Scratch a Liberal, and A fascist bleeds: The normalization of Neo- Nazism

Any thoughts on the shitstain? Not surprised White nationalists are getting sympathy as the asshat who wrote is probably one himself. He claims he wanted to show how easy it was for a middle American to have racist views but when you read it. It's an obvious puff piece

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I read a piece of the article. I don't get what he's trying to do.
That said Racism doesn't equal nazism you fucking liberal, and yeah. These guys are a product of the material conditions in the US.

Saying they’re a product of material conditions is just an excuse. They’re still kneejerk reactionaries who view the world through a degenerate animal lens rather than analyze it through an elevated lens and see the root of the problem.

So it's every non anticapitalist in the world. I'm no justifing them, they are shit and should be considered as such. But the "nazi=mentally ill" rethoric is anti intellectual, stupid and no different from their human vs orcs reasoning. I'm in favor of shooting them only if we shoot liberals too.

It's centrist "look at both sides [center-left and far-right]" brainlet shit. It would be interesting if someone analyzed this.

yes definitely, it's sad though People are only exposed to this garbage of an article

lol can you be anymore dense? This isn't Twitter, your "hottakes" are fucking lazy. And I guess calling yourself a white supremacist and have books of Hitler and Mussolini are just for decoration? please fuck off if all you can muster is that it's "material conditions" bc of course! No one is denying that. But that doesn't negate the fact this normalises Nazism( heads up: white supremacist groups adapt a lot of Nazi symbolism) Lol plus the rest of your comments make no sense to the actual article you claim to have read.

Full retard lifestylism never gets old.

The NYT is literal CIA propaganda, at least when it comes to Nazis.

Tbh I just really enjoy the jewish kvetching all over twitter from this article(>>>Holla Forums)

You realize that these buzzwords mean fucking nothing right?

The problem with this article is that they portray only Hovater as the extremist and everyone around him as centrists with indifference. However, it's obvious to anyone thinking critically for a seco d that his friends, wife, and family clearly sympathize with his views, making them the same kind of scum. The idea that someone would attend a Nazi's wedding and pay it no mind because "they're not into politics" is absurd. They are all of the same ilk, and this piece is purposefully made yo obfuscate that fact and try and make them look like your average conservative, rather than the human garbage that they are. By extension, this journalist is complicit as well.

What the fuck you are talking about? I never said he wasn't a nazi.
I said I can't understand what in the article is there to normalize these views.
Where did I claim to have read your fucking article you stupid fucking idiot?

You pretend to understand historical materialism, but you obviously don't.

Why do Israelis like Gary Yourofsky try to hid this?

People usually aren't woke and empathetic moral agents. The realm of 'public discourse' is bound by it's own logic, and exists entirely outside the sphere of everyday life. The average american goes through the motions on the job, exchanges rehashed tv quips with the family and then hooks up to the great feedback loop in the sky. NYTIMES reporters are barely sentinent, raised into total inoffensive blank fucking nullity from birth, otherwise they wouldn't be NYTIMES reporters. Think Trump or Lena Dunham: they merely spout memes that have been fed into them by the system. We are mere accessories to a memetic ecosystem that exists beyond our control and determines our subjectivity. you can feel the daily destruction and reconstruction of your subjecthood if you just pay attention.

I don't suppose any of you have come across any dox of this idiot?

the guy was already fired from his job so thats something

this thread is cringe

Really makes you think.

Fascists aren't working class. They are always petty bourgeoisie or have that mindset (and so need to be de-classcucked by force.)

People shouldn't be so triggered about this article. Similar articles and even documentaries have been made from everything from pedophiles to ISIS

I can't speak for every documentary and article out there, but if you take something like louis theroux, he generally actually challenges and confronts the pedophiles and ISIS members he's staying with, even as he also plays frisbee golf with them and eats out at applebees with them and all that normalizing shit. It's not that common for something to take such a passive, noncommittal tone when they're doing something like this.



The nyt is incapable of taking any other tone, they have always been the epitome of milquetoast bourgeois preciousness, up there with NPR and Wes Anderson movies

Overblown hysteria.
Where was your outrage when the same NYT published it's dicksucking piece on the man responsible for the starvation of Yemen? You know, someone with actual blood on their hands, not some inane larper. I don't give a shit about this neo nazi nobody, and neither should you. The bland article on him will drive exactly nobody to naziism. The worst that will come of it is cheap outrage, like yours.




Fucking stop it. This guy didn't ever face hardships. Nor did Molyneaux, Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, or any of the fascist shithead leaders. They, for the most part, grew comfortably upper middle class.

maybe this was intentional or semi intentional, remember, even prestige media outlets are as algorithm driven as pregnant elsa finger family child youtube click farm operations.

A journalists job is to journal not to editorialize.

Asking questions is not editorializing. Stop defending these faggots. They did everything they could to portray him as just outside the norm, when he and his family are not at all that.

depending on what questions you ask, yes it is editorializing

Isn't is bad to do x?
asked 5000 times


what do you think about x

So in the same sentence they claim he thought the media distorted the story, the media distorts the story.

Yes, he should have dialed up his disdain to 11. Maybe you can put together a crash course on virtue signalling to help out benighted individuals like Richard Fausset.

But they are, that's the fucking point, that's why nazi's are water carriers for capitalism. You can be a nazi and function perfectly well as a good NORP consumer. Let them normalize the nazi, because our "normal" is sick enough to deserve it.

No, the point is that they are trying to get people to identify with these fascists as if they were just normal people and didn't have desires of genocide. Kill yourself.