Is Canada the most "cucked by idpol" shithole on Earth?

Is Canada the most "cucked by idpol" shithole on Earth?
Let's look at all the wonderful things Canada has given to western society
Seriously, would we actually be better off if that country just had a Nuclear Holocaust?

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The north american continent should be all fucking nuked.
Imho Scandinavia and germany are even worse.

Cool it with the antisemitic remarks

I don't get it

Canadian conservatives have to appeal to US markets to make a living. Since it's hard for a foreign worker to crack into the US entertainment industry they overcompensate by acting like insufferable, insane assholes
I guess you're referring to idlenomore, which is basically a blm for natives. Idlenomore is kind of pointless since all of the serious activism they do is through litigation to enforce treaties. Once you strip away all of the postcolonial rhetoric it's really just a fight over land and resources so it's not surprising that a lot of indigenous activists are incredibly reactionary.

It's all fucking stupid because most natives just want clean water and functioning services in their communities, but the few activists that represent them in national politics are completely immersed in ideology

Justin Trudeau is more embarrassing than trump by a mile.

I think he’s referring to BLM Toronto, which has done and said a lot of retarded idpol shit. Pic related.

I think it's more accurate to say that Trump is exasperating while Trudeau is irritating (and depressing if you're a Canadian leftist)

At least with Trump there's no pretending or ignoring the stupidity and naked animal greed of the system he is a product of. You get to have fun riding the bomb cowboy-style as it takes you to your doom. Trudeau is a slow, painful suffocation by soft neoliberal velvet pillows

this tbqhfam

Image looks like it was made by some Holla Forumstard but I'm not denying the fact that most BLM activists are fucking drinking the koolaid of ideology

Oh yeah. Most blacks in Canada are from immigrant communities. The Liberals and NDP co-opt most of the saner activists so the few BLM groups we have up here are Nation of Islam types. They don't have big numbers and continually get into fights with other idpol groups so nobody really takes them seriously. They lost most of the goodwill people were willing to give them when they forced a sit-in during Toronto's Pride parade and demanded that they kick out the police presence before they let it resume

this too, I don't think people are stupid enough to yell about the yacoubian devils anymore

New Worlders are a cancer

all i wanted from weed man was election reform, this is what I get

Canada BLM is retarded they called out a left politician for cultural appropriation (who is also an idpol retard, but at least a social-democrat) for quoting a beyonce song but that image is extremely fake.

I'm convinced Canada BLM is 50 undergrads with twitter accounts looking to secure the most activist social capital


removing male gender from the word I'm guessing

human → humxn
man → mxn

I googled her name and couldn't find her FB profile and a google search brings you to that image and forums talking about that image so I have to say this image is mostly like fake. Even the comments in the fake (which were edited out for some reason in version) showed that people disagreed with her

Today on Canadian political elite twitter, we have a PhD reminding us not to dissolve our boundaries and membranes. Very important stuff, please read

Where's that meme of a Holla Forumsyp spray painting "kill whitey" on a wall?

Are you fucking kidding me

Lately I've become convinced that Canada is just America, if America never culturally progressed from 2013.

It's a guess, I figure it's the same as people who spell women as "womyn"

People spell women like that? Fuck

I’ve heard some people say that Canada is always a few years behind the rest of the West in a lot of political trends. We’ll be dealing without own shit in a few years.

It's absolutely true. I can't see Trudeau as anything other than our Obama

has there been a proper analysis of this anywhere? even an Economist article?

Well, we had Layton before Sanders and Corbyn?

Now we have the liberal who wants votes cuz he's brown


Layton wasn’t hot shit. He was one of the main architects of the NDP’s shift to the right.

That's a lot of words that have no substance in reality.

Layton's success was 80% due to the utter shiticane rest in peace john dunsworth that was the chretien/martin/dion/iggy liberals. The other 10% was moving to the right (continued under Mulcair) and 10% soft Quebec nationalism

There's probably a book or master's thesis about it somewhere in canadian literature, but I usually just hear/read about the phenomenon as a truism mentioned in passing when something American migrates to the U.S.

Bear in mind that this woman is also a professor at Carleton, which is one of Canada's better universities. A lot of the country's diplomatic corps is trained there

As an aside, should we have a canadian politics megathread? It should obviously be called /sorry/

no because I'd rather not be anymore depressed than I already am.
we've got the NDP heading Alberta right now and I don't keep up with any news because it's just neoliberalism bull with a socialist mask

Huh, I thought they edged in a few wins (especially on workplace safety for farm labourers). And we haven't given the NDP/Green coalition in BC time to fuck up (yet)

I mostly just see a need for catharsis. There are too many idpol liberals completely dominating all fucking discussion and they get away with saying the dumbest fucking shit like in . If nothing else having a venue to laugh at them every day would be nice and comfy.

there's always good stuff compared to our shitshow conservatives, maybe I just have too much idpol hate left over from my Holla Forumsyp days. i'm pretty sure they're definitely putting more money into social programs like mental health.
idpol still fuels them nonetheless. i really doubt NDP here will make it more than this term, shit was practically a protest vote for the regular conservative voter and fueled by city socdems. even my areas riding voted in NDP, and this is place is conservatard central.

capitalism will end if you breathe deeply and think about space

It amazes me that you can make bank saying the dumbest shit if you follow the party line and check all the diversity boxes

The revolution is here at last my brothers. It shall be ushered in by comrades ricky, julian and bubbles

Her real name is Yusra Khogali.

It doesn't take rocket appliances to figure out that all wealth is created by human labor

is there something I don't know about this guy or did you post in the wrong thread?

lmao, that was sneaky

it's an in-joke, he's referencing trailer park boys

real paper with integrity that totally wouldn't repeat an obvious hoax here, completely normal

Literally google "toronto paper" it's the biggest one and the definitive outlet
t. lived in gta

Market socialism gets rid of the bourgeoisie and develops the MoP. Two birds stoned at once.
Speaking of molymeme…

that would be russia

There's a reason why they're named after their British murdoch tabloid garbage cousins in the UK. They're big because they cost 50 cents on the weekdays (last time I was in toronto anyway) and the Star costs more

does anyone say t-dot anymore?

What do you mean by that? I understand why Canada would hold the same position as Russia on fossil fuel technologies and choose to progress on that path instead of alternative energy sources (climate change would only benefit them). But does that translate to a world view that states "all technology is going in the right direction and it will give us Star Trek soon" ?

I mean that elite opinion still believes that you can solve complex societal problems by making an app or some shit instead of actually grappling with the problem. It's the mindset that leads centrist neolibs to push for electronic whiteboards and ipads for crowded public schools in lieu of any major needed changes

I get particularly annoyed by France because of how their blatant neocolonial exploitation of West Africa is constantly framed as them keeping the peace or helping development. And then cunts like Macron literally blame the Africans when they KNOW what France is doing. Fuck that shit, it's been particularly prominent this week with Macron's Africa tour. Gets even more funny when a news broadcast does one of these propaganda reports, and then shortly after mocks the idea that MSM are 'fake news'.

When the fascists win I will comfort myself with the thought that at least all these retards will die as well.

I read that in his voice.

How do we facilitate a Rhinoceros Party majority government in the next election?

Canada's demographics transformed too much and too fast. The jew's overextended their hand. The meteoric rise of Identitarians in Canada will repeat everywhere else where whites are being invaded. I'd look for it to repeat in Sweden next.

Vote green, it's the same thing

you literally have three different alt-right parties competing for the same 0.8% of the vote. 2019 is going to be red soyboy v. blue soyboy and let's face it, you will vote for the blue soyboy like a good little cuck