Mfw you realize global capitalism and global warming is going to get us all killed


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Join the posadist gang and enjoy the radiation of a cleansing nuclear fire comrade.

lmao, still a preferable outcome to communism

Pathetic, you guys aren't even trying to hide it at this point. The propaganda ministry would've been disappointed.

no I'm saying I would rather have nuclear hellfire than 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧communism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Good to know that you support based globalism in its noble struggle against communism.

Just let it go, user. There's no such thing as global cooling, global warming, or climate change. The world will be fine.

Sometime to destroy the illness "capitalism" we need to burn the body "the world"

If that ends up happening it's not a bad thing, humanity is an abominable aberration, higher intelligence is the worst trait a species could possibly evolve.

And what's with all the cynical defeatism today. Is it raids, COINTELPRO?

How someone could be so opposed to their and their cultures' self-interest will always baffle me.

This is all part of God's plan comrade. Read Exodus.


Culture means nothing if the current progressive culture is destructive to the people, which it is.

You mean consumerist.

And my point is that leftism would be better capable of preserving traditional values than capitalism.

The world will be fine, the people are fucked.

If by "preserving traditional values" you mean "keep spaces open where individuals who wish to voluntarily abide by traditional values can do so", sure. If instead you mean some nonsense like socon workerism - well, no, not at all.

Look who's here, a self hating person. As often comes with such comments, why don't you rid yourself from earth and make the world a better place? Higher intelligence is obviously not a bad trait, because it helped in the population boom of humans, so it is a positive evolutionary trait.
On the off chance, please don't commit suicide.

No, I mean encouraging traditional nuclear famillies, traditional masculinity and femininity, and even religiosity if you want. Holla Forums has a point about modern fun, they just fail to see the root of it.

The nuclear family isn't 'traditional'. The extended family is. Indeed, the nuclear famly is the product of capitalism obviating the need for extended families to live together in agrarian conditions. You no longer needed ten children to help bring in the harvest.

The rest of your post is mindless workerism.

Yeah, from a purely darwinian perspective our intelligence helped us, but now it risks bringing about own destruction. I’m no primitivist and I do like modern convenience, but there is merit to the idea that humanity has been on a decline since the late paleolithic.

This is just false. Nuclear and extended families have both emerged independently across space and time throughout human existence neither is more traditional than the other from a God’s eye view, but here in the west the nuclear family has been most prominant since the classical era.

Bro, do you even Engels?

Literally a socon lifestylist.

I feel silly using Israel as an example since I normally loathe the place for being a right-wing apartheid state and you'll probably just use this to link communism to DA JOOOZ, but have you ever heard of the communal societies there called kibbutzes?
They did away with any sort of rigid enforcement of "traditionalism" but eventually just kind of developed those sort of social ties naturally, without being forced by some sort of authority figure and without shitting on the few that didn't. They only really started to fall apart when capitalists from the other parts of Israel started coming in and privatizing everything. If you Holla Forumsyps really care about "traditional values" as much as you claim then you should work to eliminate capitalism and stop worrying about "degeneracy", and just let people live freely.