What does Holla Forums think of modern day "Monarchists"...

What does Holla Forums think of modern day "Monarchists"? Fascism is more popular on the right for the moment but there are still a lot of "traditionalists" mixed in there as well, so it gets talked about a lot less usually.

In practical terms they're indistinguishable from fascists in terms of action, just like ancaps.

How are fascists and ancaps' actions indistinguishable?

Historically illiterate incels, who think monarchy is inherently more conducive to "traditional values". That or people who have delusions of being ennobled.

ancaps will always instinctively turn around and justify fascism and statism as long as their precious property rights are protected. Every major ancap thinker has at one point or another justified statism as necessary to protect property rights from communists.
Right libertarians like Mises and Hayek do the same as well.

Technically you could have a socialist monarch buy the supporters tend to be capitalists and even facists.

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How the hell do you even install a Monarch? Especially in a place with no royal line? I've never understood how monarchists are a thing.

Well by that logic you could question how monarchies emerged to begin with.

most monarchists I've spoken to are radical centrists. I'm excluding neo-reactionaries.


Are they absolute hereditary monarchists, or are they constitutional parlimentary monarchists (hereditary or elective)?

Some asshole seized power and sat on a big chair?

Well that's just it royal lines were formed by the material conditions of a pre feudal state. Warlords who grew large enough especially after rome fell etc. Now to install a monarch in the US would be entirely detached from the conditions that form monarchies in the first place.

Monarchy is about sovereignty, rather than how someone is put on the "throne". (Which can be elective or hereditary, or even a combination)
Its the difference between the Rule of Man' versus the Rule of Law. I'd argue that absolutism is actually a step down from 'pure' monarchy in that the 'legitimacy' is derived from divine authority'' rather than the monarch itself.

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For me its the opposite, most monarchists Ive talked to are people like the pro-illiteracy guy in the OP who are usually spooked as fuck, self identify as christian "traditionalists" and think everything is satanic "degeneracy".

I remember in a recent French politics thread, what I think was a monarchist made a detailed and surprisingly convincing argument, that certain French kings following the fall of the 1st Republic were the anchor of liberalism against the proponents of theocracy and tyranny at the time.

There are strange creatures lurking in the tidepools at the shore of known ideology.

That doesn't explain how a monarch or royal line would be chosen in a modern capitalist country.

That was true of certain rulers, but the questions that follows from that are:

a) Is that an inherent quality of monarchy? The same thing happened under republics after all. So does monarchy do it better?

b) Given that some monarchs aided the development of enlightenment liberalism, and throughout history have sometimes supported progressive measures for their times, is monarchy needed anymore?

Who the fuck is the guy in OP’s pic?

I'm unironically leaning toward Royalisme.

Alasdair MacIntyre

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I was talking about the twitter guy. I’m already familiar Macintyre.

Collapse of capital and total disintegration of society.

Still not answering the question.

and incels think traditional values will lead them to having a gf which is even more outlandish.

that's because liberalism was an anti-democratic ideology in the 19th century. The Bourbon restoration was ultra-monarchist (though the first King Louis XVIII was conservative liberal in rule). The Orleanist Louis Philippe took power after the Parisians couped the government and was literally known as "the Liberal Monarch" because of his liberal economic policies. Napoleon III who came after the Second Republic also promoted liberal policies mixed with statism.

the myth that values leads to happiness at all for incels is just shit. its a fucking virtue signaling race to the bottom.

All parliamentary monarchists, absolute monarchists a not worth anyone's time.

Some retard I found on Reactionary twitter.

Most people in countries that have monarchies support the monarchy, are they monarchists then? According to the definition they are, yet they're not the meme version talked about in this thread. Alt-right monarchists are (in) a simulacrum, this board would do well at not letting that simulacrum become their political map.

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