Consumerism will fuck up any revolution

Will people choose spectacles and consumerism over us when the moment will come? Why not?
Do people really want cultural junk to go?
Do people even know what is spectacle?
Are people even interested?
Should we trust people?
Is it ever even being tried?

I don't think so. It gets to a certain point where people will start realizing their Starbucks and iPhones aren't worth it. This aspect of our liberal society's lack of censorship is something that the "people" of our generation are taking advantage of. Although for the most part it boils down to "kids these days on their phones #retweet".
I know Holla Forums likes to mock the types of people who criticize consumerism with the "hm really makes you think" meme, but I'm not so skeptical. When the time comes, I'm willing to believe people are ready to sacrifice the things that are supposed to give them comfort in spite of our addiction to them.
Don't get me wrong. I think communism today is very unlikely, but I never felt like "consumerism" was any real obstacle.

I dunno but I wonder why the 4º season of Black Mirror is taking so long to launch.

People fill up the emptiness of their lives with those. Give them meaningful things to do, things that actually matter to them and represent something, you'll see those terrible mobile games disappear over a year.

where are those pics from OP?

civilization is a collective illusion, 'the moment' is the shattering of this illusion with the breakdown of logistics. People will have to worry more about living. This entails openings of possibilities of various communes/communisms.

I assume most people don't perceive the spectacle as Debord did. They obviously know something is amiss but the effort and having to understand their situation (especially for burgers) is too much. It challenges everything about our lives and ways of being.

Trusting people…hard to say. Especially the hungry, needy people thrown out to rot in the collapse of civ. Trust your friends. Burgerland is cut-throat (both in business and on the street) and I can't fathom how wild it will be in the future.


What did Brooker mean by this?

But really this episode is probably the best representation of the endless grind of wage-slavery, the commodification of everything, and the Spectacle to keep you distracted. But to answer your question, no, I don't think people will choose consumerism when shit gets bad enough. It works by keeping people distracted of the bigger picture, but it can't work if the bigger picture is in their face right now and they can't ignore it.

If you didn't feel like shit after, you don't have a heart

black mirror

it's also one of the shows that Holla Forums gets the most butthurt by. go figure

I'd like to know what Elon Musk and Suckemberg think about the show

The most kino Black Mirror episode is San Junipero, tbqh fam.

is this post ironic? like prequelposting?

Jokes aside
The 3rd season suck ass. Except for San Junipero and Shut up and Dance.
They went from deep thought provoking pshycological horror with marxist undertones to "DAMN BOI TECH BE SPOOKY". The show got americanized. Nosedive and the second episode are so fucking american that I smelled burger out of my tv

Literally a description of the Spectacle.

Do you think Bing sold-out because you was seduced by the good life like everyone else, or because he realized that no one cared so might as well not spend his life on a bike?

San Junipero was cool but it was radically tonally different than all the other episodes. Fuck, it even (supposedly, it's kinda confusing) had a happy ending.

Nosedive is comparable to 15 Million Merits you nigger and it'll probably be a reality in the future. It's so American because Americans are the most fucked by social media.

Mix of both.


Shouldn't've posted pics of the show OP.

Third Season was not at all "DAMN BOI TECH SPOOKY". Nosedive was pretty cool, what do you mean by it being "americanized"? Yes, it's supposed to be American, because it's trying to deconstruct American social life. The whole Meow-Moew-Beenz thing is more real than you think, considering China just plans to establish such a system.

Also, how is "Man against Fire" not a open critique of American imperialism?

Men Against Fire was more of a critique of militarism and military training forcing the soldiers into thinking the other side are literally non-human. It was an interesting episode but why too heavy-handed and without much to say other than "dehumanization is bad".

Black Mirror is never openly against tech itself in the first two season. It's always ambigous (think of The entire history of you).
Nosedive and the whole 3rd season has 0 nuance 0 of the ambiguity 0 of the thought provoking stuff.

The entire 3rd season was like that imho.
Good ideas, applied nowhere near as good as the first two seasons

Nosedive has Bryce Dallas Howard on the leading role, how can you not like it for this reason alone?
Are you gay?

I'm more of a yorkie type of guy tbh.
Plus for some reason she was really unattractive in that episode. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't even on purpuse, It's the colored patina of the whole episode that makes her look boring and mediocre.

That's 1984 as fuck when I think about it

I didn't even think about that. If anything it's worse because it would've just been societal alienation that caused them to be like that, not overt brainwashing by a human.

are you guys teenagers?


No one calls it Nineteen Eighty-Four.

I am a massive Orwell wank and this tbh.

yep. if government just disappeared off the face of the earth right now, the first thing people will do will raid shoe stores

that's not consumerism, that's just basic opportunism and there's nothing wrong with that, you just need a new commonwealth that will replace the old and have a plan for development that will render the commonwealth obsolete at some point.

What do you respond?

the unbranded shoes we have will be better and they'll have parts you can swap out, you can design your own shoes because you won't need to be confined to any one thing for your career.

Go on any major social network and suggest that the claimed harm and abuse from a 27-year-old guy having sex with a 15-year-old girl is vastly overblown or doesn't exist at all. See how fast you get banned. Whether it's true or not isn't the point. The point is that anything which threatens the interests of liberals is heavily censored.


Trump is what you are inevitably going to get when you work within the capitalist framework, if you don't break out of this framework, the world is doomed, no matter how nice your boss is, he's still a boss and the worker/boss relationship is inherently bad, it's the same problem with having a king, the concentration of power creates the conditions for disaster.


It doesn't matter how good Obama is, because someone really shitty like Trump is bound to come along, this is why we need socialism, which wouldn't allow a fucking idiot to con people and run the world into the ground, people understand the consequences of electing an idiot as a mayor, they don't with the president, it's too abstract and too far removed from everyone's actual lives. The office itself is an even bigger problem than Trump.


they've been saying that forever

Who is going to arrange all that?

I seriously hope you don't have any predictions for the future either, wouldn't want to be a hypocrite now would we?

you will, because you'll have the free time to do whatever the fuck you want, and so will everyone else, so nike and addidas fans will be making their own nike and addidas shoes without having to worry about getting sued because you can't own an idea.

would it matter?

everything matters, because we're materialists

So what you're saying is it's fine to mock other people for having predictions of the future based on the limited information we have available when you do so yourself? Or are you mocking them because someone said a thing once and it didn't happen yet therefore it will never happen? Seems kind of faulty to say something will never happen just because someone got some of the info wrong in the past. Kind of like how a geologist saying an active volcano will erupt eventually so the residents should move off the island and having the residents in return mock them saying they've been saying that for ages and it never happened yet so the volcano will never erupt.

people have done that and get away with it constantly. what are you on about?

Did imageboards teach you nothing?
Also people want good shoes, not necessarily own made shoes. How many people even know how to properly make a shoe, or want to invest time in trying to learn it and produce them?

There's more than enough people who like making shoes to make good ones, not everyone if given free time will just sit on imageboards and smoke pot, that's natural for some people but others are fulfilled through work, and there's more than enough of them to sustain the commons imo.

I don't know about you but I've learned a shitload from imageboards. Right now because of imageboards I'm learning about politics and philosophy that I never learned in school. There are several hobby boards that also teach you all kinds of things. Maybe your interests just aren't in shoemaking but there are people who are interested in that and do so without the need for monetary compensation.

yeah, it's just like a volcano. great analogy

Capitalism is doing its best to destroy the spectacle. Revolution will come when even the bread and circuses are sacrificed to profit. It's already happening.

You're not part of the labour aristocracy porky has to bribe to keep society stable.

I would say 99% are