How to derail any thread.
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What a fucking mess.


It looks like the person in the thread keeps asking for the question to be asked and is getting called a shill for it.



Holla Forums fags getting butthurt on Holla Forums


This motherfucker is still playing this game.

BAck and fourthround and round hes leading me right?

/cbts/ looks like a fun place to poke fam. It's ripe with drumpftards playing some kind of game. Pretending to act like them on Holla Forums is pretty fun, too.

That thread, wtf? Why do they keep talking?

Its fun as fuck, read some of this shit here:

what is going on here. who are you faggots and why are you yelling at each other about shills and Qs and questions. none of this makes a lick of sense. why is it here

I don't get anything of what's written on the OP. They're getting more and more crazy and paranoid. I love it.

Thats the point. ANY fucking thread they have can be torn apart this way. The faggots get physically sick if they think a shill is among them.

lol go back to Holla Forums

What the fuck is that thread about though?

Im fucking dying. This is mental illness

I dont even know, I just tested my tactic and it worked so damn well

Here is an archive of the thread. Keep it forever as another example on how to kick the beehive

I snagged a whale. He cant stop



Says this in a thread shilled to unintelligible shit

Ive noticed this being done on a number of threads. You just get hidden by anyone with a brain. Really sad. I hope you find some meaning in life.

The only reason it slowed down at all is this thread here. Just imagine next time.

Look at the thread. I havent changed ID once and ive gotten hundreds of replies. Its all about playing the finger pointing game.

Your a shill
No YOU are


Holla Forumscucks are literal shills though
they even got paid to advertise that retarded energy supplemement from alex jones


Thats the whole point behind Holla Forums they are controlled opposition.

Holla Forums is easily lead from behind

Take notes



what gave you this idea?

Honestly at this point I dont know what the fuck is going on

I don't understand do you like Holla Forums or hate Holla Forums

Dude this is so much better than trying to actually do somthing, just drown EVERYTHING in NOTHING


Im just having fun and sewing chaos

Are Holla Forumsyps actually bots? If kikefy wants to redeem himself he should filter "shill".

You joke. But this is what most threads have been for the past 2 years.

You forgot the part about the onion juice. *Retch*

i had no clue since the beginning

i pity them mostly but sometimes i hate them too


The thread maxed out on to the next

Fuck Q

You forgot one of the unwritten rules of Holla Forums: You are always mad. Even when you don't reply.

LOL I love this website

They have another one

I single handedly nuked that shit. Q can go the fuck to hell

I know

help me with it. Lets get an argument going

I don't have time, but I posted some paranoid shit

LOL thisboard was up for so long and your only now posting it on Holla Forums? Where were you last time? Either way we got all of you to think the subject is being pushed by shills

Fuck You Q

wait are you guys trying to derail the q thread, or are you starting the q threads? Holla Forums users don't want to larp about q, so if you're derailing the threads to hell then you're doing us a favor

I don't even know what the hell q is mate

then why are you replying to my post

What is Q?

Because you replied to mine. Bye.

Why would you waste your time on this is the real question


Waste time on what exactly?

Theyll never talk about this shit again. Mission success. Holla Forums thinks its a shill topic. Thanks guys, that was too close.

posting 96 times on something that wont change their opinions on anything, you're basically just pissing into the wind.

If you post about the topic youll be banned. I dont care what happens as long as that thead doesnt pop back up babe.

Yeah until a few people see this thread then again mods all around this site aren't the greatest

No trust me, even with this thread theyll never have that thread up again. I promise you.

thank you, the q threads are awful

doing Holla Forums a great service tbh

Its not the first time ive made a topic ban-able on Holla Forums



Good its set in stone.

cool. it's not very often leftypol does us a solid, you guys are alright

Thanks partner

If it wasnt for my shilling you would still have users lost in that disinfo. Your welcome. I just got leftypol to help me. By making them shill the way I did they ruined the credibility of the subject. Holla Forums are a bunch of faggots who are easily manipulated. 1488 faggots

If that bait works, you've hooked an underage or otherwise really dumb person and you're doing the board a favour by wasting your own and their time. Why is leftypol always pissing on about 4/pol/? 8/pol/ I could understand because they actually give mutual hate, but don't you feel it just reduces the board quality as a whole? Surely there are better ways to spend your time

Grow up. Don’t give in to Holla Forums attempts to ferment a rivalvry.

Holla Forums‘s self defeating nature is being showcased.

They don't get paid to shill which is the funniest part

Holla Forumsack checking in, what's up my commies

I set up a Heil Hitler Edition of CBTS. No one will believe that shit now.