liked initials on flags. Feels like it skirts the 'no text' rule.

I feel like we need more cogwheels.

Really good flags all around i love them very very much sooo beautifull, my favourite symbols are always the stars and the hammer and sickels and red yes yes red soo good i think its weird, when we have text on them does not looooooooooooooooook very good, but if you can make it look like in the soviet banner that would be cool and internationalism is good yes yes yes ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd oh sorry my cat stepped on my keyboard hahaha sorry again

I already posted the first one before, but I'll post it here too.

it's a cool symbol



I made a flag for leafs too but it's shit

the big single maple leaf is awkward with any other imagery imo. Why not try incorporating it in a less central way, sort of how they did with the old red ensign with the small three pronged leaf at the bottom?

why white and green?


Anyone got a DPRK-based American flag?

I like it

Idea. Liberty bell, Crossed rifles, and 13 red stars. Surely we can make this work.

I am not surprised just disapointed.

What are you talking about it's ok to be white was the bait of the century.

Georgist Gang?

This symbol is taken from the ETA in Basque country.

I think it fit well as a replacement to the Gadsden flag. Here are some version I made.

Which ones your favorite?


I like this, but tbh it looks a little too fashy for my taste.

Also it reminds me too much of the faggot in my picture

Real fuckin' aesthetic, bud. Good work.

Ohhh, I really like this one.


i like the third one most

Who dat?

Braving Ruin, gay and unfunny fashy YouTuber.



This is basically the AA symbol though. It might be confusing.

This shit actually has real potential.

Still waiting on Holla Forums to make Marxist-Leninist-Pan-Africanism a flag icon…

Am I the only one who finds that making socialist flags from satires difficult?

This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

The People's Republic of Quebec. Yes. Yes! YES!



That pledge sounds so fucking cringeworthy, holy shit.

Looks like the SED flag

Never see it.

I like the esthetics of east Germany.

Little different Design for a socialist Quebec.

Can we turn Klan songs in upon themselves?


De leonist symbol I made.

Appalachia needs to have West PA, and parts of Virgina and Carolina. New England needs to be one state. Atzlan should have Souther California, and it has to much of Texas. Cascadia is way to big.


I’m tired of reactionaries constantly co-opting leftist symbols and messaging. We should give them a taste pf there own medicine.

Ok, you’ve gone to far.

Pick one, motherfucker

Good flag for a socialist milia.

Why do you want to hearken back to the 1930s and 40s? Don't we have enough WW2 nerds in our movement already?

love this one

Are you a ML now Afroplasm?

Is that a fucking golf tee?

Trash fam


Grey & Brady's united Tim front.

Needs an Atlantic Union flag

Another I made.

Jefferson, Lincoln, Marx, De Leon.

sweet and cool

Rally nice, I would personally swap Jefferson for Franklin, but regardless 10/10 bretty gud.

delet this

fucking around

Just pointing out the pinned thread for gommie design:

Incidentally, did anyone save this flag from a previous thread?

Something like this?

whoops its missing a verse at some point


Where do you get your flags Holla Forums?

the one on the left is based on the 1831 merthyr rising in wales

Neat, i like flags that incorperate dates of important events.

Does the Eureka count?

I'd say so

What do you guys think of this? The top is for decolonization, the bottom is for socialism

first is minarchy
Second is technocracy
third I can't remember

I don't see whats so good about the triple pointy, every time I look at it I feel like I'm being sold a car. When the orse gets involved it feels like I'm being advertised a car plus an expensive polo shirt and a mens fragrance.

I much prefer the rectangle one. It's eye catching while the other is generic and not nice to look at, plus the circle one looks ever so slightly nazi.