That Mentally Deficient T

Can we talk about this dumb ancap niglet for a second?

This faggot:

He also made this shit:

Is this undeniable proof that ancaps are actually retarded?

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Using racially abusive words isn't okay because the guy is on the other side of the political spectrum, you goddamn nigger.


The nigga is practically Uncle Ruckus, he deserves nothing less.

There's really nothing inherently wrong with blackface.

This. It only becomes a problem when people abuse it to enforce retarded stereotypes.

It's not about him. It's about you. You degrade yourself when you stoop this low, and you make it seem okay to simply call people these things because you have a disagreement. Now, ThatGuyT is a fucking idiot, yes, but I've never seen him defend racism as okay, only that according to his world-view, there is nothing he can do to stop it. Now, this is stupid, but he isn't selling out other blacks for the white man, and even if that were the case, nothing about that is inherently anti-leftist (an African proletarian turning in a group of African industrialists to a white revolutionary group, for example). We have to understand that there will be blacks who do not stand to benefit from socialism because they are part of the bourgeoisie. That's fine. There is no inherent political loyalty for blacks. All libertarians are class traitors, and that's a bigger crime than any sort of "race loyalty" that you people keep trying to push on non-whites. This is nothing but more idpol.

Afroplasm I summon thee

Goddamn it just let me use racial slurs in peace

(jk, I see your point and imma stop that n shit.)

Why would you want another white man's opinion on this topic?

Who said OP was trying to be "okay"?


while i agree with you for most of this, i cant help but twitch at one part . . .
"when you kill your enemies, they win"

Well, you aren't hurting him. You're only alienating your own comrades if anything. I don't like it when black supposed "leftists" talk about da ebil hwie man, or "crackers", and I assume they don't like it when we talk about coons, or house niggers. I just don't think we should stoop to certain levels of discourse when the fact that he's a classcuck is so much worse than betrayal to whatever racial allegiance he's supposed to have (hint: none, black people aren't a monolith).

In what occasion is blackface not used to "enforce retarded stereotypes"…?

What the fuck does this even mean? What does it look like?


I don't think OP was attacking his "allegiance" to anything. He's probably just pissed off and grabbed the first insult he could think of out of his vocabulary.
You're telling me you don't do that? When a fat person makes you angry, what do you call him or her?

The fucker is making money off of cucks who need to hide behind an uncle tom saying the things they're thinking. This should be a guy Holla Forums supports.

are neoliberals calling 'themselves' cucks now? when did this start happening?

Fat people don't have a history of discrimination and alienation in this country going back to its founding, and they could always lose weight. I'm just saying that too many of us assume that black people owe us their political alignment and when they are misled into not doing that or find it in their best interest to not do so, we turn around and spout exactly the sort of racism we claim they support. This doesn't hurt them, and it only hurts us.


All of you should go back to reddit including OP because who gives a shit if he's ok about blackface

The guy has a lot of survival bias, most minorities that are libertarians or ancaps have it.

Most of your critique is the same as that which SJW crypto-racists make. Kys.

Yeah man I be hittin up the gender studies room and everyone be shoutin about niggers and ancaps and physical removal, the real shit we SJeWs care about

He's probably the most logically consistent ANCAP out there. I wonder if he is just being weirdly honest about his fringe right wing views or he just hopped on the alt-right train too early and now he is stuck pandering to his base. He lives in a nice suburb near Atlanta so that explains his pro-capitalist views but his early videos he is more nuanced whereas now he has become the embodiment of an uncle tom mixed with ANCAP AESTHETICS.

yeah he seems dumb, why should we care?

OP didn't didn't call him a nigger, he called him a coon, which basically means race-traitor. Besides, everyone is a nigger here, not just black people who have the wrong political opinions.

The concept of race treason is in an of itself incompatible with leftism.