Improve yourself today

Reminder to improve your life today. Even if your country had communist revolution tomorrow, it would easily take decade or two for (you) to see bigger improvements in your life.

Find a job. Neeting will solve nothing, just alienate you from society more. Write CV today, send it to at least two places a week. Being rejected is huge damage to your psychical health, but it's much better to try and fail than not try at all.

Get better job. By improving your capabilities to generate capital, you are lowering rate at which you are being exploited AND getting more resources to live off. You already claim to be materialist, how else would you prove it better than being able to get more stuff?

Build a family. By finding SO you are finding someone to be angry at for rest of your life, without need of imageboards. If you even create a kid or two, you can fill their young naive minds with materialist propaganda and ensure the fact future generations will fight against capitalism, even if it survive until you die.

Get some land. Grow portion of your food. It's hard to get enough capital to buy yourself a proper house, not to mention with enough land around to be able to grow some food. If you'd be forced to take mortgage in order to do so, keep in mind that permaculture is codeword for "free food for lazy people", and building one would ensure that, after great amount of effort put into building one, you will be able to get fresh vegetables, fruits and maybe even meat even when spending 40 hours a week in job or during unemployment due to capitalist crisis.

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You don't understand materialism.
Stop using buzzwords, fag. Go shill somewhere else.
Fuck you and your shitty attempt at whatever this is.


why not? Are you not proletarian? Are capable of living solely from your property?
Oh, I thought for so many years that it implies trying to improve your material conditions. Can you prove me wrong?

No user. Read this if you want.
Stop LARPing, you are either a shitty socialist or a moderately good false flag.


i just had a fap tbh

I will skim trough it tomorrow.

Stop acting like these things are similar. Advocating for people to go work and generate lots of capital is just incredibly fucking lame. You obviously don't understand the language you sue, which just makes it worse. I can't transfer my disgust through the screen to you, but it is like you sent me a disgusting video and it keeps getting worse, with subtle disgust becoming more apparent as I watch.
You are LARPing because you are a shitty Socialist. That's why.
It'll make you smarter


please don't remind me of the horror of every day life

Do you even know what these words mean?
and fuck your buzzfeed self help bullshit, i don't need a good job or a family or some fucking land in the middle of nowhere to be happy

Anyone else work in a charity shop? Super comfy and since it's unpaid work you get some neet-bucks on the side while only having to work for 4 hours.
Also that and it's literally the only work here if you live in a small village you may as well give up on finding a job

English is not my native language, and I do not quite understand how could you be disgusted by it. Only way to be employed is by making contract with employer that he'll pay you wage for getting all capital your labor creates.
How exactly I'm the one who is "LARPing shitty socialist"? And how can you call yourself "worker" without working?


tbh if I'm gonna be a wagecuck I'd rather do something like landscaping or construction to get fit, there's no value in the spreadsheet factory

There is never enough leftist (good people literally) in this world.

Fuck off

I have a job working as a kitchen porter and wash dishes for 4.50 an hour and I'm studying an economics and politics joint degree, I also work out at the gym

None of this helps whatsoever, this isn't "self improvement" and I'm as much worth as the "lazy" NEET who chooses to relax and not waste their time or life working in shitty slave labour tier jobs

Self improvement is a huge dysfunctional meme commonly propagated by people who lack what they preach

Fucking horrible, it makes me miserable to the teeth, the boss is a complete cunt and the work is grim and menial
Easier said than done for a lot of people, uni isn't cheap and you have to make it by surviving at the tip of your fingertips paying back your student loan for the rest of your life and having fuck all disposable income (Might as well stay as a kitchen porter if I wasn't genuinely interested in economics and politics or as a NEET even)
Having big arms actually does fuck all in every possible area, girls don't give af and I've seen some say they prefer skinny, lanky boys because they find them cuter, the only thing it might help you out in is fighting people (which means nothing if you don't know how to fight or are a middle class pussy) and being able to work faster and harder and pleasure Porky
Only absolute losers have a family before their 40s, I couldn't imagine sacrificing my social life for some whiny little brat and some woman I probably won't give much of a fuck about a fuck about once they become boring, I'd rather just sleep around and have gf and having children in this day and age does nothing but hinder humanity's development at the current stage it's in

This isn't even good self-help advice. How about:
1) Exercise. Run long distances, do pushups, pullups, and planks, lift weights if you can afford to. If shit hits the fan you'll be prepared, if it doesn't your fitness will make you more charismatic, and if the political terrain remains completely flat fit will help you attract a mate.

2) Eat right. I'm not saying eat vegan or go full autist with organic shit, just cool it with the HFCS and try not to eat so much or so often. You'll feel better, think more clearly, and save money (both on your grocery bill and your eventual burger hospital bills).

3) Read more. Between Library Genesis and Project Gutenberg, there are millions of completely free books available to you. Try to vary your intellectual diet away from low-calorie shitposts. Branch out and read about things you haven't read about before. Go really deep on a topic that interests you. Lenin made a point of keeping up with the bourgeois press in order to understand what was on the collective mind of the ruling class - try cracking open the financial papers once in a while. Everything you read is another bit of food for your brain's creative process. Gorge yourself on everything you can get your hands on.

It's wonderful that people like you sacrifice themselves for "bigger good"!

Well, if you are working 20 hours a week you are making about 350€ a month which should be enough at least for paying rent, which is not so bad and your debt should not be too big. I'm happy to see such hard working leftists with bright future. Keep up hard work, comrade!

Yes, you are right, I should have included your advices to the OP. But thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the morale boost.

I'll try.

Rewriting for OP because OP is a fag.

The only real leftist I met was a horrible and abusive asshole who tried to profit off of me, whereas I met a right-wing whom I'm friends with to this day. Overall I found leftists to be way more abusive than right-wing supporters.


OP is cute! I'm going to finish reading the book I've been reading now!