Based Naziposter

Can we have a Naziposter appreciation thread? He is one of the greatest of all tripfags and contributes greatly to our leftist community. Especially in comparison to fucking parasites like Hoochie and AW.

I liked afroplasm more.

stop bullying Hoochie

Why does he call himself Nazi though? He sounds like everything but a Nazi.

user is the one who actually posts the best content.

Nazi =/= fascist

Yes it does

whos AW?


shes not even black



All tripfags go to hell.

I wonder why he uses a nazi flag, he's clearly not one of them.


He's a namefag not a tripfag you absolute newfag

Rollin for shareholder

Nazism is a brand of Fascism. Still, he sounds like neither a German Nazi or an Italian Fascist. In fact, he is more consistently socialist than most on this board.


I'm also rather like the republican poster tbh. I haven't seen hum around the last few days though.

I must be really bored to do this

A fraud and liar.

He posts picture of Hitler and naziism iconography, yet he clearly hates Hitler and his gang.

I will never stop to call him to stop referring himself as a nazi.

I like Naziposter but yah don't bully hoochie

Ain't his posts satirical? Nobody can maintain high levels of un-ironic edginess like that at all times without seeming like a reasonable person once in a blue moon.

He's pretty cool.

t. brainlet cuckpol visitor


Really? We're making whole threads to glorify namefags now? One shitty posting gimmick is all it takes for you drooling fucking idiots to start a parade in their honour?

Actually, this happens way too often to just rage about. There is obviously a systemic factor here. I have been a big fan of anonymous posting. However, I've been around long enough to see the dynamics that actually arise when it's implemented. I'm forced to conclude that it is fundamentally flawed, and leads to unwarranted attachment to those with identities. Not even disabling names, trips, etc would work - e-celebs are just tripfags who post indirectly, and their words have equally unwarranted weight. This is some 'Tyranny of Structurelessness' type shit going on right here.

In the land of user, the one-trip man is king.

In the land of socialism, the one with silver tongue is kind.

OK well let the record show that I at least tried to match the metre of the original quote.


Naziposter is a decent poster but we shouldn't be congratulating name or tripfags. The point of imageboards are anonymity, not collecting E-points.

t. hoochie

What happened to stalinstache?
He was edgy as fuck.

Wait, Afroplasm is a girl?

Everyone is girl on internet

Naziposter isn't a tripfag though.