Imagine a socialist future with no cars. People would have top-end state bikes for free...

Imagine a socialist future with no cars. People would have top-end state bikes for free, free very high speed public transportation or whatever wonder socialism would have up with. But no fucking cars. Never again this shit.

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that's retarded

t. Not a burger
To think you could seperate the U.S. from cars is very funny. How many countries are absolutely demanding of individual transportation currently? Taking away cars is a first world worry.

Surely you must be joking.

We will have socialism without the burgers then

How does that do anything than justify my point further? Burger society is made around cars. Take somewhere like India, what could they do, just bike everywhere on their glorious paved roads? Will they just use public transportation? Shit, I'm sure they will find a way.
I never said anything was sustainable or unsustainable.

Wait whomst was the niggas who dismantled socialism for a century again?????

Then burger society will need to adapt radically because we can't really have millions of cars around, now can we?

Every car in America could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn't shed a single tear. Private automobiles can suck my dick.

Let's hope the ecological collapse will bring on the end of capitalism because a revolution won't be enough

Holy shit or even just consider China. I know Socialism the shit but they can't just "Give us cars or die globalist, bikes are NAZBOL now". Think for a moment what a ridiculous endeavor it would be to take away all the cars?

yeah man FUCK rural america

T. Someone who most definitely neither is a burger nor knows anything about rural life

this. read Against His-Story, Against Leviathan Holla Forums

Even bicycles will be phased out except as recreation. Communism will have a fundamentally different relation to time than capitalism (the linear time or progress and production which is an abstraction). Nature only knows cycles and cataclysms. I also see no reason why vehicles (petrol powered or otherwise) can't be communized.

How did subsistance farmer survive for so many years with no cars? In fact they're among the most stable social structure.
We're not going to have pointless huge cities everywhere anymore.

Thinking we can ban cars overnight without fundamentally changing the way we use our land is a pipe dream.

Where we are going there's no place for American suburbs. Socialism will mean introducing in the USA an environment that's actually suitable for human use.

< Yeah man, let's deprive a country that spans a literal fucking continent of their only means of getting around. I'm sure it'd be way cheaper to just rebuild all those supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, and other things people need for daily life.

Contrary to what you might believe, the US isn't one gigantic suburb. As someone who's traveled outside the Northeast Corridor, I can attest that most of the eastern half of the country is either forest or farmlands.

All these car loving retards are acting like these anti-car folks are proposing to get rid of cars without any transportation infrastructure to replace it. That's utterly retarded.


Imagine being this retarded.

Realtalk, are you even American?

then what you're describing is fantasy
expect nuclear powered high speed intercontinental rail networks never

I am. I even live in a place where public transportation is shit and cars are effectively the only way to get around. It fucking sucks. Having to keep my car in working order is a huge source of expenses. I live how everyone you disagree with is automatically a "cosmopolitan elitist bourgeoisie arts student" even if they're speaking from experience.

Having decent public transportation infrastructure isn't impossible, brainlet. You don't need transcontinental nuclear magic trains to improve life for most people.

Forget it Jake, they're motorists. There's no more vile den of reactionism.

(Can't even tell whether this is satire or not)

Why do so many people in this thread just think we stop at getting rid of cars?
All of the existing infrastructure will still be there, we can just start rolling out fleets of buses, trolleys, and trains. Who needs a car when you're a 15-20 minute ride away from everything you need and you can hop on a train to go to the next town and public transportation isn't a bag of dicks?
Apparently Americans are incapable of locomotion outside of their automobiles. Every other form of transportation is obsolete and Henry Ford's victory over the 20th centruy has been absolute.
But if I wanted a good discussion instead of troglodyte meme shit, I'd go to /leftpol/

My family farmed the same plot of land since the war of 1812 faggot. Going back to the days of the horse and buggy is pants on head retarded. Yes a lot of cars on the road could be replaced by proper suburban rail/transit systems, but most of those are for urban commuters.

Yes, I feel shame for being the figurative grandson of a kulak, I apologize in advance

Does anyone have that video of a youtuber criticizing skyscrappers and part of the video shows how retarded capitalist were designing towns/cities?

Gee, that's only 80% of Americans.

How about some sort of drone-based public logistic system, high speed monorail for medium/long distance travel and literally bikes or AUTOMATED cars for other circumstances.

Cars can fuck off from cities forever too.

Raze the cities. Destroy all cars.
Small settlements integrated in a train network now!

*megacities integrated in a highspeed rail network

Cities are literally human habitat subordinated to the convenience of capital, to the detriment of social life. Communism demands the abolition of the urban-rural dichotomy altogether through the destruction of the city as such.

You do not think advanced enough

This is the post-civ/communism goal.

Why do autists like trains so much?

How would you pick up groceries?

this but without a shred of irony.

I'd walk to the store and get some. It'd go from a 5 minute drive to a 30 minute walk, but I'd just get pissed off and want to move out from the suburbs anyway.

This thread has just gotten more pants on head. The immense amount of labor required to give somewhere like China or the US public transport for all is ridiculous! It's not about being procar (other than people having control over their transportation perhaps), it's about wanting reasonable policy.

Do you realize how much effort it takes to maintain roads, or are you just retarded?


I guarantee it is less than the amount needed to give the entirety of the US, China, etc… public transport for everyone. That's not even considering the material conditions, does anyone here know how they would even convince everyone to drop cars like this?

I mean that's a fairly interesting point but you are ignoring that the infrastructure for private car production is already there, while there is no apparatus for gathering up everyone's car and building up public transport to this degree. I feel like this is begging for the holodomor, but real and with transportation.

if you have a road fetish just use a fucking bus goddamn

There are 4.12 million miles of road in the United States, of which about 2.68 million miles are paved. America's infrastructure is already in pretty bad shape[1] and it's already having a negative effect on people's ability to get from place to place. It's not inconceivable that it would be cheaper on just a government spending level to invest in mass transit or even buses. But I don't think we should just consider the cost of cars/roads on a govenrmental level. Cars/roads have social and environmental costs too. It costs a fuckton to maintain millions of cars, and accidents cost a fuckton and kill lots of people.


I don't have a road fetish, stop being buttblasted because Im not one hundred percent on board with your plan.
This is an interesting point, and I do think switching to public transport would be a good idea. Just not nearly as feasible as most anons here see it to be. Again, just consider taking all of China's cars. I don't think people would be behind it either. I still think people would want to use cars, they will just exist differently than they do now. Private transportation will always have a nice air to it for some, and I don't particularly see a problem with that in a sufficiently advanced socialist society.

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